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Fisheries minister contradicts own department on fish kill

Posted December 04, 2015 23:57:43

WA Fisheries Minister Ken Baston has contradicted advice from his personal division, saying he would not advise individuals eat fish from Cockburn Sound.

More than two,000 fish have died in the region in recent weeks and authorities are nevertheless trying to recognize what brought on the deaths.

The Division of Fisheries had advised people not to swim or fish in impacted area, but one week ago mentioned both activities had been once again safe.

Speaking on ABC 720 Drive, Mr Baston stated he was not conscious his department had offered the “all clear” for fishing.

“I wasn’t conscious fishing was there once more … I will check up on that straight away,” he stated.

The Minister was then asked regardless of whether he believed it was secure to fish in the location.

“Till we locate out precisely what the disease is, I would find it difficult to advise to somebody that you could consume the fish and go and do every thing else,” he stated.

Mr Baston stated he would ask his department how it came to the selection to deem fishing protected in the area.

The Minister was additional pressed on why he was not aware of his department’s suggestions on the problem.

He explained he received a verbal briefing every day but he did not have one particular on Friday, except for an update on the number and varieties of fish killed.

Time for Minister to go: Opposition

The State Opposition’s water spokesman Dave Kelly has named for Mr Baston to be sacked.

“It is extraordinary for a minister to be contradicting his personal division on such an important public safety problem,” Mr Kelly stated.

“He is clearly not across the issue.

“For him not to be conscious that his department had given the public the all clear to eat fish from Cockburn Sound is just extraordinary.

“The only way to restore the community’s self-confidence that this crucial situation is going to dealt with effectively is if the Premier provides it [to] a new minister to deal with it.

The newest update from Division of Fisheries states test results to date show no evidence of algal or industrial toxin involvement but point towards an, as yet, unknown all-natural occasion as the result in of the fish kill.

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Fish kill investigation concentrate moves to water quality

Posted December 03, 2015 17:58:19

Scientists investigating the deaths of more than 1,000 fish at Cockburn Sound, south of Perth, say early tests recommend environmental variables are most likely to blame.

The dead fish initial washed up in late November.

This week there have been more reports of big numbers of dead blowfish and snapper near the Garden Island Causeway and Point Peron boat ramp.

Division of Fisheries researcher Dr Michael Snow said disease had been ruled out as a feasible cause.

Tests on the fish for much more than 120 chemical substances had been nonetheless underway, but had so far not made any outcomes.

Dr Snow said the concentrate of the investigation was now on water top quality.

“Developing evidence is indicating that it could effectively be a natural event,” he said.

“Algal blooms, anything leading to dissolved oxygen, or it could be an boost in turbidity.

“Something that influences the gills of the fish as it swims via the water.”

Dr Snow stated he was certain it was safe to swim in the location and also protected to eat fish caught in the impacted waters.

Regional fishermen are keen to get a definitive answer about what caused the deaths and say they are concerned about the extended-term implications on general fish stocks.

Justin Smith from the Mangles Bay Fishing Club mentioned the deaths had occurred in the middle of the pink snapper breeding season.

“It couldn’t have occurred at a worse time,” Mr Smith stated.

“What occurs in our sound right here affects the whole coast because the snapper migrate to different components of the coast.

“We just want to get to the bottom of it, really.”

West Australia’s Opposition Leader Mark McGowan said typical monitoring was needed to ensure events of this variety did not take place once more.

The Government-funded Cockburn Sound Management Council had supplied that monitoring function until it was closed two years ago.

Mr McGowan said the Government required to take duty for the fish deaths.

“If there was typical, ongoing monitoring of the sound as was the case for the duration of the Labor years, then maybe we would have recognized what was taking place and we would have seen it coming,” Mr McGowan stated.

Premier Colin Barnett said the deaths had been distressing but was confident scientists would decide the cause soon.

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Working on the Nullarbor: Road kill, stoned camel riders and sign thieves

By Karen Michelmore

Updated November 30, 2015 10:32:12

Craig Stinear, or Oolie, has a 620km-long office Photo: Craig Stinear, or Oolie, has a 620km-extended office. He is in charge of sustaining the Nullarbor highway in South Australia. (ABC: Karen Michelmore)
Map: Ceduna 5690

Craig Stinear is bending down marking brief lines with a can of white spray paint.

Every handful of minutes, he will straighten up, raise his brown hat and grin as a hefty road train thunders past, horn blaring.

Mr Stinear — or Oolie to his mates — knows most of the old-time truck drivers who pass him on the road out right here, Highway 1.

He is standing in his ‘office’ — a 620-kilometre stretch of dark brown bitumen that runs the length of South Australia’s Wonderful Australian Bight.

It traverses the Nullarbor Plain, all the way to the West Australian border.

