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Principal’s name removed from school developing more than sexual abuse

Updated December 11, 2015 14:31:33

The name of former Brisbane Grammar School principal Max Howell has been removed from the BGS sports centre as an apology to former students who have been sexually abused.

Dr Howell led the school from 1964 to 1989, throughout which time college counsellor Kevin Lynch molested scores of boys.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse heard in November that parents had gone to Dr Howell for support and the former principal had even walked into Lynch’s office throughout the abuse.

Dr Howell, who died in 2011, denied realizing about the abuse.

Numerous of Lynch’s victims approached the college to say emblazoning the indoor sports centre with Dr Howells name triggered them offence.

The school’s board of trustees discussed this situation with the Howell family, and they supported the decision to take it down.

The family mentioned in a statement it hoped the selection would support the healing approach for these abused by Lynch.

“He would have acknowledged the fact that the appalling abuse committed by Kevin Lynch occurred for the duration of his tenure as headmaster and would have apologised to the victims,” the household stated in a statement.

Apology to Brisbane Grammar School's child sex victims Photo: Dr Howell’s name as it was on the indoor sports centre at Brisbane Grammar School. (ABC News)

“He would have accepted that as the headmaster he was in the end accountable for the disgraceful actions of one particular of his employees.”

Board chair Howard Stack stated removing Dr Howell’s name was suitable.

“From our discussions with victims, we think the removal of the name is basic to the school’s apology to them,” he mentioned.

The board said the college was continuing to engage with victims with a individual apology, counselling and compensation.

Because 2000 it had reached agreements with 72 guys, with payments on typical in line with the royal commission’s recommendations.

“We are now operating with those who have recently come forward and we will meet our obligations to them,” the board’s statement said.

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Initial posted December 11, 2015 14:27:13

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Banned A-League fan seeking forward to clearing his name

Posted December ten, 2015 16:16:37

A banned Western Sydney Wanderers fan is seeking forward to the chance of clearing his name right after the FFA amended its policy on banned A-League fans and supporter groups in turn suspended boycotts.

Fan groups from all 10 A-League clubs announced in a joint statement on Thursday that they would temporarily suspend boycotts in response to the FFA making arrangements that would help fans attractive their bans.

The FFA agreed to issue fans an “intention to ban” notice rather than a ban notice and would enable them to see the FFA’s proof.

Fans had been protesting ever since News Corp named and shamed 198 banned fans from a leaked list final month.

A diehard Western Sydney Wanderers named Lachlan mentioned he was banned in 2013 but was not amongst those named on the list of 198 names and recommended the complete list of blacklisted fans would be nicely above 200.

Lachlan, an active member of the Red and Black Bloc Wanderers supporters’ group, stated he was evicted in the course of a match against rivals Sydney FC and a ban followed.

“1 of our chants had a swear word in it, and as I was going by means of that portion of the chant I looked at a police officer and I was hunting at him in the face when I swore, and so clearly it wasn’t the best language,” Lachlan told the ABC’s The Globe Today.

Each and every part of me just wants to see this evidence that they’ve got against me, specially about lighting a flare that in no way happened.

Red and Black Bloc member Lachlan

“I was removed from the game for that and then two days later I was offered a banning notice from two FFA officials.”

Lachlan said he was never permitted to see the proof that the FFA had used to ban him from stadiums. He later heard he had been accused of throwing a flare – something he denies.

“Every single element of me just desires to see this proof that they’ve got against me, particularly about lighting a flare that never occurred,” he said.

“The swearing I can realize. It didn’t look also great but I nevertheless don’t consider it really is worthy of a ban, that’s for certain.”

In a four-hour meeting with supporters’ groups on Wednesday evening, the FFA agreed to make all proof obtainable to fans and to an independent appeals approach.

If the FFA fails to meet its commitment by February 19 next year, the fan groups have vowed to take additional action.

Fans demand clear and transparent procedure

Wanderers fans hold a banner before walking out in protest over the names of banned spectators being published in a newspaper. Photo: The Red and Black Bloc and their fellow active supporter groups made no secret of their displeasure at the FFA’s handling of fan bans. (AAP: Dan Himbrechts)

“All we really wanted was a clear transparent process so that we could see the proof against fans and for an independent appeals approach,” James Price tag from Brisbane Roar supporters’ group, The Den, mentioned.

“So you know, there was tense moments but then in the end I consider every person got to the position where they were comfortable with.”

