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‘Politics is a rough and difficult game’: Macfarlane contemplating political profession

Posted December 15, 2015 01:04:09

Queensland Liberal National MP Ewen Jones hopes Ian Macfarlane can recover from the “brain explosion” that was his program to defect from the Liberal party room to the Nationals.

On Monday, the Queensland LNP State Executive blocked Mr Macfarlane’s bid to switch allegiances to the Nationals, in spite of regional party members in his regional seat of Groom voting 102-34 in favour of the move.

Mr Jones — who sits in the Liberal party space and is one particular of the Turnbull Government’s whips in the Residence of Representatives — has suggested it would be up to the party room as to how the former Abbott government minister would be received when Parliament resumes subsequent February.

“He could walk in there and could be treated as this was a brain explosion, and he can move on and rebuild,” Mr Jones stated.

“Or he could be treated with the identical sort of respect and admiration as [former LNP MP] Peter Slipper.

I could make a decision, but I won’t announce it…it is a decision I want to make in the cool of the evening.

Ian Macfarlane

“I do not know if he’s a turncoat, [but] for me this is a quite poor decision.”

For Mr Macfarlane, the decision is now regardless of whether he will remain in Parliament.

“I booked with my loved ones to have our usual Christmas break down the Sunshine Coast,” Mr Macfarlane told ABC Southern Queensland.

“I’ll get some time to believe about it all and I will come back, gauge how factors are going in Canberra, and certainly the plan at the moment [is] to return to the February sittings and see what occurs from that.

“The globe is a really difficult location.

“I could make a selection, but I won’t announce it.

“It really is a selection I want to make in the cool of the evening.”

‘I wasn’t going to walk away with no trying’

Mr Macfarlane has offered his strongest indication but that this incident could spell the finish of his political career.

“I can not sit with the Nationals, but I guess if the Liberals make me really feel unwelcome, nicely that might accelerate the selection,” Mr Macfarlane said.

“Politics is a rough and challenging game and I would be the last a single to bemoan that.

“You’ve got to give it every little thing you have got and you have got to give it a red hot go.

“I wasn’t going to stroll away without having attempting and I do not ever want to die wondering.”

His colleague, Ewen Jones stated Mr Macfarlane only had the urge to join the Nationals when he lost his Cabinet position following Malcolm Turnbull took over as Prime Minister.

He argued the complete saga had been a distraction for the LNP, due to the fact all the party had been talking about was “some bloke’s disappointing profession move in Toowoomba”.

“Place two and two collectively, and this is a lot more about his career than about the state of the Government, much more about his career than about the state of the celebration in Queensland, far more about his career than about the parliamentary Liberal Party or National Party,” Mr Jones stated.

“I think he has had a great parliamentary career since 1998, on the frontbench because 2001.

“To have his profession defined by this moment is a sad time for just about absolutely everyone involved.”

Macfarlane celebration swap block could influence Cabinet

Yesterday, Deputy Nationals Leader Barnaby Joyce expressed his disappointment that the State Executive disregarded the overwhelmingly favourable vote among nearby members in Groom.

Fellow Queensland LNP MP Michelle Landry, who sits in the Nationals celebration space, echoed such comments.

But she did not think the party would face a voter backlash at the subsequent election.

That would be a shame if that did occur, since I do have a lot of respect for Ian…I would hate to see that talent leave

LNP MP Michelle Landry

“In Queensland, it is the Liberal National Celebration, and a lot of individuals actually consider of us as a single team,” Ms Landry said.

“It is a lot more when you get down to Canberra that you sit with the Liberals or the Nationals that it is more of a possibly relevant issue.

“I feel that it is disappointing. We would have loved yet another member, another team member for the Nationals in Canberra, but we nonetheless all are a single group.”

Blocking the defection could also scuttle hopes the Nationals had at securing yet another Cabinet position.

Mr Macfarlane has been mooted for filling a role, and Ms Landry said the possibility of Ian Macfarlane leaving Parliament would be the worst outcome.

“That would be a shame if that did take place, simply because I do have a lot of respect for Ian,” Ms Landry mentioned.

“I would hate to see that talent leave.

“Certainly there is a reason that the executive have made that decision, but I would hate Ian to leave at the next election simply because of the decision.”

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Macfarlane blocked from moving to Nationals

Posted December 14, 2015 15:32:06

Federal MP Ian Macfarlane has been blocked from moving from the Liberals to the Nationals partyroom.

The Liberal National Party State Executive has right now blocked the move, right after it was approved with a vote of 102-34 by local party members on Saturday.

In a statement, LNP president Gary Spence said the decision was made following “taking into consideration the ideal interests” of the party.

Much more to come.

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Ian Macfarlane set to learn fate of Nationals switch

Posted December 14, 2015 09:02:51

Federal MP Ian Macfarlane will nowadays find out if his bid to switch from the Liberals to the Nationals celebration space is successful.

