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One man dead, one more critical following crane falls at Brisbane construction site

Updated December 14, 2015 22:20:19

Map: Newstead 4006

One particular man is dead and yet another has been critically injured following a crane fell more than at a building website in Brisbane’s inner-city.

The crane fell over on Longland Street at Newstead just soon after 7:00pm (AEST), crushing the two men underneath it.

One was pronounced dead at the scene and the other has been taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in a vital situation.

Fire crews said the crane was still running when they arrived.

They said the crane operator had minor injuries.

Workplace Health and Safety are investigating the lead to of the incident.

Police stated Doggett Street, at the intersection with Industrial Road at Fortitude Valley, is closed.

Motorists are asked to keep away from the area if achievable.

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Initial posted December 14, 2015 22:16:38

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Bodies on streets following day of bloodshed in Burundi

Posted December 13, 2015 07:59:11

Violence flares in Burundi Photo: Suspected fighters are paraded ahead of the media by Burundian police close to a recovered cache of weapons after clashes in the capital Bujumbura, Burundi. (Reuters/Jean Pierre Aime Harerimana )

Burundi’s army says 79 “enemies” and eight soldiers have been killed for the duration of the bloodiest day in months of unrest, which left the streets of the capital Bujumbura strewn with bodies, several bearing gunshot wounds.

The bloodshed in the East African nation started with coordinated attacks by unidentified gunmen on 3 military installations on Friday, which triggered a fierce riposte from the safety forces.

Several witnesses described the police and army going door-to-door in opposition strongholds in Bujumbura, dragging out young males and executing them.

Army spokesman Colonel Gaspard Baratuza said all these killed were either “enemies” of the state, soldiers or policemen.

“The final toll of the attacks is 79 enemies killed, 45 captured and 97 weapons seized, and on our side eight soldiers and policemen had been killed and 21 wounded,” Colonel Baratuza stated.

The army had initially provided a considerably reduce toll right after the assault on two military bases and a military training college, saying that 12 rebel gunmen had been killed and 21 captured in the attacks.

But on Saturday morning horrified residents of distinct neighbourhoods awoke to locate at least 39 bodies scattered in the streets.

“Fighting continued into the evening and the corpses identified in these neighbourhoods this morning are enemies,” Colonel Baratuza declared.

Several witnesses accused the safety forces of extrajudicial killings, describing officers breaking down doors in search of young males and shooting them at close range.

Some of the victims had their arms tied behind their backs, they mentioned.

The army spokesman declined to comment on the details of the fighting and deaths.

One particular witness in Nyakabiga, a hotspot of anti-government protest in current months, described the victims as “little ones” and mentioned they had been shot execution-style “via the prime of the skull”.

A resident of Musaga, close to the military college that was amongst the web sites attacked on Friday, mentioned there had been far more than a dozen corpses in the streets.

“I have counted 14 dead bodies with my own eyes,” he stated, blaming “soldiers and police” for the killings.

But government supporters have been in triumphant mood, holding marches in Bujumbura and other towns beneath police protection to celebrate what they described as “the victory of our valiant army over the enemy”.

Bodies buried in mass graves

The government collected bodies from the streets of Bujumbura on Saturday, with sources saying they were swiftly buried in mass graves in the afternoon “to avoid the spread of disease”.

But some residents mentioned they suspected the authorities of trying to hide proof of a massacre perpetrated by the security forces, a view echoed by a European diplomat.

“There are dozens of bodies, but the authorities are attempting to make them disappear,” the diplomat said.

He spoke of “dozens of bodies in other protest districts, such as Mutakura and Cibitoke” on prime of those in Nyakabiga.

The fighting was the worst outbreak of violence because a failed coup in May possibly, sparked by president Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term in office, which he later won in disputed elections in July.

The United Nations Security Council met on Friday following a request from France, with UN chief Ban Ki-moon saying the attacks risked triggering “a additional destabilisation of the circumstance” and urging all sides to hold back, according to his spokesman.

