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George Pell as well unwell to give evidence at youngster sex abuse inquiry

Updated December 11, 2015 15:37:38

Cardinal George Pell is unable to make his anticipated appearance at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Kid Sexual Abuse next week due to ill wellness, his lawyer has said.

Cardinal Pell’s counsel, Allan Myers QC, told the hearing on Friday that Cardinal Pell, who is base in Rome, had “severe overall health conditions”.

Mr Myers QC applied for his client to give his testimony by means of videolink as an alternative.

But royal commission chair Justice Peter McClellan said it was preferable for Pell, who is Australia’s most senior Catholic, to seem in person and that he would be named once again in February.

Much more to come.

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Initial posted December 11, 2015 15:31:26

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Victoria Police give notice of strike action more than pay dispute

Posted December 08, 2015 08:02:14

Victoria Police say they could take industrial action as early as next week, unless a spend deal is reached with the State Government.

The Police Association has provided formal notice of the action, following months of negotiations.

“We’re committed to try and attain agreement by the end of the week,” Police Association Victoria Secretary Ron Iddles said.

“If that’s profitable then there won’t be industrial action but the membership have voted overwhelmingly to support industrial action which would commence on Monday.”

Members want a five per cent spend rise more than three years, as nicely as penalty prices for weekends and public holidays.

Mr Iddles stated the proposed actions have been designed to hurt Government income, not the public.

“We would park marked cars at speed camera sites, not situation penalty notices. That’ll have a key effect financially on the Government,” he said.

“The final enterprise bargaining round, it was costing the Government about $ 11 million a week in lost revenue from speed camera fines.”

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Drivers will give WestConnex M5 tolls the swerve: NSW Opposition

Posted November 28, 2015 11:37:26

Tolls on the new WestConnex M5 motorway will discourage drivers from utilizing it and lead to regional roads becoming far more congested, the New South Wales Opposition has mentioned.

“Tolls of at least six dollars every single way, each and every day to travel in the M5 East Tunnel, on top of the existing M5 toll,” NSW Labor leader Luke Foley stated.

“All that will imply is that motorists will keep away from the M5, travel on other roads, which will be far more congested than ever.”

The environmental effect statement (EIS) for the new M5 East section of the WestConnex project in Sydney has been released for public comment.

It suggests that targeted traffic levels on the M5 East will fall from 116,000 motorists a year at the moment to 69,000 in 2021.

Visitors would then increase more than the subsequent decade, to 84,000 by 2031.

NSW Roads Minister Duncan Gay mentioned the forecast in visitors was not surprising.

“When you place a toll on a road that hasn’t been tolled, folks leave it,” he stated.

“But the factor that history shows us is that most of these individuals come back pretty damn rapidly.”

Building to take toll: EIS

The NSW Government is planning to build nine-kilometre twin tunnels in between Kingsgrove and a new exchange at St Peters, doubling the capacity of the M5 East corridor.

It stated the tunnels would be flatter to cut emissions and larger to minimize the danger of trucks getting stuck.

The strategy contains new surface connections at St Peters, to get motorists to Green Square, Mascot and Marrickville.

The new section would reduce travel instances by up to half for a lot more than 40,000 motorists who utilized the King George’s Road interchange day-to-day, the NSW Government mentioned.

However, the tunnel in between Kingsgrove and St Peters will take a toll on residents throughout and right after construction, the EIG suggests.

St Peters and its surrounds will have to place up with 125 peak-hour truck movements a day.

Roads and Maritime Services spokesman, Ken Kanofski, said the area would also get enhanced regional visitors prior to Stage Three of the WestConnex project joined the new M5 to the M4.

“We’re going to attempt to minimise the impact of that targeted traffic and the EIS goes via the detail of how that’s to take spot,” he mentioned.

As part of the project 118 properties will be compulsorily acquired, including 48 residences.

The public has till the end of January to comment.

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Syrian refugee feeds Berlin’s homeless to ‘give something back’

Posted November 26, 2015 20:58:54

Alex Assali, a Syrian refugee who arrived in Germany last year, is now handing out totally free meals to Berlin’s homeless, to “give one thing back to German individuals” for welcoming him and a lot of much more refugees into their country.

Mr Assali was lately photographed at the meal station that he serves up meals from.

His buddy, Tabea Bu, posted the photo on Facebook, where it has been shared by thousands of folks.

Mr Assali told Buzzfeed he had fled Syria in 2007 since his life was in danger and lived in Libya till final September, when he came to Germany.

Ms Bu mentioned Mr Assali nevertheless had small to his name, but wanted to give some thing back to the nation that had taken him in.

“He actually has lost almost everything he had to leave his household back in Syria because folks wanted to kill him,” Ms Bu wrote in the Facebook post, translated from German by The Telegraph.

“Even though he doesn’t have a lot, he goes on the street and distributes food to the homeless.

“I have the feeling like, God bless him as he is a blessing for so numerous more people.”

Mr Assali told Buzzfeed he had been handing out meals to the homeless since August 2015, from a variety of places across Berlin.

A poster attached to the table in the photo reads: “Our target is to give some thing back to the folks who helped us … We want to be a good part in the German community.”

He stated he had so far been unsuccessful in obtaining a job in Berlin, but that he hoped to continue to give back to the neighborhood.

“My dream [is] to have in [the] future a huge property to support [these] men and women and do anything good for them due to the fact many of them need to have a person to guide them to the right way,” he told Buzzfeed.

Ms Bu mentioned she and Mr Assali had been overwhelmed by the messages of assistance.

“We each by no means imagined what this tiny post could do, but we are satisfied that we did bring a small light into the planet,” she wrote on Facebook.

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‘I don’t give a damn’: Minister defends demerit point rise for mobile use

Posted November 25, 2015 16:35:52

Gay raising penalties for drivers who use mobiles Photo: Drivers who use their mobiles behind the wheel are set to face harsher penalties. (AAP: Nikki Quick)

NSW Road Minister Duncan Gay has said he is being “deliberately difficult” in raising demerit points for drivers caught using mobile phones.

And this year, for the initial time, the State Government will incorporate mobile telephone offences in the double-demerit penalty period over Christmas and New Year.

Individuals caught speaking on a mobile telephone or texting while driving from the December 24 to January three will shed six points.

From subsequent year, the regular penalty for mobile phone offences will improve from 3 to four demerit points.

“Subsequent year, when it jumps to four points, it’ll be eight points when you happen to be caught (throughout the double-demerit period),” Mr Gay stated.

“Now you might feel this is a bit tough, I don’t give a damn. We’re deliberately generating it challenging.”

Get Your Hand Off It a accomplishment: Gay

Mr Gay stated the Get Your Hand Off It campaign had been a accomplishment.

Police figures showed the quantity of fines issued had dropped from 52,000 to 32,000 since the campaign started along with a fine boost to $ 319.

“That is why we’re going to the subsequent step – 32,000 is nevertheless as well many, and as we drive around we nonetheless see as well many carrying out the wrong issue.”

Bernard Carlon from the Centre for Road Safety mentioned a driver was 20 times far more probably to crash if they had been texting whilst driving.

“Travelling at 60kph, you can travel 33 metres in two seconds blind if you are searching at your phone,” he mentioned.

“At one hundred kilometres per hour if you have your eyes off the road, you travel the length of an Olympic swimming pool.”

He reminded L-platers and P1 drivers that they could not use a telephone while behind the wheel.

Mr Carlon mentioned the road toll had lowered by one particular-third over previous double-demerit point periods.

There have been 317 deaths on the road this year, which is 34 far more than at the identical time last year.

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