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Loved ones of missing Laos activist reveal new proof

Posted December 14, 2015 21:08:44

Fresh footage of an abducted activist’s classic American Jeep could crack open a three-year-old mystery in Laos, campaigners say.

On December 15, 2012, Sombath Somphone was driving property when he was pulled over just metres from the Australian Embassy Recreation Club in the capital, Vientiane.

Mr Sombath was properly known in international circles and won the 2005 Magsaysay Award, occasionally referred to as Asia’s Nobel Prize, for his function in sustainable farming, youth education and community improvement.

Footage from a safety camera showed Mr Sombath get out of the vehicle and then an unidentified man calmly drive off with the Jeep.

Shortly following that, Mr Sombath gets into a white pick up truck with flashing lights.

That is the last time Mr Sombath or the Jeep was ever observed.

His wife said the uncertainty more than his fate was soul-destroying.

“It is like a knife that is permanently embedded in my heart and practically nothing can take the pain away,” mentioned Ng Shui-Meng, via a statement read in Bangkok by Thailand’s National Human Rights commissioner Angkhana Neelapaijit.

Three years following the apparent abduction, the family members has revealed fresh footage from two safety cameras that show Mr Sombath’s Jeep being driven south away from the capital, but then crucially, turning about seconds later and driving back the other way.

The truth that Mr Sombath’s Jeep was driven back into the city indicates other security cameras are most likely to have tracked its path.

“With Sombath’s vehicle, due to the fact it really is so distinctive, it would be fairly easy to see if individuals had recognized something,” stated Sam Zarifi, the regional director of the International Commission of Jurists.

“However nowadays, three years later, this is evidence the household discovered just casually walking down the street and so our sense is this case remains eminently solvable,” Mr Zarifi said, at an event hosted by the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand.

Laos investigation ‘a negative joke’

But there is tiny genuine hope of a breakthrough, with rights groups saying Laos has shown no political will to investigate.

In January, Australia urged Laos to adhere to up on the disappearance and pointedly suggested it “address any suspicions of government involvement in his abduction”.

Lao activist Sombath missing Photo: A newspaper clipping about missing Lao activist Sombath Somphone. (Supplied)

Human Rights Watch (HRW) mentioned the investigation had been a “farce” and “a poor joke” told to new diplomats to illustrate the Laos Government’s techniques.

“The message to the Laos individuals from their Government is that we can take anyone at any time so shut up, sit down and do what we tell you,” said Phil Robertson, deputy director of Asia for HRW.

Laos is the existing chair of the regional grouping, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

HRW mentioned the Laos Government’s conduct reflected poorly on its neighbours.

“Many have stated over the years that ASEAN is a club of dictators and rights abusers and Laos is optimistic proof of just how accurate that is,” stated Mr Robertson.

“There’s now a wall of silence that is fallen more than Vientiane about Sombath’s case. Individuals who knew factors have stopped speaking, officials who knew issues have been transferred or disappeared, international NGOs operating in Laos say they are sympathetic but can’t talk about it.”

HRW said Laos’ wider influence within ASEAN has been regressive, shutting down discussion of land rights, ethnic problems, the situation for gay, lesbian and transgender citizens and controversial hydroelectric dams that threaten to choke the Mekong.

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Plan now to avoid loved ones rows at Christmas, psychologist says

Posted December 09, 2015 13:39:06

Now is the time to prepare if you want to avoid loved ones drama on Christmas Day, according to a top clinical psychologist.

Professor Jane Fisher, who is director of analysis at Melbourne’s Jean Hailes Foundation, said while households normally hoped for “warmth and goodwill” when they gathered for Christmas, the day held high possible for conflict.

“We approach these [occasions] with high expectations, probably excessive expectations,” she told 774 ABC Melbourne’s Rafael Epstein.

“We anticipate it’s going to be particularly joyful or pleasant and then we’re disappointed when it falls short.

“It can be a time when men and women drink as well a lot and that can loosen constraints over what is said and men and women can turn out to be too direct.”

Professor Fisher said these who were dreading a repeat of a previous year’s Christmas argument required to make alterations ahead of time.

“I think, possibly, there can be some reflections on what happened final year, and possibly there may well be things we could put in place,” she stated.

“This is about disrupting some of these habitual approaches of undertaking issues … [asking] can we do this greater or can we do this differently?”

Present-providing has ‘potential for competitiveness’

Professor Fisher stated Christmas gifts could typically turn out to be “conflagration points” within households.

“There can be some who are more affluent than other people, some who believe it’s good to give children quite generous presents, others who feel it is greater to give a lot more modest or responsible gifts,” she mentioned.

“Probably even the children draw comparisons [between gifts] and the parents then really feel defensive.”

One 774 ABC Melbourne listener texted to say that Christmas time created them really feel “inadequate”:

“My brother-in-law usually buys these super-high-priced gifts that my spend can never ever match.”

Professor Fisher said the listener was not alone in that experience.

“That puts it extremely starkly, but I believe very honestly and accurately,” she said.

I think there’s a potential for competitiveness that is practically inevitable in big households.

Professor Jane Fisher

She said huge families were increasingly organising Kris Kringle-style present-providing, with every family member randomly assigned just one individual for whom to get a present.

Another listener said their family now concentrated on getting family members members “a truly acceptable card” with $ ten in it.

A lot of households, Professor Fisher said, set an upper limit on the cost of gifts, but added that it was difficult to quit people going overboard when it comes to presents.

