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Reside: Australia v West Indies, first Test day 3 in Hobart

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Trudeau welcomes first of 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada

Posted December 12, 2015 07:45:27

Canada's PM Justin Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees Photo: Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau (L) greets a young Syrian refugee at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. (Reuters: Mark Blinch)
Associated Story: Donald Trump calls for ban on Muslims entering US
Map: Canada

Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau has personally welcomed the 1st of 25,000 Syrian refugees Canada hopes to resettle over the subsequent three months.

Key points

  • Canada’s prime minister greets 1st of 25,000 Syrian refugees to arrive in the nation
  • 163 Syrians arrived by plane in Toronto
  • Canada is hoping to resettle 10,000 Syrians by the end of the year
  • Unlike the United States, there has been little opposition to the resettlement program

Government and opposition MPs joined Mr Trudeau in greeting the refugees when they landed in Toronto.

“This is a great night, where we get to show not just a planeload of new Canadians what Canada is all about, we get to show the planet how to open our hearts and welcome in people who are fleeing extraordinarily difficult conditions,” the prime minister said.

Mr Trudeau’s Liberal government scaled back the quantity of Syrian migrants it will accept by year finish right after the attacks in Paris sparked concern that the election promise to bring in 25,000 by December 31 would not permit adequate time for security checks.

The plane carrying 163 Syrian refugees touched down in Toronto just just before midnight on Thursday (neighborhood time) and will be followed by a second military airlift to Montreal on Saturday.

Mr Trudeau has mentioned 10,000 will be resettled by the finish of the year and a additional 15,000 by the finish of February.

As he met the military aircraft amid tight safety at a special terminal, privately sponsored Syrian refugees have been arriving on industrial flights at Toronto’s principal terminal, greeted by sponsors and ordinary Canadians who had come to the airport to welcome the a lot-anticipated newcomers.

“They are very tired, but they are happy and hopeful,” stated Soriya Dasir, a worker with Abraham Festival, a group that sponsored a single mother and 3 youngsters who had been living in a camp in Jordan for two years, as she escorted them previous waiting media.

Warm reception contrasts with US response

Canada's prime minister helps young Syrian refugee with jacket Photo: Mr Trudeau (L) helped a young Syrian refugee attempt on a winter coat soon after she arrived with her loved ones from Beirut. (Reuters: Mark Blinch)

Toronto’s airport authority urged Canadians not to come to the airport to greet the refugees or drop off donations, saying: “We’re so proud that our community wants to support, but such a response would be really overwhelming for those arriving.”

The request did not deter Shai Reef, 20, who held up a sign that study: “Welcome to Canada” in Arabic.

“I’m here to show my solidarity for and support of the Syrian men and women going by way of genocide in Syria,” Mr Reef said.

“As Jews, we were also locked out, I know what it feels like.”

Toronto’s mayor tweeted a welcome, although the Toronto Star, the country’s biggest newspaper, covered its front web page with a “Welcome to Canada” banner headline in English and Arabic, along with an post explaining Canadian climate, ice hockey and slang.

The reception in Canada contrasted sharply with that of the neighbouring United States, where worry of Syrian refugees following the deadly November 13 Paris attacks spurred opposition to permitting them entry.

Some US governors stated their states would not accept Syrian refugees, even though Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump referred to as for a ban on Muslims getting into the nation.

With security concerns, immigration paperwork and the flight’s late-evening arrival, refugees on the military aircraft were to be place up at a nearby hotel for the night prior to meeting their sponsors and resettlement agencies on Friday.


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Nicaragua volcano spouts ash and lava in first eruption in 110 years

Posted December 05, 2015 13:20:55

External Hyperlink: Momotombo erupts spewing ash and lava (Will Tiffer)
Connected Story: Explainer: Why volcanoes erupt
Map: Nicaragua

A volcano in Nicaragua has erupted for the first time in 110 years, spouting ash and lava.

The Momotombo volcano, close to Lake Managua in the country’s west, began erupting this week, National Geographic reported.

The eruption began on Monday, when ash and lava began to spew from the mountain.

