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41 killed in horrific police bus crash in Argentina

Updated December 15, 2015 02:00:13

About 41 individuals have died following a bus carrying police officers was driven off a bridge in Argentina, an emergency official says.

The bus was carrying 60 officers from Argentina’s gendarmerie, which patrols the country’s borders, when it flipped and plunged far more than 15 metres into a dry riverbed in the northern Salta province.

Salta borders Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay.

The new death toll from emergency officials in Salta province was a lot more than double that originally given by a nearby mayor.

The death toll may rise as rescue crews have been functioning to free others who had been trapped.

Ten police officers had been hospitalised, 4 of them in serious condition, emergency chief Francisco Marinaro told a regional radio station.

The driver lost control of the bus as it began to cross a bridge and it tumbled into the ravine, nearby police stated in a statement.

Visibility was very good at the time of the crash, police stated, adding that officials had not ruled out mechanical failure as the trigger.

President Mauricio Macri, elected final month on a platform that incorporated enhancing Argentina’s rural roads, sent his condolences to households of the victims of the crash.

“We require to boost our highways so these things do not keep happening,” he told reporters.

Rosario de la Frontera Mayor Gustavo Solis mentioned the trigger of the crash was still unknown.

He stated the road where the crash occurred was recognized to be in poor situation.

“These of us who know the location try to keep away from driving at night,” he said.

External Hyperlink: Map of the Argentina bus crash involving a busload of police officers in the northern Salta province.


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1st posted December 15, 2015 01:12:50

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Dozens killed in Syrian rocket attack

Updated December 14, 2015 01:24:56

Man carries baby through Syrian rubble Photo: A Syrian man carries a child via rubble following air strikes on the town of Douma in the eastern Ghouta area. (AFP: Sameer Al-Doumy)
Map: Syrian Arab Republic

Air and missile strikes on a college district and other areas in insurgent-held Damascus suburbs have killed at least 28 men and women, like two children and a college principal, a group monitoring the Syrian war says.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated unidentified war planes hit the town of Douma, 15 kilometres north-east of the capital, and surface-to-surface missiles fired by the Syrian army also hit the surrounding areas, like Eastern Ghouta.

The regions have been below heavy bombardment in recent months. The Syrian army has stated its strikes target insurgents that have launched attacks on government-held areas.

The Observatory, which gathers info from a network of contacts on the ground, said at least 40 mortar bombs fired by insurgents in the eastern suburbs hit Damascus on Sunday, killing at least one particular child and wounding several.

State news agency SANA stated 3 civilians had been killed and at least 30 wounded in mortar attacks targeting residential neighbourhoods of Damascus.

Most of the victims have been college students, it mentioned, citing its reporter in the area.


Damage to Syrian city of Douma Photo: A street in Douma, in the eastern Ghouta region, right after the air strikes. (AFP: Sameer Al-Doumy)

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1st posted December 14, 2015 01:12:28

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Dozens killed in Syrian rocket attack

Posted December 14, 2015 01:12:28

Man carries baby through Syrian rubble Photo: A Syrian man carries a baby through rubble following air strikes on the town of Douma in the eastern Ghouta region. (AFP: Sameer Al-Doumy)
Map: Syrian Arab Republic

At least 28 people, including children, have been killed during the “heavy bombardment” of a besieged rebel-stronghold east of the Syrian capital.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Assad regime forces fired rockets at parts of the opposition-held Eastern Ghouta region and the town of Douma, 15 kilometres north-east of the capital, Damascus.

The attack area included a school zone.

On its website, the observatory said one of the people killed was a pregnant woman.

Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said air strikes also hit two towns in the region, but it was unclear whether they were carried out by Syrian or Russian warplanes.

The areas have been under heavy bombardment in recent months.

The Syrian army has said its strikes target insurgents that have launched attacks on government-held areas.


Damage to Syrian city of Douma Photo: A street in Douma, in the eastern Ghouta region, after the air strikes. (AFP: Sameer Al-Doumy)

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21 killed in fire at Russian psychiatric hospital

Posted December 13, 2015 16:31:47

Associated Story: 17 dead as wildfires sweep by means of Siberia
Map: Russian Federation

A fire at a psychiatric hospital in southern Russia has killed 21 folks, the country’s emergencies ministry says.

“Nineteen bodies were located at the web site of the fire, two other folks succumbed to their wounds at the hospital,” a ministry spokesman mentioned.

The hospital building, created of wood, was destroyed by the fire, the spokesman stated.

