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French teacher attacked with box cutter by man claiming Islamic State hyperlink

Posted December 14, 2015 21:52:05

Paris nursery school Photo: A police officer in front of the Jean-Perrin nursery school in Aubervilliers, exactly where the teacher was attacked. (AFP: Jacques Demarthon)

A teacher has been attacked in a Paris suburb by a man wielding a box cutter and scissors who cited the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group, sources in the police and prosecutor’s workplace say.

The teacher was stabbed in the side and throat whilst preparing for his class at a school in Aubervilliers, north-east of Paris, but his life was not in danger, the police supply stated.

The attacker was dressed in painter’s overalls and a balaclava and arrived with no a weapon, but grabbed what appeared to be a box cutter that was lying in the classroom.

Neighborhood prosecutors mentioned the man shouted: “this is Daesh. This is a warning”. Daesh is one more name for IS.

The brief exchange was reported by a witness functioning inside the school.

The attacker fled following stabbing the teacher and the probe has been taken over by anti-terrorist investigators.

The Islamic State’s French-language magazine Dar-al-Islam called in its November edition for its followers to kill teachers in the French education program, describing them as “enemies of Allah” for teaching secularism and “in open war against the Muslim loved ones”.

The attack comes as Paris is on high alert soon after a wave of shootings and suicide bombings at Paris nightspots on November 13 that killed 130 folks and left 350 injured.

Safety has also been boosted at schools.


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Canada to withdraw jets fighting Islamic State ‘within weeks’

Posted December 08, 2015 11:40:59

Canada’s new Liberal government will act inside weeks to fulfil a campaign promise to withdraw six fighter jets that have been attacking Islamic State (IS) positions in Iraq and Syria, the foreign ministry says.

The Liberals, who took energy final month, say Canada can contribute more efficiently to the US-led campaign against the militants by assigning much more troops to train Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq.

“It is a matter of weeks, not months,” foreign minister Stephane Dion told reporters when asked when the jets would be pulled out.

Mr Dion’s comments have been the most distinct so far from a cabinet member about when the planes would return residence.

“We’re carrying out two per cent of the air strikes. We’re going to do something more effective for the coalition,” he mentioned.

Diplomatic sources say the United States, France and Britain have privately expressed their unease about Canada’s pledge on the grounds it could undermine the effort to contain the IS group.

The Liberals of prime minister Justin Trudeau took workplace following defeating the Conservatives, who took the choice to send the jets and trainers to the Middle East.

In Parliament on Monday, the Conservatives noted that when US president Barack Obama on Sunday cited close allies who had been taking element in the operations against Islamic State, he had not described Canada.

“Why is the prime minister stepping back from the fight when our allies are stepping up?” asked interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose.

Mr Trudeau replied that he had “engaged with our allies on these problems, and they reassured me that we are continuing to be beneficial”.


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Yemen’s Aden governor killed in auto bombing claimed by Islamic State

Posted December 07, 2015 01:44:42

The convoy carrying governor Jaafar Mohammed Saad Photo: Governor Jaafar Mohammed Saad was killed when a suicide bomber rammed his auto into the governor’s convoy. (Reuters: Nasser Awad)

The governor of Aden has been killed by a car bomb in Yemen’s southern port city, in an attack that Islamic State claimed responsibility for.

A regional official and residents stated at least six members of basic Jaafar Mohammed Saad’s entourage also died in the attack, which targeted the governor on his way to function. Several other individuals had been wounded.

The attack came in the Tawahi district of Aden, exactly where president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has returned to oversee a war against Iran-allied Houthis.

Islamic State, in a statement posted on a messaging service, mentioned it detonated a car laden with explosives as Mr Saad’s convoy passed by.

The group promised much more operations against “the heads of apostasy in Yemen”.

The group also posted what it said have been photos of the booby-trapped automobile as a white van carrying Mr Saad drove previous, then two other images of a massive ball of fire which it mentioned had been taken as the bomb exploded.

A nearby official and residents stated earlier on Sunday a suicide bomber rammed his automobile into the governor’s vehicle.

IS a lot more active considering that the start of Yemen’s civil war

Islamic State’s neighborhood branch stepped up operations considering that the outbreak of civil war in Yemen, emerging as a forceful rival to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the principal militant group in the country in current years.

Spectacular attacks have been launched on security bases and on mosques run by Houthi forces who control the capital, Sana’a.