Neighborhood media said folks started feeling tremors about two weeks ago.

An update from the Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre on Friday stated seismic activity in the region was decreasing.

Momotombo erupted 10 times in between 1849 and 1905 before going quiet for far more than a century.

It had previously erupted in the 1600s, forcing the relocation of the city of Leon Viejo by about 50 kilometres to the present-day city of Leon, closer to Nicaragua’s west coast.

The mountain’s summit is 1,297 metres tall.

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Very first bar targeted in Paris attacks reopens

Posted December 04, 2015 22:11:53

A Paris bar where five individuals were killed by jihadist gunmen in the attacks three weeks ago has grow to be the initial targeted venue to re-open soon after what its manager called a “nightmare”.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported us for your poems, your messages and posts that have so helped us,” Audrey Bily told reporters outdoors the bar, A La Bonne Biere, in the east of the city.

Piles of flowers and candles nonetheless lined the pavement in front of the bar in the course of the opening.

“What are we going to do to start once more, to bounce back?” Ms Bily said.

“We have carried out some perform, repainted the walls to wipe away the indicators of this nightmare.

“The Bonne Biere cafe was a place where men and women meet and exchanged and shared. That is what we want it to be once more these days,”

A handful of consumers returned to the bar for their morning coffee.

The Casa Nostra restaurant opposite the bar, which was also hit, is nonetheless closed.

Four other bars and restaurants as effectively as the nearby Bataclan concert hall have been also targeted in the November 13 attacks in which 130 were killed.

Two of the Bataclan’s owners stated they intended to reopen the venue — exactly where 90 people died in the deadliest of the attacks — by the finish of next year.

Hundreds of men and women still flock there every single day and fresh flowers line the pavements outside.

Cleaning workers have also begun clearing away flowers from outside the Carillon bar and the Petit Cambodge restaurant, where 15 individuals lost their lives.

People drink coffee on the terrace of the bar during its reopening, Photo: People drink coffee on the terrace behind a barrier with flowers, notes and candles in memory of the victims. (AFP: Kenzo Tribouillard)


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SA plans to make Adelaide ‘world’s very first carbon neutral city’

Posted November 29, 2015 16:14:56

Protestors march at a climate change rally in Adelaide. Photo: People march at a climate change rally in Adelaide, as the Premier sets a target for the city to be carbon neutral by 2050. (ABC News: Malcolm Sutton)

Adelaide will be a carbon neutral city by 2050 if a South Australian Government technique to tackle climate modify is successful.

Premier Jay Weatherill released the State Government’s vision for the “the world’s first carbon neutral city” as up to 6,000 marched in Adelaide as part of world-wide rallies for action on climate change ahead of international talks in Paris.

The reported predicted temperatures will rise by up to 1.5 degrees Celsius and rainfall would decrease by up to 12 per cent in parts of the state by 2050, like in the Mid-North and Yorke Peninsula area.

Rainfall was anticipated to lower by ten per cent across the Murray-Darling Basin.

We want South Australia to be the just transition capital of the planet, making certain a fair and equitable transition to a low carbon economy.

SA Premier Jay Weatherill

“We have currently begun the transition to a low carbon economy and have demonstrated that it is attainable to decouple economic development from emissions,” Mr Weatherill said in the report’s introduction.

“Among 1990 and 2012/2013 we lowered our emissions by 9 per cent whilst growing the economy by over 60 per cent.

“We have the ability to generate virtually all of our power from clean and renewable sources and export this power to the rest of Australia.”

The report said the Government would accomplish its target by playing a “critical role in supporting the neighborhood and industry in the transition to a low carbon economy”.

“The Government also has a responsibility to provide policy certainty for company and sector, establish constant and effective regulatory frameworks, and, as climate modify leader, to collaborate with other sub-national governments to facilitate international action,” it mentioned.

The report said nearby governments would be at the “front line”, and would create local policy and “operational options”.

It stated the private sector would “drive innovation and development clean tech options” if it was supported by the proper “fiscal policies and regulatory settings”.

Mr Weatherill said the alter from traditional to low carbon industries would be felt by those workers and communities who relied upon them.

