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International flight plans for South-West fail to attract federal funding

Posted December 09, 2015 17:21:56

A push to have international flights servicing Western Australia’s Margaret River region has been dealt a blow, with the Federal Government refusing to fund an airport upgrade.

The City of Busselton applied for a $ 10 million grant in July under the Commonwealth’s National Stronger Regions Fund to expand Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport’s runway and terminal to accommodate bigger passenger and freight aircraft.

The strategy failed to garner assistance in Canberra and was omitted from the list of successful applicants released this week.

It is the second time the city has been unsuccessful in getting funding for the airport by way of the scheme. A equivalent proposal was knocked back by the Commonwealth earlier this year.

The city’s chief executive officer Mike Archer stated council submitted a robust company case and a letter of support from a key Australian airline.

“They felt we required much more proof to suggest that if the money was provided, the airlines would fly,” Mr Archer mentioned.

“It is a bit of a chicken and egg situation, you need to have an airport that is capable of truly taking the larger aircraft to be able to fly to the international destinations.

“But if you have not got that piece of infrastructure in spot, it’s very difficult to actually get individuals to commit.”

Knock-back a ‘lost opportunity’

Busselton would be the state’s second regional airport offering international flights, with Port Hedland currently operating weekly flights to Bali.

A separate expansion of the airport to accommodate interstate flights is still underway, through the allocation of $ 60 million of State Government funding in June.

Mr Archer mentioned it made sense to combine the two projects to avoid future interruption to services.

“It is a lost chance, if you’ve got contractors laying the asphalt for the domestic operations, it is only an additional 120 metres of asphalt [to add to the] runway length to get it to international normal,” he stated.

“Possessing to bring back contractors twice some time in the future just doesn’t make sense.”

The city is preparing to introduce international freight flights at the airport prior to passenger flights, possibly to destinations such as Indonesia and Singapore.

“There’s a push with the mining sector downturn to try and move towards the agricultural sector for greater diversification of our economy,” Mr Archer said.

“Here’s a conduit to permit that to come about but it is not been funded.”

The move would have observed Brisbane deemed as a possible interstate location.

No applications from organisations in the South-West have been effective in getting grants by way of the National Stronger Regions Fund since it was launched this year.

“We’re a lengthy way from Canberra and sometimes you just get forgotten, I believe,” Mr Archer stated.

The city is anticipated to make a third submission to the Federal Government when applications for round three of the fund opens in January.

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Solar Impulse raises funds to continue round-the-globe flight

Posted December 01, 2015 23:59:22

The Swiss solar-powered plane whose record-setting, round-the-globe flight was place on hold in July by weather and battery problems has raised the 20 million euro ($ 29 million) it demands to finish the trip, co-founder and pilot Andre Borschberg says.

Mr Borschberg, at the United Nations’ Paris climate summit with co-pilot Bertrand Piccard, stated backers that contain chemical maker Solvay, Swiss lift maker Schindler, power grid maker ABB and Swatch’s Omega brand, produced contributions.

Mr Borschberg and Mr Piccard had hoped to finish the 35,000-kilometre, multi-leg circumnavigation in 2015, leaving from Abu Dhabi in March.

Initial crosswinds in China triggered weeks of delays.

Then, when its batteries overheated in the course of a record-breaking five-day, 5-night Pacific crossing from Japan to Hawaii in July, the plane was forced to winter inside a hangar at Kalaeloa.

“The monetary side is beneath control,” Mr Borschberg, a former Swiss Air Force fighter pilot and co-founder of Solar Impulse, mentioned.

“We are all extremely focused and hunting forward to continuing next year,” stated the 62-year-old, who flies solo, alternating in between pit-stops with Mr Piccard at the controls of the single-seat plane.

Solar Impulse’s price range since 2004 is now some $ 247 million. The plane has 17,248 solar cells, a wider wing-span than a Boeing 747 and weighs as much as a five-seater household auto.

Mr Borschberg said he plans to start test flights around March and, barring obstacles, the 4,000-kilometre leg from Hawaii to North America starts in April, when daylight hours are enough to recharge the batteries.

West Coast stops have been left open to accommodate potentially fickle weather.

