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Pope calls for peace among Christians, Muslims in war-torn PK5

Posted November 30, 2015 23:47:05

Pope Francis waves to believers from his vehicle in the Central African Republic. Photo: Healing rifts among Christian and Muslim communities has been a theme all through Pope Francis’ very first visit to Africa. (AFP: Gianluigi Guercia)

Pope Francis has ventured into one of the world’s most harmful neighbourhoods to implore Christians and Muslims to finish a spiral of hate, vendetta and bloodshed that has killed thousands more than the past three years and divided a nation.

Ending his three-nation Africa tour below intense security, Pope Francis passed by way of a no-man’s zone to enter PK5, a district exactly where most Muslims who have not fled Central African Republic’s capital Bangui have now sought refuge.

The PK5 neighbourhood has been cut off from the rest of the city for the past two months by a ring of so-named anti-balaka Christian militias, who block supplies from entering and Muslims from leaving.

A heavy deployment of United Nations peacekeepers with rifles and bullet-proof vests was present throughout PK5 and armoured automobiles mounted with machineguns had been positioned along the route of Pope Francis’ motorcade.

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UN sharpshooters looked out from the tops of the minarets crowning the mosque, exactly where hundreds of PK5’s Muslims listened as Francis produced an impassioned appeal for an finish to the violence.

“Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters,” he stated after a speech by Imam Tidiani Moussa Naibi, one particular of the nearby religious leaders trying to foster dialogue.

“Those who claim to think in God should also be men and girls of peace,” he stated, noting that Christians, Muslims and followers of traditional religions had lived together in peace for numerous years.

He appealed for “an end to every act which, from whatever side, disfigures the face of God and whose ultimate aim is to defend certain interests by any and all implies”.

“Collectively, we have to say no to hatred, to revenge and to violence, especially that violence which is perpetrated in the name of a religion or of God himself. God is peace, ‘salam,'” the Pope stated, employing the Arabic word for peace.

‘Christians, Muslims obliged to really like every other’

Healing rifts in between Christian and Muslim communities has been a theme throughout Pope Francis’ 1st pay a visit to to the continent, which has also taken him to Kenya and Uganda.

Nonetheless, nowhere is his get in touch with for peace and reconciliation much more pressing than in Central African Republic, where thousands have died and hundreds of thousands have been displaced in clashes that have split the country along religious lines.

The Christians and Muslims of this nation are obliged to reside collectively and love every other.

Imam Naibi

Central African Republic descended into chaos in early 2013 when mostly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power in the majority Christian nation, sparking reprisals from Christian militias.

Leaders from both sides say the hatred has been manipulated for political gain.

Tit-for-tat killings in and about the tiny PK5 enclave have claimed at least 100 lives because late September, according to Human Rights Watch.

Imam Naibi has known as PK5 “an open-air prison”, but on Monday he struck a optimistic tone.

“The relationship among our Christian brothers and sisters and ourselves is so deep that no manoeuvre in search of to undermine it will succeed,” he told the Pope.

“The Christians and Muslims of this country are obliged to reside collectively and enjoy every other.”

Each Christians and Muslims have welcomed the Pope’s check out, hoping he can spur renewed dialogue and help restore peace.

Thousands of Muslims lined the roads of PK5 to get a glimpse of the pontiff, and a group of young Muslims in cars and motorbikes ventured out of the enclave, following the Pope’s motorcade as it headed to the national stadium.

There, Pope Francis was greeted by believers who packed into its 20,000 seats or onto the soccer pitch, dancing and singing.

Right after celebrating a final Mass before the cheering crowd, the Pope took a lap around the stadium in the back of a modified Toyota pick-up prior to heading to the airport and flying back to Rome.


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Trump says Muslims worldwide ‘were going wild’ after 9/11 attacks

Posted November 29, 2015 14:19:11

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reframed his claim that he saw Muslims in New Jersey cheering the September 11 attacks by asserting the sentiment was shared worldwide.

Important points

  • Donald Trump does not repeat claim Muslims in New Jersey cheered September 11 attacks at rally in Florida
  • Alternatively, Trump mentioned Muslims worldwide “had been going totally wild”
  • Trump had been under fire for the claim as well as for appearing to mock a disabled reporter
  • Trump has noticed a sharp downturn in opinion polling in the last week

Mr Trump came beneath fire a week ago for saying he watched thousands of folks in Jersey City cheer the World Trade Centre’s implosion. Truth checkers debunked his claim.