A further 20 people had been injured.

The fire broke out at the hospital in the village of Alferovka, which lies in the area of Voronezh in the south of the nation.

It was not immediately clear what triggered the blaze.

The fire was the most current tragedy to hit a psychiatric institution in Russia, where outdated Soviet-era infrastructure is still in widespread use and managers often take a lax approach to fire safety.

Scores of individuals also die in house fires every year.

A fire at a psychiatric hospital in north-west Russia in September 2013 left 37 folks dead although one more blaze in April of the very same year killed 38.

In 2009, 156 folks were killed in a nightclub fire in the city of Perm, 1,200 kilometres east of Moscow in one of the deadliest accidents in Russia’s modern day history.


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Man killed in Sydney stabbing

Posted December 11, 2015 06:05:51

Map: Camperdown 2050

A man has been stabbed to death in Sydney’s inner west.

Police stated a man was arrested at the scene after the victim was killed at Camperdown about 9:00pm last night.

He was assisting officers at Newtown Police station, police stated.

“Emergency services had been named to the intersection of Salisbury Road and Church Street following reports of an alleged altercation,” a NSW Police statement mentioned.

“On arrival, NSW Ambulance paramedics assisted a man suffering what are believed to be stab wounds however he died at the scene.

“He is however to be formally identified.”

A crime scene has been set up and police have urged witnesses to speak to Crime Stoppers.

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Much more than 9,000 killed because begin of Ukraine conflict: UN

Posted December 09, 2015 22:32:12

An unexploded rocket in field near the village of Dmitrivka. Photo: An unexploded rocket in field near the village of Dmitrivka. (AFP: Dimitar Dilkoff)

More than 9,000 people have been killed since the conflict in Ukraine began, a United Nations report says, warning that even though fighting had abated, millions were in precarious situations.

The UN human rights office hailed “a sharp de-escalation of hostilities” in the conflict zones in eastern Ukraine since the warring sides signed a new truce on September 1, following a fragile truce agreed in Minsk in February.

In its latest report on Ukraine, the rights office said that between August 16 and November 15, 47 civilians were killed and 131 injured in the conflict zones of eastern Ukraine — sharply down from the previous three-month period.

But nonetheless, at least 9,098 people — including civilians, soldiers and militia members — have perished since the beginning of the conflict in mid-April 2014 until the middle of last month, with another 20,732 injured, the report said.

Fifty-two per cent of the casualties since August were caused by landmines and other explosive devices, the report said, underscoring “the urgent need for extensive mine clearance and mine awareness actions on both sides of the contact line”.

Ukraine’s emergencies ministry said that by last month it had cleared the separatist Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the former Soviet republic’s once-booming industrial heartland of more than 44,000 mines.

But the warring sides and foreign monitors are struggling to estimate how many unexploded devices remain.

“Mapping of the minefields is so far incomplete and inaccurate, and sign-posting is urgently required to warn the population about their presence,” the report said, cautioning that the arrival of snow would make the situation even more dangerous, since it would cover and even displace booby-traps.

Serious human rights concerns

The rights office meanwhile warned that “serious human rights concerns persist”, including “continuing impunity, torture and an absence of the rule of law in the east”.

The humanitarian situation also remained dire for many of the nearly three million living in the affected areas, as well as for the more than 1.5 million who have been displaced inside Ukraine.

“Civilians in the conflict-afflicted eastern parts of Ukraine end the year as they began it, in a very difficult humanitarian and human rights situation,” UN human rights chief Zeid Raad Al Hussein said in a statement.

A rescuer stands in a food storage unit in Ukraine. Photo: A rescuer stands in a food storage unit destroyed during shelling between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists. (AFP: Aleksey Filippov, file)

“Elderly people have no access to their life savings, people with disabilities have little assistance, and reduced access to healthcare has left many in dismal, precarious, even life-threatening situations,” he cautioned.

The report said civilians in areas controlled by armed groups in the rebel strongholds of Donetsk and Lugansk continued to face serious rights abuses, including killings, forced labour, and extortion, while the government forces were slammed for using arbitrary and secret detention.

Mr Al Hussein reminded all sides in the conflict that they can be held criminally accountable for the human rights abuses in territories under their control.

The report stressed that “amnesty cannot be provided for individuals responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity and grave human rights violations, including summary executions, torture or similar cruel inhuman or degrading treatment, and enforced disappearances”.

To reach a lasting peace, all sides must fully implement the Minsk Agreements, it said.

