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Anti-gun protesters mock staged mass shooting at University of Texas

Posted December 14, 2015 23:53:56

External Hyperlink: Demonstrators at the University of Texas respond to a “mock mass shooting” with fart noises.

A “mock mass shooting” staged by gun rights demonstrators at the University of Texas (UT) has been met with dozens of students, professors and locals armed with farts, sex toys and chants of “Do not shoot, it is just a poot”.

Gun rights activist group Don’t Comply demonstrated a mass shooting at the university to “demonstrate all aspects of mass shootings” utilizing cardboard guns and ketchup packets.

News website NonDoc reported that four middle-aged actors fell to the ground right after pretending to be shot by a young man who pulled a cardboard gun from his suit pocket.

External Hyperlink: Mock mass shooting Facebook post

The fake victims were then doused with ketchup and their bodies have been outlined with chalk on the pavement.

All four victims wore orange T-shirts from the anti-gun Gun Free of charge UT campus group.

In a Facebook post, Never Comply mentioned the occasion went completely, and that police showed up after 10 minutes of the event being loudly narrated via a bullhorn.

Don’t Comply stated that the typical mass shooting takes four minutes.

Organiser Murdoch Pizgatti told the Houston Chronicle the occasion was planned to show that mass shootings occur unannounced and that police do not arrive till well right after the shooting is over.

“You need to protect oneself. You should be armed,” he mentioned.

Second-year student Charlie Henry told NonDoc that he believed the demonstration was “disrespectful”.

“Open carry is unsafe, threatening, and I do not consider it’s necessary,” he mentioned.

The counter protest marched via campus carrying flatulence noisemakers and homemade indicators, such as some that read “I fart in your basic path” — a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Protesters also carried dildos, a reference to a #CocksNotGlocks” anti-gun demonstration planned for next year in which students have pledged to carry sex toys on campus — an act that is punishable by a $ 500 fine — in protest against a new law that will permit handguns in university buildings.

External Link: A counter protester remixed hip-hop tracks to feature farts

As they approached the internet site of the mass shooting, protesters shouted “UT” and “farts”.

The counter protest was planned by 2006 graduate Tim Sookram and a friend from his college comedy group.

“They are not genuinely listening to purpose at all, and this is mainly why we’re making fun of them,” Mr Sookram told NonDoc.

“Their rhetoric and their actions are so bizarre, we just have to meet it with the exact same sort of language.”

Another organiser, Andrew Dobbs, told the crowd “I select to believe that worry is not the solution to the threat of our time,” the Houston Chronicle reported.

“That laughing in the face of fear is a courageous act and toting a gun about everywhere you go, maybe not so considerably.”

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Only five US states spared from mass shootings this year: monitor

Posted December 13, 2015 13:41:12

Only five US states were not impacted by the bloody, perpetual series of mass shootings in the nation this year, according to a site that tracks gun violence.

Important points

  • Only 5 states in the US did not record a mass shooting this year, according to tracking internet site
  • States had been Hawaii, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming
  • All events that killed or wounded at least 4 people had been counted
  • Specialists say the 5 states were “lucky” and had accomplished nothing revolutionary to stop shootings

As of December two, 353 mass shootings have killed 462 individuals in 220 cities, according to the Shooting Tracker web site, which counts all events that have killed or wounded at least four individuals.

A total of 1,317 men and women were wounded following adjusting for the newest toll from the last mass shooting, which saw a husband and wife couple kill 14 and wound 22 in San Bernardino, California, the deadliest such tragedy in 3 years.

If there is no slowdown to this frenetic pace, there will be as a lot of such traumatic deadly events as there are days in the year. Or more.

Hawaii, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming alone have been spared such macabre fate.

Experts debate whether the states had been spared thanks to coincidence or if circumstances there make them a haven of peace.

All of them except West Virginia have not noticed a single mass shooting considering that 2013, when the internet site initial started its count primarily based not on official figures but on reports obtained from media reports and other sources.

The outcome owes in portion to the relatively low population density in these states, professionals say.

Wyoming, house to 584,000 people, is the least populous state, according to 2014 estimates from the US Census.

None of them have accomplished anything innovative or successful to avoid mass shootings, it just takes place to be … [a] coincidence.

Professor Adam Winkler, UCLA College of Law

North Dakota, with 739,500 folks, is the fourth least populated state, ranking 47th out of 50 general by population.

“Naturally, we would count on that states with smaller populations would have fewer mass shootings, on average,” University of Alabama criminologist Adam Lankford said.

The most populous state, California with 38.8 million folks, had 25 shootings, the second largest number this year.

Florida, which counted 27 shootings, the most of any state, has a population of 19.9 million, producing it the third most populated state.

Lack of shootings in five states a ‘coincidence’

The 5 states are also amongst the most rural. Most lack significant cities, except for Hawaii, with Honolulu obtaining a population of about 375,000.

