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Only five US states spared from mass shootings this year: monitor

Posted December 13, 2015 13:41:12

Only five US states were not impacted by the bloody, perpetual series of mass shootings in the nation this year, according to a site that tracks gun violence.

Important points

  • Only 5 states in the US did not record a mass shooting this year, according to tracking internet site
  • States had been Hawaii, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming
  • All events that killed or wounded at least 4 people had been counted
  • Specialists say the 5 states were “lucky” and had accomplished nothing revolutionary to stop shootings

As of December two, 353 mass shootings have killed 462 individuals in 220 cities, according to the Shooting Tracker web site, which counts all events that have killed or wounded at least four individuals.

A total of 1,317 men and women were wounded following adjusting for the newest toll from the last mass shooting, which saw a husband and wife couple kill 14 and wound 22 in San Bernardino, California, the deadliest such tragedy in 3 years.

If there is no slowdown to this frenetic pace, there will be as a lot of such traumatic deadly events as there are days in the year. Or more.

Hawaii, New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming alone have been spared such macabre fate.

Experts debate whether the states had been spared thanks to coincidence or if circumstances there make them a haven of peace.

All of them except West Virginia have not noticed a single mass shooting considering that 2013, when the internet site initial started its count primarily based not on official figures but on reports obtained from media reports and other sources.

The outcome owes in portion to the relatively low population density in these states, professionals say.

Wyoming, house to 584,000 people, is the least populous state, according to 2014 estimates from the US Census.

None of them have accomplished anything innovative or successful to avoid mass shootings, it just takes place to be … [a] coincidence.

Professor Adam Winkler, UCLA College of Law

North Dakota, with 739,500 folks, is the fourth least populated state, ranking 47th out of 50 general by population.

“Naturally, we would count on that states with smaller populations would have fewer mass shootings, on average,” University of Alabama criminologist Adam Lankford said.

The most populous state, California with 38.8 million folks, had 25 shootings, the second largest number this year.

Florida, which counted 27 shootings, the most of any state, has a population of 19.9 million, producing it the third most populated state.

Lack of shootings in five states a ‘coincidence’

The 5 states are also amongst the most rural. Most lack significant cities, except for Hawaii, with Honolulu obtaining a population of about 375,000.

Professor Lankford said men and women in the four states have been significantly less most likely to reside in cities than these in most other US states.

“This affects their threat and probability of experiencing a mass shooting,” he said.

“Even though college and workplace shootings do happen in towns and other rural locations, there are several types of mass shootings that largely happen in cities, such as mass shootings that arise from gang violence, organised crime, and other criminal activity.”

None of these five states, except for Hawaii, has adopted strict gun handle legislation, and it is usually simpler to personal 1 there than elsewhere in the United States.

Wyoming namely does not regulate the transfer or possession of machine guns and no state permit is necessary to purchase a rifle, shotgun or handgun.

That earns it an “F” from the San Francisco-based Law Centre to Avert Gun Violence, an advocacy group. North Dakota and West Virginia also get that lowest attainable grade.

New Hampshire fared just a hair better, with a D-.

Hawaii, in contrast, got a B+, due to the fact of its license and registration needs, ban on assault weapons and massive capacity ammunition magazines, youngster access prevention specifications and restriction on openly carrying of handguns and lengthy guns.

There have been quite a few shootings in those 5 states, but always fewer than four victims.

“None of them have carried out anything innovative or successful to avoid mass shootings, it just happens to be … [a] coincidence,” mentioned Adam Winkler of the UCLA College of Law.


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Driver escapes ‘with only a scratch’ as metal tray pierces windscreen

Posted December 12, 2015 20:26:53

External Link: SJ Firefighters tweet
Map: United States

A driver has escaped serious injury after a heavy metal beam fell off a truck, bounced then pierced his BMW X5 SUV’s windscreen in San Jose, California.

The driver was able to drive the vehicle to the shoulder of the road and no other vehicles were involved, fire crews said.

The man received a minor scratch to his right arm, firefighters said.