Grant Muir, a spokesman for Sydney FC active supporter group The Cove, stated the FFA should do more than make promises.

“Sadly the FFA has a history of duplicity with us over these troubles,” he mentioned.

“They’ve knowingly lied to us about our rights, they’ve knowingly lied to us about their obligations, they’ve knowingly lied to us about the existence or non-existence of an appeals method and, as we pointed out to them last night, the level of trust that exists among fans and FFA is below zero.”

Muir said fan groups would not hesitate to take action in February if the FFA does not comply with through.

Wanderers fan Lachlan concedes there are folks who deserve to be banned from games for life.

“We have folks that go there on the sole goal to go and start off fights and cause problems and bring the A-League into disrepute,” he stated.

“It really is for us normal fans that just want to go there and assistance our team since it’s the sport we follow, like not every person in Australia is rugby league or AFL-oriented.

“I feel it is unfair that we are obtaining tarred with like, you know, the true dirty brush.”

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Secret Facebook group to name men who troll females online

Updated December 04, 2015 09:07:58

Much more than 1,one hundred ladies are arranging to tackle on-line abuse by naming and shaming “trolls” in a Twitter campaign launching nowadays.

Sydney author and columnist Kerri Sackville is sick of seeing girls, especially those in the media, maliciously threatened with rape and murder on the web, so is top the charge against guys she has labelled trolls.

Soon after reading comments feminist and writer Clementine Ford received soon after a male Meriton employee was fired for calling her a slut on the internet, Sackville was compelled to take action.

“Clementine posted about the messages [and comments] she had been sent, becoming referred to as a slut and a whore and a c*** and threatened with rape and violence,” Sackville told the ABC.

“When you abuse 1 lady you abuse all of us … I stated to my pal there has to be some thing we can do.”

Sackville was inspired by posts following the Paris attacks that killed 130 men and women, which tweeted the names of victims a single by one particular.

“It produced the victims some thing other than numbers, one thing other than statistics,” she mentioned.

She discussed with friends tweeting the names of the men who had not too long ago written abusive comments to Ford.

The notion speedily gathered traction, and right after producing a closed Facebook group “Twitter campaign — Cease Violence Against Females” on Tuesday, it had much more than 1,000 members by Friday morning.

Although the majority are females, there are some males.

Nowadays, members will launch the campaign by tweeting out names from the list of far more than 150 men, focusing on a “top ten” — which Sackville said had been verified and were the “most abusive and repeat offenders”.

The hashtag #EndViolenceAgainstWomen and a hyperlink to Ford’s post exactly where folks can see what the males have written will also be incorporated.

“We’re not slandering them, we’re not abusing them, just posting their name. [The comments are] already in public domain, it’s just taking that next step,” she stated.

Sackville mentioned the majority of trolls did not hide behind anonymity, meaning their first and final name would be shared.

“They feel they can be in the public arena without any worry or consequence or retribution and I want guys to know we are watching,” she said.

Individuals outdoors the group can participate by screen-shotting the tweets and posting themselves, Sackville said.

“There are some girls who have joined the group but they are too traumatised from previous threats of violence on-line they just do not feel robust enough to participate — but we will do it for them,” she mentioned.

‘I’m ashamed to be sincere, it shows it does silence women’

Journalist and tv personality Tracey Spicer is a member of the group and has endorsed its approach.

She mentioned ashamedly, trolls had silenced her.

“Ever given that I started writing opinion pieces … I noticed some of the vicious, hateful, scary comments that would come [on social media],” she told the ABC.

“I put up with it for years and thought it was typical till a couple of pieces I wrote got interest from the MRA — the Men’s Rights Association — in the US.

“I started to get some really terrifying stuff.”

Trolls have have threatened journalist Tracey Spicer and her family online Photo: Journalist Tracey Spicer says she has been “silenced” by trolls following they threatened her and her family members. (Supplied: Tracey Spicer)

Spicer said the group knew where she lived and what school her kids went to, threatening her on Twitter, Facebook and email.

“I spoke to a friend of mine who is really higher up in New South Wales Police and he said, ‘look, you can complain about them … but as soon as you do that it can fire them up’,” she said.

Spicer mentioned she produced the decision to be less “strident” in her viewpoints to defend her household.

“I am ashamed to be sincere, it shows it does silence ladies,” she stated.