The Liberal National Celebration State Executive is due to meet shortly ahead of midday to talk about the move, after it was approved with a vote of 102-34 by local party members on Saturday.

If successful, Nationals Leader Warren Truss is expected to seek a meeting with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a matter of days about an additional spot in Cabinet.

The Government presently makes use of a lengthy-held formula for calculating how numerous of the 21 Cabinet positions the Nationals must hold, and Nationals senator Matt Canavan mentioned the party deserved one more seat if Mr Macfarlane gained the final approval.

“I do consider the Coalition agreement must be adhered to, and it is often been 1 which has been in accordance to the ratio in between the two parties,” he stated.

“And even when that ratio modifications, so need to the ministerial ratios as effectively.”

Attorney-General George Brandis, also a Queensland politician, has previously stated that the National Celebration was entitled to its share of ministries.

But Senator Brandis said doubt remained over Mr Macfarlane’s techniques.

“No backbencher can force a Cabinet reshuffle on a prime minister by swapping parties in order to game the system,” he mentioned.

“I don’t think that Mr Macfarlane need to have completed what he did.”

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Macfarlane switch an internal matter, Turnbull says

Updated December 07, 2015 22:13:35

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has sidestepped inquiries about Ian Macfarlane’s selection to switch to the National Celebration in his initial extended-kind interview since last week’s announcement.

Liberal MPs lashed out at Mr Macfarlane following he revealed his intention to switch parties and accused him of showing “naked ambition” and “gaming the system” to return to the frontbench.

When asked about his reaction to the move, Mr Turnbull told 7.30 it was an internal matter for the Queensland Liberal-National party.

“I feel there are some troubles to be sorted out with the LNP in Queensland but these internal celebration matters, I feel we should hold internal to the Coalition,” Mr Turnbull said.

Mr Turnbull stated he dumped Mr Macfarlane from Cabinet in September simply because he wanted to make way for new talent, not because of the minister’s efficiency.

“He is a pal of mine, he’s been a quite capable minister,” he mentioned.

“[But] there are only so many locations in the Cabinet and you can’t bring new talent up unless some of the older talent moves on.”

Even though the LNP State Executive still demands to sign off on Mr Macfarlane’s move, the National Celebration is using the defection to push for a fourth Cabinet position.

It is understood this is also a move by the Queensland LNP branch to boost its influence over the Nationals party area in Canberra.

The celebration at the moment holds 3 spots in Cabinet, but it argues that below a formula contained in the Coalition agreement, it is now entitled to 3.76.

According to Treasurer Scott Morrison, the Nationals should not hold their breath.

“What the Coalition agreement says is that when there is a reshuffle, that is when the leader decides to do 1 or when there is an election, then you have to take into account the proportions of the two parties, so what this does, is does not adjust anything,” Mr Morrison mentioned.

Some MPs have suggested Mr Turnbull could use the chance to demote his Specific Minister of State, Mal Brough, who is below siege more than his involvement in the Peter Slipper affair.

When asked whether Mr Brough had already presented to stand down, Mr Turnbull told 7.30 he stated he did not want “to go into discussions amongst myself and ministers on this matter”.

The LNP State Executive is expected to meet on Monday to approve or reject Mr Macfarlane’s move.

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1st posted December 07, 2015 20:01:39

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Reports Macfarlane offered to keep with Liberals dismissed as ‘rubbish’

Posted December 05, 2015 09:56:12

A Nationals senator has dismissed reports that new recruit Ian Macfarlane provided to keep with the Liberal Celebration if given his former function.

Mr Macfarlane is looking for neighborhood endorsement to swap from the Liberal to the National partyroom, following his demotion as minister for market and science in September.

He began looking for the switch inside a single week of becoming dumped from the frontbench by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but Sky News has reported that he offered to keep with the Liberals if given his old role.

The report, which stated that Mr Macfarlane created the provide earlier this week, has been dismissed by Nationals senator Matthew Canavan.

Senator Canavan told Sky News that he had been assured no deal was attempted with the Liberals.

“I’ve spoken to Ian this morning and he says its absolute rubbish, that that did not take place,” he mentioned.

“I seriously doubt that a person of Ian’s knowledge and stature would do anything like that.”

Senator Canavan stated those “disappointed” by the modify required to move on.

“I am not going to take lectures from the Liberal Celebration on loyalty or naked ambition,” he said.

“I imply, this is politics. It is a game ruthlessly dictated to by the numbers. That’s been shown this year… The National Party did not have a vote or a role in the altering of a first-term prime minister.

Mr Macfarlane yesterday mentioned the switch produced sense and he was “as National Celebration as any individual”.

“The Nationals have presented me an chance which the Liberals haven’t,” he said.

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