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Innovation hub launched to back farming entrepreneurs

Posted December 12, 2015 06:28:20

The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) says it has tens of millions of dollars prepared to kick-begin an agricultural innovation hub to be launched by the Prime Minister nowadays.

It is element of a broad approach by the NFF to harness new technologies and big information to reduce the charges of production and boost output.

“Digital agriculture is the next wave of productivity” and could add as a lot as $ 6 billion to farm revenue more than the next four years, according to NFF chief executive Simon Talbot.

“We want pathways to recognize the best suggestions and get them to market sooner in order to stay at the cutting edge,” Mr Talbot said.

Malcolm Turnbull, together with Mr Talbot, will right now launch the NFF’s innovation hub for agricultural technologies, named ‘Sprout’, at the Elizabeth Mcarthur Agricultural Institute at Menangle, south-west of Sydney.

Mr Talbot said the tech-incubator would identify, foster and market the very best new suggestions in the meals and agribusiness arena and match innovators with like-minded Australian companies to fund and create the technologies and take them to the world.

“Believe Shark Tank,” he mentioned, referring to Channel Ten’s reality Television show linking budding entrepreneurs with titans of market.

The NFF, he said, had worked with accountancy and economic suggestions firm Crowe Horwath to type an professional panel to assess projects, and currently had capital partners.

“We’re speaking about tens of millions of dollars offered,” Mr Talbot stated.

The hub is looking at numerous models of financing, like crowd-funding, investors purchasing shares in an emerging incubator-tested business, or through very low-interest loans.

“We’ve got sufficient capital to prime the pump and get the 1st 10 projects through, and then it’s a virtuous cycle.”

The first round of applications for Sprout will open early subsequent year.

“One point I am determined to solve is the aggravation of young agribusiness professionals obtaining to leave Australia to go to the US, Israel or Europe to test or trial new suggestions,” Mr Talbot said.

“We require to hold entrepreneurs in Australia and we want 10 occasions the entrepreneurs we have in agriculture.”

Ag-entrepreneur forced to uncover start-up funds in US

Young man seated at picnic bench Photo: Mr Pattison moved to the US to get start-up funding for his on the web produce sales business. (Supplied)

When young Victorian farmer William Pattison wanted to start up a website selling farmers’ generate direct to customers, no-a single in Australia would train him or back the project.

Last year he was forced to travel to the US state of Iowa, exactly where the Iowa Begin-up Accelerator provided him $ 20,000 and enterprise coaching in return for a 6 per cent stake in his business.

He launched Generate Run in the US, with 30,000 US tiny and organic farmers on the books.

He stated direct net sales were significant disruptors to conventional marketing and advertising channels with supermarkets, that could see farmers get double the funds for their product.

“We applied to the AngelCube Accelerator in Melbourne but did not get in, it wasn’t what their portfolio was seeking for,” Mr Pattison said.

“We could naturally see customer demand, and we looked for seed capital and a strategic capital and identified that overseas in Iowa.”

Massive information and farmers

The NFF is also unveiling its Digital Agriculture Service, established in collaboration with company and technology management consultancy Accenture.

It aims to collate, correlate and interpret the vast quantity of information becoming collected by and about agricultural companies, and provide farmers with new tools to enhance their choice producing and productivity.

“Presently it really is too tough for farmers to join all the dots,” Accenture managing director Anthony Willmott stated.

Becoming capable to link information about soil moisture, pasture growth, cattle genetics and herd rotation so that animals can be sold at the optimum time, he mentioned, could earn a farmer another $ 80 a head.

“By generating a service by farmers, for farmers, the NFF and Accenture will avoid the scenario playing out overseas exactly where farmers are locked into a specific service provider,” Mr Talbot stated.

“The NFF will ensure farmers’ data is securely held for their advantage, rather than the advantage of a third celebration.”

Late subsequent year the NFF aims to launch a publicly accessible service for the cotton sector.

The national farming body has also redesigned its on the internet platform in a bid to a lot more successfully connect producers, agribusiness experts and customers.

Mr Talbot conceded that numerous of the NFF’s initiatives needed reliable net connectivity — something not available in numerous components of regional Australia.

“That adjustments in March to April next year,” he stated.

“We’ve been operating with the NBN to make sure satellites are powerful in delivering a digital answer to farmers.