“You know, almost certainly my most significant regret in the job was in no way carrying a camera from day one,” he told tonight’s new ABC Tv series Back Roads.

“Just to take images of some of the loads, the oversized stuff and men and women receiving through on monocycles.

“I’ve noticed folks pushing a hospital bed by means of and riding horses and camels via and whatever, in different stages of being pissed and stoned.

“Only a couple of weeks ago I was up here at Nullarbor in front of the roadhouse and a guy pulled up and he wanted to know which way Melbourne was, and I thought ‘well there’s only one road here’.”

On the Nullarbor, every day is different

There are many unusual things to see on the outback highway Photo: There are several unusual issues to see on the outback highway – including a convoy of old tractors towing caravans for charity. (ABC: Karen Michelmore)

Oolie has observed fairly much every little thing in his 34 years operating on the remote highway.

He leads a team of six workers who preserve it, and dispose of the abundant road kill. Oolie clocks up about 70,000 kilometres along the road each and every year.

“When I saw a couple of blokes pull up, and I do not know if they were recognized to each other or what, but they had been just getting an all-in brawl on the side of the road,” he said.

“They slid more than the edge in prickles and had been swinging at each other and it looked like they were enjoying themselves.”

These days he is using the white paint to mark up defect spots on the edge of the road — about 20 kilometres west of Ceduna — for somebody in his group to patch up later.

The paint can in his hand rattles as he acknowledges an additional automobile passing via with a slight wave.

“He’s a neighborhood sparky from Penong,” Oolie explains.

‘I saw a truck take out 14 camels with 1 hit’

Usually a day on the road includes a lot of road kill — usually found in the exact same places when unfortunate motorists meet unlucky camels, wombats and kangaroos.

“I saw a truck take out 14 [camels] with a single hit when — shortened the life of the truck a bit in a matter of seconds,” Oolie said, hands in pockets.

“Over the years there’s been very a handful of hit.

“I feel at times in the cold climate they [the animals] will go and camp out on the road and sleep there, exactly where it really is warm, or they feed along the road in the droughts, exactly where there’s a bit of green choosing.”

He disposes of the flyblown carcasses by dragging them off to the side of the road, and letting the eagles and dingos “clean up”.

Some ducklings take advantage of some recent heavy rain that’s flooded an outback road Photo: Some ducklings take benefit of some recent heavy rain that flooded an outback road. (ABC: Karen Michelmore)

‘Souvenir’ road sign thefts a continuous headache

1 of the biggest frustrations is folks stealing road signs as souvenirs — particularly the camel and kangaroo emblems. Some individuals even bring angle grinders to reduce them off their posts, Oolie said.

“They’ll get things down 1 way or another if they truly want it,” he said.

When Oolie initial began in the early 1980s, after Australia won the America’s Cup, it was the tiny green and gold highway markers that kept disappearing.

Oolie’s gang punched “bullet holes” into them — much to the chagrin of perform gangs additional down the road.

Some days when you’re up the Bight you are obtaining smoko or lunch, you look out and you have got whales swimming past.

Craig ‘Oolie’ Stinear

“They were going off like hot cakes and we used to just poke a hole in them with a centre punch make it appear like a bullet hole or what ever and they’d travel down the road to the next gang’s region and steal them from there,” he says.

Oolie has lived in nearby Ceduna fairly much his entire life. His nickname comes from a local Aboriginal word that means “tiny kid”.

He describes his property town as “the hub of the universe for people that are born and bred here”.

“I can not see myself going anywhere else as extended as, when I get older I’ve got enough strength and health to be able to pull a razor fish out of the mud and wind my tinny back on the trailer, and catch a feed of fish. That is all I want,” he says.

He reckons his special job is alright too.

“Oh, yeah, I do not thoughts it out here you know,” he stated.

“Some days when you are up the Bight you’re possessing smoko or lunch, you appear out and you have got whales swimming previous and you think some people probably sit in an workplace in the city and they do not see this sort of stuff.

“Thoughts you, there is some days you wouldn’t want to be out there too — [the wind] will blow the milk out of your coffee there on a excellent day.

“But it is a place to perform and someone’s got to do it.”

The eight-portion series Back Roads begins on ABC1 at 8pm tonight.

Ceduna jetty at sunset Photo: Ceduna jetty at sunset. (ABC: Colin Jones)

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Very first posted November 30, 2015 10:20:11

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Suspected jihadists kill three at UN base in north Mali

Posted November 29, 2015 00:25:42

At least three folks, like two UN peacekeepers and a civilian, have been killed and 20 other people injured in a rocket attack on a UN base in the north-eastern Malian town of Kidal, UN sources say.

“Our camp in Kidal was attacked early this morning by terrorists making use of rockets,” an official from the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali (MINUSMA) stated.

A neighborhood official confirmed the report. It is the newest sign the West African country’s Islamist insurgency is intensifying.

