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‘Nothing scares me’: Muslim lady confronts anti-Islam demonstrators

Posted December 11, 2015 17:25:08

A young Muslim lady is vowing to continue to speak out against anti-Islam protesters, despite an encounter at a Reclaim Australia rally last month that left her feeling “disappointed” and “heartbroken”.

Twenty-year-old Afghan refugee Rahila Haidari had planned to join friends at the anti-racism side of the rally in Perth final month but changed her mind at the final minute.

“The whole night I was considering ‘these men and women are against Muslims, but why?’,” Ms Haidari mentioned.

“I in fact went there to join the other side but then ahead of I got to the other side I thought, ‘why not just hear some of the motives why these folks are against Muslims just before I go there?'”

Ms Haidari was rapidly met by numerous members of the United Patriots Front who asked if she would go over her religion with them.

“They stated do you agree with freedom? And I said, ‘yes I do’,” Ms Haidari told 7.30.

“The subsequent exciting question that they asked was ‘would you contact oneself a Muslim first or an Australian first?

“I mentioned ‘I would call myself an Australian first’ and they have been surprised, they stated ‘why? Aren’t you a proud Muslim?’ I said, ‘I am a proud Muslim.

“The cause I would contact myself Australian 1st is because [the] Australian constitution gives me the freedom to practise my religion and that’s why I respect this country, that is why I am here nowadays.”

‘Hatred’ spread in online post of her photograph

Ms Haidari mentioned she was pleased with how the conversation had gone but when the group later posted a photograph of her on its Facebook page telling their supporters they had “educated” her, she was horrified.

Rahila Haidari at a Reclaim Australia rally Photo: Afghan refugee Rahila Haidari says she attempted to support educate members of the United Patriots Front but was mocked by them on their Facebook web page. (ABC: 7.30)

“I was disappointed really, I was truly disappointed,” she mentioned.

“The quantity of hatred coming from that post, the comments were just heartbreaking, some of them were actually threatening, ‘wait till she walks outside and she gets her scarf pulled off’ and that breaks my heart.”

Ms Haidari mentioned she regretted confronting the protesters at the time but that she would do it again if she had the chance.

“If the require arises then I would,” she mentioned.

“If I really feel that they want to be educated a lot more, then I would go for it.”

It might make me really feel undesirable for 1 or two days but then at the finish, I am the person who would not tolerate the injustice and go out there and say, hey, this is not proper.

Afgan refugee Rahila Haidari

Ms Haidari was born in the war-ravaged Uruzgan province in Afghanistan and as a six-year-old defied the Taliban by dressing up as a boy to go to school.

“They had genuinely strict punishment for me,” she mentioned.

“They mentioned either we have to take her life or my dad had to send me somewhere that I couldn’t come back or couldn’t see my loved ones any longer so that I overlook that education is for girls.”

She was sent to Pakistan exactly where her loved ones later joined her just before ultimately fleeing to Australia.

“[I had heard] Australia is so peaceful, it really is a nation of love, everyone cares about men and women, you have every single appropriate there, you can go to college so I couldn’t wait to be honest, I could not wait to come here,” she mentioned.

Ms Haidari stated even though the recent anti-Islam rallies had made her query that image, she loved Australia and her encounter at the Reclaim Australia rally only strengthened her resolve to speak to folks about her culture and religion.

“Practically nothing scares me actually,” she stated.

“It may well make me really feel undesirable for a single or two days but then at the end, I’m the particular person who would not tolerate the injustice and go out there and say, hey, this is not right.”

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Lady ‘running late to birthday party’ caught drink-driving and speeding

Posted December 06, 2015 11:02:29

Map: Tuerong 3915

A lady who was caught speeding and drink-driving on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula Freeway told police officers she was “operating late to her own birthday celebration”.

Police stated they clocked the woman driving her Mercedes sedan at 154 kilometres per hour in a one hundred zone.

She was driving south along the Mornington Peninsula Freeway, in Tuerong , just prior to 8:00pm on Saturday.

The 57-year-old Fitzroy woman returned a blood alcohol level of .132 per cent, a lot more than two occasions the legal limit, police stated.

She is expected to be charged on summons with speeding and drink-driving.

The woman’s car was impounded for 30 days and her licence was quickly suspended.

She faces $ 950 towing and storage fees to get it back.

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Man and lady face court more than infant death

By Alyse Edwards

Posted December 02, 2015 13:39:59

Map: Rockhampton 4700

A man and lady from Gladstone have appeared in court more than the death of a child in central Queensland much more than two years ago.

An 11-week-old boy was discovered with extreme injuries at a Rockhampton residence in May 2013.

