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Dog offered oxygen soon after firefighters pluck him from smoke-filled Melbourne unit

Updated December 07, 2015 10:37:48

A dog which took shelter beneath a bed has survived a unit fire with the support of emergency workers who positioned the pup and administered oxygen.

Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) crews were referred to as to the Moore Road unit in Vermont South about 6:30pm on Sunday when neighbours reported smoke inside the property.

Crews had been in a position to bring the blaze, which was believed to have started in a tv, under handle.

The unit’s owner, who was not residence at the time, contacted fire crews and asked them to appear for her pet dog Angus, who was inside.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus did yet another search of the property and identified Angus hiding under an upstairs bed.

The dog was offered oxygen and recovered speedily.

A fire department spokesman mentioned animals responded to oxygen in the very same way as individuals.

Angus got a bath and is recovering with his grateful owner.

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Very first posted December 07, 2015 10:26:14

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Reports Macfarlane offered to keep with Liberals dismissed as ‘rubbish’

Posted December 05, 2015 09:56:12

A Nationals senator has dismissed reports that new recruit Ian Macfarlane provided to keep with the Liberal Celebration if given his former function.

Mr Macfarlane is looking for neighborhood endorsement to swap from the Liberal to the National partyroom, following his demotion as minister for market and science in September.

He began looking for the switch inside a single week of becoming dumped from the frontbench by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, but Sky News has reported that he offered to keep with the Liberals if given his old role.

The report, which stated that Mr Macfarlane created the provide earlier this week, has been dismissed by Nationals senator Matthew Canavan.

Senator Canavan told Sky News that he had been assured no deal was attempted with the Liberals.

“I’ve spoken to Ian this morning and he says its absolute rubbish, that that did not take place,” he mentioned.

“I seriously doubt that a person of Ian’s knowledge and stature would do anything like that.”

Senator Canavan stated those “disappointed” by the modify required to move on.

“I am not going to take lectures from the Liberal Celebration on loyalty or naked ambition,” he said.

“I imply, this is politics. It is a game ruthlessly dictated to by the numbers. That’s been shown this year… The National Party did not have a vote or a role in the altering of a first-term prime minister.

Mr Macfarlane yesterday mentioned the switch produced sense and he was “as National Celebration as any individual”.

“The Nationals have presented me an chance which the Liberals haven’t,” he said.

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