The Houthis, who comply with the Zaydi branch of Shiite Islam, have been fighting a coalition of mostly Gulf Arab forces, which began air strikes against them in March.

“Foot-dragging in implementing security measures paves the way for hardliners to carry out such attacks,” nearby activist Ashraf Ali Mahmoud mentioned.

Sunday’s explosion could be heard about 10 kilometres away, residents said. Images posted by local news websites showed a car in flames with a plume of smoke rising from it.

The victims were taken to the Jumhouriya Hospital, the primary state medical facility in Aden which Mr Saad had re-opened in a ceremony two days earlier.

Medics said the physique of Mr Saad and the other folks who were killed were burned beyond recognition.

Safety had been a primary concern for Mr Hadi and his Arab allies given that he returned to Aden last month to oversee an offensive by his forces and Arab allies to drive the Houthis from the strategic city of Taiz.

In October, the government of prime minister Khaled Bahah was forced to relocate to Saudi Arabia soon after four coordinated suicide bombings by Islamic State killed at least 15 people, which includes 4 Emirati soldiers.

Mr Saad had been a common in the army of the former southern Yemen ahead of the Marxist state merged with northern Yemen in 1990. He was appointed governor in October.

Local officials said Mr Saad, who fought in the 1994 civil war for southern forces against the northerners, had lived in exile in Egypt and Britain prior to he returned earlier this year at Mr Hadi’s request.

In a separate incident, residents said a field commander of a nearby militia group that had helped drive the Houthis out of Aden in July was shot and killed by unknown assailants in the west of the city on Sunday.

It was not instantly clear if that attack was linked to Islamists or if it was a outcome of the general lawlessness gripping Aden.

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French Muslim stares down Islamic State to declare jihad

Updated December 03, 2015 01:55:54

A French Muslim who designed headlines when he went on national tv in France to declare jihad on Islamic State (IS) extremists says he is not deterred by the death threats he has received considering that.

In the wake of the Paris attacks, Mohammed Chirani, a specialist in religious radicalisation, delivered an impassioned speech telling IS that Allah would not protect them.

“Know that our dead, the innocent French citizens, are in paradise,” he stated.

“And your dead, the terrorists, are in hell.”

Holding up a copy of the Koran and his French passport, he mentioned he would use both to wage jihad against the extremists.

“I’d like to say we’ll wage jihad against you with the Koran,” he said.

“I’d like to inform the traitors who deceived France, betrayed their nation and burned their IDs, that we are kissing our documents.”

His address received national acclaim in France, but he also received death threats from Islamic State.

Mr Chirani told Lateline that he was not worried

“I think in God. Till I obtain my destiny I will not leave this life I am positive of that,” he said.

“I lived in Nigeria throughout the civil war from nine to 19 and I was ready all my life for this confrontation against fanatics.

“So I am not shocked and I am ready.”

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First posted December 03, 2015 00:13:41

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US to deploy unique force to expand fight against Islamic State

Posted December 02, 2015 05:53:09

The United States says it will deploy a new force of specific operations troops to Iraq that will be capable to conduct raids, free of charge hostages, capture Islamic State leaders and carry out “unilateral operations” in Syria.

Key points

  • US defence secretary announces plan to deploy new expeditionary group to Iraq
  • Troops would be utilized to conduct raids against Islamic State leaders and carry out ‘unilateral operations’ in Syria
  • Force to be deployed in Iraq, official says
  • US ‘eager’ to do far more to help nearby forces combat the Islamic State group

US defence secretary Ash Carter offered couple of particulars on the new expeditionary group.

It is separate from a previously announced deployment of up to 50 US unique operations troops in Syria to coordinate on the ground with US-backed rebels fighting in a civil war raging given that 2011.

Mr Carter said the new force would be bigger than the a single getting sent into Syria, but did not specify how many troops it would include.

The Pentagon chief said the new deployment of this “specialised expeditionary targeting force” was being carried out in coordination with the government of Iraq and would help Iraqi government security forces and Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

“These unique operators will over time be able to conduct raids, cost-free hostages, gather intelligence, and capture ISIL leaders,” Mr Carter told the US Property of Representatives Armed Solutions Committee, utilizing an acronym for Islamic State.

“This force will also be in a position to conduct unilateral operations into Syria.”

A US defence official, speaking on situation of anonymity, stated the new force would be primarily based in Iraq.

US president Barack Obama is under stress to accelerate a US-led coalition’s efforts to combat Islamic State, in distinct following the November 13 Paris attacks that killed 130 folks.

