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Brawl erupts in Ukraine parliament following MP drags prime minister from podium

Posted December 12, 2015 01:13:52

External Hyperlink: Brawl erupts in Ukraine parliament soon after MP drags prime minister away from podium

A brawl erupted in the Ukrainian parliament after prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was interrupted in the course of his annual address and then carried away from the podium.

Ukraine Right now reports that Oleh Barna, a member of president Petro Poroshenko’s celebration, handed prime minister Yatsenyuk a bouquet of roses just before grabbing him from behind and dragging him away from the podium.

Mr Barna, who had been collecting signatures for a draft resolution of no confidence in the government, then lifted Mr Yatsenyuk off the ground prior to other parliamentarians intervened, beginning a brawl.

Footage uploaded to the official Ukraine parliament YouTube channel shows the brawl starting, but not Mr Barna dragging Mr Yatsenyuk away from the podium.

Prime minister Yatsenyuk, from the People’s Front celebration, had been preparing to deliver his annual cabinet ministers report, which included troubles of anti-corruption, tax reform, power and subsequent year’s budget.

Not the initial brawl in Ukraine’s parliament

Ukraine’s parliament saw a schoolyard push and shove in July 2014, soon after a member of parliament accused authorities of running a war against the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine parliament comes to blows July 23, 2014Video: Ukraine parliament comes to blows July 23, 2014 (ABC News)

During a debate about the ideal way to quell a pro-Russia uprising in the country’s east, two parliamentarians from opposing parties began pushing each and every other soon after chairman Oleksandr Turchynov accused Russia of “acts of military aggression against Ukraine”.

In 2010, Ukrainian prosecutors opened an investigation soon after several opposition deputies were badly injured in a bloody brawl.

The fight came amid tensions soon after a criminal probe had been opened against then opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

Deputies from Tymoshenko’s BYuT-Batkivshchyna celebration and the Regions Party of president Viktor Yanukovych slugged it out for several minutes behind the speaker’s chair.

Ukraine is not the only nation to see violent scuffles in its federal houses of parliament.

Scuffles in Japan upper house in September 2015Video: Scuffles in Japan upper property in September 2015 (ABC News)

In September, politicians in Japan’s upper house scuffled as they attempted unsuccessfully to cease a security bill that cleared Japan’s military to fight abroad for the initial time given that Planet War II.

Opposition lawmakers climbed on prime of a single yet another as they tried to grab the committee chairman’s microphone to prevent him calling a vote on the controversial bills.

Japan’s parliament is normally sedate, but a enormous scrum developed, mirroring scenes outdoors the developing, exactly where tens of thousands of protesters vented their anger at the bill.

Nepal parliament brawl 2 Photo: A Nepalese constituent assembly member breaks a chair as tensions flare at parliament in Kathmandu early on January 20, 2015. (AFP: Bikash Karki)

Nepal’s parliament saw chairs broken in January, throughout debate over a post-war constitution.

Maoist politicians threw chairs and injured 4 security officers, and a ruling-celebration politician claimed two fellow MPs had been struck by flying microphones.

The parliament had two days left to approve the constitution and had met late into the evening, with the Maoist party attempting to avert Nepal’s ruling coalition from pushing proposals by means of parliament without frequent agreement.

In December 2014, Georgia’s parliament saw a fist-fight among politicians during a debate on the composition of Georgian delegations in international institutions.

Soon after a member of the ruling coalition swore at a member of the opposition United National Movement, other MPs joined in.

Turkish politician suffers blood nose Photo: The Republican People’s Party’s Ali Ihsan Kokturk suffered a bleeding nose in the scuffle. (Reuters)

Punches were exchanged, microphone stands had been utilized as clubs, and a man climbed onto a desk prior to lunging at fellow parliamentarians.

In February 2014, Turkey’s Ali Ishan Kokturk suffered a bleeding nose and Bayram Ozcelik had a finger broken right after a violent scuffle.

Fighting erupted as politicians debated a controversial bill to give the government much more handle over the judiciary.

