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Kiribati’s President appreciative of Australia’s ‘very active’ function at Paris climate talks

Updated December 15, 2015 01:11:04

The President of Kiribati, a tiny island nation in the Pacific at danger of disappearing if sea levels rise, says he is quite appreciative of Australia’s “quite active” part at the Paris climate talks.

President Anote Tong, an outspoken advocate for international action on climate adjust, mentioned the agreement reached at the COP21 summit was a “main achievement”.

“It is a quite optimistic step forward and of course, what was most gratifying was the position of the nations that we had thought would have taken a quite damaging position,” he told the ABC’s The Planet plan.

All 195 countries that attended the summit authorized the agreement, which aims to limit temperature increases to well beneath two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The agreement also references the “urgent need to have” to pursue efforts to limit the temperature enhance to 1.5C.

The text does not mandate particular measures or targets. As an alternative, it creates a program for making certain nations make good on voluntary domestic efforts to curb emissions.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stated the deal was an essential step forward, but it has been criticised by some Liberal MPs.

President Tong, who is in Morocco for yet another round of climate talks, stated it was “definitely essential” that leaders followed by means of on the targets agreed upon in Paris.

“I think it is definitely essential. Of course, it’s component of the purpose why we are here in Morocco, to go over possibly what must be coming up at the next meeting, how the commitments that have been produced from Paris could be followed up and how they can be translated into concrete action,” he said.

“There was extremely clear acknowledgement of the special circumstances of the most vulnerable nations on the front line of climate adjust.

“We are hoping that in spite of the lack of clarity in the wording, there is this really clear understanding that if it comes to building up climate resilience and adaptation and just recovery, we are hopeful that the countries that made a commitment will provide.”

President Tong pleased the ‘miracle did happen’

Countries such as Kiribati and Fiji have lengthy argued for a 1.5C cap to make certain their countries survive extreme weather events and increasing sea levels, whilst industrial nations have favoured the 2C limit.

President Tong said the summit’s adoption of the 1.5C target was a victory.

“I feel [at] the begin of the discussions, fairly a number of countries did not go for the 1.5C boost, but by the end of the discussions … the miracle did take place,” he told The Planet.

“Even Australia, we felt, was supporting that. The atmosphere and perhaps the chairmanship, the presidency at the conference, was of course extremely instrumental.

“But Australia was quite active, we noted that. And of course the US, and a number of other countries that initially have been a bit negative.”

Negotiators have stated the long-term push by island nations was instrumental in bringing the 1.5C target to prominence.

Australia signed on to the 1.5 target when it cut a deal with St Lucia, a Caribbean island nation, to back the target in exchange for getting allowed to carry over its savings from the Kyoto Protocol.

President Tong mentioned the agreement, if followed by means of, will mean future Kiribatians will have a future.

“I feel we must be cautious in becoming too sceptical by what has taken spot,” he stated.

“I think it really is been quite, really significant and it sets the bottom line — it establishes the basis of the foundation of what future behaviour on energy must be.

“I know we did not get one hundred per cent of what it was that we went for, but nonetheless I feel what is happened … in the circumstances, could not have been better.”

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Very first posted December 15, 2015 01:01:52

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Function of young Indigenous artists showcased in MoAD exhibition

By Sam Provost

Posted December 08, 2015 21:53:55

Land, Neil Mitchell, synthetic polymer on canvas Photo: Land by Neil Mitchell, depicts the area about Menindee in NSW, in synthetic polymer on canvas. (Supplied)

Five young Aboriginal artists from Menindee in far western NSW have come to Old Parliament Property to see their artworks displayed in the Right Right here Now exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD).

The exhibition showcases 18 artists operating outside the significant city centres of Australia who have been paired in a creative mentorship project.

Neil Mitchell and Rick Ball at MoAD Photo: Neil Mitchell and Rick Ball explore the Correct Here Now exhibition at MoAD. (ABC News)

The artists, from Menindee, have been accompanied to Canberra by Rick Ball, a renowned artist from Broken Hill and mentor to the group.

