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Hoverboards can catch fire, cause spinal injuries, ACCC warns

By Jonathan Hepburn

Posted December 10, 2015 18:16:53

The Australian Competition and Customer Commission (ACCC) has issued a warning more than hoverboards, saying faulty style has caused fires overseas, and that users could be injured by way of falls.

In spite of their name, hoverboards, which retail for amongst $ 200 and $ two,400 according to the ACCC, are two-wheeled electrical scooters.

Also identified as self-balancing scooters and referred to by one particular manufacturer as “hands free of charge Segways”, they are controlled by subtle shifts in the rider’s weight.

Many reports from America and Britain have detailed hoverboards catching fire although being ridden or while charging.

This week, the Chappaqua Fire Department in New York released photos of a hoverboard that caught fire although being charged, causing “considerable smoke damage to the residence”.

“Had the property owners not been property at the time, their home would have sustained important fire harm,” the department said, warning electronic devices should only be charged while someone is at home.

The ACCC stated reported fires “most most likely relate to items that would not comply with Australian electrical requirements, or to the use of a charger meant for an additional device”.

“If you are acquiring a hoverboard this Christmas, make certain that the packaging is marked with the Australian regulatory compliance symbol or RCM — a tick surrounded by a triangle,” ACCC deputy chairwoman Delia Rickard said in a press release.

“Overcharging noncompliant devices could trigger overheating of the battery and result in a fire.”

External Link: Option warns to stay away from overheating hoverboards

Ms Rickard warned owners to constantly use the approved battery charger that came with the solution, and to in no way charge a hoverboard that shows signs of harm near the battery.

Last week, Decision Australia released a warning to owners to make certain they did not overcharge the units, noting some hoverboards carried warnings about overcharging in their manuals.

Flight Security Australia, the news internet site of the Australian Civil Aviation Authority, reports airlines are reviewing their policies on carrying hoverboards.

The International Air Transport Association is recommending “operators restrict these devices to carry-on luggage,” Flight Security Australia said.

The ACCC also warned falls from hoverboards are hugely likely.

“Injuries could include fractures, sprains, cuts, bruising, spinal injuries, head injuries and concussion,” the agency stated.

The ACCC said suitable security equipment, including shoes, a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist guards, should be worn at all instances.

The legality of making use of hoverboards in public locations varies among states and territories.

Option said hoverboards have been only allowed on paths or public land in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

The ACC urged riders to verify with neighborhood site visitors authorities or police just before riding in a public spot.

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Toddler who died with antidepressants in blood had further injuries

Posted December 02, 2015 20:14:51

Jordan Thompson Photo: Jordan Thompson died with antidepressants in his blood when he was 21-months-old. (ABC News)

A toddler who died soon after ingesting a strong antidepressant also had injuries that had been not typical for a young child, a coronial inquest has heard.

Jordan Thompson was 21-months-old when he died in the unit of his mother’s companion in Singleton in the New South Wales Hunter region in 2005.

A video of Cecil Kennedy, who was caring for the boy when he died, re-enacting the scene when he identified the kid unresponsive, face-down in the bath was played at the Glebe Coroner’s Court on Wednesday.

In the recording Mr Kennedy mentioned he performed CPR and told a police officer: “His eyes have been funny. He wasn’t totally alert.

“But he was alive when I was carrying out it.”

Jordan’s mother Bernice Swales was one particular of a quantity of loved ones members in court for the very first day of a three-day coronial hearing in Sydney.

Bernice Swales Photo: Jordan Thompson’s mother Bernice Swales leaves Glebe Coroner’s Court. (ABC News)

Chris McGorey, the counsel assisting the Deputy Coroner, Magistrate Elaine Truscott, told the inquest that the boy was being looked following by Ms Swales’ companion Mr Kennedy even though she was out purchasing.

The court heard that when she arrived home, she scooped the youngster in her arms and ran to the nearby hospital exactly where he was pronounced dead.

An autopsy discovered traces of amitriptyline which is used in antidepressant drugs.

In his address to the court Chris McGorey said traces of the drug had also been discovered in the boy’s vomit from when he had been sick earlier in the day.

Three weeks later a packet of antidepressants containing amitriptylin was identified in Mr Kennedy’s wardrobe.

The court heard it was impossible to tell regardless of whether that was what killed the boy — in spite of higher levels of he substance being detected in his blood.

The inquest heard Mr Kennedy has previously denied administrating the drug to Jordan.

Professor Olaf Drummer, a forensic pharmacologist from Monash University, stated the drug was recognized to improve in concentration in the blood following death.

“It can go up many fold,” Professor Drummer stated.

“It could have been 1 tablet. It could have been far more tablets.

“Due to the fact you cannot know what the concentration was at the time of death, any estimation as to the dose the child was given could be very misleading.”

Bruising not the ‘normal knocks of a toddler’

The inquest also heard Jordan had deep internal bruising that may possibly have been the result of a blunt force injury.

Professor Timothy Lyons, from the School of Medicine at the University of Newcastle, mentioned the boy had an unusual pattern of bruises that he did not believe would “relate to the regular knocks and falls of a toddler”.

He mentioned he could not rule out drowning, and had other issues as well.

“I wouldn’t routinely anticipate to see blood in the anal opening of a kid of this age,” Professor Lyons stated.

Final month, police in the Hunter area presented a $ 100,000 reward for info about Jordan’s death.

The Deputy Coroner mentioned she was hopeful that technological advances in the final decade would unlock essential proof.

Ms Truscott told Jordan’s parents and extended family members she was of the view there was a final piece of proof to be located.

The inquest will resume on Friday.

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Blast at Japan’s Yasukuni shrine for war dead; no injuries

By YURI KAGEYAMA, Connected Press

TOKYO (AP) — An explosion Monday damaged a public restroom at a controversial shrine in Tokyo that honors Japanese war dead, with police suspecting foul play. No a single was injured.

The Yasukuni shrine, which honors 2.5 million of Japanese war dead, including executed war criminals, has been the target of criticism from China and South Korea, which suffered from Japan’s Planet War II atrocities and aggression.

Tokyo police said in a statement that they received a get in touch with about an explosion and smoke at Yasukuni. Firefighters were also referred to as to the scene and discovered the ceiling and walls of the restroom had been damaged, said an official at the Tokyo Fire Department, who spoke on condition of anonymity. But the fire was out by the time they arrived.

It was unclear what brought on the explosion. Police and fire department officials declined to elaborate.

TBS Tv news stated batteries and wirings that might be element of an explosive device were found. Police will be reviewing footage on security cameras for clues on who may be behind the explosion, TBS mentioned.

The particular person in charge of media at Yasukuni was not quickly accessible for comment.

The shrine is a focal point for lingering tensions with Japan’s neighbors over the country’s aggression before and in the course of Planet War II. Some Japanese lawmakers have insisted on creating official visits in the name of patriotism, while other lawmakers say such visits glorify Japan’s historical errors.

Emperor Akihito has not visited Yasukuni. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also avoided making official visits more than the last two years.

Whilst views on the shrine have also divided the Japanese public, it holds emotional significance for many due to the fact throughout the war soldiers promised every other they would reunite at Yasukuni if they died. Survivors and families say an additional monument elsewhere won’t do because the soldiers’ spirits go to Yasukuni.

Numerous households and tourists check out Yasukuni, and Monday was a national vacation.

The shrine has a grandiose gate, giant cherry trees, flocks of pigeons and a museum that pays homage to those who died in Japan’s wars, like kamikaze pilots.


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