In 2010, a lot more than 70 politicians brawled in Taiwan’s parliament, the first melee in the island nation’s notoriously rambunctious seat of government in two years.

Taiwanese politicians come to blows on the floor of parliament Photo: Taiwanese politicians come to blows on the floor of parliament on August 2, 2013 (Reuters: Pichi Chuang)

Members of the anti-China opposition Democratic Progressive Celebration (DPP) wrestled and yanked the clothing of ruling Nationalist (KMT) MPs following commandeering the speaker’s podium to block a law enabling neighborhood officials to be appointed rather of elected.

In Taiwan, brawls in parliament are noticed as 1 way for the opposition to show voters that it stands tough on issues.

In 2013, Taiwanese lawmakers brawled over a proposed nuclear power plant in Taipei.

The scuffles have been broadcast reside on Tv as politicians from opposition parties fought for the chamber’s podium.

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Mental well being reforms to support tackle rise in homelessness: wellness minister

Posted December 12, 2015 00:18:ten

Federal Well being Minister Sussan Ley says the Government’s mental wellness reforms could help address the increasing price of homelessness amongst sufferers.

Around 25 per cent of Australia’s homeless population, or 63,000 men and women, reported mental well being concerns, according to new information issued by the Australian Institute of Overall health and Welfare (AIHW).

Mental health sufferers are the quickest growing group of people accessing homelessness agencies across the country, increasing at an typical rate of 12 per cent each year considering that 2011-12.

State and territory governments are responsible for the management of homelessness support solutions, but Ms Ley mentioned Commonwealth-driven reform could help address the concern.

She told the ABC the figures have been concerning.

“1 of the reasons we are reforming the mental health system is to address regions where someone’s condition is impacted by other issues, such as homelessness or drug and alcohol dependency,” Ms Ley stated.

“Beneath the adjustments, Major Overall health Networks will be charged with addressing the urgency and type of care a person may possibly want and making sure the delivery of that care.

“This could incorporate acquiring hold of a local organisation which can help, regardless of whether it’s since they never have somewhere to sleep that night or are at threat of becoming homeless,” she mentioned.

AIHW said that there might be improved reporting of mental wellness issues amongst the homeless population, with agencies indicating that such consumers need longer periods of help than other groups.

Brief-term or emergency accommodation was the principal request of mental health sufferers reporting to specialist homelessness agencies throughout 2014-15, followed by transitional housing and assistance to steer clear of eviction.

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Health Minister undecided over private well being cover price hikes

Posted December 05, 2015 12:12:56

Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley has not ruled out approving increases for private overall health insurance premiums.

Ms Ley wants to apply higher scrutiny to rising expenses of private cover, citing an “overwhelming level of concern” among voters.

She has the capability as Wellness Minister to refuse price tag hikes, but told the ABC that practically nothing had been decided.

“I’m not ruling in or out what I may do,” she mentioned.

“What I am expressing is actual concern on behalf of consumers when they see private health insurance coverage premiums going up.”

External Link: Sussan Ley tweet

Half a million Australians have dropped or downgraded their private health insurance in the final economic year.

Ms Ley said men and women “dumping and downgrading” their policies meant they were not necessarily covering necessary procedures.

She mentioned it could also lead to unnecessary pressure on the public well being program.

“We can’t load up the public system with patients who would successfully describe themselves as private,” she stated.

Ms Ley mentioned she would investigate whether or not a stronger public-interest test in regards to approving premium increases, citing the need to have for a “circuit breaker”.

She has also extended the deadline for an on the internet survey, which has already received nearly 40,000 responses.

The Australian Competition and Customer Commission (ACCC) found Australia’s private well being sector was also complicated and drove customers to reduced-priced policies which lacked adequate coverage.

In its annual report on the business issued earlier this year, the ACCC said there had been a quantity of market place failures in private well being insurance that impeded consumers’ capability to make selections that are probably to be in their greatest interests.

