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Mooy, Fornaroli lead Melbourne City to rout of Newcastle

Updated December 13, 2015 19:18:20

Aaron Mooy and Bruno Fornaroli celebrate with Melbourne City team-mates Photo: Bruno Fornaroli (second from appropriate) and Aaron Mooy (#eight) have been too much for the Jets. (AAP: Dan Himbrechts)
Map: Newcastle 2300

Aaron Mooy and Bruno Fornaroli have netted a brace every to sink Newcastle four- and claim third spot on the A-League ladder.


Jets -4 Melb City
at Hunter Stadium, December 13, 2015
3Shots on targetsix
11Shots off target16
Newcastle Jets:

Melbourne City: four (A Mooy 43′, 59′ B Fornaroli 56′, 62′)

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The victory requires City’s tally to 14 objectives from their previous 3 games soon after a pair of 5-1 routs of Perth and Central Coast, with 3 second-half objectives in six minutes sinking the hapless Jets at Hunter Stadium on Sunday.

The in-demand Mooy was fairly slow off the blocks in this cease-start off contest but basically could not stay out of the action, while Uruguayan striker Fornaroli ensured his league-higher aim record bulged to nine.

It leaves the Jets wallowing in seventh spot, nevertheless with an appalling property record and without a win because their exceptional round-4 three-two comeback win more than City.

Newcastle pounced early and developed chances but sorely lacked a clinical finish, an all-also-familiar sight that has seen Scott Miller’s men score no more than one aim in eight of their past nine matches.

Returning Brazilian playmaker Leonardo won the ball many occasions even though Milos Trifunovic, who netted a brace in these sides’ final meeting at AAMI Park, penetrated early and dinked a cheeky backheel for Serbian compatriot Enver Alivodic, only for City goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen to scoop up his effort.

But Newcastle’s audacious start off did not final extended and City stole the edge.

Frenchman Harry Novillo stung the hosts’ sturdy defence with a glorious cross that floated invitingly for somebody to finish, but gloveman Mark Birighitti was fortunate to watch it trickle out.

It was Mooy who delivered the initial blow just prior to half-time.

The 25-year-old flew into the box and toyed with defenders prior to offloading to Ivan Franjic.

When Mooy got the ball back, only Birighitti was standing in his way, and he drove low and hard via the custodian’s legs into the back corner.

After the break, Birighitti was caught among his pins once more when Fornaroli got last touch right after a inexpensive turnover, before Mooy kneed a lovely Franjic cross house 4 minutes later.

Inside two minutes Mooy had set a fourth aim on a plate for Fornaroli, who beat two defenders with some fancy footwork ahead of striking.

The Jets toiled and the rejuvenated David Carney was an outlet on the wing, but the ten,087-sturdy crowd was virtually silent for the final 30 minutes of the game.

Trifunovic, who was offside more than he was on, had possibilities late but there would be no consolation aim.

The only dark spot of the game for City have been the injuries to Chapman and Jacob Melling.

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States can take lead more than climate alter action: Weatherill

Posted December 05, 2015 09:18:34

States and regions have the capacity to tackle climate adjust even if national governments discover it hard to attain agreements, South Australia’s Premier Jay Weatherill has mentioned.

Mr Weatherill and other provincial leaders met UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon in Paris on Friday as talks continued in the French capital on a worldwide climate deal.

He stated sub-national governments had been a major force in tackling climate change.

“Territory and regional governments are investing in their transport systems, their energy systems, and their waste systems,” Mr Weatherill stated.

“It falls to state and regional governments and cities to take these methods because there’s been so much paralysis at an international level in action on global warming.”

South Australia is 1 of the chairs of the Climate Group States and Regions Alliance, which contains Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT, as well as several Canadian provinces, American states and European regions.

Mr Weatherill mentioned the meeting was told of South Australia’s program to turn into carbon neutral by 2050.

“We’re already out there carrying out it, and if there are troubles in national governments reaching these agreements, then we can attain agreements at a sub-national government level and get on with the enterprise of really taking on international warming.”

Mr Weatherill’s delegation will be in Paris till Tuesday, and he will be speaking at other international forums.

“We want to offer ourselves as a test bed for new technologies and new concepts that will not only lead us in the fight against worldwide warming, but develop the jobs of the future,” he said.

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World’s biggest polluter wants to lead fight against climate change

Posted November 29, 2015 07:00:37

A man walks past a power plant in eastern Beijing. Photo: Provincial governments in China have issued 155 permits for new coal-fired power plants, despite the country’s efforts to reduce emissions. (ABC: Bill Birtles)

Regardless of pumping as a lot carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as the subsequent four biggest polluters combined, China will use this week’s UN conference in Paris to stake a worldwide leadership claim on climate modify.

Six years on from the disappointing Copenhagen conference, exactly where China was seen by the West as largely impeding a binding agreement, Beijing is bringing a raft of ambitious commitments to the table.