Professor Lankford said men and women in the four states have been significantly less most likely to reside in cities than these in most other US states.

“This affects their threat and probability of experiencing a mass shooting,” he said.

“Even though college and workplace shootings do happen in towns and other rural locations, there are several types of mass shootings that largely happen in cities, such as mass shootings that arise from gang violence, organised crime, and other criminal activity.”

None of these five states, except for Hawaii, has adopted strict gun handle legislation, and it is usually simpler to personal 1 there than elsewhere in the United States.

Wyoming namely does not regulate the transfer or possession of machine guns and no state permit is necessary to purchase a rifle, shotgun or handgun.

That earns it an “F” from the San Francisco-based Law Centre to Avert Gun Violence, an advocacy group. North Dakota and West Virginia also get that lowest attainable grade.

New Hampshire fared just a hair better, with a D-.

Hawaii, in contrast, got a B+, due to the fact of its license and registration needs, ban on assault weapons and massive capacity ammunition magazines, youngster access prevention specifications and restriction on openly carrying of handguns and lengthy guns.

There have been quite a few shootings in those 5 states, but always fewer than four victims.

“None of them have carried out anything innovative or successful to avoid mass shootings, it just happens to be … [a] coincidence,” mentioned Adam Winkler of the UCLA College of Law.


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SA council commemorates one particular year given that mass whale beaching

By Isabella Pittaway

Posted December ten, 2015 ten:28:01

Yorke Peninsula Council Mayor Ray Agnew unveiling a plaque set on a rock near the beach where seven sperm whales died Photo: Yorke Peninsula Council Mayor Ray Agnew unveils a plaque for the seven sperm whales that beached themselves near Ardrossan. (Supplied: Yorke Peninsula Council)

Plaques have been set into rocks and trees planted for every single of the seven sperm whales that died after beaching themselves at Ardrossan in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula in December last year.

A regional loved ones recommended the tribute to the Yorke Peninsula Council to commemorate the occasion.

The council’s Mayor Ray Agnew mentioned the seven rocks have been placed close to the beach in the pattern the whales were found stranded.

A plaque describing the specifics of the beaching has also been placed nearby.

Mr Agnew said school students chose a name for every whale to be engraved on the plaques.

“The Ardrossan school students had been provided the chance to individually name the whales and they came up with the names Ardy, I assume from Ardrossan, Pasadena which is like seaweed, then they’ve got Splash, Fin, Smoothie and Diver,” he mentioned.

Mr Agnew said the memorial also highlighted the community’s efforts in handling the largest recorded beaching of sperm whales in South Australia.

“It’s anything none of us had come across ahead of and the State Government departments didn’t have any way of handling it as nicely,” he said.

“They had some employees there function for a couple of days but most of the perform was carried out by council and [mining business] Arrium officers and also Ardrossan Earth Moving, they worked incredibly well so we had been in a position to get it completed.”

A group from the South Australian Museum is still determining what brought on the seven whales to come ashore.

A plaque explaining the deaths of seven sperm whales that beached themselves near Ardrossan Photo: The Yorke Peninsula Council has placed a sign close to a beach in Ardrossan exactly where seven sperm whales have been found beached a year ago.

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Canola spill happened near internet site of Perth mass fish deaths: Government

Posted December 03, 2015 09:55:39

A dead snapper in the sand at Cockburn Sound. Photo: A dead snapper at Cockburn Sound, where poor water quality is believed to have killed off as a lot of as 14 various species of fish. (Supplied: Recfishwest)
Connected Story: Fresh mass Cockburn fish deaths as probe fails to reveal result in
Map: Perth 6000

A grain spill occurred near the web site of a mass fish death in Perth’s south around the very same time the fatalities began occurring, authorities have said.

Investigators are nonetheless unsure what caused the deaths in Cockburn Sound, with as several as 14 species of fish affected since they were very first noticed final month.

The Department of Fisheries believes a water top quality issue is responsible, but has been unable to identify a single definitive lead to.

Nevertheless the State Government has told Parliament that a canola spill occurred at the Kwinana Grain Jetty sometime amongst November 18-22.

The fish deaths had been initial noticed early on November 19.

“Even though this was cleaned up by Co-operative Bulk Handling, some may have entered Cockburn Sound,” Mental Wellness Minister Helen Morton told Parliament, answering on behalf of Environment Minister Albert Jacob.

“Analysis benefits of grain from this vessel from the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture indicates there had been no pesticides present in the samples taken.”

Authorities also confirmed they had received reports of individuals experiencing adverse reactions after swimming in Cockburn Sound, although some fishermen had raised concerns more than the impact on other wildlife.

Shooters and Fishers MP Rick Mazza, who has been questioning the Government on the dilemma in Parliament, said he was increasingly worried.

“It is truly concerning there has been a spill, particularly around these dates, and it is truly important there is a multi-agency investigation to see if there is any correlation in between the two,” Mr Mazza said.

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