Attacks targeting the safety forces have escalated, with rebels armed with assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars attacking police convoys and targeting government installations.

The violence raised fears of a return to civil war, a decade soon after the end of a 1993-2006 conflict in between rebels from the Hutu majority and an army dominated by minority Tutsis.

An estimated 300,000 folks were killed in the war, which began a year prior to a genocide of mainly Tutsis in neighbouring Rwanda.

The Safety Council mentioned that sending UN peacekeepers to the nation remained an option, and stressed the require for urgent political dialogue.


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Qantas ceases greyhound exports to Asia following damning report

Posted December 12, 2015 18:03:42

Qantas will cease racing greyhound freight services to Asia following damning revelations hundreds of the Australian animals deemed too “slow” are becoming exported to the region.

The exportation is in breach of racing guidelines and the animals suffer in shocking situations.

Qantas issued a statement, creating mention of an ABC 7.30 report which revealed the practice.

“We share your issues about the disturbing story that appeared on the 7.30 Report earlier in the week,” it mentioned.

“The piece was seen by a lot of members of our team. In the previous we have transported a small number of racing greyhounds to Asia.

“Nonetheless in light of the story we have made the decision to no longer supply racing greyhound freight services to Asia.”

The airline also tweeted yesterday: “In light of the current ‘7.30 Report’ story, we’ve decided to no longer provide racing greyhound freight services to Asia.”

It was in response to a tweet from an “animal activist” asking: “Is it true that you will not transport racing greyhounds to Asian countries?”

Animals Australia has welcomed the move, labelling the choice a “game-changer”.

“The export of these dogs not only condemned them to a death sentence but was in blatant breach of the industry’s personal guidelines,” it mentioned on its site.

“Qantas is a single of only two commercial airlines that flies straight to Hong Kong — the gateway for Australian greyhounds into Asia.

“The other is Cathay Pacific and they have also now confirmed that they do not transport racing greyhounds.”

WARNING - DISTRESSING IMAGES: Full report on Australian greyhounds deemed too slow for Australian racing by their trainers and owners exported to Asia.Video: WARNING – DISTRESSING Images: Full report on Australian greyhounds deemed also slow for Australian racing by their trainers and owners exported to Asia. (7.30)

An exclusive six-month investigation by 7.30, combined with proof gathered by Animals Australia in Macau, China and Vietnam, identified dozens of Australian trainers and owners who have exported their dogs to Asia.

Whilst not illegal, the export of greyhounds with out the essential passport is against the guidelines of racing.

Penalties incorporate fines and disqualification from the sport.

Australian dogs are racing around the clock at the former Portuguese colony of Macau’s dilapidated track known as the Canidrome, and are frequently sustaining injuries, with a disturbing 100 per cent euthanasia rate.

As numerous as 800 dogs are housed at the Canidrome, with racing held 5 nights a week on a track that is too difficult.

Monthly shipments of up to 30 Australian greyhounds aid to replace the underperforming dogs that are often euthanased at the facility.

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Brawl erupts in Ukraine parliament following MP drags prime minister from podium

Posted December 12, 2015 01:13:52

External Hyperlink: Brawl erupts in Ukraine parliament soon after MP drags prime minister away from podium

A brawl erupted in the Ukrainian parliament after prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was interrupted in the course of his annual address and then carried away from the podium.

Ukraine Right now reports that Oleh Barna, a member of president Petro Poroshenko’s celebration, handed prime minister Yatsenyuk a bouquet of roses just before grabbing him from behind and dragging him away from the podium.

Mr Barna, who had been collecting signatures for a draft resolution of no confidence in the government, then lifted Mr Yatsenyuk off the ground prior to other parliamentarians intervened, beginning a brawl.

Footage uploaded to the official Ukraine parliament YouTube channel shows the brawl starting, but not Mr Barna dragging Mr Yatsenyuk away from the podium.

Prime minister Yatsenyuk, from the People’s Front celebration, had been preparing to deliver his annual cabinet ministers report, which included troubles of anti-corruption, tax reform, power and subsequent year’s budget.