Smog covers downtown Beijing Photo: A heavy smog covers Beijing. (ABC: Stephen McDonell)

Chief among them, a state-led investment drive for renewables with an aim of sourcing 20 per cent of the country’s power requirements from non-fossil fuel sources by 2030.

Accompanying that is a pledge to peak the nation’s carbon dioxide emissions by about 2030, and to lessen carbon emission intensity by up to 65 per cent in the identical period.

Li Yuan, the CEO of China Merchants New Power Group [the green power arm of a main state-owned enterprise] mentioned the planet has “already witnessed China’s speed in developing its green power industry”.

“Final year’s speed was the quickest. This year we’ve reached the highest capacity construction of wind energy and solar energy in the globe.”

China in 2014 spent about $ 115 billion on solar and wind power, and other types of renewable power, putting it far ahead of the European Union and the United States for investment.

In a sign of how eager Beijing is to invest, Mr Li’s firm has gone from operating one solar energy plant to running 46 of them in 3 years.

Questions raised more than pilot emissions trading scheme

Another pledge China has announced includes the creation of a national carbon emissions trading scheme by 2017.

Pilot applications have been trialled in seven cities, but in at least a single of them, Shenzhen, permit trading has been sluggish since of the slowing economy and an oversupply of permits.

That has raised inquiries about the effectiveness of the national scheme after it has been launched.

Large solar panels are seen in a solar power plant in northwest China Photo: China spent $ 155 billion on renewable energy final year. (AFP: China Out)

Further concerns are becoming raised about China’s heavy reliance on coal.

A current revision of national coal use figures revealed the government had been underreporting the quantity of coal getting used for energy every single year by as much as 600 million tonnes, or 17 per cent of the country’s total use.

And despite power demand dropping off in line with a slowing economy, a Greenpeace study revealed provincial governments have issued 155 permits for new coal-fired power plants.

“If those power plants are constructed in the future, they will create 6 per cent of the annual carbon dioxide emissions of China. So that will pose a great threat to the Chinese effort for meeting the objectives of cutting coal and cutting carbon emissions,” Greenpeace East Asia campaigner Dong Liansai said.

China’s president Xi Jinping will address the opening ceremony of the Paris conference, but Chinese officials have said they will not be bringing any added pledges to the table.

The country’s prime climate negotiator Xie Zhenhua cautioned that China’s economy and continual pursuit of stability would be factored in to the government’s plans.

“We are taking all the proper actions to solve this problem [climate change]. But right now, in accordance with our existing stage of development, China’s current scenario need to consider the stability of the economy, the employment of workers,” he mentioned.

“So we may well need to work to execute our objective step by step.”

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States Lead Effort to Let Pharmacists Prescribe Birth Control

Groundbreaking laws in two Western states will quickly make access to birth control easier for millions of females by allowing them to obtain contraceptives from pharmacists without a doctor’s prescription.

Even as the Supreme Court prepares to consider however an additional divisive case involving access to contraception, public overall health advocates hope these arrangements could spread across the country, as states grappling with persistently high prices of unintended pregnancy seek to enhance access to birth handle with measures that so far have been unavailable below federal law.

Most Western countries call for a doctor’s prescription for hormonal contraceptives like pills, patches and rings, but starting sometime in the subsequent handful of months, ladies in California and Oregon will be capable to receive these varieties of birth manage by getting a prescription directly from the pharmacist who dispenses them, a a lot more practical and potentially significantly less costly selection than going to the medical professional.

Pharmacists will be authorized to prescribe contraceptives following a rapid screening method in which ladies fill out a questionnaire about their overall health and medical histories. The contraceptives will be covered by insurance, as they are now.

The laws are the most recent work to make birth handle much more accessible, a longstanding aim of healthcare experts and policy makers. But in contrast to other recent debates over contraception — which includes the firestorm over the Obama administration’s requirement beneath the Inexpensive Care Act that all wellness plans spend for contraceptives — these legislative efforts have been largely cost-free of political rancor.

“I feel strongly that this is what’s ideal for women’s health in the 21st century, and I also feel it will have repercussions for decreasing poverty due to the fact 1 of the crucial factors for females in poverty is unintended pregnancy,” mentioned State Representative Knute Buehler, a Republican who sponsored Oregon’s aw.

About half of the six.six million pregnancies annually in the United States are unintended, a larger proportion than in Europe.

Reproductive well being groups and medical associations increasingly say the ultimate purpose ought to be to make contraceptives obtainable with no a prescription, and some worry that the push for pharmacist-prescribed contraceptives could thwart that. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is one of the couple of groups to express opposition to these laws, arguing that hormonal contraceptives must be obtainable solely more than the counter.

“My basic tenet is there need to be no one among the patient and the pill,” stated Dr. Mark DeFrancesco, the president of the organization. “I’m afraid we’re going to create a new model that becomes a barrier between that and more than the counter. I be concerned that it is going to derail the over-the-counter movement.”

But supporters of more than-the-counter contraceptives acknowledge that acquiring Food and Drug Administration approval could take a long time simply because the agency typically calls for extra research.