“We are also operating with Vodafone on on-farm options and on narrow-band networks to have on-farm wi-fi connectivity up to a 15km radius.”

Mr Talbot said this time next year Australian agriculture would be “digitally lit up”.

“We require to be certain we are prepared to educate, supply data and analytical abilities and the systems and tools necessary to turn out to be much better farmers.

“We are adopting a equivalent model to Israeli agriculture which had a 15 per cent productivity uplift in four years.

“If we attain that in Australia we are speaking $ 5 to $ six billion of potential new revenue to Australian farmers.”

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Innovation program a step in correct path for women

By Erin Stewart

Posted December 08, 2015 18:15:09

1 part of the Turnbull Government’s “ideas boom” innovation package that has gone largely overlooked is the reality it might help enhance the quantity of females functioning in the traditionally blokey fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and may possibly even help shrink the gender pay gap.

At the quite least, the proposed initiatives are a step in the appropriate path for ladies.

As component of its $ 1 billion innovation plan announced on Monday, the Government plans to invest $ 13 million more than 5 years to encourage females to choose and keep in STEM fields, begin-ups and entrepreneurial firms — an investment it says will assist address pay inequality.

“Obtaining more ladies into STEM research and careers will support increase their participation in the perform force and lessen the gender spend gap,” a Division of Business, Innovation and Science spokesperson told the ABC.

Kicking off in July 2016, element of the program’s focus will be on providing girls equal possibilities to pursue STEM-primarily based careers in the analysis sector, organization and market.

“Increasing the number of female graduates with STEM expertise indicates rising the variety of employment possibilities for women, from the investigation sector to setting up as an entrepreneur,” the spokesperson mentioned.

[The Government] have understood that this adjust requirements to happen to accomplish the vision of an revolutionary Australia. Right after all, this is not just an issue for ladies, it really is an issue for the complete of society and science.

Professor Nalini Joshi, Co-chair of SAGE

One more of the proposed initiatives already underway is the expansion of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot program, which assesses the perform of higher education and investigation institutions in promoting gender equality.

A related program, the Athena SWAN Charter, has been enormously successful in the UK.

Amongst its launch in 2005 and 2011, nearly half of eligible organisations signed the charter. Where it was implemented, the charter spawned significant cultural adjust inside organisations, and enhanced the proportion of ladies operating in STEM disciplines, as effectively as the number of ladies on committees.

Professor Nalini Joshi, co-chair of SAGE, says the main situation in Australia is the lack of women in between entry and senior levels in STEM fields.

While undergraduate applications have roughly equal numbers of males and women, only 17 per cent of senior academic positions are held by girls.

“I was the very first female professor of mathematics ever appointed to the University of Sydney in its 150-year-extended history,” Professor Joshi told the ABC.

“Changing this predicament is about neighborhood actions at all levels.”

Certainly, academia is rife with quick-term contracts, reduce-throat competitors for positions, and the need to have for employees to relocate. Gaps in CVs for time out — to have a baby, for example — are frowned upon.

The lack of job safety and flexibility in the business affects all scientists but, according to SAGE Forum study, affects females disproportionately, specifically if they have loved ones and caring responsibilities that render the demands of academia intolerable.

Nonetheless, Professor Joshi is confident the funding increase will help SAGE reshape the culture in investigation organisations.

“SAGE is the only plan that asks for reflection by the organisation by means of a nuanced analysis of local factors,” she stated.

“I feel it will have the best chance at altering the culture, which leads to the loss of so numerous talented ladies from science.

“[The Government] have understood that this change requirements to come about to attain the vision of an innovative Australia. Following all, this is not just an problem for women, it is an concern for the complete of society and science.”

Obtaining a lot more girls into STEM fields essential

Any market that relies on innovation rewards significantly from men and women who can bring distinct perspectives or look at difficulties in new methods.

A lab or workplace filled only with males misses out on the prospective insights of the other half of the population.

And, as STEM fields are charged with imagining the future for all of humanity — providing us new gadgets, new options to large troubles, and designing the landscapes of both Earth and space — it is crucial ladies get a say in what that planet looks like.

Researchers say the gender imbalance in STEM fields must be addressed in the classroom. Photo: Researchers say the gender imbalance in STEM fields must be addressed in the classroom. (ABC News)

The difficulty begins early

Researchers insist the gender imbalance in STEM fields need to be addressed where it begins.