Taya Biggs, Jade Cicak, Neil Mitchell, Joseph Newman and Tahlia Philp every single have a piece in the exhibition.

The artists work with a variety of mediums such as cardboard, paint and photography.

The title of 16-year-old Mitchell’s piece is Land.

He said it was a representation of his residence, a desert town amidst a series of ephemeral lakes.

“That’s what my paintings are about, the land and region about Menindee. I cannot genuinely do any other kinds of art. This is my art,” Neil mentioned.

The piece harnesses the colours of the land: reds, yellows and browns, with textures and dots used to illustrate man-produced and animal tracks.

‘They can’t cope with any bullshit… I love that’

Ball, who has been working with the younger artists considering that they were in pre-college, stated the connection had changed the way that he approached his personal art.

Beginnings of Art, by Rick Ball Photo: Beginnings of Art, by established artist Rick Ball, in shellac, oil and gouache on paper. (Supplied)

“I have learnt and un-learnt so a lot operating within the Menindee Community and operating with these young youngsters,” he mentioned.

“They just cannot cope with any bullshit, and I adore that. They just won’t take it. I consider being out west and away from the city, that happens, and that impacts my art practice.”

Ball also has a piece in the exhibition.

The director of the Museum of Australian Democracy, Daryl Karp, stated the objective of the exhibition was to nurture emerging artists by constructing relationships with established artists in their region.

“What is truly exciting about this exhibition is that we’ve got leading-of-their-game artists and the subsequent level of emerging artists coming collectively in a mentorship system,” she said.

“So you get a collaboration that among them has something really strong to say.”

Right Right here Now runs at the Museum of Australian Democracy in Old Parliament Residence until February 7, 2016.

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Red Cross seeks permission to function in IS territory

Posted December 06, 2015 22:23:ten

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says it is attempting to establish relations with the Islamic State group in the hopes of delivering aid to the ten million men and women living below its handle.

“Yes, we are of course hunting at developing a connection [with IS],” the charity’s director-basic Yves Daccord said.

“We have a quite clear humanitarian vision. 1st, what we see is 10 million individuals. Ten million individuals under the control of the Islamic State group [in Iraq and Syria].

“We are interested in these 10 million individuals. What happens to them? What are their troubles? This is what will guide us.”

The comments were produced ahead of an agency conference in Geneva, held each and every 4 years, which gathers some two,000 ICRC staff and national Red Cross/Red Crescent staffers for talks on the challenges facing humanitarian workers in increasingly complex environments.

Mr Daccord said the emergence of armed groups which at instances disregard the need for life-saving help was one of the threats facing the ICRC and groups like it.

He added that organisations searching for to help civilians engulfed by conflict would increasingly want to connect with such groups, regardless of their ideology.

An actor like the ICRC, what we have to do is we truly have to be definitely, deeply humanitarian. No social agenda, no alter agenda …You may possibly have an opinion, but that’s not the dilemma.

ICRC Director-Basic Yves Daccord

“My sense is, most of the international organisations will have to possibly rethink about how they operate in these areas, otherwise they won’t be in a position to [work],” he said.

The ultimate objective is “to operate in close proximity” with these who want help, and to do that, organisations have to “speak to everybody”, Mr Daccord explained.

“You cannot just come from Geneva and count on armed groups to let you operate,” he mentioned.

“You do not construct acceptance from Boko Haram or any armed group in Syria in 1 day. It requires a lot of time and you have to have the proper folks.”

Mr Daccord said it took several years of outreach to Boko Haram just before the ICRC was capable to work in the extremist group’s north-east Nigeria strongholds.

Though perhaps significantly less high-profile than IS, Boko Haram’s atrocities are unrivalled, including the repeated use of children as suicide bombers and numerous massacres and abductions targeting students.