Price is one more achievable drawback of over-the-counter sales. The Affordable Care Act does not explicitly call for plans to cover over-the-counter medicines, so girls may possibly wind up paying hundreds of dollars a year for over-the-counter birth control rather of getting it totally free with a prescription.

A bill introduced in Congress in Might by Republican senators would support expedite the procedure in which contraceptive companies apply to the Meals and Drug Administration for over-the-counter approval, but some Democrats and women’s groups say it may well ultimately minimize birth manage use due to the fact it does not specify insurance coverage for more than-the-counter strategies. In response, Democrats have introduced a bill stipulating that contraceptives would stay covered if they were to turn out to be obtainable with no a prescription.

In the absence of federal action, states are stepping in.

Jill Vincik, a higher school teacher who recently moved to Bend, Ore., mentioned that getting capable to get her birth manage pills with no a doctor’s appointment would make her life easier.

“I would surely take benefit of it,” said Ms. Vincik, 37, a single mother, who noted that she had a gynecological exam before moving and had not however located a gynecologist in Oregon. “I shouldn’t be in a position to have to go to a doctor when my pills run out. I’m not going to do an additional Pap smear I just did 1.”

Advocates of this approach, such as pharmacists’ organizations, plan to lobby for it across the nation. “We are actively going to come up with a statute to spread to other states, and I feel it can spread quite speedily,” stated Mr. Buehler, the Oregon legislator, who is also an orthopedist. Pharmacy board representatives from states such as Arizona and Idaho observed a recent meeting in Oregon about the new rules.

A New Mexico proposal that failed in 2012 is anticipated to be revised to reflect the Oregon and California measures, said Dale Tinker, the executive director of the New Mexico Pharmacists Association. Raley’s, a grocery retailer and pharmacy chain with 80 stores in Northern California and 16 in Nevada, is urging Nevada to adhere to California’s lead, stated Lee Worthy, the chain’s vice president for pharmacy and wellness.

“It’s going to take a lot of the barriers away from that underserved community that we see surrounding every single retailer,” Mr. Worthy said.

Numerous reproductive wellness experts have come to help pharmacist-prescribed contraceptives, persuaded that pharmacists can safely dispense contraception without a doctor’s prescription and that girls can assess their health dangers on questionnaires.

“There’s a increasing body of evidence that there isn’t a security concern,” stated Dr. Daniel Grossman, vice president for analysis at Ibis Reproductive Well being and a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, San Francisco. “There are research displaying that girls can actually accurately determine the conditions that make it proper to use particular contraceptives, employing a straightforward checklist.”

Some men and women have argued that a need for contraception brings females to the doctor, ensuring that they get other critical screening tests, like Pap smears to detect cervical cancer. But Dr. Nancy Stanwood, an obstetrician and chairwoman of the board of Physicians for Reproductive Overall health, mentioned a study of Texas ladies who received more than-the-counter contraceptives in Mexico had discovered that numerous nonetheless visited physicians for Pap smears. And she noted that Pap smears had been now recommended every single 3 years, not annually, and not till ladies turn 21.

“We have been holding pregnancy prevention hostage to cancer screening,” Dr. Stanwood mentioned. “They’re both worthwhile goals, but 1 should not be held hostage to the other.”

The new laws are extensions of arrangements now identified in almost each state: collaborative practice laws that let pharmacists to administer vaccines or prescribe particular medicines if they have agreements with physicians or other health providers. The laws differ widely, and some include only distinct ailments or drugs. But in some locations, like Washington State and Washington, D.C., collaborative practice laws are broad enough for pharmacists to prescribe birth control if their doctor agreements permit it.

In Seattle, Beverly Schaefer, a co-owner of Katterman’s Sand Point Pharmacy, has a physician’s permission to prescribe different medicines, such as antibiotics and antihistamines. She charges a $ 35 charge, and will prescribe hormonal contraceptives for women who say they have previously been prescribed them.

So far, those clients have usually been college students who “haven’t planned ahead and are like, ‘Oh, my god, I don’t have any contraceptives,’” she said. “I also see it in some approaches as being much more comfortable for ladies since it is a less clinical environment.”

But arrangements like this have been sporadic, authorities say, simply because arranging doctor agreements can be time-consuming, and females frequently do not know which pharmacies have them.

1 unanswered query, however, is whether or not insurers will spend for the time pharmacists commit reviewing women’s questionnaires or helping evaluate options. To cover that cost, some pharmacists may charge fees of $ 25 or much more, which could be an obstacle for some ladies.

The laws in Oregon and California differ in some ways. California’s has no age restriction the Oregon law needs that teenagers below 18 receive their very first contraceptive prescription from a medical professional. In California, pharmacists will also most most likely have to take women’s blood stress for contraceptives containing estrogen.

Dr. Stanwood of Physicians for Reproductive Wellness described these states as “incubators, which may possibly finish up getting a model at the national level.”

She stated, “We want to feel outside of that old-fashioned box that just doesn’t apply to women’s lives now.”

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