Not the initial brawl in Ukraine’s parliament

Ukraine’s parliament saw a schoolyard push and shove in July 2014, soon after a member of parliament accused authorities of running a war against the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine parliament comes to blows July 23, 2014Video: Ukraine parliament comes to blows July 23, 2014 (ABC News)

During a debate about the ideal way to quell a pro-Russia uprising in the country’s east, two parliamentarians from opposing parties began pushing each and every other soon after chairman Oleksandr Turchynov accused Russia of “acts of military aggression against Ukraine”.

In 2010, Ukrainian prosecutors opened an investigation soon after several opposition deputies were badly injured in a bloody brawl.

The fight came amid tensions soon after a criminal probe had been opened against then opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

Deputies from Tymoshenko’s BYuT-Batkivshchyna celebration and the Regions Party of president Viktor Yanukovych slugged it out for several minutes behind the speaker’s chair.

Ukraine is not the only nation to see violent scuffles in its federal houses of parliament.

Scuffles in Japan upper house in September 2015Video: Scuffles in Japan upper property in September 2015 (ABC News)

In September, politicians in Japan’s upper house scuffled as they attempted unsuccessfully to cease a security bill that cleared Japan’s military to fight abroad for the initial time given that Planet War II.

Opposition lawmakers climbed on prime of a single yet another as they tried to grab the committee chairman’s microphone to prevent him calling a vote on the controversial bills.

Japan’s parliament is normally sedate, but a enormous scrum developed, mirroring scenes outdoors the developing, exactly where tens of thousands of protesters vented their anger at the bill.

Nepal parliament brawl 2 Photo: A Nepalese constituent assembly member breaks a chair as tensions flare at parliament in Kathmandu early on January 20, 2015. (AFP: Bikash Karki)

Nepal’s parliament saw chairs broken in January, throughout debate over a post-war constitution.

Maoist politicians threw chairs and injured 4 security officers, and a ruling-celebration politician claimed two fellow MPs had been struck by flying microphones.

The parliament had two days left to approve the constitution and had met late into the evening, with the Maoist party attempting to avert Nepal’s ruling coalition from pushing proposals by means of parliament without frequent agreement.

In December 2014, Georgia’s parliament saw a fist-fight among politicians during a debate on the composition of Georgian delegations in international institutions.

Soon after a member of the ruling coalition swore at a member of the opposition United National Movement, other MPs joined in.

Turkish politician suffers blood nose Photo: The Republican People’s Party’s Ali Ihsan Kokturk suffered a bleeding nose in the scuffle. (Reuters)

Punches were exchanged, microphone stands had been utilized as clubs, and a man climbed onto a desk prior to lunging at fellow parliamentarians.

In February 2014, Turkey’s Ali Ishan Kokturk suffered a bleeding nose and Bayram Ozcelik had a finger broken right after a violent scuffle.

Fighting erupted as politicians debated a controversial bill to give the government much more handle over the judiciary.

In 2010, a lot more than 70 politicians brawled in Taiwan’s parliament, the first melee in the island nation’s notoriously rambunctious seat of government in two years.

Taiwanese politicians come to blows on the floor of parliament Photo: Taiwanese politicians come to blows on the floor of parliament on August 2, 2013 (Reuters: Pichi Chuang)

Members of the anti-China opposition Democratic Progressive Celebration (DPP) wrestled and yanked the clothing of ruling Nationalist (KMT) MPs following commandeering the speaker’s podium to block a law enabling neighborhood officials to be appointed rather of elected.

In Taiwan, brawls in parliament are noticed as 1 way for the opposition to show voters that it stands tough on issues.

In 2013, Taiwanese lawmakers brawled over a proposed nuclear power plant in Taipei.

The scuffles have been broadcast reside on Tv as politicians from opposition parties fought for the chamber’s podium.