“An actor like the ICRC, what we have to do is we really have to be absolutely, deeply humanitarian. No social agenda, no modify agenda … You might have an opinion, but that’s not the issue,” Mr Daccord said.

To operate in Boko Haram or IS places, an organisation need to be observed as completely “non-partisan”, he stated.

Red Cross faced ‘unprecedented losses’ in Syria

From air strikes on hospitals, to kidnappings targeting help workers, the ICRC has warned of the shrinking space for relief agencies in conflict.

Senior humanitarian leaders have also decried the waning respect for international humanitarian law, such as the Geneva conventions.

Islamic State fighter with shoulder mounted missile Photo: A video nevertheless showing what is claimed to be an Islamic State fighter firing a shoulder-mounted missile (Twitter)

Wars have turn into “much more atrocious in the human suffering they generate”, ICRC president Peter Maurer mentioned in a statement ahead of the conference.

Mr Daccord said it was challenging to evaluate the current era to previous periods in terms of threats facing aid workers.

But he said that in Syria, devastated by a 4-year civil war, the Red Cross has suffered unprecedented losses, with 49 volunteers from the Syrian Red Crescent killed.

“We’ve never ever seen that in our recent history,” Mr Daccord mentioned.

Red Cross workers are also becoming held hostage in Syria and Yemen, where a number of other members of the organisation have also been killed.

Mr Daccord also pointed to what he termed a clear rise in the quantity of wellness workers and wellness facilities targeted in conflict as further proof of the narrowing humanitarian space in war.

“Envision the world in which we will operate if we have no space for men and women to be treated,” Mr Daccord said.


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‘Disgusting, flawless, woman’: Schumer, Williams function in 2016 Pirelli calendar

Posted December 01, 2015 ten:58:24

Amy Schumer and Serena Williams have graced the pages of the 2016 Pirelli calendar, in a shift away from the publication’s standard images of nude supermodels.

The pair have been component of a group of women who had been chosen to function in the calendar for their “outstanding skilled, social, cultural, sporting and artistic accomplishment”, photographer Annie Leibovitz stated.

Leibovitz said at the calendar’s launch none of the photographs had been conceived with the male gaze in thoughts.

The calendar functions no nude portraits — though Schumer and Williams were each shot in their underwear — and no provocation in the posing.

Schumer posted her portrait to Twitter with the caption: “Gorgeous, gross, sturdy, thin, fat, quite, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman.”

Leibovitz stated Schumer’s photo “added some enjoyable”.

“It’s as if she did not get the memo saying that she could hold her garments on,” she said in a statement.

The photographer said the pictures were developed to look natural and effortless with minimal post-production function.

Pirelli Tyres chief executive Marco Tronchetti Provera said the organization had been seeking to make a “extremely timely” departure from the calendar’s usual format.

“Females have accomplished some thing outstanding in their lives, from each corner of the planet,” he said.

“This represents what Pirelli thinks is beautiful.”

The other girls featured are Patti Smith, Yoko Ono, author Fran Lebowitz, model Natalia Vodianova, blogger Tavi Gevinson, actor Yao Chen, artist Shirin Neshat, investment banker Mellody Hobson, director Ava DuVernay, film producer Kathleen Kennedy and art collector Agnes Gund.

Serena Williams in Perelli photoshoot Photo: Serena Williams was a single of the women chosen for the photoshoot. (Pirelli/Annie Leibovitz)
Yao Chen's portrait for 2016 Pirelli calendar. Photo: Actor and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Yao Chen characteristics in the calendar. (Pirelli/Annie Leibovitz)
Yoko Ono's portrait for the 2016 Pirelli calendar Photo: Yoko Ono is 1 of the females chosen to function in this year’s calendar. (Pirelli/Annie Leibovitz)
Patti Smith's portrait for the 2016 Pirelli calendar Photo: Artist Patti Smith features in the 2016 Pirelli calendar. (Pirelli/Annie Leibovitz)

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