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White water rafting business forced to move south as King River dries up

Posted December 12, 2015 14:45:22

White water rafting on the King River Photo: King River Rafting has started operating on the more tame River Derwent because of low water levels on the King River. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

Record low rainfall is forcing a Tasmanian rafting business to shift its operations from the west coast to the south in order to survive.

King River Rafting, run by husband and wife team Paul Steane and Michele Cordwell-Steane, started guided tours along the King River for the first time last summer, taking 200 people in four months.

Rafting on the River DerwentVideo: Rafting on the River Derwent (ABC News)

But the driest October on record has left Hydro Tasmania’s dams at extremely low levels and reduced the once-mighty King River, which relies on the regular release of water, to a whimper.

Ms Cordwell-Steane said the shift was another blow to the struggling West Coast economy which had already been hit hard by the ongoing closure of the Mt Lyell copper mine.

“We probably would have put about $ 80,000 to $ 100,000 into Queenstown and they will certainly miss that,” she said.

“[The rafting] just brings people in so what people mostly do is spend two or three nights’ accommodation in Queenstown and we have groups of up to 16 coming [on the trip], so it will have an impact.”

Paul and Michele Cordwell-Steane Photo: Paul and Michele Cordwell-Steane by the River Derwent as they prepare to take another group rafting. (ABC News: Michael Atkin)

The fledgling business has had to refund more than $ 20,000 in future bookings and there is no work available for some northern staff.

“We have had to refund lots of money so it hasn’t been good, hence our reason for doing the Derwent because we hope we can keep afloat, pardon the pun, until next summer,” she said.

Now they are rafting in the much milder waters of the River Derwent near New Norfolk.

Ms Cordwell-Steane said it was incomparable to the King River.

“It’s very different than on the King, on the Derwent … the rapids are probably level one and two on the King through the Gorge they’re three and four,” she said.

“Yesterday on a Derwent trip we saw a beautiful sea eagle and about five platypus.

“The Derwent is farm land, which is also beautiful but the King you go from the forest to the sea so you go through rainforest, there’s lots of Huon pine and then end up almost at Macquarie Harbour.”

Rafting the King River Photo: While the rapids on the River Derwent are not as wild as those on the King River it’s proximity to Hobart makes it more accessible to tourists. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

The new experience does offer the opportunity to learn rafting and, crucially, is a short drive from Tasmania’s tourism hot spot of Hobart.

It was the perfect holiday fun for engaged couple John Godwin and Rochelle Armstrong.

External Link: Watch: King River Rafting Facebook post

Ms Armstrong said the calmer waters suited her.

“I’ve never really done anything like this before and I’m a bit nervous about the water, so it was very exciting,” she said.

“King River wasn’t really accessible for us because we were already visiting Hobart so we were just looking for something close.”

Mr Goodwin said they get married next week and were under strict instructions to come back unscathed.

“Rochelle is not allowed to go in the water, we’re not allowed to hurt each other,” he said.

“Always hold on to the T bar and the pole otherwise you’ll get a black eye,” Ms Armstrong added.

“The ab workout has been alright, I guess.”

The move south has given new guide 20-year-old James Wynwood the break he was been looking for.

“I’ve been studying for nine months at Tafe and I’ve been waiting for that opportunity to get out there and get into the industry,” he said.

“I’ve fished along the Derwent with my parents and I know a fair bit about it as well so it’s really good for me to be able to take people as a job down the river doing something that I love.”

Ms Cordwell-Steane said she hoped water levels in the King River would recover in time to recommence tours in the summer of 2017 and if the gentler experience along the Derwent River proved popular, King River Rafting might permanently expand its tours to both locations.

Just do not expect it to change its name.