Far more on this story:


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Owen Wright withdraws from Pipeline Masters following horror wipeout

Posted December 11, 2015 07:19:13

Globe number five Owen Wright has been forced to withdraw from the Pipeline Masters, right after a head injury sustained in a wipeout put the Australian surfing star in hospital.

Wright was scheduled to compete in heat two of the very first round, on Friday morning (AEDT) at Hawaii’s famed Banzai Pipeline but is suffering from serious concussion and mild bleeding to the brain that has limited his mobility.

Nevertheless, the 25-year-old from Lennox Head in northern New South Wales, is expected to make a complete recovery..

The forecast is for the booming situations that have marked this week on the North Shore to continue for at least yet another day.

Wright had shown superb type in those conditions over the last couple of days, but that changed significantly on Thursday when a succession of waves crashed on his head and he at some point came to shore.

An ambulance was referred to as when Wright returned to the Rip Curl team’s property and clearly was not properly.

“He came in and felt weird and couldn’t really speak or something. It was like his body was fully out of fuel it was quite scary looking,” stated compatriot Matt Wilkinson.

Wright is the most recent surfer to be hurt this week at Pipeline.

Australian world quantity one Mick Fanning was among surfers who came to the aid of young American Evan Geiselman when he practically drowned at Pipeline.

Wright was amongst six contenders for the planet title that will be decided in Hawaii this week with Fanning chasing a chasing his fourth planet title.

That would place him level with compatriot Mark Richards and behind only 11-time globe champion Kelly Slater.

The contenders also include defending globe champion Gabriel Medina from Brazil and Australian Julian Wilson, who won at Pipeline final year.


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Refugee urged to drop charges following becoming strangled by boyfriend, court told

Posted December 10, 2015 15:21:23

An Iranian refugee, whose estranged boyfriend used her hijab to strangle her till she passed out, has told Adelaide’s Supreme Court she is “confused” by his actions and was urged by other folks to drop the charges.

Qasem Gardi, an Afghani refugee, was discovered guilty by a judge of attempting to murder the then 18-year-old lady in October final year and will be sentenced next week.

The court heard how Gardi, 20, drove the girl to Para Vista and strangled her with her hijab and his hands.

The teenager, whom the ABC has selected not to name at her request, said the connection was against her family’s cultural beliefs and she felt she had lost their trust.

She arrived in Australia as a refugee from Iran in 2011 and stated she also struggled to trust others and was overwhelmed with worry and nightmares.

“I’m nevertheless tremendously confused by his actions,” she told the court.

“I located it very difficult to get my life back to normal, as I felt an outcast amongst my peers.

“I feel numb, disconnected and unable to trust individuals.”

She mentioned some people urged her to drop the charges.

They were young 17-year-olds in a totally free society bound by their own cultural difficulties.

Defence lawyer Ahura Kalali

“I have been below excellent pressure to maintain my experience unknown,” she said.

“Your actions and behaviours are unforgivable.”

Gardi’s lawyer, Ahura Kalali, said the connection had to be kept a secret since of the couple’s cultural backgrounds.

“It was due to their culture that the relationship had to be kept a secret and that was divisive,” he stated.

“In my submission, it was divisive for each of them.

“They had been young 17-year-olds in a totally free society bound by their own cultural troubles.”

He mentioned his client was separated from his quick family members at about the age of ten, and lived in Iran and Pakistan ahead of coming to Australia alone as a 16-year-old.

Mr Kalali mentioned Gardi was emotionally immature and formed a sturdy emotional bond with the girl.

“The relationship went properly to start with but it started to fracture and it appears that Mr Gardi found it really difficult to accept,” he mentioned.

“It also appears that at the time he had place all of his emotional bond into the complainant provided that he had been separated from his family members.

“He believed he was trying to do the proper factor culturally to stand by her.”

‘Garden variety domestic violence’

But prosecutor Lucy Boord stated Gardi’s actions amounted to a “garden assortment example of domestic violence”.

“It wasn’t an act that took place in a matter of mere seconds,” she stated.

“This was an act where Mr Gardi had a box cutter to restrain [the victim] to then take her away to a distinct place.”