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Fisheries minister contradicts own department on fish kill

Posted December 04, 2015 23:57:43

WA Fisheries Minister Ken Baston has contradicted advice from his personal division, saying he would not advise individuals eat fish from Cockburn Sound.

More than two,000 fish have died in the region in recent weeks and authorities are nevertheless trying to recognize what brought on the deaths.

The Division of Fisheries had advised people not to swim or fish in impacted area, but one week ago mentioned both activities had been once again safe.

Speaking on ABC 720 Drive, Mr Baston stated he was not conscious his department had offered the “all clear” for fishing.

“I wasn’t conscious fishing was there once more … I will check up on that straight away,” he stated.

The Minister was then asked regardless of whether he believed it was secure to fish in the location.

“Till we locate out precisely what the disease is, I would find it difficult to advise to somebody that you could consume the fish and go and do every thing else,” he stated.

Mr Baston stated he would ask his department how it came to the selection to deem fishing protected in the area.

The Minister was additional pressed on why he was not aware of his department’s suggestions on the problem.

He explained he received a verbal briefing every day but he did not have one particular on Friday, except for an update on the number and varieties of fish killed.

Time for Minister to go: Opposition

The State Opposition’s water spokesman Dave Kelly has named for Mr Baston to be sacked.

“It is extraordinary for a minister to be contradicting his personal division on such an important public safety problem,” Mr Kelly stated.

“He is clearly not across the issue.

“For him not to be conscious that his department had given the public the all clear to eat fish from Cockburn Sound is just extraordinary.

“The only way to restore the community’s self-confidence that this crucial situation is going to dealt with effectively is if the Premier provides it [to] a new minister to deal with it.

The newest update from Division of Fisheries states test results to date show no evidence of algal or industrial toxin involvement but point towards an, as yet, unknown all-natural occasion as the result in of the fish kill.

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Perth ambulance ramping spike a ‘glitch’, Minister says

Posted December 04, 2015 21:28:36

Associated Story: Minister to blame for WA ambulance ramping increases: Opposition
Associated Story: Ambulance ramping at WA hospitals has to cease: Minister

West Australian Wellness Minister Kim Hames has dismissed a 45 per cent improve in ambulance ramping outside Perth’s hospitals as a “glitch”, saying his clamp down on the practice is operating nicely.

Dr Hames would not also repeat Premier Colin Barnett’s estimate of about 200 full-time jobs to be reduce across the health technique through voluntary redundancies.

But he also stated folks should not be “fooled” by emergency division medical doctors, who say employees have been reduce even whilst demand has continued to enhance.

Well being Division figures showed there was a 45 per cent improve in ambulances waiting for patients to be processed outside Perth hospitals in the month amongst October and November.

That included 103 hours of ramping in one week at the new Midland hospital, despite the fact that the Opposition mentioned even with out Midland there had been a surge.

Dr Hames agreed November had been a poor month.

“Yes it’s correct, what can I say,” he mentioned.

“But the four months ahead of that there was a 50 per cent reduction.

“So we did say we were going to clamp down on ramping and we did that.

“It was a one-month glitch, I believe, in what has been an extremely promising modify since we made these alterations this second half of the year.”

Dr Hames ordered hospitals to cease ramping from the start of July by assigning paramedics to take responsibility for ambulance individuals ten minutes right after they arrived at an emergency division.

He also extended the definition of ramping, even though, from 20 to 30 minutes waiting time.

Program ‘struggling with demand’

Opposition health spokesman Roger Cook said Dr Hames’ “ban” on ramping had been completely ignored by hospital employees “overrun” with demand.

“These figures indicate that at a time the Government is cutting beds we see demand as excellent as ever,” Mr Cook said.

“What is clear right here is that Kim Hames has run out of tips, he’s run out of energy as he moves into retirement and the Barnett Government has no remedy to fix our well being crisis.”

Australian Health-related Association (AMA) WA president Michael Gannon stated the ramping figures reflected a system struggling with demand and was not a reflection on emergency department employees.

“If the beds upstairs are full, the emergency departments get blocked up,” Dr Gannon mentioned.

