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Only little group to blame for emissions scandal: VW

Updated December 11, 2015 01:26:31

Volkswagen says only a little group of workers were responsible for cheating US diesel emissions tests and there is no indication that board members were involved in the largest enterprise crisis in the firm’s history.

Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch said investigations into the affair were going well, but the scandal was the outcome of a “chain of errors” and it would take months to say which men and women had been to blame.

The carmaker announced that it had agreed on actions to enhance oversight of engine-software improvement to keep away from any future emissions test manipulations.

Volkswagen hoped to attain agreement with US environmental authorities in the subsequent handful of days or weeks so the organization can start off to recall affected vehicles there.

Cooperation with those authorities was described as “exceptional”.

In spite of the scandal, orders so far this year had been up by three.5 per cent and chief executive Matthias Mueller stated he was confident that buyers would get over their reluctance to get the group’s cars in the coming weeks.

VW also mentioned it was organizing to bring in a new corporate structure that would be in location across the group by early 2017.

The business was not taking into consideration the sale of any units to simplify the group structure or raise income, and was happy with having 12 brands.

But executives had been nevertheless unable to estimate the scandal’s legal expenses, for which they had so far produced no provisions.

Mr Mueller, who has not been to the United States given that becoming chief executive after the scandal broke, stated he would start off a check out to the nation right after the Detroit motor show in January.

Speaking at a news conference at VW’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Mr Mueller said he would apologise for the predicament, but added: “I never feel I will be going down on my knees there … I will appear ahead optimistically and confidently.”

Europe’s most significant carmaker launched internal and external investigations in September following admitting its deception in the United States.

Engine-improvement unit ‘remains the focus of investigations’

“No business justifies crossing legal and ethical boundaries,” Mr Poetsch stated. “Even even though we can’t stop misconduct by folks after and for all, in future it will be extremely challenging to bypass our processes.”

Mr Poetsch said the external investigation by US law firm Jones Day was generating good progress but would require time to attain conclusions.

He mentioned Volkswagen would not name any people involved on Thursday but it was most likely only a modest quantity of men and women took component in the deception.

“We are speaking right here not about a one particular-off error but a chain of errors,” he said, adding: “Primarily based on what we know nowadays, it was a quite restricted group which acted irresponsibly.”

VW’s engine-improvement unit remained the concentrate of investigations, Mr Poetsch stated.

Mr Mueller stated the crisis was an opportunity for VW to introduce long-necessary structural alter. Considering that the start of this year, the VW group’s executive board has brought in six new members, and leading management had been changed at seven of VW’s 12 brands.

He mentioned VW was functioning on a new structure to give a lot more power to its regional divisions and brands. Information would be drawn up in the 1st quarter of next year and it would be in location across the group by early 2017.

“As critical as this crisis is, it is also offering us an opportunity to drive much-need structural alter and we will use that chance,” Mr Mueller mentioned.

Up to 11 million cars worldwide have computer software installed that defeats emissions tests, and the charges to Volkswagen of fixing the cars, paying fines to environmental authorities and dealing with legal challenges are estimated in the tens of billions of euros.

Mr Mueller said it was fairly basic and affordable to repair the impacted automobiles, and he was often asked why they had not accomplished so in the very first spot. The purpose was that the technologies for the fixes was not offered when the vehicles were constructed, and the issue was not identified at the time.

“We will not allow the crisis to paralyse us,” Mr Mueller said. “Although the present situation is significant, this company will not be broken by it.”

The scandal forced out VW’s long-time chief executive and wiped 13 per cent, or 10 billion euros, off its marketplace worth.


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1st posted December 10, 2015 23:46:14

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No indication California attackers element of terror group: White Residence

Updated December 06, 2015 07:42:37

There is no indication that the shooters who killed 14 people in California are portion of a larger terrorist group, the White Residence says, even as Islamic State claimed the pair were “soldiers” of its caliphate.

A team of prime officials such as FBI director James Comey, attorney-common Loretta Lynch and secretary of homeland safety Jeh Johnson told president Barack Obama “that they had as of but uncovered no indication the killers were element of an organised group or formed part of a broader terrorist cell”.

Nevertheless the president’s group, which also incorporated other intelligence community leadership, “highlighted several pieces of information that point to the perpetrators getting radicalised to violence to commit these heinous attacks”.