She said the girl was strangled three distinct occasions in 3 ways — the very first two times whilst the automobile was stopped and then when he was driving.

It is not known why Gardi ultimately stopped the attack and called an ambulance.

Audio of the triple- call incorporated Gardi saying he attempted to kill her.

Gardi will be sentenced on December 18.

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Indonesia pulls private buses off roads following deadly accident

Posted December 09, 2015 11:57:10

Packed minibus destroyed by oncoming train Photo: Eighteen individuals were killed when a private bus was struck by a train and dragged for about 200 metres (AFP: Adek Berry)
Associated Story: Train slams into packed minibus in Indonesia killing at least 16
Map: Indonesia

Indonesia has pulled 1,600 private buses off its roads after a weekend bus crash in which 18 people died.

Witnesses say the driver of a Metro Mini bus ignored a warning siren at a level crossing in West Jakarta and drove around a safety barrier onto train tracks.

The bus was struck by a train and dragged for about 200 metres.

Eighteen individuals have been killed, including the driver and his assistant. There was just 1 survivor.

It is at least the 32nd accident at a level crossing in Jakarta this year, numerous of them involve buses that are frequently stopping to pick up passengers.

Critics say driver coaching is poor and the buses are in terrible condition.

Removing private buses will make life even much more difficult for frazzled commuters in a city where kids and toddlers ride on their parents’ motorbikes, without having helmets, painted lane markings are there for decoration rather than guidance, and a red site visitors light means the car behind yours has to stop.

Jakarta’s transport office says it has pulled 1,600 Metro Minis off the road, despite the fact that on the streets, there seem to be plenty of the buses remaining.

An orange Metro Mini private bus on the streets of Jakarta Photo: Jakarta’s transport office says it has pulled 1,600 Metro Minis off the road, despite the fact that numerous seem to be nevertheless operating (ABC News: Adam Harvey)

On a wet Jakarta weekday, the visitors slows to walking pace, which tends to make it a lot less difficult for commuters to jump aboard a faded orange Metro Mini.

The mid-sized buses do not have designated stops, so passengers get on and off where they like.

There is a affordable possibility of obtaining bowled over by a scooter on the journey from the footpath to the bus, but at 40 cents a ride, most passengers think it is worth the danger.

In regards to the security, no matter how it is, when it really is time to die, you are going to die anyway.

Andi, Jakarta bus passenger

“In regards to the safety, no matter how it is, when it really is time to die, you are going to die anyway,” mentioned passenger Andi.

One particular passenger, Sadzili, has been catching the orange bus for ten years.

“I consider it really is protected. I am just a small bit worried when about to cross a rail track,” he stated.

A busker, Heri Sandi, climbs aboard in the stalled visitors.

“In a single day I will get on about 70 to 80 buses from the morning to the afternoon,” he stated.

The accident has been on his thoughts.

“I am scared for certain,” he stated.

“The bus tipped over like that and individuals died being crushed.”

Inside a private Mini Metro bus in Jakarta Photo: Private bus drivers in Jakarta tackle busy road situations, but critics say driver education is poor and the buses are in terrible condition (ABC News: Adam Harvey)

One more passenger, Hamim, is dubious about recalling the buses.

“About plans like that, nicely before they take these buses off the streets they need to have to offer the replacements,” Hamim mentioned.

“Without having any replacement what would passengers do?”

Andi wishes Jakarta could emulate the transport of other cities.

“Air conditioned, exactly where they queue in order, like they have overseas,” he stated.

“They queue, there’s discipline, in contrast to what we have here.

“In Singapore and Europe, they queue, they quit in suitable stops.

“Right here they quit wherever they want to stop.”

It is hoped a new underground train line, due to be completed in about 3 years, will remove some of the dangers of the road for the city of ten million folks.

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Police appeal for data following mother and daughter’s deaths

Posted December 09, 2015 07:50:08

Police are searching for public support as they continue to investigate the deaths of an 11-year-old girl and her mother in Brisbane’s inner west.