“We require to support the community and workers by way of this alter,” he stated.

“We want South Australia to be the just transition capital of the planet, making certain a fair and equitable transition to a low carbon economy.”

The report foreshadowed an increase in bushfires, heatwaves and floods in SA, with altering rainfall patterns and higher evaporation prices expected to challenge the state’s water supplies.

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UK astronaut ‘ready’ for first space flight

Media captionBritish Astronaut Tim Peake and his crew have completed instruction ahead of their trip to the International Space Station

British astronaut Tim Peake says he’s “absolutely ready” for his very first space flight, lastly fulfilling a childhood ambition soon after two and a half years of intensive instruction.

The former military test-pilot has just passed his final practical exams and is due to blast off to the International Space Station on 15 December.

Along with Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko and Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra, he will devote 170 days in orbit, conducting scientific experiments and carrying out maintenance function on the vast flying laboratory.

“The launch, re-entry, the entire expertise of being in weightlessness, if I get the opportunity to do a spacewalk – these are all absolute highlights of the mission,” Mr Peake told the BBC at a Russian facility deep in a snowy forest on the edge of Moscow. It’s exactly where Yuri Gagarin also trained over half a century ago to be the first man in space.

Mr Peake will be the very first British astronaut on the ISS, flying from the European Space Agency. Considering that the US space shuttle programme was ended, the Russian spacecraft has been the only way up.

So final week, the major three-man crew and their back-up team were put via two days of gruelling practical tests, such as several hours squeezed inside a replica of the Soyuz capsule they’ll travel in.

Image copyright AFP/Getty
Image caption Mr Peake (left) will travel alongside Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko (centre) and US astronaut Tim Kopra (appropriate)

Fully kitted-out in their space suits, the astronauts flew a simulation of the six-hour journey, tackling multiple malfunctions on their way.

“There are emergency drills to see how to act to save themselves and the spacecraft,” trainer Georgy Pirogov explained, keeping an eye on the crew through a bank of video screens in a mini mission manage.

“It could be a fire, loss of stress or an emergency landing,” he said. “But in reality, most of it is automatic and ideally they should just sit and fly!”

The intense education programme has included living in a cave and deep below the sea. But of all issues, Tim Peake says that it is understanding Russian that has been “a struggle”.

Now completely qualified, he says he has “no worries whatsoever” about his 1st ever spaceflight.

“Flown astronauts have offered me lots of tips,” he says, equating the expertise to understanding to dive or to ski.

He says there are a lot of mishaps as you adjust to a life in zero gravity, exactly where you have to tether yourself to the wall to sleep, and to the toilet.

“Soon after about two weeks they say you get into a pattern – how to eat, wash, use the loo – all the typical items we take for granted in our 1G [gravity] atmosphere,” he has been assured.

Image caption Mr Peake will make the journey in December

The crew will undertake a complete scientific programme on the ISS, conducting far more than 250 experiments over their six-month mission – numerous on their personal bodies. They include investigation on the human immune system and the ageing procedure.

Some of the crew’s baggage allowance will be taken up by that investigation kit. But as effectively as family members photographs, Tim Peake says he’ll be taking some individual items to be “flown in space”, that he plans to give to his sons when they turn 18.

And on the advice of former astronauts, he’ll also make space for one particular important item: sticky-tape.

“They say if you leave anything, you turn around and it will not be there,” he laughed, recalling the best tip for life 400km (248 miles) above Earth.

The final “graduation” ceremony at Star City takes place next week, attended by the astronauts’ households. Then it is into the obligatory quarantine, ahead of the launch.

“The whole experience is a massive privilege,” the British spaceman reflects, unruffled as ever. “But seeing that very first view of planet Earth from space is possibly going to be the most thrilling moment.”

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Three high-flying birds soar together for the first time since the 1970s

The final three flightworthy WB-57 airplanes in existence arrayed themselves on a runway near Johnson Space Center in Houston this past week, as if they had been dinosaurs brought to life. The long-winged aircraft appear some thing like prehistoric creatures, too, measuring just a stubby 21 meters long compared to an overly broad 37.five-meter wingspan. It had been 4 decades considering that as many as three of the excellent, superannuated birds soared collectively.