The rampage in San Bernardino, which also wounded 21 people, was carried out by Syed Farook, 28, and his 29-year-old wife Tashfeen Malik.

They have been killed in a shootout with police hours soon after the attack.

The FBI stated it was operating in coordination with neighborhood authorities to pursue “any and all leads” in its investigation, the White Property stated.

The president was briefed on the newest details and directed his team to take all necessary steps to safeguard Americans, it added.

The FBI has currently announced that it is treating the investigation into the attack as an act of terrorism.

In its English-language radio broadcast on Saturday, IS stopped quick of explicitly claiming the attack but referred to the assailants as soldiers of the Khilafah (caliphate) who were “killed in the path of Allah”.

In the group’s Arabic-language radio broadcast earlier in the day, nonetheless, they referred to the attackers basically as “supporters of the Islamic State”.


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First posted December 06, 2015 07:31:57

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Secret Facebook group to name men who troll females online

Updated December 04, 2015 09:07:58

Much more than 1,one hundred ladies are arranging to tackle on-line abuse by naming and shaming “trolls” in a Twitter campaign launching nowadays.

Sydney author and columnist Kerri Sackville is sick of seeing girls, especially those in the media, maliciously threatened with rape and murder on the web, so is top the charge against guys she has labelled trolls.

Soon after reading comments feminist and writer Clementine Ford received soon after a male Meriton employee was fired for calling her a slut on the internet, Sackville was compelled to take action.

“Clementine posted about the messages [and comments] she had been sent, becoming referred to as a slut and a whore and a c*** and threatened with rape and violence,” Sackville told the ABC.

“When you abuse 1 lady you abuse all of us … I stated to my pal there has to be some thing we can do.”

Sackville was inspired by posts following the Paris attacks that killed 130 men and women, which tweeted the names of victims a single by one particular.

“It produced the victims some thing other than numbers, one thing other than statistics,” she mentioned.

She discussed with friends tweeting the names of the men who had not too long ago written abusive comments to Ford.

The notion speedily gathered traction, and right after producing a closed Facebook group “Twitter campaign — Cease Violence Against Females” on Tuesday, it had much more than 1,000 members by Friday morning.

Although the majority are females, there are some males.

Nowadays, members will launch the campaign by tweeting out names from the list of far more than 150 men, focusing on a “top ten” — which Sackville said had been verified and were the “most abusive and repeat offenders”.

The hashtag #EndViolenceAgainstWomen and a hyperlink to Ford’s post exactly where folks can see what the males have written will also be incorporated.

“We’re not slandering them, we’re not abusing them, just posting their name. [The comments are] already in public domain, it’s just taking that next step,” she stated.

Sackville mentioned the majority of trolls did not hide behind anonymity, meaning their first and final name would be shared.

“They feel they can be in the public arena without any worry or consequence or retribution and I want guys to know we are watching,” she said.

Individuals outdoors the group can participate by screen-shotting the tweets and posting themselves, Sackville said.

“There are some girls who have joined the group but they are too traumatised from previous threats of violence on-line they just do not feel robust enough to participate — but we will do it for them,” she mentioned.

‘I’m ashamed to be sincere, it shows it does silence women’

Journalist and tv personality Tracey Spicer is a member of the group and has endorsed its approach.

She mentioned ashamedly, trolls had silenced her.

“Ever given that I started writing opinion pieces … I noticed some of the vicious, hateful, scary comments that would come [on social media],” she told the ABC.

“I put up with it for years and thought it was typical till a couple of pieces I wrote got interest from the MRA — the Men’s Rights Association — in the US.

“I started to get some really terrifying stuff.”

Trolls have have threatened journalist Tracey Spicer and her family online Photo: Journalist Tracey Spicer says she has been “silenced” by trolls following they threatened her and her family members. (Supplied: Tracey Spicer)

Spicer said the group knew where she lived and what school her kids went to, threatening her on Twitter, Facebook and email.

“I spoke to a friend of mine who is really higher up in New South Wales Police and he said, ‘look, you can complain about them … but as soon as you do that it can fire them up’,” she said.

Spicer mentioned she produced the decision to be less “strident” in her viewpoints to defend her household.

“I am ashamed to be sincere, it shows it does silence ladies,” she stated.