Celeste Pearson’s body was located in the bathroom of a unit at Auchenflower early on Tuesday morning.

The physique of her 49-year-old mother was located about 4 hours later at a nearby building site and police think she took her personal life.

Forensic officers and detectives are still operating to establish who is accountable for the death of the girl, who was described as a high academic achiever and was about to finish Year 6 at Milton State College.

Her eight-year-old sister is getting cared for by loved ones and close friends.

Police are urging the public to come forward if they have any information about the family’s history.

Officers are continuing to comb the apartment exactly where the child was located for proof.

Detective Acting Superintendent Geoff Sheldon stated there was a surviving father, 65, who was asleep and uninjured in the unit when they arrived.

Police spoke to the man for hours yesterday and he was released with charge.

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Rescued bushwalker was ‘losing hope’ following two days in Tasmanian wilderness

Posted December 08, 2015 11:03:42

A Tasmanian bushwalker who spent two days lost in the wilderness on the state’s west coast says he was losing hope that he would be discovered.

On Saturday afternoon 75-year-old Harry Gruner left his two walking companions at a remote hut in the Mount Dundas area and headed to Fraser Falls by himself.

He told 936 ABC Hobart he underestimated the length of the stroll and it became dark before he created it back.

“I did not have a torch with me, I did not have matches with me since I thought I would be coming back early which was very foolish,” he said.

“I walked down and it got actually dark and ultimately I ended up at the river but I did not know exactly where I was.”

With out an EPIRB on him, Mr Gruner’s disappearance sparked an comprehensive search involving more than 25 police and State Emergency Service volunteers as properly as the rescue helicopter.

I walked over the bridge, effectively a lot more or less crawled over, and all of a sudden I saw a four-wheel drive of the SES and I thought ‘oh you’re safe’.

Harry Gruner

Mr Gruner mentioned he struggled to be seen by the rescue teams because of the thick scrub.

“On Saturday I heard the helicopter but it was very hard to be observed,” he stated.

“Everywhere you look, trees, I believed ‘if I get on prime of the hills and I could be observed by the chopper’, but I was struggling to get up to the hill tops only to find out they have been heavily grown with trees.”

Mr Gruner stated he became weaker and was forced to drink water from nearby streams which created him sick.

He mentioned he was “obtaining desperate” when the rescue crews lastly situated him about four:00pm yesterday.

“All of a sudden I saw a suspension bridge in front of me, so I climbed up with this final strength I had,” he mentioned.

“I walked over the bridge, well more or much less crawled more than, and all of a sudden I saw a four-wheel drive of the SES and I believed ‘oh you are safe’.

“It took about an hour ahead of a couple of blokes came.”

Mr Gruner was taken to the Queenstown Hospital suffering dehydration and exhaustion.

Earlier this year bushwalkers have been urged to carry rescue beacons such as the EPIRB following a spate of comprehensive searches for missing bushwalkers.

In October, a man was rescued from Mount Anne soon after spending two nights in the remote location.

Significantly less than two weeks later two Victorian bushwalkers have been rescued from the very same region.

Last month an knowledgeable bushwalker from New South Wales went missing for two days on South Cape Variety in south western Tasmania.

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Man dies following stabbing in Sydney’s west

Posted December 07, 2015 06:29:37

A man who was stabbed to death in Sydney’s west yesterday had been involved in a fight with a group of men, police think.

Emergency solutions discovered the critically injured 35-year-old man in a suburban street in Fairfield East yesterday afternoon even though responding to reports of an assault.

“Initial investigations recommend an altercation took spot amongst a man and a group of males, just before the man was assaulted and stabbed,” a NSW Police statement mentioned.

“The 35-year-old man was treated at the scene by ambulance paramedics, before getting taken to hospital where he died about 6:00pm.

“A crime scene was established and examined by specialist police.

“Inquiries into the incident continue and no arrests have yet been created.”

Police are urging any individual with info to make contact with Crime Stoppers.

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