“This reflects a lack of capacity in the method. Now is no time to cut out of the well being spending budget.”

Perth emergency division physicians have told the ABC they had lost junior employees through job cuts.

Dr Hames said that was “not always” the case.

‘The numbers of employees have been expanding year by year in the emergency departments, so never let them fool you into saying there’s been job cuts,” he stated.

Nonetheless, the minister foreshadowed new job losses in EDs.

“We’re hunting at the staffing now and perhaps some of them will be reduce in terms of rostering, and how they do their time-on and how they do their on-get in touch with stuff, since they are well more than the cost that is paid anyplace else in Australia for the exact same level of service,” he mentioned.

Dr Gannon urged Dr Hames to listen to what emergency division employees had to say.

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Embattled Queensland Police Minister survives no self-assurance vote

Posted December 03, 2015 01:21:57

Queensland’s embattled Police Minister has narrowly survived a no self-confidence motion produced against her in State Parliament, with only one particular Cabinet colleague jumping to her defence.

Stress has been mounting on Jo-Ann Miller to either resign or be kicked out of Cabinet following a string of bungles.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg on Wednesday evening moved a no self-confidence motion against Ms Miller, but it was shot down by the Government with the assistance of independent MP Billy Gordon and Speaker Peter Wellington.

All 42 Opposition MPs and the two Katter’s Australian Celebration MPs, Rob Katter and Shane Knuth, indicated they had no self-confidence in the Police Minister.

“It would be to our grand political benefit if the Member for Bundamba, the Minister for Police stayed in her existing position,” Mr Springborg told Parliament.

“But … the straightforward reality is enough is adequate for the individuals of Queensland.

“The bungling need to cease and it is time for this Parliament to pass judgment on the Member for Bundamba, who has been an absolute embarrassment.”

She’s carried out a very excellent job and practically nothing that is been place forward by those opposite of substance, rather than smear, had any resonating impact at all in this debate.

Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne

Ms Miller’s only defence initially came from two Government backbenchers, Ferny Grove MP Mark Furner and Keppel MP Brittany Lauga.

Opposition MPs have been rapid to notice Ms Miller’s Cabinet colleagues were silent, with Kawana MP Jarrod Bleijie remarking, “for such an crucial vote of no self-confidence [for] a single of the most essential roles in the Cabinet — the Police Minister — they bring out the massive guns nowadays”.

“I was expecting the stars of the show, a single of the ministerial line-up, but they are all sitting there with their heads bowed.”

Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne did at some point stand up right after Opposition heckling to speak of his friendship with Ms Miller.

“She’s completed a quite good job and practically nothing that’s been place forward by those opposite of substance, rather than smear, had any resonating effect at all in this debate,” Mr Byrne said.

Ms Miller has come under fire more than a string of bungles, such as allegedly leaving sensitive Crime and Corruption Commission documents in a secure given to one more MP and for contacting a man who made forgery and harassment allegations against initial-term Labor MP Rick Williams.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has mentioned she will be reviewing her ministers’ performances following this final sitting week of Parliament for the year, indicating a Cabinet reshuffle or expansion could be on the cards.


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Minister criticises Perth hospital for moving patient into gym room

Posted November 30, 2015 15:22:14

A choice to location an elderly patient in a gym space at Fiona Stanley Hospital has been described as “unacceptable” by Western Australia’s Wellness Minister Kim Hames.

The elderly patient was moved into a make-shift location in a physiotherapy health club final Monday.

A report published by News Corporation on Sunday mentioned the man, aged in his 70s and suffering acute renal failure, was kept in the fitness center for eight hours and given a handbell to ring if he required assist.

Dr Hames stated any individuals at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) who were without a area must be transferred to Fremantle Hospital.

Even so he said it was a structural dilemma to do with the reconfiguring of hospital solutions, rather than a systemic a single.

“It is got to do nonetheless with the reconfiguration we’re doing. How we move issues, what we do at Royal Perth, what we do at Fremantle, what we do at Fiona Stanley,” he said.

