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Highlights of the UN climate accord

Posted December 13, 2015 08:37:54

Envoys from 195 nations have authorized a historic pact to roll back worldwide warming and shore up defences against its impacts.

What will nations be needed to do below the terms of the Paris climate accord and how will it be funded?

The challenge

The agreement identifies climate alter as “an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet”.

It notes “with concern” that countries’ current pledges to curb greenhouse-gas emissions would fail to meet targets for curbing planetary warming.

The purpose

The purpose is to hold international warming to “properly under” 2 degrees Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels, and to strive for 1.5C if feasible.

Receiving there

The globe will aim for climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions to peak “as soon as attainable”, with “speedy reductions” thereafter.

By the second half of this century, there need to be a balance between the emissions from human activity such as power production and farming, and the amount that can be captured by carbon-absorbing “sinks” such as forests or carbon storage technologies.


Created nations, which have polluted for longer, must take “the lead” by taking on absolute emissions cuts.

Building nations which still want to burn coal and oil to energy expanding populations, are encouraged to enhance their efforts and “move more than time” to cuts.

Rich countries are required to offer help for developing nations’ emissions cuts.

Tracking progress

In 2018, two years prior to the agreement enters into force, nations will take stock of the all round influence of what they are doing to rein in international warming, and revisit their carbon-curbing plans in 2020.

Some nations had submitted their 1st round of targets until 2025, and other people until 2030.

As soon as the agreement requires effect, the collective effect of countries’ efforts will be reviewed at 5-year intervals from 2023.

The outcome will inform nations in “updating and enhancing” their pledges.


Created nations will offer funding to help creating countries make the expensive shift to green energy and shore up their defences against climate modify impacts like drought and storms.

Funding should be scaled up, and the agreement says rich nations need to report each two years on their finance levels — present and intended.

Moved from the legally binding core agreement to a separate non-binding “selection section”, the document refers to the $ one hundred billion a year that rich countries had pledged to muster by 2020 as a “floor”. The amount need to be updated by 2025.

Climate harm

Low-lying island nations and poor countries most at danger from climate modify-induced sea level rise and other impacts have won recognition of the want for “averting, minimising and addressing” losses suffered.


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Australians making use of social media as ‘highlights reel’, not connection: study

Posted December 10, 2015 14:27:41

Australians are making use of social media to curate their image, rather than connect with friends and household, a new survey says.

Nonetheless, an expert says how considerably someone’s identity is “curated” varies from platform to platform.

Tumblr’s however-to-be-released Status of Social in 2015 survey looked into how Australia’s practically 13 million social media customers approached social media.

The company’s creative strategist, Max Sebela, said the survey suggested the majority of social media users preferred to use their accounts to showcase the best of their lives.

“Australians have moved away from using social media as a way to connect with their loved ones, and are increasingly using these channels as an identity construct,” Mr Sebela mentioned.

The survey found 63 per cent of respondents considered social media to be a lot more like a “highlights reel” of their lives.

Nevertheless, social media specialist Dr Tim Highfield, from the Queensland University of Technology’s digital media study centre, stated how “curated” someone’s on the internet presence was varied from platform to platform.

“[Individuals] will use Tumblr for diverse factors than they’ll use Facebook or Twitter,” he stated.

“There might be a distinction among personal and expert accounts.

“They may possibly split up their identity. It’s all them and it really is part of themselves, but you never get the full picture and the complete self from what they put on Instagram and Facebook.”

Dr Highfield stated the thought of projecting an identity was not new, but that social media was providing folks a new outlet.

“It really is what we do in basic anyway, it’s just realised in specific types by way of social media,” he stated.

Cultivating image ‘not narcissistic’

Dr Highfield stated social media was nonetheless becoming utilised to connect with loved ones and pals, and that Facebook content material was most likely the least curated since its audience was far more general.

“It has the biggest audience in common and it is more folks and much more of a mix of everyone — you might locate your parents and grandparents on there — it’s a really different audience,” he stated.

“Twitter … can also be extremely authentic, but it might be centred around a different kind of thought or interest.”

Essena O'Neill Photo: Sunshine Coast teen Essena O’Neill gained fame for claiming social media was “not genuine life”. (Insagram: @essenaoneill)

The authenticity of social media was hotly debated final month, when “Instafamous” Sunshine Coast teen Essena O’Neill deleted most of the photographs from her account and re-captioned these that remained, stating that “social media was not true life”.

In a video, Ms O’Neill — who had far more than 500,000 followers on Instagram but has because made her account private, retaining a following of more than 11,000 — stated she had “designed an image of myself that I feel other individuals feel is unattainable”.

“Lately, I’ve realised how horrible that is,” she said in a video released online.

“For a person to stick to my content material and consider, ‘I want I was you’, that is the opposite of what I want to market.”

Ms O’Neill’s motives were later questioned, with some saying the move could have been a “advertising and marketing stunt”.

Nonetheless, Dr Highfield said on the web promotion was not necessarily self-centred.

