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‘We are at breaking point’: Hollande launches global climate deal push

Updated November 30, 2015 23:20:11

French president Francois Hollande has opened the Paris climate modify summit warning world leaders they require to be ready to commit to meaningful action to fight worldwide warming.

More than 150 globe leaders — such as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull — have arrived in Paris to attend the United Nations talks, armed with promises and accompanied by higher expectations as they appear to hold back the Earth’s increasing temperature.

Key points

  • Hollande says the fights against worldwide warming and terrorism are closely linked
  • Planet leaders are below stress to keep away from the anti-climactic talks in Copenhagen in 2009
  • As the world’s greatest emitters, China and the US have pledged to lead the way

Mr Hollande reiterated that a deal to try to hold any additional increase in global temperatures to beneath two degrees Celsius required to be “universal, differentiated and binding”, with richer countries contributing a lot more than poorer ones.

“I can’t separate the fight with terrorism from the fight against global warming,” he mentioned at the opening of the talks.

“These are two large global challenges we have to face up to, simply because we have to leave our youngsters a lot more than a world freed of terror, we also owe them a planet protected from catastrophes.”

World peace is at stake in the talks, he mentioned.

Soon after decades of struggling negotiations marked by the failure of a previous summit in Copenhagen six years ago, some form of landmark agreement seems all but assured by mid-December.

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Mr Hollande warned that there could not be a vague agreement.

“To resolve the climate crisis, very good will, statements of intent are not enough,” Mr Hollande stated, telling world leaders that the future of humanity rested on their shoulders.

“We are at breaking point.”

Warnings from climate scientists, demands from activists and exhortations from religious leaders like Pope Francis, coupled with significant advances in cleaner power sources like solar power, have all added to stress to cut the carbon emissions held responsible for warming the planet.

Most scientists say failure to agree on robust measures in Paris would doom the globe to ever-hotter typical temperatures, bringing with them deadlier storms, more frequent droughts and rising sea levels as polar ice caps melt.

As the summit opened in Paris, the capitals of the world’s two most populous nations, China and India, had been blanketed in hazardous, choking smog, with regulators in Beijing asking factories to limit output and halting construction work.

On the eve of the summit, hundreds of thousands of people from Australia to Paraguay joined the largest day of climate alter activism in history, telling world leaders there was “No Planet B” in the fight against worldwide warming.

“This previous year has been a turning point,” Christiana Figueres, the UN’s climate chief, told delegates.

Arriving in a sombre city exactly where safety has been tightened right after Islamist militant attacks that killed 130 folks on November 13, every single leader will be permitted a brief opening speech, just a couple of minutes extended.

US, China pledge to push for climate deal in Paris

US president Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have pledged to operate with each other for a climate adjust agreement that ensures a “low carbon international economy” this century.

At the start of bilateral talks held on the sidelines of the Paris gathering, Mr Obama mentioned the two countries’ decision to make their personal emissions-reduction pledges final year had helped drive other nations to comply with suit.

US president Barack Obama shakes hands with Chinese president Xi Jinping. Photo: US president Barack Obama shakes hands with Chinese president Xi Jinping during their meeting. (Reuters: Kevin Lamarque)

“As the two largest economies in the planet and the two largest carbon emitters, we have both determined that it is our responsibility to take action,” Mr Obama mentioned, with Mr Xi sitting subsequent to him.

“Our leadership on this issue has been totally essential.”

Mr Obama mentioned the two countries would perform collectively at the talks to accomplish an agreement that moves toward a low carbon global economy this century and “robust” monetary help for developing nations adapting to climate adjust.

Mr Xi said the two countries would work side by side to ensure the Paris conference accomplished its objectives, and he noted that cooperation amongst the United States and China at a time of multiple international challenges was essential.

“The world economy is recovering slowly, terrorism is on the rise and climate change is a enormous challenge. There is far more instability and uncertainty in [the] international situation,” Mr Xi mentioned by means of a translator.

The world’s two biggest carbon emitters, after on opposite sides on climate concerns, agreed in 2014 to jointly kick-begin a transition away from fossil fuels, every at their own speed and in their own way.

That partnership has been a balm for the principal source of tension that characterised earlier talks, in which the developing world argued that countries that grew rich by industrialising on fossil fuels need to spend the price of shifting all economies to a renewable energy future.


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Afghan army launches rescue bid after helicopter reported shot down

Posted November 26, 2015 09:03:57

The Afghan army has launched an operation to rescue 18 hostages captured by the Taliban right after their helicopter crash-landed in the north, as the private firm operating the aircraft stated it was shot down.

The Taliban killed 3 of these on board — two Afghans and a foreigner — in an initial fire fight and took the rest captive after the crash on Tuesday, the Afghan defence ministry stated in a statement.