Mr Obama has been reluctant to commit large numbers of American ground troops, instead deploying restricted numbers of advisors and elite forces.

Ash Carter testifies before House Armed Services Committee Photo: US defence secretary Ash Carter (L) stated the force would be capable to carry out “unilateral operations” in Syria. (Reuters: Gary Cameron)

Critics, including Republicans in Congress, accuse Mr Obama of moving also slowly against Islamic State, which controls large swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria and claimed duty for the Paris attacks.

The leading US military officer, Marine Corps Basic Joseph Dunford, mentioned the new elite force would significantly accelerate the collection of intelligence, which “will make our operations significantly more successful”.

“We’re fighting a campaign across Iraq and Syria so we’re going to go where the enemy is, and we’re going to conduct operations exactly where they most effectively degrade the capabilities of the enemy,” General Dunford testified.

Mr Carter stated all coalition members should do far more. He cited gaps along the Turkish-Syrian border that Islamic State makes use of to smuggle goods and fighters to and from the battlefield.

“Turkey have to do more to handle its typically-porous border,” he stated.

“Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states joined the air campaign in the early days, but have because been pre-occupied by the conflict in Yemen.”


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Germany to join military campaign against Islamic State group in Syria

Posted December 02, 2015 00:02:45

Germany’s cabinet has authorized plans for the nation to join the military campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, a large step for the nation which has extended resisted a direct part in the conflict.

Essential points

  • Germany will join military campaign against Islamic State group in Syria, but won’t participate in air strikes
  • Choice is a massive step for the country, which has lengthy resisted a direct role in the conflict
  • David Cameron announces Residence of Commons will vote on Britain joining military action in Syria
  • Opposition MPs in Germany raise concerns about ‘combustible’ deployment

In response to an appeal from France right after the November attacks in Paris, chancellor Angela Merkel’s government agreed to send Tornado reconnaissance jets, refuelling aircraft, a frigate to protect a French aircraft carrier, and up to 1,200 soldiers to the region.

Germany will not join France, the United States, Australia and Russia in conducting air strikes in Syria, but the move is considerable provided the country’s post-war history of avoiding foreign military entanglements and voter misgivings about acquiring involved in the conflict in the Middle East.

A letter from the foreign and defence ministries said the deployment was aimed at preventing “terrorist acts” by IS and supporting France and other partners in their fight against the Islamic extremist group, which has taken big swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq.

The announcement came as British prime minister David Cameron announced that the Residence of Commons would vote on military action in Syria.

“The cabinet has accepted my recommendation to have a vote in the Commons tomorrow on military action in Syria as element of a wider technique,” Mr Cameron mentioned on Twitter.

German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen sought to reassure voters, saying that Germany had not been drawn into war against its will but taken a conscious choice to get involved.

She also created clear that there would be no cooperation between German forces and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad or his troops.

“The top line is there will be no cooperation with Assad, and no cooperation with troops below his command,” she stated, though she did not rule out including supporters of Mr Assad in a lengthy-term solution for the country.

“We should keep away from the collapse of the state of Syria.”

Opposition raises concern about ‘combustible’ deployment

The Bundestag decrease property of parliament will debate the concern on Wednesday and a vote is expected later in the week.

The motion looks set to pass offered the broad majority held by Ms Merkel’s “grand coalition” of conservatives and Social Democrats.

Lawmakers from the pacifist Left celebration have warned that the government is raising the risks of an attack on German soil by joining the mission.

They have promised to vote against it and challenge the deployment in court.

Some members of the opposition Greens also have reservations.

“This deployment is combustible and politically and militarily wrong. Showing solidarity with France can’t mean undertaking some thing that is incorrect,” Greens politician Hans-Christian Stroebele mentioned, adding he feared a lot more civilian victims.

German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a Social Democrat, told Bild everyday that patience was necessary and, pointing to the ongoing talks in Vienna, stressed that a political approach for Syria’s long-term future was vital.

“Bombs and rockets alone will not conquer terror, that will only occur although politics,” he told Bild.


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Is Turkey acquiring oil smuggled by Islamic State?

Posted December 01, 2015 19:29:01

Oil infrastructure hit by bomb Photo: Aerial footage appearing to show rows of trucks near the Turkish-Syrian border becoming blown up surfaced in November. (AFP/Russian Defence Ministry)

A war of words has broken out amongst Russia and Turkey more than accusations that Turkey is buying oil smuggled by Islamic State (IS).

