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Funds meant for IS militants found in dirty laundry by mother, court hears

Posted December 14, 2015 14:22:32

Map: Parramatta 2150

Cash allegedly intended for the Islamic State terrorist group was located by the mother of a rollover witness as she went to wash his clothes, a Sydney court has heard.

Oarjan Azari and Ali Al-Talebi are accused of generating $ six,000 obtainable to the Islamic State group in two separate income transfers final year.

It is alleged they utilized the witness providing proof against them to do the transfers via Western Union outlets at Parramatta and Auburn.

He was referred to as a rollover witness in court because he had previously worked with the men and was now testifying against them. He will not face prosecution.

A committal hearing was told this man, who cannot be identified, tried to make a third transfer of $ 9,000, but pulled out due to the fact he was unsure about costs that have been to be charged.

The court heard the cash was later found by his mother in the pocket of his shorts.

“Laundering cash,” Magistrate Peter Miszalski stated.

Prosecutor Peter Neil SC responded: “Practically actually.”

The court heard the witness was younger than Azari and Al-Talebi, and was below their influence.

Mr Neil said the goal of the transfers was “to end up supporting Islamic State activities in Syria and Iraq”.

Up to 7,000 pages of secretly recorded phone conversations were tendered as proof to the court.

Appearing for Azari, barrister Steven Boland mentioned there was no proof the funds had been “ever received by any terrorist organisation”.

He said there was a lot of evidence suggesting the opposite.

The prosecution said this was irrelevant.

“Whether they got their hands on it or not is another question,” Mr Neil said.

The witness is expected to give further evidence on Wednesday.

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CSIRO’s ship Investigator misses out on extra funds

Posted December 07, 2015 19:57:30

The CSIRO’s $ 120 million flagship analysis vessel, RV Investigator, has not received any money to commit additional time at sea.

The funding arrangement from the Federal Government indicates the ship can only commit 180 days at sea, in spite of obtaining the capability to invest 300 days.

Millions of dollars had been set aside in today’s innovation announcement for Australia’s peak science body, the CSIRO. But the Investigator missed out.

University of Tasmania’s Polar Geodesy Professor Matt King said he was disappointed.

“That we have not observed a commitment to higher use of this vessel, of this really pricey vessel, it would be nice to see it out in the ocean collecting information sets,” Professor King mentioned.

“It’s a state of the art vessel, we’ve been genuinely blessed in Australia of getting a vessel that’s just come out of building.

“The scientists are actually itching to get it into the water and to be utilizing it as significantly as they can.”

The ABC understands none of the cash allocated can be re-directed to the Investigator by the CSIRO.

The Investigator is, at times, hired out to energy businesses to search for oil and gas.

The French Ambassador Christophe Lecourtier was in Hobart right now inspecting the Aurora Australis.

He was asked if the funds ought to have been spent on the Investigator.

“I can not precisely comment on that since I am not an specialist,” he mentioned.

“But I consider it’s a good example of one thing that’s operating and could probably be operating more in the coming years.”

Tasmanian Senator Nick McKim mentioned the Innovation Statement released by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull did not make up for prior Federal budget cuts.

“This package goes nowhere near creating up for the massive cuts to science, to innovation to analysis and improvement and to higher education that the Liberals brought in,” he stated.

“We’ve nevertheless now got our magnificent new vessel, the Investigator, efficiently hired out to the mining sector to do mineral exploration which is not what is was created to do.

“That is an instance of how much the Liberals have cut out of science and innovation.”

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Abbott utilized taxpayer funds on identical day as donor’s birthday bash

Posted December 06, 2015 00:14:32

Former prime minister Tony Abbott pocketed taxpayer-funded travel allowance on a day he attended a birthday celebration for a mining magnate and Liberal Party donor.

Mr Abbott went to the birthday bash for significant party backer Paul Marks at Melbourne’s exclusive Huntingdale Golf Club on Sunday, March 22, whilst nonetheless Liberal leader.

The most current update on politicians’ entitlements revealed Mr Abbott charged the public $ 560 in parliamentary travel allowance for the Melbourne trip, and $ 105.50 for a chauffeur-driven Commonwealth car in the city on the day.

His Comcar use the next day in Melbourne price $ 122.53, just before he flew to Canberra for Parliament.

Mr Abbott came beneath fire earlier this year when it was revealed he travelled to the Victorian capital on a taxpayer-funded RAAF jet.

Mr Marks and his resources firm funnelled at least $ 930,000 into Liberal Party causes for the duration of 2013-14.

Mr Abbott’s office insists there was a operate-related occasion on the identical day, but refused to give additional specifics.

“Mr Abbott had other operate-associated engagements in Melbourne on Sunday 22 March, 2015,” a spokesman mentioned in a statement.