At a college level, girls tend to be hugely interested in STEM subjects. The US-primarily based National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) found female higher college students are just as probably as their male counterparts to take sophisticated maths courses, and only slightly much less most likely to take physics classes.

Despite their interest, even so, girls come up against far more hurdles in the classroom.

A recent OECD study located girls lack self-confidence in their mathematical capability, and that performance could be boosted merely by means of altering attitudes.

Each students and teachers need to stop believing the stereotype that girls are not excellent at maths, and reject the stereotype that computer scientists are socially awkward young males who are naturally gifted (and haven’t worked tough for their success).

Issues only get worse at the tertiary level. While women earn a lot more than half of bachelor’s degrees in Australia, only a single in four IT graduates, and fewer than a single in ten engineering graduates, are females.

As the adage goes, ‘you cannot be what you can’t see’.

A step in the right direction

Which is why the slated expansion of the Male Champions of Change System — which identifies guys and ladies in leadership roles who can drive the cultural alter required to obtain gender equity — and other initiatives that celebrate female part models in STEM are so important.

Adjust, in this instance, have to come from the best. As Professor Joshi points out: “There are some actions that only government can do.”

While the Government’s investment in ladies and girls will function to address some of the barriers to gender equality in STEM fields, it does not target the deeper troubles of extended-term funding, nor does it necessarily imbue girls with the self-assurance and help they want to feel as even though STEM is ‘for them’. We need to have a wider reimagining within the Australian neighborhood of what girls are capable of.

It is, nevertheless, a step in the proper direction.

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Innovation statement’s new tax incentives welcomed by commence-ups

Posted December 07, 2015 19:38:ten

Australia’s growing video game sector is hoping tiny start-up studios will advantage from the innovation statement released by the Federal Government.

Many in the market said until now, a lack of investment had hampered what could be a lucrative export business.

Around the planet, the interactive gaming sector is worth $ 77 billion.

Australia’s market accounts for about three per cent of that trade, with retail and on the internet sales of video games amounting to about $ two.four billion last year.

Ben Lee, who employs a group of 14 men and women at his Sydney game development enterprise, mentioned new tax incentives to encourage private investment in start-ups would be welcomed by a lot of fledgling gaming studios.

“Much more and more folks are playing games simply because game development has matured,” Mr Lee said.

It is all about coming up with various technologies which then assists us make bigger and far better products. Innovation is a single of our biggest strengths right here.

Ben Lee, Sydney game developer

When Mr Lee started his business five years ago, he and his organization companion struggled to get private investment so they relied on loans from relatives.

“We type of bootstrapped ourselves, and utilized our personal savings to start off up,” he stated.

“Traditionally investors do not see the game business as a spot to invest a lot of cash.

“We’re very independent, we do not have any funding.”

Mr Lee’s studio makes mobile, console and Pc games and has partnered with Microsoft, Google and virtual reality headset maker Oculus.

The Government has announced it will draft relaxed insolvency laws, and Mr Lee stated numerous start-ups would cheer that move.

“To make confident that game developers in Australia will have the complete time to create a globe-class product,” he mentioned.

Mr Lee stated his firm was innovating by moving into virtual reality games.

“It’s all about coming up with diverse technology which then assists us make bigger and much better products. Innovation is one particular of our largest strengths right here,” he mentioned.

Access to capital ‘number one problem stopping innovation’

Professor Andy Dong, the Warren Centre chair for engineering innovation at the University of Sydney, encourages his students to become innovators and to experiment in industries which are just acquiring off the ground.

“One particular of the most interesting questions we get from students is, ‘where will I work when I finish my degree?'” Professor Dong said.

“What I inform them is you ought to be involved in starting those industries that you believe you’ll be operating in.”

Professor Andy Dong, Sydney University Photo: Professor Andy Dong encourages his students to become innovators. (ABC News: Bridget Brennan)

But Professor Dong said young Australian innovators would find that raising capital their crucial challenge.

“They need to have to have a number of policy leaders that permit these particular businesses access to capital,” he said.

“Now this is particularly for the start off-ups, in the pure 20s — 2006 to 2011 — commence-up businesses were accountable for the generation of about 1.44 million jobs versus 400,000 in job loss from other industries.