Screenshot from Kerri Sackville's closed Facebook group Photo: Screenshot from Kerri Sackville’s closed Facebook group aiming to name and shame trolls. (Supplied: Kerri Sackville)

“That’s why I admire what Clementine Ford and Jenna Value and these ladies who get extremely hateful comments and are still speaking out.

“It is great and encouraging for all females.”

Spicer mentioned male columnists she had spoken to did encounter trolls but the harassment was not as violent or sexual.

“Girls are targeted with really sexual stuff. I was told I would be raped and my youngsters will be raped. It does speak into that actual gender power imbalance.”

Sackville echoed these comments, saying males who expressed opinions in the public domain were not attacked the exact same way.

“You get men and women like Alan Jones … who can be extremely appropriate wing and express controversial views and men and women might contact them idiots or morons … no-one particular threatens to rape them,” she said.

‘We have to impose our personal sort of order’

Sackville expects the hashtag will begin trending at speed and hopes the campaign will not only raise awareness but trigger a “cultural shift”.

“I am not kidding myself thinking there will be an finish to violence against females in general or on-line,” she said.

“But I want males and girls — there are some ladies [offenders] as well — to consider twice.

“I want them to know we are watching and we will stand together.

“When you target one particular journalist, you are targeting all of us.

“There are no checks and balances on the internet. We have to impose our own sort of order.”

Sackville wished to clarify the project is not Ford’s initiative.

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Honduras, Myanmar, Haiti best disaster list: climate group

Posted December 04, 2015 02:52:35

An aerial view shows flooding over Kalay in Myanmar's Sagaing region Photo: An aerial view shows flooding more than Kalay, upper Myanmar’s Sagaing region earlier this year. (AFP: Ye Aung Thu)

Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti leading a new list of nations hardest hit by two decades of storms, floods, landslides and droughts that killed more than half a million men and women, climate analysts say.

They warn of a lot more frequent disasters if Earth’s overheating can’t be tamed.

Scientists point to the mounting threat from storms, floods, droughts and increasing seas if mankind can not brake emissions from heat-trapping greenhouse gases, specially from fossil fuels.

A red-flag to negotiators from 195 countries attempting to broker a global climate-saving pact in Paris, the Bonn-based advocacy group Germanwatch released the 2016 Global Climate Risk Index showing those nations most affected by the direct consequences of extreme weather events.

Honduras, Myanmar and Haiti were the most afflicted by such disasters amongst 1995 and 2014, said the latest edition of the annual index.

Next had been the Philippines, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand and Guatemala.

Altogether, a lot more than 525,000 people died as a direct result of about 15,000 extreme climate events, the report said.

Losses amounted to a lot more than $ two.97 trillion, it stated.

Expanding hyperlink in between global warming and extreme weather

Cyclists watch the floods. Photo: In this file photo, Hurricane Beta brought on heavy rain as strong waves hit the beach in the northern city of La Ceiba, Honduras in 2005. (Reuters: Tomas Bravo)

The evaluation only looked at the direct outcomes of extreme weather, it stressed, whereas the indirect consequences of intense weather such as drought and famine resulting from heatwaves can be much far more deadly.

It shows only 1 piece of the puzzle and is not a extensive index of vulnerability to climate adjust, researchers stressed.

For instance, the study does not take into account sea-level rise, glacier melting or far more acidic and warmer seas.

A increasing body of research connects international warming and extreme weather, Germanwatch stated.

“The Climate Risk Index therefore indicates a level of exposure and vulnerability to intense events that countries ought to realize as a warning to be ready for more frequent and/or more severe events in the future,” the report said.

Germanwatch urged negotiators at the UN climate conference in Le Bourget on the northern outskirts of Paris to attain a universal deal to avert a climate catastrophe.

“Paris needs to deliver a far-reaching and sturdy climate regime that safeguards impacted populations,” it warned.

Hunting at 2014 alone, the Germanwatch study showed Serbia, Afghanistan and Bosnia suffered most from intense weather events.

They were followed by the Philippines, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Nepal, Burundi, Bolivia and India.

Most of the nations who created it in the prime ten for intense weather in 2014 had suffered “exceptional catastrophes”, Germanwatch mentioned.

“Over the final few years another category of nations has been gaining relevance: Nations that are recurrently impacted by catastrophes such as the Philippines and Pakistan,” it said.