But it warned that the “continuing presence of foreign fighters”, including some identified as members of the Russian military, “as well as the reported influx of heavy and sophisticated weaponry from the Russian Federation and the lack of effective control by the government of Ukraine of the state border with the Russian Federation remain the major impediments to this solution”.


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Yemen’s Aden governor killed in auto bombing claimed by Islamic State

Posted December 07, 2015 01:44:42

The convoy carrying governor Jaafar Mohammed Saad Photo: Governor Jaafar Mohammed Saad was killed when a suicide bomber rammed his auto into the governor’s convoy. (Reuters: Nasser Awad)

The governor of Aden has been killed by a car bomb in Yemen’s southern port city, in an attack that Islamic State claimed responsibility for.

A regional official and residents stated at least six members of basic Jaafar Mohammed Saad’s entourage also died in the attack, which targeted the governor on his way to function. Several other individuals had been wounded.

The attack came in the Tawahi district of Aden, exactly where president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has returned to oversee a war against Iran-allied Houthis.

Islamic State, in a statement posted on a messaging service, mentioned it detonated a car laden with explosives as Mr Saad’s convoy passed by.

The group promised much more operations against “the heads of apostasy in Yemen”.

The group also posted what it said have been photos of the booby-trapped automobile as a white van carrying Mr Saad drove previous, then two other images of a massive ball of fire which it mentioned had been taken as the bomb exploded.

A nearby official and residents stated earlier on Sunday a suicide bomber rammed his automobile into the governor’s vehicle.

IS a lot more active considering that the start of Yemen’s civil war

Islamic State’s neighborhood branch stepped up operations considering that the outbreak of civil war in Yemen, emerging as a forceful rival to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the principal militant group in the country in current years.

Spectacular attacks have been launched on security bases and on mosques run by Houthi forces who control the capital, Sana’a.

The Houthis, who comply with the Zaydi branch of Shiite Islam, have been fighting a coalition of mostly Gulf Arab forces, which began air strikes against them in March.

“Foot-dragging in implementing security measures paves the way for hardliners to carry out such attacks,” nearby activist Ashraf Ali Mahmoud mentioned.

Sunday’s explosion could be heard about 10 kilometres away, residents said. Images posted by local news websites showed a car in flames with a plume of smoke rising from it.

The victims were taken to the Jumhouriya Hospital, the primary state medical facility in Aden which Mr Saad had re-opened in a ceremony two days earlier.

Medics said the physique of Mr Saad and the other folks who were killed were burned beyond recognition.

Safety had been a primary concern for Mr Hadi and his Arab allies given that he returned to Aden last month to oversee an offensive by his forces and Arab allies to drive the Houthis from the strategic city of Taiz.

In October, the government of prime minister Khaled Bahah was forced to relocate to Saudi Arabia soon after four coordinated suicide bombings by Islamic State killed at least 15 people, which includes 4 Emirati soldiers.

Mr Saad had been a common in the army of the former southern Yemen ahead of the Marxist state merged with northern Yemen in 1990. He was appointed governor in October.

Local officials said Mr Saad, who fought in the 1994 civil war for southern forces against the northerners, had lived in exile in Egypt and Britain prior to he returned earlier this year at Mr Hadi’s request.

In a separate incident, residents said a field commander of a nearby militia group that had helped drive the Houthis out of Aden in July was shot and killed by unknown assailants in the west of the city on Sunday.

It was not instantly clear if that attack was linked to Islamists or if it was a outcome of the general lawlessness gripping Aden.

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Asylum seeker ‘genetically susceptible’ to infection that killed him

Posted December 04, 2015 13:07:27

An inquest into the death of an Iranian asylum seeker has heard he was genetically susceptible to the infection that killed him.

Hamid Khazaei, 24, died in a Brisbane hospital final year after his leg became infected on Manus Island.

His death raised inquiries about conditions and the availability of physicians and health-related treatment at the Manus Island detention centre.

An autopsy report submitted to coroner Terry Ryan at a pre-inquest conference in Brisbane today said the infection was brought on by a rare bacteria, which brought on septicaemia.

The autopsy discovered Mr Khazaei suffered from chronic granulomatous, an inherited immune disease which produced him susceptible to infection.

A bacteria named chromobacterium violaceum, located in soil and stagnant water, causes the infection.

It can aggressively attack internal organs soon after entering the bloodstream.

The infection is rare, with only about 200 reported instances in the world considering that the 1920s.