Vancouver, as effectively as San Francisco, Los Angeles or Phoenix are all candidates, Mr Borschberg stated.

They also strategy on a US Midwest pit-cease followed by New York’s John F Kennedy Airport, ahead of crossing to either Europe or North Africa and, finally, Abu Dhabi.

“We know we can do it, but it remains a challenge,” Mr Borschberg mentioned.

He mentioned he hopes a year’s delay will not undermine the message he aims to spread at the Paris climate talks: deploying renewable energy technologies will assist cease climate alter.

“That is what we utilized to make it feasible to fly day and night with the sun only,” he mentioned.

“That’s what we surely could implement on a bigger scale.”


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Investigation into downed AirAsia flight finds maintenance and crew error to blame

Posted December 01, 2015 19:17:01

An investigation into the downing of an AirAsia flight last year has found each upkeep and crew error to blame for the crash.

Flight Q78501 crashed into the Java Sea during a brief flight from Surabaya to Singapore in December 2014, killing all 162 on board.

Analysis of the plane’s black boxes has now been released by Indonesia’s Transport Safety Bureau, showing unresolved repetitive faults with the aircraft.

A fault with the rudder manage technique was a significant element in the plane’s downing, Indonesian investigators said.

Repeated troubles with the system led to the pilots disengaging the autopilot in stormy climate in a bid to fix the scenario, and then losing control of the Airbus A320-200, Indonesia’s official National Transportation Security Committee said.

A member of Indonesia's search and rescue team walks past a piece of the plane wreckage. Photo: A member of Indonesia’s search and rescue group walks past a piece of the plane wreckage. (AFP: Yudha Manx, file photo)

In their final report into the crash, investigators said the soldering on the Rudder Travel Limiter system — which assists manage the rudder’s movement — was cracked, leading it to send repeated warning messages to the pilots.

When they received the fourth warning, the pilots pulled circuit-breakers on element of the aircraft’s control program in a bid to reset the method.

This turned off the autopilot, and the plane then started to roll, the report stated.

“Subsequent flight crew action resulted in inability to manage the aircraft,” the report stated.

The plane went into a “prolonged stall situation that was beyond the capability of the crew to recover”, it said.

It added the flight information recorders did not indicate the weather had impacted the aircraft.

The report also said the AirAsia plane had the very same difficulty with its rudder system 23 instances in the 12 months before the December crash.


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Bezos spaceship makes second flight

New Shepard launch in AprilImage copyright Blue Origin
Image caption The craft’s maiden outing was in April

The Amazon.com entrepreneur Jeff Bezos has performed a second flight of his New Shepard spaceship.

Intended ultimately to carry people just above the atmosphere, the re-usable car launched from west Texas on Monday with no-one aboard.

Each parts of New Shepard – the capsule and its propulsion unit – landed safely, Mr Bezos’ firm said.

On the maiden outing in April, the propulsion module was lost on the way down simply because of a hydraulic failure.

Correct to his way of working, the US billionaire gave no specific notice of the flight, stating last week only that one more mission would take place “really quickly”.

This indicates all the video and info about the event have come out directly from Mr Bezos’ space operation, Blue Origin.

New Shepard has the capability to transport six individuals to just above 100km in altitude.

Its propulsion unit is developed to take off and land vertically so that it can be employed time and time again.

The pressurised capsule separates from this booster at high altitude, its momentum carrying it into space, just before it as well comes back to make a soft touchdown via a set of parachutes.

The astronaut vessel would also be place back into service.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Mr Bezos discusses his plans for launching rockets from Florida

The notion of a completely re-usable space vehicle has been a tough 1 to realise.

A number of ideas have been attempted, with varying degrees of success. But nobody has yet taken a design and style to full commercial exploitation – anything Mr Bezos aims to modify.

New Shepard is probably to fly in the first instance as a platform for science, allowing researchers to run experiments during the couple of minutes of weightlessness skilled in the capsule at the top of its arc. This industrial offering could start as early as subsequent year.

These unmanned missions would help prove the vehicle’s readiness to carry fare-paying passengers.

The business model being proposed is related to that of Virgin Galactic and Xcor – two other American businesses that are also building sub-orbital cars.