“I consider there’s a potential for competitiveness, that is virtually inevitable in large families,” she stated.

Hosts, senior family members should ‘set the tone’

Much of the onus of organising a harmonious family Christmas falls on the host, Professor Fisher said.

“They’re the ones who can genuinely be generous … [and] make everyone’s contribution feel valued,” she mentioned.

But others have a function to play as well, she stated, particularly the senior generation who “have a huge obligation to set the tone”.

“They are the ones who have the most power, nevertheless, to set the parameters inside which the gathering will take place,” Professor Fisher said.

Alterations do not have to be huge, she stated, or disruptive to family traditions.

“It can be, perhaps, who is place to sit next to who,” Professor Fisher stated.

A lot of tension can be removed from Christmas Day, she said, by making sure that the workload was evenly shared all through the family members.

“Otherwise I think that people can be resentful and then they can burst out and say anything accusatory,” she mentioned.

External Link: Households at Christmas – Life and other catastrophes on 774 ABC Melbourne Drive.

Households where the female members do most of the day’s cooking and cleaning could try telling men and women ahead of time what was anticipated from them on the day, according to Professor Fisher.

“You could say ‘we’re not just dividing out who brings the meals, we’re going to divide up the jobs so nobody’s operating as well hard’,” she mentioned.

“Set jobs for the men and stop females from stepping in to do the operate.”

If pre-existing loved ones tensions are also fantastic, however, it can be greater to hold celebrations “someplace neutral”.

“Meet in a park, go to the beach,” Professor Fisher said.

She stated the a single factor not to do was to use the gathering as an opportunity to have it out with a household member.

“I feel absolutely everyone can then feel impacted by that,” she said.

“The blinding row is not actually a great remedy.”

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‘Don’t be scared to ask for help’: Stefan Woodward’s loved ones speak out soon after death at Stereosonic

Updated December 06, 2015 18:35:11

The loved ones of a teenager who died at Adelaide’s Stereosonic music festival has paid tribute to a “fun-loving young man whose life had been reduce so tragically short”.

In a statement, the loved ones of 19-year-old Stefan Woodward urged for change at festivals, such as higher access to 1st aid and cost-free water, to make certain no other family members endures the same heartache.

Mr Woodward died on Saturday from a suspected drug overdose at the Adelaide leg of the festival.

Two other people stay in critical condition right after consuming drugs at the festival.

The same day, police released images of red and orange tablets stamped with dollar symbols, which had been identified on Mr Woodward.

“Our family members is devastated by our loss and we would do anything to have our son and brother back,” Mr Woodward’s mother, two brothers and stepfather stated in a statement.

“Stefan finished a visitors management training course on Friday and was excited about getting an apprenticeship.

“I preserve asking what could have stopped me from losing my son, and my other two sons from losing their darling brother.”

Mr Woodward worked at a supermarket whilst finishing Year 13 at Seaton Higher College, in Seaton, South Australia.

He was also heavily involved in the Woodville Lacrosse Club.

The club paid tribute to Mr Woodward, who played for the division one group, describing him as “a sharp-shooting left-handed attackman”.

Stefan Woodward Photo: Stefan Woodward loved to play lacrosse and was heavily invovled in the Woodville Lacrosse Club. (Supplied: Facebook )

Mr Woodward’s loved ones has urged pals to look out for each and every other and for occasion organisers to be greater ready with 1st aid in the future.

“Far more than anything I want anything great to come of this tragedy,” the loved ones stated.

“I want organisers of events like these to make certain there is adequate very first aid on offer to make confident that no-one particular gets turned away, and no-one feels they want to wait.

“I want pals to look right after each and every other and make certain it really is in no way regarded weak to ask for aid.

“I want authorities to make sure little ones are kept protected with cost-free water.

“And I want young boys and girls like Stefan to in no way be as well scared to ask for help.

“Mostly, I in no way want one more household to go by means of what we are going through subsequent now.”

Independent senator Nick Xenophon has known as for a coronial inquest into Mr Woodward’s death.

The death comes a week following 25-year-old Sylvia Choi died at the Sydney Stereosonic festival of a suspected overdose.

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First posted December 06, 2015 18:33:52

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Bomber kills himself, loved ones throughout raid: safety sources

Posted December 05, 2015 21:11:23

A suspected Islamist militant and two members of his household have been killed in northern Lebanon, soon after the man blew himself up in the course of an army raid on his house, safety and medical sources say.

It was the latest in a series of arrest raids across the nation given that two suicide bomb blasts claimed by Islamic State killed 44 individuals in a crowded industrial and residential location of Beirut last month.

The raid took location in the town of Deir Ammar, north-east of the city of Tripoli.

The explosion killed the wife and mother of the suspect, who was named as Mohammed Hamzeh, a security source stated.

At least 10 other people had been wounded, such as four security personnel.

A safety supply said Hamzeh was element of a group that had pledged allegiance to IS.

A Lebanese court charged 26 folks final week with belonging to Islamic State, 23 of whom had been straight linked to the Beirut bombings, which targeted a Shiite Muslim suburb.

The Syrian civil war across the border has spilled more than into its smaller sized neighbour on a number of occasions, with Sunni extremist bombings against Shiites, clashes between gunmen who support opposing sides in Syria, as effectively as between the army and Islamists.

Al Qaeda’s Syria wing on Tuesday freed 16 Lebanese safety personnel it had held given that August 2014 following it and IS briefly overran the border town of Arsal, in return for the release of jailed Islamists.


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