Essential points:

  • US Treasury official says Islamic State brings in $ 500 million per year in oil revenue
  • Safety analyst says there is massive black marketplace for IS oil in the West
  • Former Iraqi MP backs up claims by Turkish opposition MP that IS smuggled $ 800 million worth of oil into Turkey from Syria and Iraq

Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused Turkey of shooting down a Russian warplane last week out of a desire to shield these oil supply lines.

“At the moment we have received extra information confirming that oil from the deposits controlled by Islamic State militants enters Turkish territory on an industrial scale,” he mentioned on the sidelines of the climate adjust summit in Paris.

“We have every single reason to think that the decision to down our plane was guided by a wish to make sure security of this oil’s delivery routes to ports where they are shipped in tankers.”

Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan has attacked the claims as slander, and stated if there was proof that Turkey was co-operating with IS he would resign.

“We are not that dishonest as to acquire oil from terrorists. If it is confirmed that we have, in truth, done so, I will leave workplace,” he was quoted by Russia’s TASS news agency as saying.

“If there is any evidence, let them present it, we’ll take into account [it].”

So is there evidence Turkey is getting oil smuggled by IS?

It is no secret that IS rakes in a fortune from oil fields it now controls in Syria and Iraq. A US treasury official recently told a security conference in Aspen that IS brought in $ 500 million a year in oil revenues.

“Earlier this year [IS] made about $ 40 million in 1 month off of the sale of oil. So if you want to extrapolate that out, you can get to about $ 500 million in the course of a year, and this is all internally generated,” David Glaser, assistant secretary of the US treasury for terrorist financing, stated.

Safety analysts say Western black marketplace exists for IS oil

In September 2015, IS seized the last significant oilfield beneath Syrian government manage in a desert area north-west of the ancient city of Palymra and a area that holds Syria’s major all-natural gas fields and multi-million dollar extraction facilities.

Since taking manage of crucial locations of Syria and Iraq last year, IS has developed an illicit trade in oil sales.

Buyers are readily located in the West and tanker trucks are permitted to attain ports where oil tankers are waiting to load it.

Dr Norman Bailey, Haifa University’s Centre for National Security Studies and Geostrategy

Several safety analysts believe there is a large black industry for IS oil in the West.

“Islamic State’s barbaric conquests are financed by collaborators among the business and monetary circles of the West,” wrote Dr Norman Bailey, of the Centre for National Safety Studies and Geostrategy at Haifa University in Israel.

“Purchasers are readily found in the West and tanker trucks are permitted to attain ports where oil tankers are waiting to load it.

“All this requires prepared, willing and in a position collaborators among the company and financial circles of the West as well as surrounding nations.”

Dr Bailey was reluctant to name the ports or countries involved.

“This is not the place to name names, but the buyers and the facilitators and the financiers are not that hard to identify, so that if the opponents of Islamic State were really serious about carrying out anything about it, along with the occasional bombing raid, the IS could be starved of funds,” he wrote.

Turkish opposition politician claimed IS smuggled $ 800m of oil

In June 2014, a member of Turkey’s parliamentary opposition, Ali Edibogluan, claimed that IS had smuggled $ 800 million worth of oil into Turkey from Syria and Iraq, according to the Al Monitor web site.

He cited oil fields at Rumaila in northern Syria and other folks near Mosul in Iraq, saying that IS had laid pipes enabling it to “transfer the oil to Turkey and parlay it into money”.

“Turkey’s cooperation with thousands of guys of such a mentality is extremely dangerous,” he stated, according to the Al Monitor report.

Cash and dollars generated by selling Iraqi and Syrian oil on the Turkish black industry is like the oxygen supply to [Islamic State] and its operation.

Mowaffak al Rubaie, Iraqi MP

“Comparable pipes exist also at [the Turkish border regions of] Kilis, Urfa and Gaziantep … they take the oil from the refineries at zero expense.

“Using primitive signifies, they refine the oil in locations close to the Turkish border and then sell it by way of Turkey.”

Now, a former Iraqi member of parliament claims Turkey has backed up those claims.

“In the final eight months [IS] has managed to sell what is $ 800 million worth of oil in the black market place of Turkey. This is Iraqi oil and Syrian oil, and these are carried by trucks from Iraq, from Syria, by way of the borders to Turkey and sold … [at] less than 50 per cent of the international oil price tag,” Mowaffak al Rubaie said in an interview with the Russian channel RT.