“All travel was undertaken within the guidelines.

“The operate-associated engagement was not an event organised by Paul Marks.”

The former prime minister travelled to Melbourne from Sydney, after attending NSW Premier Mike Baird’s election campaign launch.

Human Services Minister Stuart Robert also reportedly attended the birthday gathering, but has listed no expenses for March 22.

Party donor executive chairman of Nimrod Sources

Mr Marks personally poured $ 250,000 into the Liberal Party in the course of the 2013-14 monetary year, electoral commission documents show.

He also gave $ 181,361 to the Liberal-linked Totally free Enterprise Foundation.

He is executive chairman of sources firm Nimrod Resources, which donated $ 500,000 to the party in the course of the same period.

Mr Abbott has previously repaid taxpayer funds claimed for attending colleagues’ weddings.

He was criticised earlier this year for not strongly condemning former speaker Bronwyn Bishop amid furore over a $ five,000-plus taxpayer-funded helicopter flight from Melbourne to Geelong for a Liberal Celebration occasion.

The newest expenditure report, covering the initial six months of 2015, shows Mrs Bishop spent more than $ 50,000 on a nation-hopping South American trip in January, and spent $ four,100 on a return charter flight between Canberra and Port Macquarie for an International Women’s Day occasion.

The Finance Department documents also show former treasurer Joe Hockey spent $ six,670 on a charter flight from Sydney to Canberra.

External Link: Abbott document

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Funds row threatens historic climate deal in Paris

Posted December 03, 2015 12:52:52

French president Francois Hollande Photo: The French have called for a swift compromise on the money rich nations should spend on climate change. (AFP: Philippe Wojazer)

Developing nations have warned that a bitter row over money is threatening efforts to seal a historic pact to tame global warming, as the French hosts pleaded for compromise.

Key points:

  • Nations urged to reach speedy agreement on climate change funding
  • Developing nations want rich countries to contribute more than $ 100b to climate fight
  • Concerns are being raised that the talks are not moving fast enough

The UN-brokered talks involving 195 nations are facing a deadline of December 11 to forge an agreement aimed at cutting the greenhouse gases responsible for climate change, and averting its catastrophic impacts.

Despite more than 150 world leaders opening the talks on Monday with lofty rhetoric about the urgency of the task, bureaucrats became quickly ensnared in familiar rows that have condemned previous efforts to failure.

“My message is clear: we must accelerate the process because there is still a lot of work to do,” said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who is presiding over the negotiations.

“Options for compromise need to be found as quickly as possible.”

One of the most fiercely contested issues in the 25-year diplomatic effort to find a solution to global warming has been how much responsibility rich nations must accept for the problem, and therefore how much they should pay.

Developed countries have powered their way to prosperity since the Industrial Revolution by burning coal, oil and gas, which are the primary sources of the heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

Developing nations insist the developed ones must now largely finance the world economy’s costly shift away fossil fuels, a debate worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

More than $ 100 billion needed for climate fight

A powerful bloc of 134 developing nations — including China, India and all African and South American countries — released a statement near the end of Wednesday’s negotiations insisting the rich were again trying in Paris to absolve themselves of their financial responsibilities.

“Nothing … can be achieved without the provision of means of implementation to enable developing countries to play their part to address climate change,” the statement said.

The bloc, known as the G77 plus China, restated a demand for rich nations to follow through on their commitment to mobilise $ 100 billion a year into a climate change from 2020.

It also demanded as “substantial scaling up of finance” on top of the previously agreed $ 100 billion.

The financing issue is central to hugely complex 54-page draft text that negotiators need to trim down by the weekend, so that ministers have a week to try and finalise it.

Frustration permeated the negotiating halls of the convention centre in the northern outskirts of Paris on Wednesday.

“We are not making anywhere near the progress we need to be making at this point,” said Daniel Reifsnyder, one of the two co-chairmen in the talks’ key arena.

Early disagreements typical at climate talks

Greenpeace climate campaigner Li Shuo, who has observer status in the talks, described them as “quite messy”.

“At some point, we definitely need to switch gear,” he said.

Still, such frustrations are typical of the start of climate negotiations, where vast interests are at stake and a single word in an agreement can have big repercussions, said veteran observers.

“I remain confident that it will be a hard fought two weeks but at the end of the day we are likely to achieve, and I believe we will achieve, an agreement,” Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt told reporters.

UN climate chief Christiana Figueres cautioned against despair.

“The text of the agreement will go through ups and downs, there will be many commas inserted and commas removed because that is the nature of this. It is a legally binding text and needs to be reviewed very, very carefully,” she said.

Touching on the rich-poor issue, British charity Oxfam issued a study saying the wealthiest 10 per cent of people produce half of Earth’s fossil-fuel emissions, while the poorest half contribute a mere 10 per cent.