Their providing differs in that they will be flying rocket planes that take off and land from a traditional runway.

Despite his somewhat secretive approach, Mr Bezos has announced a quantity of significant space initiatives of late.

His company Blue Origin will provide the engines for the subsequent generation of the rocket that right now launches Nasa’s interplanetary probes and numerous of America’s national safety missions.

Blue Origin has also taken control of 1 of the historic launch pads at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

Mr Bezos wants this to be the property of a large re-usable rocket that could provide people and satellites into orbit.

Final week, the self-confessed space geek put on display a refurbished Saturn V rocket engine.

The power unit, which helped hurl the Apollo 12 mission off Earth in 1969, had been recovered by the entrepreneur from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

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UK astronaut ‘ready’ for first space flight

Media captionBritish Astronaut Tim Peake and his crew have completed instruction ahead of their trip to the International Space Station

British astronaut Tim Peake says he’s “absolutely ready” for his very first space flight, lastly fulfilling a childhood ambition soon after two and a half years of intensive instruction.

The former military test-pilot has just passed his final practical exams and is due to blast off to the International Space Station on 15 December.

Along with Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko and Nasa astronaut Tim Kopra, he will devote 170 days in orbit, conducting scientific experiments and carrying out maintenance function on the vast flying laboratory.

“The launch, re-entry, the entire expertise of being in weightlessness, if I get the opportunity to do a spacewalk – these are all absolute highlights of the mission,” Mr Peake told the BBC at a Russian facility deep in a snowy forest on the edge of Moscow. It’s exactly where Yuri Gagarin also trained over half a century ago to be the first man in space.

Mr Peake will be the very first British astronaut on the ISS, flying from the European Space Agency. Considering that the US space shuttle programme was ended, the Russian spacecraft has been the only way up.

So final week, the major three-man crew and their back-up team were put via two days of gruelling practical tests, such as several hours squeezed inside a replica of the Soyuz capsule they’ll travel in.

Image copyright AFP/Getty
Image caption Mr Peake (left) will travel alongside Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko (centre) and US astronaut Tim Kopra (appropriate)

Fully kitted-out in their space suits, the astronauts flew a simulation of the six-hour journey, tackling multiple malfunctions on their way.

“There are emergency drills to see how to act to save themselves and the spacecraft,” trainer Georgy Pirogov explained, keeping an eye on the crew through a bank of video screens in a mini mission manage.

“It could be a fire, loss of stress or an emergency landing,” he said. “But in reality, most of it is automatic and ideally they should just sit and fly!”

The intense education programme has included living in a cave and deep below the sea. But of all issues, Tim Peake says that it is understanding Russian that has been “a struggle”.

Now completely qualified, he says he has “no worries whatsoever” about his 1st ever spaceflight.

“Flown astronauts have offered me lots of tips,” he says, equating the expertise to understanding to dive or to ski.

He says there are a lot of mishaps as you adjust to a life in zero gravity, exactly where you have to tether yourself to the wall to sleep, and to the toilet.

“Soon after about two weeks they say you get into a pattern – how to eat, wash, use the loo – all the typical items we take for granted in our 1G [gravity] atmosphere,” he has been assured.

Image caption Mr Peake will make the journey in December

The crew will undertake a complete scientific programme on the ISS, conducting far more than 250 experiments over their six-month mission – numerous on their personal bodies. They include investigation on the human immune system and the ageing procedure.

Some of the crew’s baggage allowance will be taken up by that investigation kit. But as effectively as family members photographs, Tim Peake says he’ll be taking some individual items to be “flown in space”, that he plans to give to his sons when they turn 18.

And on the advice of former astronauts, he’ll also make space for one particular important item: sticky-tape.

“They say if you leave anything, you turn around and it will not be there,” he laughed, recalling the best tip for life 400km (248 miles) above Earth.

The final “graduation” ceremony at Star City takes place next week, attended by the astronauts’ households. Then it is into the obligatory quarantine, ahead of the launch.

“The whole experience is a massive privilege,” the British spaceman reflects, unruffled as ever. “But seeing that very first view of planet Earth from space is possibly going to be the most thrilling moment.”

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