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Palmer eyes government guarantor deal to keep refinery afloat

Posted December 10, 2015 19:31:06

Clive Palmer has insisted he is not in search of a Queensland Government bail-out for his Townsville nickel refinery.

But the higher-profile businessman and federal MP admitted he would like the state to go guarantor for a $ 35 million bank loan to preserve Queensland Nickel afloat.

Mr Palmer met with the Queensland Treasurer on Tuesday, requesting help to keep the Yabulu smelter, near Townsville, open.

Mr Palmer stated Queensland Nickel had a money flow deficit, but reiterated the firm could trade its way out of trouble.

He said he wanted to set the record straight about the future of the refinery, which has more than 700 workers.

Mr Palmer mentioned he was “personally attacked” due to the fact he was a politician, and that he had not held a director position in the business considering that becoming the Member for Fairfax in 2013.

“Just like many firms with a sturdy balance sheet and modest cash-flow deficit, Queensland Nickel approached the four major Australian banks for help,” Mr Palmer stated.

“Despite unencumbered assets of practically $ two billion, it was denied a $ 35 million overdraft by the 4 main Australian banks.

“I have been informed Queensland Nickel was told that in the present investment atmosphere they would not lend to a sources business.”

Mr Palmer mentioned Queensland Nickel’s assets totalled nearly $ two billion and that the balance sheet looked robust.

Earlier nowadays, he stated workers’ entitlements would be “properly and actually covered” regardless of what happened to the refinery.

“Banks are not supporting the resources sector — which is in a downturn cycle — as a matter of policy and this is a main difficulty,” Mr Palmer said.

“This ought to therefore be a matter of concern for each the Queensland and federal governments.

“At no time did Queensland Nickel request taxpayer funds, only a assure from the Queensland Government and for safety of the assure for $ 35 million, Queensland Nickel provided its balance sheet of practically $ two billion.

“In my assessment, this is a danger-free of charge proposition that would ensure the continued operation of the refinery.”

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Turkey to keep troops in Iraq in spite of Baghdad’s protests

Posted December 08, 2015 06:18:40

Turkey says it will not withdraw hundreds of soldiers who arrived last week at a base in northern Iraq regardless of being ordered by Baghdad to pull them out within 48 hours.

Essential points

  • Turkey will not withdraw hundreds of soldiers deployed to northern Iraq without having permission
  • Iraq says it will take case to UN Safety Council if troops were not withdrawn
  • Turkish presence a key embarrassment for Iraq’s prime minister
  • Turkey claims its troops are on a coaching mission

The sudden arrival of such a massive and heavily armed Turkish contingent in a camp close to the frontline in northern Iraq has added yet an additional controversial deployment to a war against Islamic State (IS) fighters that has drawn in most of the world’s significant powers.

Ankara mentioned the troops have been there as element of an international mission to train and equip Iraqi forces to fight against IS.

The Iraqi government said it never invited such a force, and would take its case to the United Nations if they had been not pulled out.

Washington, which is major an international coalition against Islamic State that contains Turkey, Arab states and European powers like Britain and France, has told Ankara and Baghdad to resolve the standoff, and says it does not support deployments in Iraq without Baghdad’s consent.

The Turkish troops’ presence is an embarrassment for Iraqi prime minister Haidar Abadi, below sturdy stress from effective Iran-backed Shiite political groups to kick them out.

Shiite parties linked to militia groups armed and funded by Iran have also complained about US plans to station particular forces in Iraq to conduct raids and guide bombs against Islamic State.

Political stress on Mr Abadi could make these plans far more difficult to carry out.

Turkey claims presence ‘not a secret’

The troops arrived on Thursday with tanks and armoured personnel carriers at a camp in territory held by Iraqi Kurds near the Islamic State-held northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Ankara mentioned they were there to aid shield a training mission close to the front line.

“It is our duty to supply security for our soldiers supplying education there,” Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said in an interview on Turkey’s Kanal 24 television.

“Everyone is present in Iraq … The purpose of all of them is clear. Train-and-equip advisory support is becoming supplied. Our presence there is not a secret,” he added.

Mr Abadi has known as the Turkish deployment a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

Government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi stated Iraq was nevertheless waiting for Turkey to respond officially.

“In case we have not received any good signs ahead of the deadline we set for the Turkish side, then we keep our legal appropriate to file a complaint to the Security Council to quit this significant violation to Iraqi sovereignty,” he said.

A senior Turkish official stated Baghdad’s objections had come as a surprise: “There was no single improvement … that happened without having informing the central government.”

“The military personnel for training will keep. Not due to the fact we want them [there] especially, but since there is a demand from the Iraqi side,” the official added.

“The discussion with the central government nevertheless continues.”

He stated the total quantity of Turkish troops across Iraq was a lot significantly less than 1,000 soldiers, with some getting arrived from Turkey and other folks sent to the base from other parts of Iraq.

Islamic State militants overran Mosul, Iraq’s principal northern city and residence to around two million folks, in June 2014. An anticipated counter-offensive by Iraqi forces has been repeatedly postponed because they are involved in fighting elsewhere.


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Reports Macfarlane offered to keep with Liberals dismissed as ‘rubbish’

Posted December 05, 2015 09:56:12

A Nationals senator has dismissed reports that new recruit Ian Macfarlane provided to keep with the Liberal Celebration if given his former function.

Mr Macfarlane is looking for neighborhood endorsement to swap from the Liberal to the National partyroom, following his demotion as minister for market and science in September.

He began looking for the switch inside a single week of becoming dumped from the frontbench by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but Sky News has reported that he offered to keep with the Liberals if given his old role.

The report, which stated that Mr Macfarlane created the provide earlier this week, has been dismissed by Nationals senator Matthew Canavan.

Senator Canavan told Sky News that he had been assured no deal was attempted with the Liberals.

“I’ve spoken to Ian this morning and he says its absolute rubbish, that that did not take place,” he mentioned.

“I seriously doubt that a person of Ian’s knowledge and stature would do anything like that.”

Senator Canavan stated those “disappointed” by the modify required to move on.

“I am not going to take lectures from the Liberal Celebration on loyalty or naked ambition,” he said.

“I imply, this is politics. It is a game ruthlessly dictated to by the numbers. That’s been shown this year… The National Party did not have a vote or a role in the altering of a first-term prime minister.

Mr Macfarlane yesterday mentioned the switch produced sense and he was “as National Celebration as any individual”.

“The Nationals have presented me an chance which the Liberals haven’t,” he said.

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