French troops and the 10,000-robust UN force have struggled to stabilise the former French colony, exactly where Islamist militants attacked a hotel in the capital on November 20 and killed 20 folks.

“They fired rockets from about 4:00am inside the MINUSMA camp,” Olivier Salgado, deputy chief of communication in the peacekeeping mission, stated.

“We have three dead and four seriously injured,” he mentioned, adding that there have been a total of 20 wounded and that health-related evacuations had been underway.

A security source in north Mali who wished to remain anonymous mentioned the Kidal camp had received a warning two days before the attack from an unnamed jihadist group. A nearby deputy for Kidal Ahmoudene Ag Ikmasse also blamed radical Islamists.

Africa facing developing Islamist insurgency

Northern Mali was taken over by Islamist fighters, some with hyperlinks to Al Qaeda, for most of 2012.

They were driven out by a French-led military operation a year later, but violence has continued and spread into formerly secure locations in the south.

Three Islamist militant groups — Al-Mourabitoun, an Al Qaeda affiliate led by notorious 1-eyed Algerian militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and Massina Liberation Front (MLF) — claimed final week’s attack on the Radisson Blu hotel that killed Russian and Chinese nationals as nicely as an American, amongst other individuals.

Security analysts mentioned the groups could be collaborating.

Some analysts have mentioned the spike in jihadist attacks has been developed to disrupt the implementation of a peace deal signed among numerous northern armed groups and Mali’s government in June.

“I want to reiterate that these attacks will not impede the determination of the United Nations to support the Malian people and the peace procedure,” UN special envoy for the Mali mission, Mongi Hamdi, said.

A French soldier, element of the 3,500 Barkhane anti-terrorism force operating across the Sahel, and a UN peacekeeper were killed by landmines this week.

Germany stated it was willing to send up to 650 soldiers to bolster the UN force, which has however to attain its complete strength of 12,680 guys.

Other West African states are also battling Islamist militants.

Boko Haram, the leading such group in the region, has this year extended its attacks from Nigeria to neighbouring states of Niger, Cameroon and Chad.


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Nepal Police Kill 3 Protesters in Clashes Over Constitution

KATHMANDU, Nepal â?? Violence flared in southern Nepal when the police open fire on protesters who had been blocking the countryâ??s main highway, an official mentioned on Sunday. The shootings threatened to deepen a political crisis over the countryâ??s new Constitution.

Two protesters have been killed in the violence that broke out Saturday evening in the Bhardaha and Rupani places of southern Nepal, and at least 28 were hurt, which includes 15 police officers, said Anil Kumar Thakur, the chief district officer in Saptari, which involves the two regions.

A third protester was killed on Sunday evening in Rajbiraj, the headquarters of Saptari District, when the police fired on protesters who had set fire to a police van soon after the killings the night ahead of, Mr. Thakur stated.

On Saturday, the police had been attempting to clear protesters from the Madhesi group, which opposes the lately passed Constitution, who had been blocking a highway in Saptari District. The protesters attacked the police with firebombs, spears, sticks and stones, Mr. Thakur stated.

But according to Shambhu Jha, a Madhesi protester who stated he was at the clash in Bhardaha, the group fought with the police only soon after officers employed tear gas on the protesters. He stated that at least 36 protesters had been injured.

Saturdayâ??s violence was the latest in a series of clashes that began in August when important political parties began to finalize the drafting of a Constitution that would divide the nation into provinces. Madhesis, who live largely in the southern plains and have close geographic and historical ties with India, say that the provinces were drawn in such a way as to dilute their political voice. A lot more than 40 men and women have been killed in violent confrontations considering that.

Some Madhesi protesters have staged a sit-in on a principal border post with India for about two months, and a single Indian man was killed in a clash with the police there this month.

Trade in between India and Nepal has slowed drastically considering that the passage of the Constitution, causing a fuel crisis in Nepal. Nepalese officials accuse India of imposing an unofficial blockade simply because of its objections to the process that led to the passage of the Constitution, which India considers not inclusive adequate. India has denied ordering a blockade, but maintained that the trade impasse occurred since of safety difficulties in Nepal over the Constitution.

The United Nations secretary basic, Ban Ki-moon, expressed â??his developing concern more than the blocking of essential supplies on the Nepal-India border,â? in a statement on Friday. He urged all sides in the dispute to lift restrictions.

On Sunday, the spokesman of Indiaâ??s Ministry of External Affairs, Vikas Swarup, mentioned on Twitter that India was â??distressed at loss of lives in police firing in Saptariâ? and urged a political answer, which India has been advertising since the protests started.

But talks amongst the government and Madhesi groups have yielded little progress.

â??We could have to quit talks if the government continues to kill the folks,â? said Laxman Lal Karna, a member of the United Democratic Madhesi Front, an umbrella organization of Madhesi parties.


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