“It has often been sold in the area of $ 21-22 for the barrel.

“Now this either gets consumed inside, the crude is refined on Turkish territory by the Turkish refineries, and sold in the Turkish market place. Or it goes to Jihan and then in the pipelines from Jihan to the Mediterranean and sold to the international market.

“Funds and dollars generated by promoting Iraqi and Syrian oil on the Turkish black market is like the oxygen supply to [IS] and its operation.

“After you cut the oxygen then [IS] will suffocate.”

‘No shadow of a doubt’ Turkey knew about smuggling

The former Iraqi MP mentioned there was “no shadow of a doubt” that the Turkish government knew about the smuggling operations.

“The merchants, the businessmen [are getting oil] in the black marketplace in Turkey below the noses, beneath the auspices if you like, of the Turkish intelligence agency and the Turkish safety apparatus,” he told RT.

Mr Rubaie also accused Turkey of offering health-related remedy to IS terrorists in Turkish hospitals along the border with Syria and even in “Istanbul itself”.

Day and night they are going to Turkey. Trucks always go there loaded, and back from there — empty.

Russian president Vladimir Putin

“There are safety officers who are sympathising with [IS] in Turkey,” he stated.

“They are enabling them to go from Istanbul to the borders and infiltrate … Syria and Iraq.

“There is no terrorist organisation which can stand alone, without a neighbouring nation helping it — in this case Turkey.”

The Iraqi politician urged Turkey to come clean and join the international efforts to destroy IS.

Vladimir Putin meets Tayyip Erdogan Photo: Turkish president Tayyiip Erdogan (L) has labelled Russian president Vladimir Putin’s accusations as “slander”. (Reuters: Ivan Sekretarev, file photo)

The Russian news outlet said Mr Putin himself noted that it was “hard to think, but is theoretically feasible” that the Turkish leadership knew practically nothing about oil flowing into Turkey illegally.

“Cars, carrying oil, lined up in a chain going beyond the horizon,” Mr Putin reportedly mentioned as he compared the views noticed by Russian pilots and drones to a “living oil pipe” stretching from IS and rebel-controlled locations in Syria into Turkey.

“Day and night they are going to Turkey. Trucks usually go there loaded, and back from there — empty.”

The RT site has photographs that appear to show aerial photographs of rows of trucks close to the Turkish-Syrian border.

Turkey’s president Mr Erdogan has called claims that Turkey buys oil from IS “slander”.

“I will say anything very powerful right here. If such a factor is confirmed, the nobility of our nation would require that I would not keep in office,” he stated.

“The countries from which Turkey buys oil are effectively identified.”

Russia has imposed a series of financial and trade sanctions against Turkey in retaliation to the choice to shoot down the Russian war plane.

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Men should remain in Syria, Iraq to fight Islamic State: Liberal backbencher

Posted December 01, 2015 14:01:31

A former Abbott government frontbencher has criticised male asylum seekers who seek refuge overseas instead of fighting for their homeland.

Liberal backbencher Bob Baldwin told Parliament last evening that it was “a bit wealthy” to expect coalition soldiers to fight in nations such as Syria and Iraq when appropriately aged citizens have been fleeing the violence.

He mentioned he would fight, and anticipate his sons to take up arms, if Australia came beneath attack.

“What I have noticed, as have several of my constituents, is that a huge quantity of the refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq and other war-torn nations seem to be predominantly males amongst 18 and 45,” he said.

“Why are they not staying and instruction to defend their land, their way of life and their rights?… It is a bit rich to expect other folks from foreign countries to lay down their lives for you if you are not prepared to stand and fight.”

Mr Baldwin spoke in support of the Government’s legislation to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if convicted of a terror offence.

“If you do not like Australia and all it has to provide, then do not come, do not keep, go back to where you came from,” he stated.

Mr Baldwin stated he was proud to speak on the bill, stating there was “no room in the globe for Daesh [another name for Islamic State] death cults”.

The bill passed the Reduced Home overnight and is scheduled for debate in the Senate this evening.

Mr Baldwin also expressed concerns more than the vetting of refugees, which Immigration Minister Peter Dutton addressed in Parliament yesterday.

Mr Dutton stated that the 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to be resettled in Australia would be topic to “the most rigorous criteria”.

“We are applying biometric and fingerprint testing,” he stated.