Police mentioned the boy’s injuries integrated 22 broken or fractured bones and bleeding on the brain.

The baby was flown to hospital in Brisbane but died a week later.

Prosecutors stated the baby was also severely malnourished with poor fat stores, and died from an incident straight associated to violent shaking and a lack of oxygen to the brain.

The court was told the trauma occurred over a period of one particular to four weeks due to the fact some of the bones had began to heal in a deformed manner.

Christopher Allan Holland, 31, appeared at Gladstone Magistrates Court charged with manslaughter and cruelty to kids.

He did not apply for bail and remains in custody.

His co-accused, Megan Jean Freeman, 22, is accused of kid cruelty and has been released on bail.

The case against both defendants has been adjourned till later this month.

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Lady charged with murder of Marnielee Cave on NSW south coast

Posted December 02, 2015 06:38:20

Police have charged a woman with murder following a physique was found below a bridge on the New South Wales far south coast.

Marnielee Maree Cave, 26, from Bega, was discovered dead beneath the Mogareeka Bridge at Tathra on October 14 about eight:15am.

Investigators from Far South Coast Local Region Command launched Strike Force Bract to investigate the death.

Officers arrested a 52-year-old lady at a house in Bega on Tuesday.

The lady was taken to Bega Police Station and charged with murder and wounding with intent to lead to grievous bodily harm.

She was refused bail and is due to appear ahead of Batemans Bay Neighborhood Court.

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The lady who celebrates Christmas 365 days a year

Posted December 01, 2015 13:15:59

Jane (Janeo) Dawes enjoys being surrounded by Christmas all year round as a prop house director. Photo: Jane Dawes enjoys being surrounded by Christmas all year round as a prop residence director. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

Meet Mrs Christmas: a Brisbane decorator who has been organizing, celebrating and organising festive cheer each day of the year for a lot more than two decades.

For 25 years Jane Dawes has decorated some of the River City’s biggest shopping centres, corporate buildings and public spaces.

We’re the magical people that set up the decorations even though everybody is sleeping in their beds.

Decorator Jane Dawes

While Christmas comes and goes each year, Ms Dawes looks at reindeers and sleighs all year round.

Her perform spot, The Prop House in the inner-city suburb of Woolloongabba, features five-metre-tall Christmas trees, life-sized gingerbread males and thousands of baubles.

The born and bred Brisbane businesswoman began in the market following generating visual merchandise displays in shopping centres.

“By means of the year we do themeing and prop employ for domestic parties and big events but it really is usually about Christmas,” she mentioned.

“We’re the magical men and women that set up the decorations while every person is sleeping in their beds.

“Christmas for us is daily, all year.”

Boxes arrive all year filled with Christmas trees, wreaths, toys and reindeers to be used in displays. Photo: Boxes arrive all year filled with Christmas trees, wreaths, toys and reindeers to be employed in displays. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

It is 12 months a year and it gets frantic around September when men and women panic and realise Christmas is coming.

Jane Dawes

Ms Dawes now lives and breathes the festive season as she plans, designs and builds displays with her little group of 12.

“Decorating buying centres and corporate buildings occur from September and then in January it has to be packed away once again,” she stated.

“It is 12 months a year and it gets frantic about September when men and women panic and realise Christmas is coming.

“We pretty significantly begin talking to our customers in January and February about the following Christmas.”

One of the many Christmas Trees Jane Dawes and her team will place throughout Brisbane. Photo: One of the numerous Christmas trees Jane Dawes and her group have placed all through Brisbane. (Supplied: The Prop House)

Fluffing Christmas trees

Ms Dawes mentioned one particular of the hardest components of her job was overnight purchasing centre installations.

“Clients stroll in a single day and there’s no decorations and then the next day they walk in and ‘hey presto’, there are decorations everywhere,” she stated.

“We deal with a very huge Nutcracker in the city and there is a toy solider at Springfield that stands at 4-and-a-half metres high … he’s quite impressive.”

Decorations are themed and placed in groups ready to go out to be installed. Photo: Decorations are themed and placed in groups ready to go out to be installed. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

The main task requires a crew of 50 working non-cease from 6:00pm via to 7:00am the subsequent day.

“We have to choose our crew as we need general luggers, EWP [elevated operate platform] drivers who drive the large scissor lifts and they all have to find out how varied the workload is,” she stated.

“We make it all seem in a extremely short time.

“You can be fluffing a Christmas tree one particular minute and then testing lights the next minute or on a lift hanging garlands.”