“Had the person been a little more to the right, it would have impaled him,” San Jose Fire spokesman Christopher Salcido told SF Gate.

“It looks like he not so much dodged a bullet, but dodged a large beam of metal.”

The San Jose Fire Department tweeted a photograph of the accident urging drivers to keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and to “always be alert to your surroundings”.

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Only little group to blame for emissions scandal: VW

Updated December 11, 2015 01:26:31

Volkswagen says only a little group of workers were responsible for cheating US diesel emissions tests and there is no indication that board members were involved in the largest enterprise crisis in the firm’s history.

Chairman Hans Dieter Poetsch said investigations into the affair were going well, but the scandal was the outcome of a “chain of errors” and it would take months to say which men and women had been to blame.

The carmaker announced that it had agreed on actions to enhance oversight of engine-software improvement to keep away from any future emissions test manipulations.

Volkswagen hoped to attain agreement with US environmental authorities in the subsequent handful of days or weeks so the organization can start off to recall affected vehicles there.

Cooperation with those authorities was described as “exceptional”.

In spite of the scandal, orders so far this year had been up by three.5 per cent and chief executive Matthias Mueller stated he was confident that buyers would get over their reluctance to get the group’s cars in the coming weeks.

VW also mentioned it was organizing to bring in a new corporate structure that would be in location across the group by early 2017.

The business was not taking into consideration the sale of any units to simplify the group structure or raise income, and was happy with having 12 brands.

But executives had been nevertheless unable to estimate the scandal’s legal expenses, for which they had so far produced no provisions.

Mr Mueller, who has not been to the United States given that becoming chief executive after the scandal broke, stated he would start off a check out to the nation right after the Detroit motor show in January.

Speaking at a news conference at VW’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Mr Mueller said he would apologise for the predicament, but added: “I never feel I will be going down on my knees there … I will appear ahead optimistically and confidently.”

Europe’s most significant carmaker launched internal and external investigations in September following admitting its deception in the United States.

Engine-improvement unit ‘remains the focus of investigations’

“No business justifies crossing legal and ethical boundaries,” Mr Poetsch stated. “Even even though we can’t stop misconduct by folks after and for all, in future it will be extremely challenging to bypass our processes.”

Mr Poetsch said the external investigation by US law firm Jones Day was generating good progress but would require time to attain conclusions.

He mentioned Volkswagen would not name any people involved on Thursday but it was most likely only a modest quantity of men and women took component in the deception.

“We are speaking right here not about a one particular-off error but a chain of errors,” he said, adding: “Primarily based on what we know nowadays, it was a quite restricted group which acted irresponsibly.”

VW’s engine-improvement unit remained the concentrate of investigations, Mr Poetsch stated.

Mr Mueller stated the crisis was an opportunity for VW to introduce long-necessary structural alter. Considering that the start of this year, the VW group’s executive board has brought in six new members, and leading management had been changed at seven of VW’s 12 brands.

He mentioned VW was functioning on a new structure to give a lot more power to its regional divisions and brands. Information would be drawn up in the 1st quarter of next year and it would be in location across the group by early 2017.

“As critical as this crisis is, it is also offering us an opportunity to drive much-need structural alter and we will use that chance,” Mr Mueller mentioned.

Up to 11 million cars worldwide have computer software installed that defeats emissions tests, and the charges to Volkswagen of fixing the cars, paying fines to environmental authorities and dealing with legal challenges are estimated in the tens of billions of euros.

Mr Mueller said it was fairly basic and affordable to repair the impacted automobiles, and he was often asked why they had not accomplished so in the very first spot. The purpose was that the technologies for the fixes was not offered when the vehicles were constructed, and the issue was not identified at the time.

“We will not allow the crisis to paralyse us,” Mr Mueller said. “Although the present situation is significant, this company will not be broken by it.”

The scandal forced out VW’s long-time chief executive and wiped 13 per cent, or 10 billion euros, off its marketplace worth.


