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Child penguin identified washed up in Perth ‘likely died of starvation’

Posted December 06, 2015 13:13:46

A juvenile penguin identified dead in Perth’s Cockburn Sound almost certainly died from starvation, according to the WA Division of Parks and Wildlife.

A member of the public discovered the dead penguin at Naval Base’s Challenger Beach on Friday and reported it to authorities.

Thousands of dead fish have washed up in the area in current weeks but authorities have however to establish what triggered the deaths.

DPAW officers took the penguin to Perth Zoo exactly where employees performed an autopsy.

Senior wildlife officer Rick Dawson stated preliminary benefits indicated the penguin’s death was a all-natural occurrence.

“It is probably a normal event, a single of the young [penguins] that is fledged from the Penguin Island area or Garden Island and hasn’t been in a position to make it, and as a outcome starved,” he stated.

“However it really is been dead for a fair couple of days so even though it looked in tact on the outdoors, it was really very decaying inside.”

“The chances of us getting meaningful benefits from the inside of the penguin, as a result of what it may possibly have eaten, are really remote.”

Photos of the penguin have been shared widely on social media.

The penguin weighed 550 grams, which is about half the typical weight of one particular kilo for a bird of its age.

Mr Dawson mentioned it was widespread for juvenile penguins and other wildlife such as pelicans not to survive their first year.

“Those that have the capabilities to be in a position to hunt and survive in the wild do and these that never unfortunately perish,” he stated.

Mr Dawson stated no adults penguins had washed up dead in the region.

The Department of Fisheries is continuing to investigate what triggered the fish kill but said tests to date pointed to an, as yet, unknown natural occasion.

The public is nevertheless being encouraged to report anything uncommon to authorities.

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Scary clown Halloween poster banned: ‘Likely to cause fear or distress’

Updated November 26, 2015 01:32:08

The scary clown advertising poster for the PrimEVIL Halloween attraction Photo: This poster for the PrimEVIL Halloween attraction at the Norfolk Dinosaur Park was banned for becoming probably to trigger distress to youngsters. (Supplied: Instagram/primevilscare)

An marketing poster featuring a “menacing” clown and advertising a Halloween attraction at an amusement park has been banned by Britain’s Advertising Requirements Authority (ASA) for making young children “really distressed”.

Norfolk Dinosaur Park had promoted a Halloween occasion called Primevil with the text “SCREAMING Won’t Help! … five FRIGHTENING ATTRACTIONS! … 13 NIGHTS OF TERROR!”

The attraction’s web site states: “This occasion is not appropriate for under 12’s.”

The poster featured a prominent image of the head of a clown with a painted white face, red eyes, stitches about the eyes and forehead, and blood dripping kind a variety of components of its face.

The ASA reported in its ruling that there had been 23 complainants, “numerous of whom regarded the image as well distressing for children,” who had challenged no matter whether the ad was acceptable for outside show.

Norfolk Dinosaur Park said they had received 3 complaints about a single poster and arranged for it to be removed.

A post on the primevilscare Instagram account shows young kids searching at 1 of the posters.

In its ruling, the ASA stated a quantity of complainants had reported their kids becoming “extremely distressed” on seeing the image.

It also “noted that the clown was leaning towards the camera and grinning with a menacing expression, that its eyes glowed red and blood dripped down its face”.

The ad was regarded “probably to lead to fear or distress without having justifiable cause when displayed in an untargeted medium,” and that it breached advertising requirements around responsible marketing and causing harm and offence.

The ASA ruled that the ad need to not seem once again in its existing kind.

Though not officially recognised as a distinct phobia, the term coulrophobia has been coined to describe fear of clowns.

Reported sufferers contain actors Johnny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton and Daniel Radcliffe, and rapper Sean P Diddy Combs.

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Initial posted November 26, 2015 01:28:58

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