“Now that’s a really important number, but what it does mean regrettably is that we require to be capable to be confident that we are resourcing these start-up organizations adequately to make sure that they have the financing that is necessary for them to scale up, to be able to address troubles not only both at a national scale in Australia but internationally.”

While Professor Andy Dong is optimistic about Australia’s future, he suspects the Government will uncover it challenging to get enough workers to drive its new innovation economy.

“There is a international competition for talent in this particular area,” he mentioned.

“So I feel it is great that we are making the visa category that will assist begin-ups right here to attract folks who would like to come to Australia to work and bring that.

“But as properly at the same time, it is absolutely crucial that we invest in our own students coming via to make certain that we will usually have a steady pipeline of students with [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] capabilities.”

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How Australia ranks on innovation, in one chart

Posted December 07, 2015 18:25:28

Map: Australia

Australia is ranked as the 17th most innovative nation in the world, according to the Global Innovation Index — but that overall result hides poor performances in some important areas.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced his Government will spend almost $ 1.1 billion to promote business-based research, development and innovation.

Australia’s ranking of 17th is made up of many different indicators. On some Australia performs extremely well compared to other countries but on others it performs poorly.

For instance, although Australia is ranked number one in the world for how many years kids typically spend at school, it’s a lowly 77th based on how many people are graduating from science and engineering degrees. On that measure, the data puts Australia below Azerbaijan, Mongolia and Guatemala.

The following chart shows Australia’s global ranking on each metric that makes up its innovation ranking — and which ones the report identifies as strengths and weaknesses for Australia.

Each number represents Australia’s ranking out of the 141 countries included in the index.

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Evaluation: Turnbull sets out his stall as innovation PM

Updated December 07, 2015 13:05:22

Associated Story: Turnbull unveils $ 1b vision for ‘modern, dynamic’ Australia
Map: Australia

The $ 1 billion innovation statement is emblematic of how Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants his Government to be defined.

It is meant to be study as embracing threat, future-focused, organization-oriented, optimistic, and to use 1 Malcolm Turnbull’s favourite words, “agile”.

It is also meant to be a break with the austere Abbott era, but it does have a natty slogan “Welcome to the ideas boom”.

It opens with the Prime Minister’s favourite phrase: “There has by no means been a much more fascinating time to be Australian.”

The package combines tax incentives, funding injections, fine words and rebadging and reallocating money.

The initiatives have been broken down into four headings: Culture and Capital Collaboration: Talent and Skill and utilizing Government as an Exemplar.

Culture and Capital

The Government says about four,500 start-ups miss out on equity finance each and every year. It will attempt and alter that through tax breaks and incentives such as providing early stage investors a 20 per cent non-refundable tax offset primarily based on the quantity of their investment, as nicely as a capital gains tax exemption.

There will be a ten per cent non-refundable tax offset for capital invested in early stage venture capital restricted partnerships. The cap on committed capital will be lifted from $ one hundred million to $ 200 million.

There will be a relaxation of the laws on claiming losses if a organization adjustments company activities.

Deductions on some intangible assets (like patents) will be depreciated over a legislated timeframe, rather than more than the economic life of the asset.

The bankruptcy laws will be reformed to encourage, reasonable, risk with the default bankruptcy period reduced from 3 years to one.

A “safe harbour” will be designed for directors to limit private liability for insolvent trading

There will be a ban on contractual clauses that allow an agreement to be terminated solely due to insolvency if a organization is being restructured.

A new $ 200m CSIRO Innovation Fund will be established, as will a $ 250m Biomedical Translation Fund


This aims to get the very best and brightest in enterprise and research functioning with each other

There is now decade-long funding certainty for world class study infrastructure such as the Australian Synchrotron.

Analysis grant funding will be streamlined and refocused on collaboration.

The Research Connections system will be rebranded and relaunched as Innovation Connections.

Australia will enhance its links with important economies to allow Australians to have “landing pads” in areas like Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, Israel.

There is also a lot more funding for Australian collaborations with international analysis industry clusters, like these in Germany.

The Government will establish a Cyber Safety Development Centre, and invest $ 26m in quantum computing.

Talent and Skill

The Government says Australians have to have the skills to get higher-wage, high productivity jobs.