King River Rafting happy to stay afloat Photo: Being forced to explore the River Derwent has opened up a new opportunity and King River Rafting may operate from both locations once the King River is back to usual torrent. (Supplied: King River Rafting)

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Pleased Birthday song to move into public domain

Posted December ten, 2015 09:24:54

A settlement has been reached in a US lawsuit with Warner/Chappell Music over the copyright to Content Birthday to You, that will put one particular of the world’s most recognisable songs in the public domain, according to court papers and a source close to the case.

Terms of the deal have been not disclosed in court papers announcing the settlement, but it puts an finish to the class action lawsuit filed in 2013 by a group of artists and filmmakers who sought a return of the millions of dollars in costs the firm had collected over the years for use of the song.

After the settlement is finalised, the song will be in the public domain, the supply mentioned. That signifies it will be free of charge for all to use without having fear of a lawsuit.

In September, chief US district judge George King in Los Angeles ruled that Warner/Chappell, the music publishing arm of privately owned Warner Music Group, did not personal a copyright to the Satisfied Birthday lyrics.

“While we respectfully disagreed with the court’s decision, we are pleased to have now resolved this matter,” Warner/Chappell mentioned in a statement.

An lawyer for the artists could not right away be reached.

The case garnered focus from about the world not only due to the fact the tune is so commonly performed, but since several people were not aware it was nonetheless beneath copyright, let alone purportedly owned by a main corporation.

Happy Birthday dates back to 1893

The song has a complex history reaching back to the 1893 publication of Great Morning to All, a children’s song written by a Kentucky woman named Mildred Hill and her sister Patty.

That melody sooner or later came to be sung with the familiar Satisfied Birthday lyrics.

Warner contended its copyright to the lyrics came by means of the Hill sisters’ publisher that it had acquired.

But Justice King mentioned that publisher never got the rights to the lyrics and so neither did Warner.

People who sing Happy Birthday in their houses or at private gatherings have generally never been at danger of a lawsuit.

But when the song has been used for industrial purposes, such as in films, Warner has enforced its rights, and took in an estimated $ 2 million in royalties for such makes use of every single year.


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Jetstar passengers had to move seats due to off-balance plane

Posted December 03, 2015 21:26:42

Passengers on a Jetstar flight to Perth were forced to move seats throughout the trip so their off-balance plane could land safely.

The incident occurred on October 29 and is now the subject of an Australian Transport Security Bureau (ATSB) investigation.

In the course of takeoff from Melbourne, the crew noticed the plane was “nose-heavy” as they attempted to get the Airbus A-321 off the ground.

The pilot said it was essential to pull back nearly totally on the controls in order to lift the nose off the runway.

After takeoff, flight attendants had been asked to count the passengers and report back on their seating locations.

Following getting into the information into their flight management personal computer, the pilots realised they ought to not have taken off because there had been as well many passengers seated towards the front.

“Passengers had been relocated inside the aircraft cabin to return the aircraft to within allowable limits for the remainder of the flight and landing,” the ATSB said.

Head of Aviation at the University of NSW, Professor Jason Middleton, said it was important that any aircraft was appropriately balanced.

“If the aircraft is loaded also far forward, then the handle surface isn’t enough for the pilot to in fact lift the nose up,” Professor Middleton stated.

“You do not want to have all your heavy rugby league varieties up the front and all your dancers up the back, or vice versa.”

Second Jetstar flight becoming investigated

ATSB will also examine yet another Jetstar flight 10 days earlier, which took off with 16 much more passengers than the pilots knew about.

As a outcome, the flight from Brisbane to Melbourne was much more than 1,300 kilograms heavier than the crew was anticipating.

Professor Middleton mentioned the concern could “absolutely” lead to a concern.

“Based on where [the further passengers] have been located in the cabin, that could make a substantial difference to the balance.

“Loading the right takeoff weight into the aircraft’s flight management personal computer is essential in modern day jets,” he said.

“There are implications for takeoff distance needed and landing distance necessary.”

Right after discovering the error for the duration of the flight, the pilots reprogrammed their computers and the plane landed safely.