Individual Christmas tree branches are stacked in size and length in the prop showroom. Photo: Individual Christmas tree branches are stacked in size and length in the prop showroom. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

With extended shifts and overnight work, Ms Dawes said treats helped her team get by way of the night.

“We attempt to maintain it exciting and I go by means of lots of snake lollies at about two:00am every single shift to preserve everybody going with sugar,” she mentioned.

Buckets of baubles the size of basketballs are sorted in colour to make it easy for hanging. Photo: Buckets of baubles the size of basketballs are sorted in colour to make it straightforward for hanging. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

Checking thousands of Christmas lights

Hundreds of thousands of fairy lights are utilised in many of Ms Dawes’ displays and the stress of hoping they all function is an occupational hazard.

“There’s nonetheless that moment when you believe, ‘I hope all the lights are going to work’,” she said.

“It constantly happens and we typically hope we have not plugged in a plug or there is a loose bulb that is stopped the connection.

“Just imagine what absolutely everyone goes via setting up their Christmas tree but it is like on steroids as we’re dealing with far more lights and bigger trees.”

One of the life-sized Nutcracker soldiers used in shopping centres decorations. Photo: 1 of the life-sized Nutcracker soldiers employed in purchasing centres. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

Right after Christmas dinner has been eaten, Ms Dawes stated the preparing for next year began.

“Dismantles are tough as generally the satisfaction is a storage room full of boxes but they finish about January 15,” she stated.

“We hang as significantly as we can in our warehouse as that offers us floor space and I was always the person that packed to go camping so I can pack our retailer space extremely efficiently.

“Soon after that, we then do stocktake and redo the showroom and off we go again. We just keep functioning.”

All going well, Ms Dawes tries to take time off around February every single year ahead of Christmas begins all more than again.

She mentioned the adore of her job came from the satisfaction of seeing displays up and completed.

“Realizing that we have developed a concept or custom constructed one thing and to see how it appears at the end is an amazing feeling,” she mentioned.

“I do not think I could still be carrying out it if I didn’t get that buzz.”

Decorations hang from the ceiling as they wait to be installed in shopping centres and locations throughout Queensland. Photo: Decorations hang from the ceiling as they wait to be installed in shopping centres and areas throughout Queensland. (612 ABC Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe )

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Fort Hood’s ‘Hug Lady’ promises she will return after cancer treatment

Posted November 25, 2015 23:13:04

A woman who estimates she has hugged 500,000 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, has promised she will be back from therapy for breast cancer.

Elizabeth Laird, 83, is known as the “Hug Lady” at Fort Hood, exactly where she has offered hugs to almost each soldier entering and leaving the base considering that 2003, when soldiers stationed there began deploying to Iraq.

“I don’t know when I started hugging, but one soldier hugged me and there was an additional soldier there, so I had to hug him and it kind of just snowballed,” she told the Killeen Day-to-day Herald in 2009.

“I hugged all the soldiers. I promised them that. I told them as they left, I’d be right here to hug them again when they came back.”

Ms Laird has a military background herself, getting enlisted in the US Air Force in 1950, the US Department of Veterans Affairs reported in a Facebook post earlier this month.

External Hyperlink: USDVA Facebook post about Elizabeth Laird

On November 3, she was admitted to hospital for treatment for the breast cancer she was 1st diagnosed with 10 years ago, and a GoFundMe page was set up to assist spend for her healthcare bills.

At the time, she was advised that she would not be able to live alone any longer and would want to go into an assisted care facility.

Soldiers began visiting her at the hospital to give her a hug, with a single man even travelling from New York.

“When they enter the space, they give me a hug and then we talk about something from their household to what it was like overseas or if they got a civilian job upon returning,” Ms Laird told NBC News.

“Occasionally the line is so extended that we have to turn folks away.”

Senior Sergeant Jarvez Wilkes told Texas tv network KCENTV it would be his honour to give her a hug in her time of require.

“You grow to be accustomed to it. It really is practically an expectation to know she’ll be there when you get home. You by no means feel of moments like this, and you take life for granted,” he stated.

The GoFundMe campaign aimed to raise $ US10,000 but has passed $ US93,000 ($ 128,000) in 15 days.

On November 20, the campaign page was updated to say that Ms Laird has been released from hospital to the Copperas Cove Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre.

On Wednesday, Texas tv network KCENTV had a statement from Ms Laird, saying she wanted to thank everybody for all they had been carrying out.

“Sorry I have not been able to come out there [the air field] however, but I will be back. God bless each and every and every single one particular of you. I look forward to seeing you again,” the statement mentioned.

Ms Laird also let soldiers know she was welcoming visitors to the nursing centre.

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