To that finish there is $ 51m for coding applications for years five to 7, skilling teachers and targeting STEM (science, technologies, engineering and maths) programs.

There will be $ 13 million to support higher participation of girls and women in analysis and STEM industries.

There will be $ 48m invested in encouraging students to participate in science and maths.

A new Entrepreneurs Visa will be introduced, encouraging the world’s talented to move to Australia.

Government as an Exemplar

The Government says it wants to adjust the way it does organization by obtaining a single physique accountable for the extended-term direction of its innovation program, by way of a new statutory board badged as Innovation and Science Australia.

The $ 5 billion the Government spends every single year on info and communications technology will be created more accessible for modest and medium enterprise by enhancing the Digital Transformation Office’s solutions and setting up a Digital Marketplace.

The way Federal Government procurement functions will be changed, with tiny and medium enterprises challenged to offer you solutions rather than respond to tenders.

The Government will also introduce measures to make far better use of the vast array of public data.

New investment comes after deep spending budget cuts

The tax alterations will, no doubt, draw a lot of interest but the new investment is not quite what it may look at initial blush

On science and technology this package only just starts to undo the cuts inflicted by the Coalition’s 2014-15 price range. Then the Government reduce $ 147 billion from three agencies, with the CSIRO alone losing $ 111 million. That was on best of the two per cent efficiency dividend.

In 2014 another $ 200 million was reduce from the Defence Science and Technologies Organisation ($ 120m) and the Cooperative Investigation Centres ($ 80m).

It led the Parliamentary Library to conclude that after the 2014-15 spending budget, Government funding for study and improvement matched historic lows when measured against 37 years of budgets.

External Hyperlink: Document cloud, parliamentary report

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First posted December 07, 2015 13:04:13

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Turnbull to unveil 20 measures to foster innovation

Posted December 07, 2015 06:02:29

In his 1st significant financial statement as Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull will right now announce 20 measures to foster higher innovation, across 11 various government portfolios.

The Government will unveil plans in the locations of tax, research infrastructure, and education in the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths – in a bid to “kick start an innovation culture”.

The ABC has been told there will be “substantial spending” as component of the innovation statement.

It will be detailed by Mr Turnbull and Innovation and Science Minister Christopher Pyne at the CSIRO in Canberra at 12:30pm (AEDT).

Considering that taking more than as Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull has vowed to place innovation at the heart of his Government’s agenda, especially in the places of climate adjust and escalating productivity and economic development.

Labor sought to get on the front-foot on Friday, announcing its personal suite of 20 measures to encourage innovation, specifically in regional Australia.

“We’ll wait with bated breath, like many folks are, to see if the innovation statement lives up to all the hype,” mentioned Ed Husic, Labor’s spokesman on digital innovation and start off-ups.

He pointed out that the CSIRO, the place for today’s announcement, has had to cut 140 jobs as a outcome of budget cuts by the Coalition Government.

Millions of dollars have also been reduce from other national science and analysis institutions, such as Cooperative Analysis Centres, the Research Instruction Scheme, Geoscience Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology.

“As considerably as we welcome the fact that the Government is generating this innovation statement, it truly is crucial for them to spell out all the damage triggered by the cuts,” Mr Husic said.

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Begin-ups share their want lists ahead of Innovation Statement

Posted December 02, 2015 21:50:48

Related Story: Opinion: Australia needs an innovation ‘skunkworks’
Map: Australia

The Turnbull Government has been urged to make bold reforms in order to invigorate the nation’s commence-up and innovation sectors.

Subsequent week, the Government will release its hugely anticipated Innovation Statement.

The document aims to overhaul Australia’s innovation ecosystem, covering science and investigation, financing, government procurement, commercialisation and talent.

Ahead of the release of the statement on Monday, 7.30 spoke to important players in the tech start off-up industry about what they consider is necessary.

It is one thing that can allow these early stage tips to get some community assistance.

Mark Tanner from Qwilr

Qwilr is a start off-up organization based in Sydney, founded by former Google employee Mark Tanner.

It makes it possible for users to turn classic documents such as quotes, pitches, and resumes into interactive webpages.

Mr Tanner mentioned there have been many techniques the Government could encourage this sector.

  • Permit superannuation funds to invest in commence-up organizations

“It’s incredible that we have this 2-trillion-dollar pool of capital … but it is very tough for that pool of capital to be invested in commence-ups or venture capital firms,” Mr Tanner stated.