An average person among the richest one percent emits 175 times more carbon than his or her counterpart among the bottom 10 per cent, the charity said.

At the core of the talks is the goal of limiting warming to a maximum of two degrees Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

That objective — along with a more ambitious option of 1.5 degrees Celsius — has been enshrined in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) since 2010.

Since then, scientists have pounded out an ever-louder warning that relentlessly climbing carbon emissions will doom future generations to rising seas and worsening floods, storms and drought — a recipe for hunger, disease and homelessness for many millions.


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Solar Impulse raises funds to continue round-the-globe flight

Posted December 01, 2015 23:59:22

The Swiss solar-powered plane whose record-setting, round-the-globe flight was place on hold in July by weather and battery problems has raised the 20 million euro ($ 29 million) it demands to finish the trip, co-founder and pilot Andre Borschberg says.

Mr Borschberg, at the United Nations’ Paris climate summit with co-pilot Bertrand Piccard, stated backers that contain chemical maker Solvay, Swiss lift maker Schindler, power grid maker ABB and Swatch’s Omega brand, produced contributions.

Mr Borschberg and Mr Piccard had hoped to finish the 35,000-kilometre, multi-leg circumnavigation in 2015, leaving from Abu Dhabi in March.

Initial crosswinds in China triggered weeks of delays.

Then, when its batteries overheated in the course of a record-breaking five-day, 5-night Pacific crossing from Japan to Hawaii in July, the plane was forced to winter inside a hangar at Kalaeloa.

“The monetary side is beneath control,” Mr Borschberg, a former Swiss Air Force fighter pilot and co-founder of Solar Impulse, mentioned.

“We are all extremely focused and hunting forward to continuing next year,” stated the 62-year-old, who flies solo, alternating in between pit-stops with Mr Piccard at the controls of the single-seat plane.

Solar Impulse’s price range since 2004 is now some $ 247 million. The plane has 17,248 solar cells, a wider wing-span than a Boeing 747 and weighs as much as a five-seater household auto.

Mr Borschberg said he plans to start test flights around March and, barring obstacles, the 4,000-kilometre leg from Hawaii to North America starts in April, when daylight hours are enough to recharge the batteries.

West Coast stops have been left open to accommodate potentially fickle weather.

Vancouver, as effectively as San Francisco, Los Angeles or Phoenix are all candidates, Mr Borschberg stated.

They also strategy on a US Midwest pit-cease followed by New York’s John F Kennedy Airport, ahead of crossing to either Europe or North Africa and, finally, Abu Dhabi.

“We know we can do it, but it remains a challenge,” Mr Borschberg mentioned.

He mentioned he hopes a year’s delay will not undermine the message he aims to spread at the Paris climate talks: deploying renewable energy technologies will assist cease climate alter.

“That is what we utilized to make it feasible to fly day and night with the sun only,” he mentioned.

“That’s what we surely could implement on a bigger scale.”


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Mine rehabilitation funds unchanged by GST reprieve: QRC

Posted November 26, 2015 15:50:57

Cutting the GST for mine rehabilitation bonds does not decrease the economic assurances for mine remediation, the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) says.

The Atmosphere Department no longer calls for miners to pay GST of 10 per cent on the rehabilitation bonds they lodge with the Queensland Government.

The modify took effect on October three.

Companies which have already paid the GST may request a refund, the division stated in an data sheet circulated to mining businesses and posted on its internet site.

QRC chief executive Michael Roche said it was wrong of anti-mine campaigners Lock the Gate Alliance to say the financial assurances held by the State Government to make certain that mines are effectively remediated had been lowered.

“Removing GST payments doesn’t affect the amount that the State Government holds in economic assurance. It corrects an accounting error,” he mentioned.

The Queensland Government holds $ five.38 billion in rehabilitation bonds.

“GST is collected as a tax for the Commonwealth, it can’t be spent on economic assurance and it is extremely hard to understand why Lock the Gate is pretending that ought to occur,” Mr Roche said.

“The NSW Government has lengthy recognised this and consequently has specifically excluded GST from its monetary assurance calculations.

“As the [Queensland] Division of Atmosphere Heritage and Protection is registered for GST purposes, it no longer needs to collect the GST.

“Most importantly, it is illegal to commit GST cash on monetary assurance.

“Lock the Gate clearly does not comprehend how Australia’s tax method functions.”

Lock the Gate Alliance president Drew Hutton mentioned he accepted the amount of income in rehabilitation bonds would not be decreased.

“But mining companies are still receiving off much more lightly if they now don’t have to pay 10 per cent GST,” he stated.

“The fact remains that some business specialists and even the Queensland auditor-basic have said that the Government does not hold adequate monetary assurances to guarantee correct mine rehabilitation.”

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