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1st posted December 10, 2015 23:46:14

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VW says false CO2 emissions have an effect on only 36,000 automobiles

Updated December 10, 2015 00:28:00

Volkswagen says allegations it lied about the carbon dioxide emissions of up to 800,000 automobiles have proven to be largely unfounded.

The vehicle maker now says the quantity of impacted automobiles was about 36,000.

Essential points:

  • Volkswagen says only 36,000 cars affected by false carbon emissions, not 800,000 as formerly reported
  • VW was initially expecting charges of at least two billion euros which includes compensation payments to customers
  • The German carmaker is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal

“The suspicion that the fuel consumption figures of current production automobiles had been unlawfully changed was not confirmed,” VW stated in a statement.

“Only a tiny quantity of the model variants of new cars will have the catalogue (CO2) figure slightly adjusted.”

It mentioned the “unfavorable influence on earnings of two. billion euros that was initially expected has [also] not been confirmed”.

VW mentioned final month it had falsified fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions in about 800,000 automobiles sold mostly in Europe and was expecting costs of at least two billion euros like compensation payments to clients.

“The damaging influence on earnings … has not been confirmed,” VW stated.

“Whether or not we will have a minor financial impact, depends on the results of the remeasurement physical exercise.”

On Wednesday, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the number of cars actually impacted was much reduced and owners would not be expected to make any further tax payments as a outcome of the discrepancies.

The newspaper reported that fewer than 40,000 cars had been truly impacted.

The report comes after a November 3 report that the auto giant revealed an internal probe had uncovered “inconsistencies” on carbon emissions as properly, affecting not only diesel engines but petrol engines too.

VW is at present engulfed in a massive pollution-scandal that had initially centred on so-referred to as defeat devices, sophisticated software program fitted into diesel engines to skew the outcomes of tests for nitrogen oxide emissions.

The carmaker admitted to fitting 11 million diesel engines worldwide with the rogue computer software, triggering each regulatory and criminal investigations in a range of nations, like Germany.

VW is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal.

It will also hear from the top executive of its Audi unit what methods he plans to take to repair luxury diesel automobiles fitted with computer software found to have enabled its engines to evade US emissions limits.

Shoppers have been deterred from making purchases due to the fact of the CO2 cheating, functions council chief Bernd Osterloh has stated, adding to currently falling demand for its cars in China and Latin America.

NordLB’s Schope predicted the group’s global sales would fall as considerably as four per cent worldwide subsequent year in a marketplace that looks set to grow by the identical margin.


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Initial posted December 09, 2015 23:29:31

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Assad says Britain’s Syria strikes ‘illegal’, will only encourage terror

Updated December 07, 2015 01:11:55

Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad has described British air strikes against Islamic State in Syria as “illegal” and says it will only result in “terrorism” to spread.

British MPs voted on final week to join the US-led bombing campaign over Syria.

In an interview with UK media, Mr Assad contrasted Britain’s strategy with Russia, which has the backing of the Syrian government.

“It will be harmful and illegal and it will assistance terrorism as happened after the coalition began its operation a year or so [ago],” he told The Sunday Instances.

Terror, he mentioned, was like a cancer which required to be tackled with a “extensive” strategy which would involve operating with troops on the ground.

“You can not cut out element of the cancer. You have to extract it. This type of operation is like cutting out component of the cancer. That will make it spread in the physique faster,” he said.

“You cannot defeat [IS] by way of air strikes alone. You can not defeat them without cooperation with forces on the ground. You cannot defeat them if you do not have acquire-in from the common public and the government.

“They are going to fail once again.”

Britain began its bombing campaign early on Thursday, hitting an oil field held by IS just hours following a decisive parliamentary vote authorised air strikes.

Momentum to join the air campaign grew soon after IS militants claimed a deadly series of attacks on Paris final month which killed 130 men and women and wounded far more than 350.

In late September, Russia started its personal bombing campaign in Syria in help of Mr Assad, more than a year following a US-led coalition started its strikes targeting the IS group.