“Normally speaking, the way that super has been legislated is that it has to have robust liquidity specifications and sturdy reporting needs.

“Now this is tough with a start-up … [but] there is a few issues that can be accomplished to make it a tiny bit far more lenient and easier to allow some per cent, and certainly you would not encourage a excellent per cent, but some per cent of that 2 trillion dollars to be invested in the local scene.”

  • Simplify the current Study & Development tax offset

“The R&D Grant is a superb point. The only thing inside that space is that it is extremely complicated,” Mr Tanner stated.

“Invariably you have to employ an outdoors accounting firm to help you with this process who can take $ five,000, $ ten,000, $ 20,000 for the process of just handling the application.

“Creating that method simpler, more straightforward and a little bit a lot more geared towards technologies begin-ups … would be a quite strong issue.”

  • Unwind equity crowdfunding regulation

“It really is anything that can allow these early stage ideas to get some community support, get that early small bit of cash that enables them to quit their job, start working on it complete time and try to make it a appropriate organization.”

The more income that goes into tech, the more VCs, the more start-ups there are going to be.

James MacGregor from Biteable

Biteable is a start-up technologies organization based in Hobart that was founded by 3 buddies.

It enables customers to generate straightforward videos on the web.

Chief executive James MacGregor stated the solution had 90,000 users across the globe.

  • Attract a lot more Venture Capital (VC) into Australia

“In Australia there’s a handful of VCs. There’s probably only realistically 3 or 4 that truly invest at the seed stage, which is the stage we’re at so it makes your possibilities quite restricted,” Mr MacGregor mentioned.

“Whereas in the US, there is hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of VCs that invest in actually early high-danger seed stage investments.

“The a lot more money that goes into tech, the far more VCs, the much more begin-ups there are going to be.”

  • Tax incentives and matched funding from government for start off-up organizations

“The core in Australia compared to Silicon Valley, is there just is not that much investment around.”

“That is a big hole and as soon as that’s fixed, it really is genuinely going to assist the sector.”

We do need to upskill, enhance our talent, and what is truly needed, is to ensure our start-ups are getting international from day 1.

Serafina Maiorano from Advance

Advance is a non-profit organisation that represents the 1 million Australians living overseas.

New York-primarily based chief executive, Serafina Maiorano, met with the Business Minister Christopher Pyne to urge him to contain a diaspora technique in the innovation statement.

  • Harness successful Australian talent overseas

“What Advance represents is an amazing global network of folks who are actually punching above their weight across each and every sector that we want to excel in, and they want to give back,” Ms Maiorano stated.

“It genuinely is a sensible grid of expertise. What’s critical is we locate a way to bring that ability set back to mentor young Australians and begin-ups”.

  • Connect Australian commence-ups with opportunities overseas

“We do require to upskill, boost our talent, and what is truly necessary is to ensure our start-ups are getting worldwide from day one, the marketplace is international. And to do that you require access to talent, you need to have access to capital, you want access to expertise and technologies.”

Exactly where we lack a concentrate is then taking those ideas and commercialising, creating a prototype and item.

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin from Blue Chilli

Blue Chilli is a start-up incubator in Sydney.

Founder Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin mentioned he received about 200 pitches from would-be begin-up organizations each and every month.

He invests in some and offers workplace space and expertise as they launch their firms.

He aims to build a billion-dollar start off-up portfolio by 2020.

In 4 years, Blue Chilli has built 70 commence-ups with a combined worth of $ 200 million.

  • Increase the commercialisation of new ideas

“We’re extremely good in this country at coming up with concepts. We have some of the greatest inventors in the planet. Our universities are very, very strong,” Mr Eckersley-Maslin stated.

“Where we lack a concentrate is then taking those concepts and commercialising, developing a prototype and item which is where 95 per cent of all tiny organizations fail.

“There is different reasons for that. One of them is a lack of risk capital, another is a lack of infrastructure to support those ideas, and that is exactly where the Government has a function to play to encourage that level of activity”.

  • Provide matched funding by means of commence-up incubators

“Firms like Blue Chilli exist to help entrepreneurs with concepts create the 1st 1 or two versions of these ideas and commercialise them in a threat-mitigated way.”

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