Screenshot from Kerri Sackville's closed Facebook group Photo: Screenshot from Kerri Sackville’s closed Facebook group aiming to name and shame trolls. (Supplied: Kerri Sackville)

“That’s why I admire what Clementine Ford and Jenna Value and these ladies who get extremely hateful comments and are still speaking out.

“It is great and encouraging for all females.”

Spicer mentioned male columnists she had spoken to did encounter trolls but the harassment was not as violent or sexual.

“Girls are targeted with really sexual stuff. I was told I would be raped and my youngsters will be raped. It does speak into that actual gender power imbalance.”

Sackville echoed these comments, saying males who expressed opinions in the public domain were not attacked the exact same way.

“You get men and women like Alan Jones … who can be extremely appropriate wing and express controversial views and men and women might contact them idiots or morons … no-one particular threatens to rape them,” she said.

‘We have to impose our personal sort of order’

Sackville expects the hashtag will begin trending at speed and hopes the campaign will not only raise awareness but trigger a “cultural shift”.

“I am not kidding myself thinking there will be an finish to violence against females in general or on-line,” she said.

“But I want males and girls — there are some ladies [offenders] as well — to consider twice.

“I want them to know we are watching and we will stand together.

“When you target one particular journalist, you are targeting all of us.

“There are no checks and balances on the internet. We have to impose our own sort of order.”

Sackville wished to clarify the project is not Ford’s initiative.

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IMF set to name Chinese yuan as reserve currency

Posted November 29, 2015 18:01:06

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is expected to approve inclusion of China’s yuan in its basket of elite currencies on Monday, rewarding Beijing’s sturdy pursuit of the worldwide status.

Key points

  • IMF anticipated to include China’s yuan in its basket of reserve currencies
  • The move, anticipated to be authorized on Monday, would be a main diplomatic victory for Beijing
  • Till recently, yuan was deemed too tightly controlled by China
  • Choice, if taken, would not take impact ahead of September 30 next year

The IMF executive board is scheduled to meet on Monday to choose on the recommendation by staff experts earlier in November to contain the yuan, also known as the renminbi, alongside the US dollar, euro, Japanese yen and British pound in the grouping.

Even though not a freely traded currency, the SDR (unique drawing appropriate) is essential as an international reserve asset, and since the IMF troubles its crisis loans — crucial to struggling economies like Greece — valued in SDRs.

China, now the world’s second-biggest economy, asked final year for the yuan to be added to the grouping of globe reserve currencies, but until recently it was deemed too tightly controlled to qualify.

It is very rare that the executive board, which represents the IMF’s 188 member nations, opposes the recommendation of its own experts.

IMF managing director Christine Lagarde mentioned in mid-November that she supported the experts’ locating that the yuan had met the specifications to be a “freely usable” currency” — a important hurdle for SDR status.

If accepted, the decision would not take effect just before September 30, 2016, to allow users a lot more time to prepare.

The last time the SDR basket was modified was in 2000, when the euro replaced the German deutschemark and the French franc.

Approval would be significant achievement for Beijing

The entry of the yuan is, above all, a significant diplomatic success for Beijing, which will see its cash graduate to the inner circle of the world’s most crucial currencies.

The vote of the United States, the largest IMF stakeholder, will be closely watched, as will US political reactions.

US officials have long accused China of keeping the yuan artificially low to acquire a trade advantage, producing its exports relatively cheaper.

The US Treasury Division, in an October 19 report, mentioned that the yuan “remains below its acceptable medium-term valuation”.

Paradoxically, China’s unexpected devaluation of the yuan final August received excellent marks from the IMF due to the fact it reinforced the currency’s movements with market place forces and opened the door to future revaluation.

Beijing on Wednesday announced an initial group of foreign central banks has been allowed to enter the Chinese currency industry, which most likely will market further internationalization of the yuan in worldwide trading.

Credit rating firm Fitch says it does not count on the yuan’s inclusion in the IMF basket “to lead to a material shift in demand for renminbi assets globally in the quick term”.

Even so, it stated, more than time the emergence of the yuan as a global reserve currency could assistance China’s credit rating.

An IMF decision to consist of the yuan amongst its elite currencies dangers angering some lawmakers in the US Congress amid fierce manoeuvring for the 2016 presidential election.

Congress, for instance, has repeatedly refused to ratify a 2010 IMF reform that would give higher weight to the emerging-market place powers, the so-referred to as BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.


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