Jetstar pilots and ground crews will be interviewed as part of the investigation.

A Jetstar spokesman stated the airline was investigating both events and functioning closely with the ATSB to help with its inquiries.

“Given that these incidents took place in October, we have place further measures in spot to verify our flights have been loaded properly and that aircraft weight and balance is properly accounted for,” the spokesman mentioned.

“We’ve had no flights operate with this kind of error given that we introduced these measures.”

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Six-week-old giant panda twins move to bigger home

Updated November 28, 2015 23:13:08

External Link: Panda cubs get pleasure from new incubator

Twin giant panda cubs born at the Toronto Zoo have been moved to a larger incubator with armchair-like lounges for every single cub following the outgrowing their old one.

The zoo released footage of the six-week-old cubs, who are not however massive adequate to be viewed by the public, being moved to the new incubator.

The twins had been born in mid-October to mum Er Shun, who is on loan from China as component of a conservation breeding program.

The zoo said it was still a critical time for the cubs, who remain with their mother in the maternity region of the giant panda exhibit.

The cubs are expected to be shown to the public when they are about 5 months old in March subsequent year.

Panda cubs in original incubator Photo: The panda twins in their original incubator at nine days old. (Toronto Zoo)

Keepers are however to find out the gender of the twins, who are the initial giant panda cubs to be born in Canada.

The zoo mentioned the cubs spent all of their time with mum, except for when she was munching on bamboo.

Given that Er Shun is lactating, the zoo has increased her bamboo intake to keep her milk production.

Keepers have used a approach referred to as “twin swapping” — where 1 infant is with the mother for a few hours just before being swapped with their sibling — as pandas will instinctively look after only one cub.

Cub exchange is accomplished each and every two to 3 hours on average.

Twin baby pandas at Toronto Zoo Photo: The zoo says the twins are healthful and undertaking nicely. (Toronto Zoo)

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Initial posted November 28, 2015 22:36:17

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Report: Google Play’s move into China now scheduled for 2016

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(credit: Josh Chin)

A report from Reuters provides us the most recent update on Google’s ongoing effort to get Google Play into China. The report says that Google staff are “operating hard in China to lay the ground for the app store’s launch” and the store will go reside in 2016, sometime after February.

With 1.three billion folks, China is the world’s largest smartphone industry, but a Google-blessed version of Android isn’t obtainable there. Google is really active in the second- and third-most-populated countries—India and the US—but the company effectively pulled out of China several years ago due to censorship laws. Android is nonetheless the greatest mobile OS in China, but it’s all a bunch of forked versions of the Android Open Supply Project skinned by the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei.

The sources Reuters spoke to say that Google does not need “explicit approval” from the Chinese Government it just demands to “comply with Chinese laws including these governing data storage and content material filtering.” These guidelines apparently imply that China will be obtaining a particular version of the Play Store that is “set up especially for China, and not connected to overseas versions of Google Play” according to the report. Since Google’s payment arm is not live in China, the report says the Play Store will be using local payment alternatives, like Alipay and WeChat Payment to buy apps and make in-app purchases.

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Legal regulators move in on Prenda’s Paul Hansmeier, who may get disbarred

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Two-and-a-half years soon after Prenda Law’s “porno-trolling collective” began to fall apart in a Los Angeles courtroom, one particular of the two principals, Paul Hansmeier, may shed his law license.

Minnesota’s Workplace of Lawyers Expert Responsibility has requested that Hansmeier be disbarred or suspended. The petition (PDF) is dated October 28 but was released to the press yesterday, and it describes Hansmeier’s alleged misbehavior in 4 separate legal situations.

Hansmeier and his colleague John Steele are believed to be the masterminds behind Prenda Law, the name beneath which they acquired porn copyrights and then sued thousands for downloading them. They are believed to have made numerous million dollars until the project fell apart in 2013 beneath a barrage of sanctions. Hansmeier’s response to this new document is due later this month.

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