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Israeli families sue Facebook demanding action on violent posts

Posted December 03, 2015 23:33:30

The web has grow to be the newest frontline in the battle amongst Palestinians and Israelis.

Hundreds of Israelis families are suing Facebook, demanding they do something to cease the spread of pictures and messages on its platform that glorify violence against Israelis.

It follows a spike in street violence between Israelis and Palestinians more than the past two months.

Ninety-seven Palestinians have been killed considering that October 1, a lot more than half of those while carrying out attacks on Israelis.

Nineteen Israelis have been killed in these attacks, which contain stabbings, shootings and auto-rammings.

A photo of Richard Lakin who was killed on a bus by two Palestinians. Photo: A photo of 76-year-old Israeli Richard Lakin who was killed on a bus by two Palestinians. (Facebook)

Richard Lakin, 76, was one particular of the Israelis killed by two young Palestinians who boarded a bus he was on and began attacking.

Mr Lakin’s son, Micah Lakin Avni, said he nevertheless cannot make sense of it.

“How could it be that two 20-year-old children … got out a gun and started shooting men and women in their 70s,” he told the ABC.

“And when they fell to the floor, took out a knife and began stabbing them, and when they run out of bullets began strangling people.

“What brought individuals to do this, how could individuals be so evil?”

Mr Lakin Avni started scouring the web for answers and was horrified by what he identified.

External Link: Facebook post Richard Lakin

“Here you have a chart that was posted on Facebook that showed how to most successfully hit a main vein or artery,” he stated displaying a web page on the net.

“This was posted on Facebook and spread around all over the internet.”

“The quantity of incitement to violence on the internet had got these kids worked up to the point where they run out, take a kitchen knife and go out onto the street and run towards an innocent civilian and try and stab them.”

Not lengthy prior to his death, Richard Lakin, who had taught at a joint Israeli/Palestinian college, wrote this post on Facebook, addressing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu straight: “It’s time to wake up and seek a typical ground with our Palestinian neighbours … stop all provocations in the West Bank.

“Adequate with the non-negotiations that the Israeli and Palestinian public has had to endure throughout your time as PM. Every thing has gotten a lot more extreme.”

Mr Lakin Avni made a certain point of searching for information about the attackers who had killed his father.

“I found that one particular of them had posted on Facebook a few months just before, a sort of general get in touch with to martyrdom, saying, ‘I’m going to grow to be a martyr and get in touch with on all of you to do the same’,” he mentioned.

“I think the argument that social media is just a billboard and they [the social media websites] do not bear responsibility doesn’t carry water since they manage the content they know exactly what I’m undertaking.”

“It is not a difficulty to generate an algorithm to recognise all these videos and hire ten or 20 or even 500 people, if need be, to monitor them and take down the issues which are actual dramatic incitement to violence.”

‘Sentiments on the web a symptom, not the cause’

But sites are proving significantly tougher to manage.

Ahmad Yousef works for Quds media, a web-primarily based Palestinian news service that has more than four million followers.

He said the primary videos on his web site that go viral are the clips that capture what life is like under Israeli occupation.

To claim that Palestinian resistance and Palestinian anger these days and the uprising is only because there is some thing on the internet is simply very superficial and incorrect

Palestinian parliament MP Mustafa Barghouti

“Facebook is not ‘helping’ to incite [violence, like] Israel is accusing,” he told the ABC.

“It assists to bring the image to the individuals — to show them what is taking place.”

But Mr Yousef also publishes photos that do glorify violence against Israelis and he stated he will continue to do so.

“It really is extremely regular, this is the scenario of Palestinian resisting Israel for the past 67 years,” he said.

“It’s my appropriate to treat the freedom fighters as heroes — to contact them heroes.”

Mustafa Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian parliament, said the pictures and sentiments on the internet are only symptoms of the anger, not the cause.

“To claim that Palestinian resistance and Palestinian anger today and the uprising is only because there is one thing on the web is merely quite superficial and incorrect,” he told the ABC.

“There is a lot of Israeli violence against the Palestinian men and women and at the end of the day the question is exactly where is the cause of all of this?

“The major cause is occupation and the continuation of occupation.”

In Jerusalem, Mr Lakin Avni spoke at the Israeli parliament to attempt to get members to introduce legislation that will force Facebook to act.

“My father Richard Lakin, he was a human with a great heart,” he told the meeting.

“As we ask banks to cease transferring funds for terror acts goal, just like we ask the communication organizations to inspect the content material of what they give, so we need to demand from the social media networks actions in order to cease terror acts and incitement.”