But then they did. A single by 1, the WB-57s slowly rolled down the runway at Ellington Airport and then began a slow climb upward into resplendent clear, blue skies. They flew again, thanks to a restoration system by NASA to bring a third WB-57 back from its boneyard. “It’s fairly a day,” Charlie Mallini, who manages the WB-57 program for NASA, told Ars.

Because 1972 NASA has flown WB-57s as component of a broad ranging science mission. Recently two of the aircraft flew high above hurricanes Joaquin and Patricia, significant storms in the eastern Pacific Ocean. They have also flown missions as varied as collecting cosmic dust samples from comets and asteroids in Earth’s upper atmosphere, investigating clouds and studying the environmental effect of plumes from the Titan, Space Shuttle, Delta, Atlas and Athena rockets on the stratosphere.

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FDA approves first GMO food animal—Atlantic salmon

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(credit: Artizone/Flickr)

After two decades of deliberation, the Meals and Drug Administration has authorized the very first ever genetically engineered food animal, a fast-growing Atlantic Salmon known as AquAdvantage salmon.

According the agency, which announced the approval Thursday, the modified salmon are safe to consume, equally nutritious as other salmon, and need to pose no threat to the atmosphere.

Very first developed in 1989 and submitted to the agency for approval in 1995, the Atlantic salmon are modified to carry a development hormone gene from Chinook salmon. That gene is additional engineered to be under the control of a tiny bit of DNA, named a promoter, from the eel-like ocean pout fish. In common, DNA promoters are non-coding sequences that assist control the expression level of a gene—how considerably protein product is synthesized from the gene. With the engineered promoter boosting hormone production, the modified salmon grow to market-size in about half the time of conventional Atlantic salmon.

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First images of a planet in the act of forming

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An artist’s conception of the nonetheless-expanding exosolar method. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

A study released these days describes a new method that has permitted scientists to observe a planet forming for the 1st time. Utilizing adaptive optics, the researchers observed light coming from the planet that gave a clear indicator that the physique is nonetheless making and forming.

Planets in normal are very challenging to observe, and forming planets are even tougher. Generally, dips in the light of a star indicate to researchers that there’s a planet orbiting it. But that approach does not operate in young exosolar systems exactly exactly where the planets are nonetheless forming. Young stars, acquiring lately completed forming themselves, are usually incredibly chaotic, with their light output varying. And it is nigh-not attainable to tell the distinction amongst these organic variations in a star’s light and a dip triggered by a transiting planet.

Thankfully, a forming planetary program has its individual observational optimistic elements: the planets are putting out a lot of power in the kind of light. They are specially vibrant in hydrogen-alpha emissions, a particular shade of red that is very usually valuable in astronomy due to the truth it is strongly emitted precisely exactly exactly where hydrogen gas is ionized. It is believed that the area about a nonetheless-forming planet can turn out to be hot adequate to trigger the hydrogen atoms to emit hydrogen-alpha light.

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Google+ gets a “mobile first” redesign, focuses on “interests”

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The new Google+ requires the mobile app and stretches it to a desktop interface. (credit: Google)

Right after getting a great chunk of integration ripped away from it, Google+ is nevertheless trucking along as a social network. Today, Google announced a redesign for the web site that focuses purely on the social aspects and moves the site from getting people-based to concentrate much more on “interests.”

The new style brings a splash of color and a lot more of Google’s Material Design aesthetic to the desktop website. The whole thing looks a lot a lot more like the mobile app. The header has changed from a boring gray to a bright red, and the mobile app’s floating circular button even makes an look as the new way to write a post. The “core” of the internet site looks pretty significantly the same—text and pictures inside a scrolling list of cards.

The mobile app gets a bit of sprucing up as well. Soon after experimenting with a bizarre drop-down navigation program, the mobile app finally goes back to the standard “hamburger” button, pulling it more in line with the rest of Google’s apps. The app can not aid but be a small crazy, though, as there is also now an iOS-style navigation bar on the bottom of the screen in each mobile apps.

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