The hearing was told health-related facilities on the island had been not adequate to treat Mr Khazaei, as there was a limited supply of antibiotics, no X-ray machine and no laboratory.

The medical facility was housed in shipping containers, exactly where circumstances had been hot.

It is believed Mr Khazaei had applied a bandage to a wound on his leg a month just before he died.

As Mr Khazaei’s condition worsened he was placed in healthcare isolation, but it took three days prior to he was flown to hospital in Port Moresby ahead of getting transported to Brisbane, exactly where he died.

He was buried final year in Iran’s capital Tehran.

The matter will return to court in March subsequent year.

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Physique of Russian pilot killed in Syria to be returned: Turkish PM

Updated November 29, 2015 23:12:49

The body of a Russian pilot killed when his plane was shot down by Turkey last week will be handed over to a Russian representative soon after becoming retrieved from Syria, Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu says.

“The pilot who lost his life for the duration of the air violation was received by us on the [Syrian] border last evening,” Mr Davutoglu told reporters in Istanbul, prior to leaving for a meeting with EU leaders in Brussels.

Mr Davutoglu added a Russian official would travel to the southern Hatay area with a Turkish military official soon to claim the body.

The Russian embassy in Turkey told the Russian RIA Novosti news agency that Oleg Peskov’s physique would be flown on Sunday from Hatay in the presence of Russia’s military, attached to an aerodrome in Ankara, exactly where it would be met by the ambassador.

The date and time when the physique would be returned to Russia was still to be confirmed, embassy spokesman Igor Mityakov said.

The man was shot dead in Syria soon after parachuting from the burning aircraft, whilst a second man was discovered protected.

“In accordance with their [Russian] religious tradition, funeral arrangements had been carried out by Orthodox priests in Hatay,” Mr Davutoglu mentioned.

Turkey’s military mentioned the Su-24 bomber was shot down by two of its F-16s after it violated Turkish airspace ten instances inside a five-minute period on Tuesday.

Russia, however, said no warning had been provided and that the aircraft did not violate Turkish airspace, and demanded an apology.

The incident has led to a sharp deterioration of relations, with Moscow, a main trade partner and Turkey’s largest power supplier, on Saturday announcing a package of economic sanctions against Turkey.

“Turkey’s relations with Russia is based on mutual advantage and typical interests. As a result, I urge the Russian authorities to take this into consideration and act in a cool-headed way,” Mr Davutoglu mentioned when asked about the sanctions.

Russian plane violated Israeli-controlled airspace: defence minister

A Russian warplane not too long ago entered Israeli-controlled airspace from Syria, but the intrusion was resolved without incident, Israeli defence minister Moshe Yaalon said on Sunday.

“There was a slight intrusion a mile [1.6 kilometres] deep by a Russian plane from Syria into our airspace, but it was quickly resolved and the Russian plane returned towards Syria,” Mr Yaalon told public radio.

Russian jet shot down by Turkey Photo: Turkey says it issued repeated warnings to a Russian jet it claimed violated its airspace. (Anadolu)

“It was apparently an error by the pilot who was flying close to the Golan.”

Israel seized most of the Golan Heights from Syria in 1967 and later annexed the territory in a move never recognised by the international community.

Mr Yaalon mentioned Israel and Russia had produced arrangements to steer clear of clashes more than Syria, with the agreement mentioned to contain a “hotline” and data sharing.

“Russian planes do not intend to attack us, which is why we need to not automatically react and shoot them down when an error happens,” he stated.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian president Vladimir Putin held talks in Moscow in September to talk about ways of avoiding accidental clashes.

Russia launched a bombing campaign in Syria on September 30 at the request of its longstanding ally Bashar al-Assad, which Moscow says is targeting Islamic State jihadists and other “terrorist” groups.


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Bus driver killed in crash near Moss Vale

Posted November 26, 2015 15:ten:07

Map: Burrawang 2577

A bus driver has died and three passengers have been taken to hospital after a crash in the NSW Southern Highlands.

The bus was travelling from Wollongong to Moss Vale when the accident happened close to the town of Burrawang.

A NSW TrainLink spokesperson mentioned the bus was a NSW TrainLink service.

“We have confirmed with NSW Police the driver is deceased and 3 customers have been taken to Bowral Hospital with minor injuries,” the spokesperson said.

“NSW TrainLink extends its sympathies to the driver’s family at this hard time.”

The Illawarra Highway is closed in both directions due to the accident.

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