He has already had some achievement with Israel’s deputy foreign minister last week meeting with Google and YouTube representatives in Silicon Valley to talk about the issue.

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Israeli police shoot dead Palestinian attacker: police

Posted November 29, 2015 19:08:55

Israeli border police have shot dead a Palestinian who stabbed an officer in Jerusalem, a police spokesman says, in the most current attack in a two-month wave of violence.

Near a principal gate of Jerusalem’s walled Old City, the Palestinian pulled out a knife and stabbed a border policeman in the neck, moderately wounding him, prior to getting shot by officers, the spokesman mentioned.

Nearly everyday Palestinian stabbings, auto rammings and shootings have killed 19 Israelis and a single US citizen given that October 1.

Israeli forces have killed 94 Palestinians, numerous of whom have been carrying out assaults and other individuals in clashes with police and troops.

Numerous of these killed have been teenagers.

Palestinian allegations that Israel is trying to alter the religious status quo at a Jerusalem holy web site, recognized to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary, exactly where al-Aqsa mosque stands, and to Jews as the Temple Mount, have partly fuelled the violence.

Non-Muslim prayer is banned around al-Aqsa and Israel has mentioned it will not alter that.

But much more visits in recent years by Jewish religious activists and ultra-nationalist Israeli politicians to the complicated, where two biblical temples once stood, have done little to convince Palestinians.

Overnight in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, Israeli forces shut down and confiscated equipment from a Palestinian radio station, the third in recent weeks, that the military stated has repeatedly broadcast material which “promotes and encourages terror and acts of violence against Israeli civilians and safety forces”.

The station owner, Talab al-Jabar, mentioned the broadcaster, called Dream, was not inciting, rather reporting on events.

“I can tell you that Dream radio will be back on air extremely quickly and it will be stronger,” he mentioned.


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Israeli troops injured in West Bank clashes

Updated November 28, 2015 07:19:15

Israeli security forces stand around a crashed car. Photo: Israeli safety forces stand at the internet site where a Palestinian man rammed his vehicle (L) into Israelis soldiers. (AFP: Ahmad Gharabli)

Two Palestinians have rammed their vehicles into Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank, injuring seven, before each assailants had been killed, raising this week’s Palestinian death toll to 10.

In the 1st attack, a Palestinian drove into soldiers at a bus station close to Kfar Adumim settlement, northeast of Jerusalem, and was shot dead, police said.

Police identified him as Fadi Hassib, from Ramallah, whose brother was shot dead on Sunday right after ramming his auto into Israelis before charging at them with a knife.

Israel’s Magen David Adom emergency healthcare service said the two soldiers have been taken to hospital in Jerusalem with light to moderate injuries.

A senior police officer stated the assailant got out of his car and started to run soon after hitting the soldiers, just before he was shot dead by a civilian.

Many hours later, an additional Palestinian was shot dead right after driving his car into a group of soldiers, injuring five close to Beit Ummar settlement near Hebron in the southern West Bank, an army spokesman stated.

He identified the attacker as 20-year-old Omar Zaakik.

Friday’s incidents raise the quantity of Palestinians killed because October 1 to nearly one hundred, including an Israeli Arab.

Over half of them have been alleged perpetrators of stabbing, shooting and vehicle ramming attacks aimed at Israeli civilians and safety forces. Others have died in clashes with safety forces.

The violence has also left 17 Israelis, an American and an Eritrean dead.

Ten Palestinians and 1 Israeli soldier have been killed since the commence of this week.

Netanyahu announces new safety measures

Friday’s incidents are the latest in a wave of unrest that has shaken Israel and the Palestinian territories given that early October.

Each Friday, Palestinian movements headed by Islamist movement Hamas get in touch with for a “day of rage”, which escalates into clashes among Palestinian youths throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and Israeli security forces who respond by shooting genuine or rubber-coated bullets and tear gas.

The international community has regularly urged Israelis and Palestinians to take measures to ease the unrest.

On Monday, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a series of new security measures likely to have an effect on the daily lives of Palestinians in the West Bank.

He announced tighter controls on Palestinian automobiles and an increase in the quantity of so-named “bypass roads” which create separate routes for Palestinians and Jewish settlers.

Throughout a go to to a West Bank settlement that has been the scene of many attacks, he also said perform permits would be withdrawn from the households of alleged attackers.

Netanyahu added there would be “no limits” on the powers of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank, where some 400,000 Jewish settlers live among 2.8 million Palestinians.

Attempts to ease the tensions, including a go to by US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday, have so far proved unsuccessful.


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Initial posted November 28, 2015 06:31:00

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