Russia is coordinating its air strikes with Damascus, in contrast to the US-led coalition, whose action has been criticised by Mr Assad and his government as ineffectual.

Far more than 250,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict erupted in March 2011 with protests against Mr Assad’s regime.


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Only a separate regulator can guarantee BBC independence, says Tony Hall

‘The truth is that a five-year charter would successfully dangle a Sword of Damocles more than the BBC’s head – calling our future into query at every single election.’ Photograph: Reuters

Tony Hall is to turn out to be the very first director basic of the BBC to argue for complete external regulation of the corporation, in an intervention intended to defend it from political interference.

In a speech on the independence of the corporation, Hall will argue that key reforms to the governing charter must in future be approved by a two-thirds majority of parliament. He will add that public oversight by way of on the web polls should also be introduced prior to important alterations are created to the BBC.

Hall’s words are likely to add to growing help for media regulator Ofcom to take over from the a lot criticised BBC Trust following charter renewal at the end of 2016. His apparent help for the move tends to make him the 1st director general to argue for a totally separate regulator that “holds our feet firmly to the fire on distinctiveness”.

Connected: The battle for the BBC | Charlotte Higgins

The speech in Cardiff on Monday evening comes soon after controversial negotiations that have currently seen the government impose the £700m price of totally free licence costs for the more than-75s on the BBC before publication of a wideranging green paper. Even though the government agreed some financial concessions in return, the size and scope of the BBC is now firmly in the spotlight.

“Despite the cuts, we can nevertheless provide our audiences a greater BBC for significantly less,”Hall will argue. “But not if we are bound down with tie soon after tie. Not if, getting reduce our cash, the charter also cuts our creative freedom to reinvent our solutions, or our industrial freedom to make up the shortfall.

“I don’t want a system that stifles us … that tells us how to do our job, rather than the job we need to be carrying out. That freezes today’s BBC in aspic so that we can not respond to tomorrow or says that our services must be scheduled by our competitors rather than for our audiences.”

Hall will counter critics who wanted to constrain the BBC and make a pitch for inventive decision-creating free of charge from political or market forces. “Some think that the BBC should only be able to create what the marketplace does not. That our creativity should begin only where other people fail, constantly second-guessing the industry and backing away from the most promising concepts.

“Some want every single part of the nation to have an precise proportion of the licence charge spent on it, regardless of where the ideal suggestions are located. Or they want to decide on how to ringfence our spending. Or even just decrease our audience, regardless of regardless of whether – as in the last charter – we got there by becoming more distinctive.”

Only a BBC totally free from interference, he will say, would be best in a position to contribute to the UK economy. “It is independence that should allow us that creative freedom. Aware of the marketplace, but not led by it. Answerable to parliament, but totally free from political influence. Not obtaining to navigate no-go places or define “good” in advance … but enabling programme makers to concentrate on creating their programmes, and letting danger of failure be the price of achievement.”

Hall will use comedies such as Blackadder and The Office as examples of material the BBC was able to take a danger on and enable time to create.

In an try to stay away from producing the complaint sound party-political, Hall will point out how the relationship amongst government and the BBC has deteriorated more than the previous two decades. He returned to the corporation as director basic in 2013 and was “struck by a key change”.

“The foundations of the BBC’s independence became weaker. The traditions and informal arrangements which protected it had been eroded. Politicians had not done this deliberately – it happened below all parties.

“First, the licence fee was spent on factors that had been not straight to do with broadcasting. On digital switchover. On rural broadband and local Television. Then twice it was settled with no a full process.”

The culture secretary, John Whittingdale, has said he regrets the manner in which the behind-closed-doors negotiation to agree a monetary settlement was created this summer time. Hall is to say that regulation must be removed from politics by ending the commitment to review the charter each 5 years. Instead, the BBC reiterated calls to extend the charter to an 11-year period.

“The truth is that a five-year charter would successfully dangle a Sword of Damocles more than the BBC’s head – calling our future into query at each election and stopping the corporation from organizing or investing in any extended-term, sustainable way.”

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