At a campaign rally in Sarasota, Florida, on Saturday (neighborhood time), Mr Trump instead mentioned: “Worldwide, the Muslims were completely going wild.”

To back up his claims of seeing spectators celebrate 9/11, Mr Trump cited a 2001 Washington Post article that described authorities detaining a number of men and women in Jersey City who had allegedly celebrated the attack on rooftops with views of the site.

The report was written by Serge Kovaleski, who has a disability and now writes for the New York Times.

The Post write-up did not say the authorities’ allegations had been corroborated and Kovaleski has stated in interviews since Mr Trump cited his article that he has no recollection of his reporting generating evidence of hundreds or thousands of men and women celebrating.

In his speech, Mr Trump sought to distance himself from appearing to have mocked the reporter for the duration of an occasion Tuesday evening.

“I would never ever mock a particular person that has a disability,” he told the cheering crowd.

“I am telling you, I would by no means do it.”

Trump a vocal sceptic of Muslims living in the US

Mr Trump has been amongst the most vocal of the Republican candidates in raising scepticism about Muslims living in the United States.

When prompted by a reporter, he stated he would not oppose producing a national database that tracks Muslims in the nation.

Donald Trump and disabled journalist Serge Kovaleski Photo: Donald Trump (L) has been accused of mocking disabled journalist Serge Kovaleski (R), who now writes for the New York Instances. (YouTube/Facebook)

The controversial remarks might be taking a toll on Mr Trump, who has observed his support in Reuters/Ipsos opinion polling of Republican voters nationally take a sharp downturn in the past week.

In the previous 5 days, he dropped 12 points from 43 per cent to 31 per cent, though he continues to hold a wide lead more than his competitors.

With reports mounting of Mr Trump’s rallies developing rough, the candidate urged his audience to be polite to a heckler who briefly brought the Sarasota occasion to a halt.

“Be nice to the person. Do not hurt the particular person,” he instructed the crowd, which cheered him loudly when he told safety personnel to escort the heckler from the space.

“Do you see how diplomatic I’ve turn out to be?”

The race ahead of the November 2016 presidential election has taken a sharp turn toward focusing on terrorism in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris two weeks ago.


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Boko Haram claims suicide attack on Shiite Muslims in Nigeria

Posted November 29, 2015 01:13:31

Boko Haram has claimed duty for a suicide bombing on a Shiite Muslim procession close to the northern Nigerian city of Kano that killed 22 folks.

The hardline Islamist group mentioned in a statement in Arabic on social media its bomber “detonated his explosives which led to the death” of the victims on Friday.

At least 21 people have been initially reported killed, but the toll rose soon after a single much more individual was confirmed dead.

“For now, we have 22 deaths following the death of one particular more particular person yesterday. 38 folks have also been injured, two of whom have been discharged from the hospital,” 1 of the organisers of the march Ali Kakaki said.

He mentioned, regardless of the attack on Friday, the Islamic Movement of Nigeria members continued their march from Kano to Zaria in neighbouring Kaduna state, where their leader Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is primarily based.

  • Boko Haram, which signifies “Western education is sinful”, is loosely modelled on the Taliban movement in Afghanistan.
  • The group considers all who do not follow its strict ideology as infidels, no matter whether they are Christian or Muslim.
  • It demands the adoption of Sharia law in all of Nigeria.

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The march is to mark Ashura, which commemorates the death of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed.

“Following the attack, numerous far more of our members have joined the procession,” Kakaki said, adding that they aimed to arrive at their destination subsequent week.

Friday’s attack took place in the village of Dakasoye, some 20 kilometres south of the city of Kano.

1 of the procession’s organisers stated a bomber clad in black ran into the crowd and detonated his explosives.

Boko Haram, the radical Sunni jihadists who want to create a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria, has previously been blamed for attacks on Shia Muslims in the region.

The militant group has waged a six-year insurgency which has left at least 17,000 people dead and made far more than 2.6 million homeless.

Boko Harm condemns Shias as heretics who must be killed.

The group has increasingly used suicide bombers against “soft” civilian targets since the commence of a military offensive earlier this year that pushed them out of territory they controlled.

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari gave his military commanders till next month to finish the conflict, but there are fears that suicide and bomb attacks could persist.


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