Tolls from disasters are also affected by improvement approaches, such as population development in vulnerable places and protection against intense events, professionals also caution.


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Germany to join military campaign against Islamic State group in Syria

Posted December 02, 2015 00:02:45

Germany’s cabinet has authorized plans for the nation to join the military campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, a large step for the nation which has extended resisted a direct part in the conflict.

Essential points

  • Germany will join military campaign against Islamic State group in Syria, but won’t participate in air strikes
  • Choice is a massive step for the country, which has lengthy resisted a direct role in the conflict
  • David Cameron announces Residence of Commons will vote on Britain joining military action in Syria
  • Opposition MPs in Germany raise concerns about ‘combustible’ deployment

In response to an appeal from France right after the November attacks in Paris, chancellor Angela Merkel’s government agreed to send Tornado reconnaissance jets, refuelling aircraft, a frigate to protect a French aircraft carrier, and up to 1,200 soldiers to the region.

Germany will not join France, the United States, Australia and Russia in conducting air strikes in Syria, but the move is considerable provided the country’s post-war history of avoiding foreign military entanglements and voter misgivings about acquiring involved in the conflict in the Middle East.

A letter from the foreign and defence ministries said the deployment was aimed at preventing “terrorist acts” by IS and supporting France and other partners in their fight against the Islamic extremist group, which has taken big swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq.

The announcement came as British prime minister David Cameron announced that the Residence of Commons would vote on military action in Syria.

“The cabinet has accepted my recommendation to have a vote in the Commons tomorrow on military action in Syria as element of a wider technique,” Mr Cameron mentioned on Twitter.

German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen sought to reassure voters, saying that Germany had not been drawn into war against its will but taken a conscious choice to get involved.

She also created clear that there would be no cooperation between German forces and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad or his troops.

“The top line is there will be no cooperation with Assad, and no cooperation with troops below his command,” she stated, though she did not rule out including supporters of Mr Assad in a lengthy-term solution for the country.

“We should keep away from the collapse of the state of Syria.”

Opposition raises concern about ‘combustible’ deployment

The Bundestag decrease property of parliament will debate the concern on Wednesday and a vote is expected later in the week.

The motion looks set to pass offered the broad majority held by Ms Merkel’s “grand coalition” of conservatives and Social Democrats.

Lawmakers from the pacifist Left celebration have warned that the government is raising the risks of an attack on German soil by joining the mission.

They have promised to vote against it and challenge the deployment in court.

Some members of the opposition Greens also have reservations.

“This deployment is combustible and politically and militarily wrong. Showing solidarity with France can’t mean undertaking some thing that is incorrect,” Greens politician Hans-Christian Stroebele mentioned, adding he feared a lot more civilian victims.

German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a Social Democrat, told Bild everyday that patience was necessary and, pointing to the ongoing talks in Vienna, stressed that a political approach for Syria’s long-term future was vital.

“Bombs and rockets alone will not conquer terror, that will only occur although politics,” he told Bild.


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Satellite NBN will stunt future growth for west coast, business group says

By Lauren Waldhuter

Posted November 26, 2015 08:40:21

Businesses on Tasmania’s west coast are joining forces to demand the area continue to be portion of the fibre rollout for the National Broadband Network.

The local council, company and community groups vowed to mobilise the community and sector leaders to lobby the Federal Government to overturn a choice to service the region with the NBN satellite service.

Although most of Tasmania is scheduled to obtain fibre to the node, the west coast will now be serviced by the new NBN Sky Muster satellite service.

The Queenstown Company Group founder Adam Mostogl mentioned the group was distributing a petition to go to Federal Parliament, to highlight concerns about how a satellite service may possibly stunt financial growth.

Being an isolated region we need to tap into services that are presented in other places.

Adam Mostogl, Queenstown Business Group

“It won’t meet the demands and the demands of the future,” he stated.

“We want to diversify our area, we want to create new opportunities and we comprehend technologies is core portion of that.

“We do not see that the satellite connection is really going to deliver on the factors that we need.

“Getting an isolated region we require to tap into solutions that are supplied in other areas.”

The west coast area has been trying to rebuild its economy right after the Mount Lyell copper mine was mothballed final year.

NBNCo mentioned the quickest way to connect the west coast to the web was by means of satellite.

It said using a fibre connection would take years to connect and the satellite service would be three times more quickly than current ADSL solutions.

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