The 21 men and women on board included two Moldovan pilots and a Moldovan engineer, the country’s acting prime minister Gheorghe Brega told reporters in Chisinau.

He did not specify if the three have been dead or captured, but the Afghan defence ministry mentioned two foreigners were being held along with an unspecified number of Afghan soldiers.

The helicopter came down in the Pashtun Kot district of Faryab province, an area partly controlled by the militants.

The MI-17 was privately owned by the Valan ICC firm in Moldova, according to Mr Brega, and had been chartered by the Afghan army.

It created an emergency landing “due to technical causes” near Maimana, the capital of Faryab province, the defence ministry statement mentioned.

“Later they encountered battle with the enemy. As a outcome, two army soldiers and a single foreign national had been killed and 18 other folks on board arrested by armed opponents of the government,” it mentioned, with out specifying whether all the Afghans on board had been soldiers.

Even so Valan ICC mentioned in a statement its helicopter had been shot down.

“A distress signal from the crew was received. It informed the client that the helicopter had been attacked, that it had been shot and therefore went down and burned. There was an emergency landing,” organization chief Alexander Zagrebelny said in a statement.

Mr Zagrebelny stated the helicopter and its three crew had been transporting 18 Afghan safety force members at the request of the US State Department.

He denied there had been any technical difficulty.

“This is a virtually new helicopter in best condition,” he stated.

The Taliban, in a statement on their website on Wednesday, stated they had shot the helicopter down.

Moldova seeks US aid

The insurgents fought off an initial attempt on Tuesday by the Afghan army to rescue the surviving hostages, the ministry said. It mentioned a fresh attempt was launched on Wednesday but gave no immediate information.

The Taliban mentioned they had killed five folks and had been holding a further 15, and made no mention of any foreign hostages.

They stated the captives had “been taken to secure regions and are becoming investigated”.

Moldova does not have a diplomatic mission in the war-torn nation and its foreign ministry requested assistance from the United Nations, whilst Brega said his country had appealed to the US for support.

The US-led NATO coalition, which has 13,000 foreign troops in the country, has not yet commented on the incident.

Faryab province has in current months been the scene of bitter fighting among Afghan troops and police and Islamist insurgents, who are increasingly active in the north.

In late September the Taliban temporarily seized manage of the provincial capital of Kunduz — the very first time the group had taken handle of a main city since becoming toppled from power in 2001.

Galvanised by the short conquest, they launched assaults on other cities like Maimana, but had been pushed back by heavily armed local residents although regional security forces reportedly abandoned their posts.

The Taliban have in the previous shot down several military helicopters with little-arms fire.

In October a US F-16 was struck by enemy fire in eastern Afghanistan, in a rare case of an advanced jet fighter coming beneath a Taliban-claimed attack.


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Comcast launches online TV service that doesn’t count against data caps

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Comcast Stream Tv. (credit: Comcast)

Comcast’s reside-Television-more than-the-World wide web service has launched in the Boston and Chicago locations, with plans to bring it to Comcast’s complete cable territory by early next year.

We asked Comcast today if Stream Television usage will count against the 300GB data plans imposed in specific parts of Comcast’s territory. “No, Stream is an IP cable service delivered over our managed network to the home,” a Comcast spokesperson replied.

Stream Television is offered to Comcast’s Web-only consumers, providing reside TV on computers, tablets, and phones. In-residence streaming video is delivered as a managed service more than the Comcast IP gateway in customers’ residences and works similarly to cable TV—despite not requiring a cable Tv subscription or set-prime box—potentially supplying higher video quality than rival streaming solutions. Sling Tv clients, for instance, have experienced many outages.

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LG joins Apple, Google, and Samsung, launches own mobile payment service

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The mobile payments arena is currently crowded, but that’s not stopping LG. The consumer electronics giant has announced LG Pay, the company’s personal mobile payment technique that will most likely enable its buyers to full purchases using only their smartphones.

LG has partnered with South Korean credit card issuers Shinhan Card and KB Kookmin Card, which are probably two unfamiliar names if you live outside of that nation. It’s not surprising that LG will roll out the service in its property country initial. There is no word on how extensive the rollout will be, but it really is probably we will have to wait a bit to see LG Pay in the US or Europe. LG did the identical thing with the launch of the Watch Urbane with LTE connectivity. The cellular-powered smartwatch launched in South Korea earlier this year, and now it’s just beginning to come to the US as 2015 comes to a close.

If LG Spend ends up launching in other nations, it would join the likes of Apple Spend, Android Spend, and Samsung Spend in the ever-developing mobile payments world. Even though Apple and Google’s solutions dominate, Samsung’s acquire of LoopPay earlier this year was a sign that it really is serious about staying in the mobile payments space, in spite of steep competitors. Also, these payment systems do not include the number of new apps from banks like Captial 1 that let you tap-and-pay to comprehensive purchases.

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