“Men and women on Instagram may get a lot of likes if they are posting about style or fitness and it can turn out to be a type of market for them,” he said.

“There is a lot of self identity and self promotion involved in all social media and it’s surely curated and cultivated, [but] I would not say it’s narcissistic.

“I’d say there’s a lot of self worth gotten out of it, but there’s also a lot of neighborhood sharing and feedback about it.”


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Abuse of Clementine Ford highlights how bullying can expense you your job

By Hayley Gleeson

Posted December 03, 2015 16:26:09

Ever considering that a man lost his job due to the fact Clementine Ford reported his on the web abuse to his employer, flame-throwers have accused her, amongst other items, of being a man-hating whore.

The respected writer and commentator was referred to as a bitch, a dumb c**t, and was told she deserved “to be gang raped by a pack of AIDS infested n*****s”.

On top of this, conservative commentators like Tim Blair accused her of hypocrisy because of her own tendency to not shy away from using powerful language.

The complete episode has been painted as one particular bold lady against a horde of angry critics.

But now hordes of other bold ladies are eager to demonstrate Ford is not alone, and that they also are angry about on the web abuse, and a lot more outing of trolls appears likely to stick to.

I am sick and tired of ladies being held responsible for the actions men decide on to take.

Writer and on-line abuse victim Clementine Ford

The events unfolded right after Michael Nolan, a supervisor at Meriton Apartments, commented on 1 of Ford’s Facebook posts with the word “slut”.

Ford later posted screenshots of Mr Nolan’s abuse to her web page, linking in Meriton Group and asking if they had been aware of their employee’s behaviour.

“There are essentially no consequences for men who behave like this, so we have to begin generating consequences for them,” Ford wrote.

On Monday, Ford shared a message she had received from Meriton Group informing her that Mr Nolan had been sacked.

What occurred to Mr Nolan is about a lot more than Ms Ford and feminism, it is about workplace conduct and the enormous shift in the requirements employers expect of their employees.

A lot more and more, abuse of any sort in a public forum is regarded unacceptable, and grounds for dismissal.

Josh Bornstein, a principal at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers in Melbourne, says that even though there is no legal obligation for employers to sack staff who engage in threatening or harassing behaviour outdoors the workplace, a lot more are increasingly prepared to do so.

“There have been numerous instances of individuals becoming sacked for their participation in social media, even when their comments are apparently unrelated to their function,” Mr Bernstein told the ABC.

“Employers are increasingly resorting to disciplinary action against personnel more than a variety of conduct outside the workplace and especially if that conduct gets public exposure.

“Employers frequently argue that such conduct could adversely effect their brand.”

Such conduct, lately labelled by the United Nations as on the web violence against ladies, could also adversely influence the girls it is targeted at.

Doing nothing at all is acquiescing. It really is handing the internet more than to the bullies and the misogynists and the rapists.

Dr Emma A Jane, Senior Analysis Fellow at the University of New South Wales

Dr Emma A Jane, a senior analysis fellow at the University of New South Wales, says there is a tendency for some individuals to downplay on the web abuse and rape threats since it is “just words” or “just the net”.

But her years of study on on the web harassment of women show it can have serious effects on women’s wellness.

“Although some of these females are in a position to shrug it off or laugh it off at least some of the time, others have suffered periods of intense depression and anxiety in the course of which they have withdrawn not only from the cybersphere but from other aspects of life as properly,” Dr Jane said.

Dr Jane, who is no stranger to online abuse herself, says Meriton Group’s selection to hold Mr Nolan to account for his actions should be applauded, and urges other employers to take a stand against gender-based harassment.

“Unfortunately, numerous numbers of other males engage in the identical behaviour on the web with impunity,” Dr Jane stated.

“I would like to see far more of these guys exposed and far more of them held to account, but this needs to take place alongside substantial institutional interventions.

“The responsibility for solving the problem of gendered cyber-hate must not lie with female targets alone,” she said.

Ms Ford says she spoke out about Mr Nolan’s abuse since she was “sick and tired” of men “obtaining away with” intimidating females online, adding that girls have been typically attacked additional for standing up for themselves.

Ms Ford claims that no matter how females respond, they just can not win.

“As well several females are harassed into silence by males who flounce about the place doing and saying whatever they like,” Ms Ford stated.

“I am sick and tired of girls being held responsible for the actions men select to take.”

Her comments echo numerous other individuals produced by girls from all sides of the political spectrum, popular faces and remain-at-house mums, baking enthusiasts and gamers, who have had adequate of feeling bullied, belittled and afraid.

And a view is growing that until a lot more workplaces and governments take a stand against men’s harassment of ladies on the internet, we need as a lot of voices like Ford’s as we can get.

As Dr Jane says: “Not everyone is going to have the strength or sources to fight this battle but those of us who do … need to have to fight.”

“Carrying out absolutely nothing is acquiescing. It’s handing the internet over the bullies and the misogynists and the rapists.”

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