“We can be assured that people who are applying below that plan are indeed those who are most in need to have.

“If we discover an applicant where we have a suspicion about the person’s motivation or background or affiliations, that particular person will not proceed into this plan, they will not be coming to this nation.”

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“Who’s ISIS?” Anonymous’ #OpParis campaign against Islamic State goes awry

The Twitter account of Anonymous’ #OpParis anti-ISIS operation has created some extraordinary claims about its impact—many of which are now becoming questioned or outright discredited.

A group related with the Anonymous hacktivist movement launched what they claimed was a “total war” against the Islamic State (also known as ISIS or Daesh), encouraging people to join in an work allegedly targeting social media accounts related with the terror organization in response to the attacks in Paris a week ago. Multiple “ops” have been launched in an try to crowdsource efforts to disrupt ISIS social media and even hack its members. But there has also been a rash of accusations among those related with distinct operations, and it really is not clear that any of them are attaining anything other than drawing focus to Anonymous again.

Seriously, right after #OpISIS there have been as well numerous fame whores. It is not about the follows or RTs. It is about the truth. Have some integrity.

— Anonymous (@GroupAnon) November 22, 2015

In a video release, self-proclaimed members of #OpParis announced that they had taken down 20,000 Twitter accounts connected with ISIS. Folks related with the operation also claim to have alerted law enforcement to planned ISIS attacks in the US and Paris.

Nonetheless, many of the accounts targeted by an automated Twitter reporting script that the group has distributed by way of links from its chat channel have absolutely nothing to do with the Islamic State. And the FBI has discounted that details, releasing a statement that “we do not have specific or credible data of an attack at this time.” The US attack claimed to have been uncovered by Anonymous members was allegedly targeting a WWE wrestling event in Atlanta tonight.

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Obama: US 'will not relent' in Islamic State campaign

By JOSH LEDERMAN, Linked Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — President Barack Obama vowed Sunday that the United States and its international partners “will not relent” in the fight against the Islamic State, insisting the planet would not accept the extremists’ attacks on civilians in Paris and elsewhere as the “new normal.”

Wrapping up a nine-day trip to Turkey and Asia, Obama also pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin to align himself with the U.S.-led coalition, noting that the Islamic State has been accused of bringing down a Russian passenger jet final month, killing 224 folks.

“He requirements to go following the individuals who killed Russia’s citizens,” Obama stated of Putin.

The president spoke in Malaysia shortly ahead of departing for Washington. The trip also took him to the Philippines and Turkey, exactly where he met with Putin on the sidelines of an international summit.

Even though Russia has stepped up its air campaign in Syria, Obama mentioned Moscow has focused its interest on moderate rebels fighting Syrian President Bashar Assad, a Russian ally. He called on Russia to make a “strategic adjustment” and drop its help for Assad, insisting the violence in Syria can’t be stopped as lengthy as Assad is in workplace.

“It will not work to preserve him in power,” Obama stated. “We cannot quit the fighting.”

Practically 5 years of fighting between the Assad government and rebels has created a vacuum that permitted the Islamic State to thrive in both Syria and Iraq. The militant group is now setting its sights on targets outside its stronghold, like the attacks in Paris that killed 130 folks and wounded hundreds far more.

French President Francois Hollande is due to meet with Obama at the White Residence on Tuesday to discuss approaches to bolster the international coalition fighting the Islamic State. Hollande then heads to Russia for talks with Putin.

The Paris attacks have heightened fears of terrorism in the West and also sparked a debate in the U.S. about accepting refugees from Syria. It really is unclear regardless of whether any of the terrorists in the Paris attacks exploited the refugee system to enter Europe, even though Obama has insisted that is not a genuine security threat in the United States.

Nevertheless, the Property passed legislation final week essentially blocking Syrian and Iraqi refugees from the U.S. Democrats in huge numbers abandoned the president, with 47 voting for the legislation. Possessing secured a veto-proof majority in the Residence, supporters are now hoping for a repeat in the Senate, even though Obama works to shift the conversation to milder visa waiver changes that wouldn’t affect Syrian refugees.

Obama has focused his ire on Republicans all through the trip, harshly criticizing GOP lawmakers and presidential candidates for acting contrary to American values. He took a softer tone Sunday, saying he understands Americans’ issues but urging them not to give into fear.

He stated the Islamic State “can’t beat us on the battlefield so they attempt to terrorize us into becoming afraid.”

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