“We’ve got to get the clinicians working with each other with the administrators in the hospital to be much more active in moving patients across.

“That’s what they have to do for the 4-hour rule [to treat sufferers] anyway. And mostly they do.”

If a minister stepped down from being minister for overall health each and every time anything went wrong with a patient, we wouldn’t have any ministers left.

Kim Hames

Dr Hames mentioned even when beds have been unavailable at Fiona Stanley, medical doctors appeared reluctant to move patients to the below-utilised Fremantle Hospital.

He mentioned that had to modify.

“The physicians really like Fiona Stanley. That’s why they want to say there, they want to be doing every thing there. And to move patients and still have to care for sufferers at an older hospital that isn’t so nicely set out, I believe there’s a bit of reluctance,” he stated.

He acknowledged the issues of managing a higher workload could be to blame for the reluctance to move sufferers.

“It really is added time that they’ve got to put into an currently busy day, but that is what we have to do if we are going to balance across our system,” Dr Hames said.

“It is no very good obtaining more than-utilised beds in one particular region and below-utilised in yet another.”

Hames rejects resignation calls

Dr Hames flatly rejected Opposition claims that the incident was the most current in a string of failures in managing the transition of solutions to FSH, and also dismissed calls for him to resign.

A parliamentary committee report final week levelled severe criticism at the State Government over how services have been managed for the duration of the commissioning of FSH.

The report was particularly vital of the choice to award a $ 4.three billion contract for the delivery of non-clinical services to private contractor Serco.

The Opposition has labelled Dr Hames a element-time minister simply because of his dual portfolios of overall health and tourism.

Nevertheless Dr Hames said while he accepted the performance of hospitals was eventually his duty, he would not be resigning.

“If a minister stepped down from becoming minister for well being every single time some thing went incorrect with a patient, we wouldn’t have any ministers left,” he stated.

“I haven’t heard any person putting up their hand and saying I’d really like to take overall health, simply because everyone knows that its a genuinely hard portfolio.”

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‘I don’t give a damn’: Minister defends demerit point rise for mobile use

Posted November 25, 2015 16:35:52

Gay raising penalties for drivers who use mobiles Photo: Drivers who use their mobiles behind the wheel are set to face harsher penalties. (AAP: Nikki Quick)

NSW Road Minister Duncan Gay has said he is being “deliberately difficult” in raising demerit points for drivers caught using mobile phones.

And this year, for the initial time, the State Government will incorporate mobile telephone offences in the double-demerit penalty period over Christmas and New Year.

Individuals caught speaking on a mobile telephone or texting while driving from the December 24 to January three will shed six points.

From subsequent year, the regular penalty for mobile phone offences will improve from 3 to four demerit points.

“Subsequent year, when it jumps to four points, it’ll be eight points when you happen to be caught (throughout the double-demerit period),” Mr Gay stated.

“Now you might feel this is a bit tough, I don’t give a damn. We’re deliberately generating it challenging.”

Get Your Hand Off It a accomplishment: Gay

Mr Gay stated the Get Your Hand Off It campaign had been a accomplishment.

Police figures showed the quantity of fines issued had dropped from 52,000 to 32,000 since the campaign started along with a fine boost to $ 319.

“That is why we’re going to the subsequent step – 32,000 is nevertheless as well many, and as we drive around we nonetheless see as well many carrying out the wrong issue.”

Bernard Carlon from the Centre for Road Safety mentioned a driver was 20 times far more probably to crash if they had been texting whilst driving.

“Travelling at 60kph, you can travel 33 metres in two seconds blind if you are searching at your phone,” he mentioned.

“At one hundred kilometres per hour if you have your eyes off the road, you travel the length of an Olympic swimming pool.”

He reminded L-platers and P1 drivers that they could not use a telephone while behind the wheel.

Mr Carlon mentioned the road toll had lowered by one particular-third over previous double-demerit point periods.

There have been 317 deaths on the road this year, which is 34 far more than at the identical time last year.

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