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Kiribati’s President appreciative of Australia’s ‘very active’ function at Paris climate talks

Updated December 15, 2015 01:11:04

The President of Kiribati, a tiny island nation in the Pacific at danger of disappearing if sea levels rise, says he is quite appreciative of Australia’s “quite active” part at the Paris climate talks.

President Anote Tong, an outspoken advocate for international action on climate adjust, mentioned the agreement reached at the COP21 summit was a “main achievement”.

“It is a quite optimistic step forward and of course, what was most gratifying was the position of the nations that we had thought would have taken a quite damaging position,” he told the ABC’s The Planet plan.

All 195 countries that attended the summit authorized the agreement, which aims to limit temperature increases to well beneath two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The agreement also references the “urgent need to have” to pursue efforts to limit the temperature enhance to 1.5C.

The text does not mandate particular measures or targets. As an alternative, it creates a program for making certain nations make good on voluntary domestic efforts to curb emissions.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop stated the deal was an essential step forward, but it has been criticised by some Liberal MPs.

President Tong, who is in Morocco for yet another round of climate talks, stated it was “definitely essential” that leaders followed by means of on the targets agreed upon in Paris.

“I think it is definitely essential. Of course, it’s component of the purpose why we are here in Morocco, to go over possibly what must be coming up at the next meeting, how the commitments that have been produced from Paris could be followed up and how they can be translated into concrete action,” he said.

“There was extremely clear acknowledgement of the special circumstances of the most vulnerable nations on the front line of climate adjust.

“We are hoping that in spite of the lack of clarity in the wording, there is this really clear understanding that if it comes to building up climate resilience and adaptation and just recovery, we are hopeful that the countries that made a commitment will provide.”

President Tong pleased the ‘miracle did happen’

Countries such as Kiribati and Fiji have lengthy argued for a 1.5C cap to make certain their countries survive extreme weather events and increasing sea levels, whilst industrial nations have favoured the 2C limit.

President Tong said the summit’s adoption of the 1.5C target was a victory.

“I feel [at] the begin of the discussions, fairly a number of countries did not go for the 1.5C boost, but by the end of the discussions … the miracle did take place,” he told The Planet.

“Even Australia, we felt, was supporting that. The atmosphere and perhaps the chairmanship, the presidency at the conference, was of course extremely instrumental.

“But Australia was quite active, we noted that. And of course the US, and a number of other countries that initially have been a bit negative.”

Negotiators have stated the long-term push by island nations was instrumental in bringing the 1.5C target to prominence.

Australia signed on to the 1.5 target when it cut a deal with St Lucia, a Caribbean island nation, to back the target in exchange for getting allowed to carry over its savings from the Kyoto Protocol.

President Tong mentioned the agreement, if followed by means of, will mean future Kiribatians will have a future.

“I feel we must be cautious in becoming too sceptical by what has taken spot,” he stated.

“I think it really is been quite, really significant and it sets the bottom line — it establishes the basis of the foundation of what future behaviour on energy must be.

“I know we did not get one hundred per cent of what it was that we went for, but nonetheless I feel what is happened … in the circumstances, could not have been better.”

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One word virtually unravelled the Paris climate deal

Updated December 13, 2015 09:13:46

The acceptance of the Paris agreement was met with cheers that rang across La Seine, the specially-constructed hall for the historic talks.

The voice of the English translator broke with emotion as she relayed the words of the host, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius.

It was followed by laudatory speeches from leaders around the world.

The head of the UN climate change body Christiana Figueres gave a speech that had her staff dancing in the aisles.

But just a few hours before the celebrations, there was a crisis that nearly saw the entire deal unravel agonisingly close to its conclusion.

The sharp-eyed legal advisers in the United States delegation noticed something had changed between the penultimate draft and the final version being presented.

Where the word “should” had been used in all previous drafts, the word “shall” was, for some unknown reason, now in its place.

It was a seemingly small error — but one with enormous implications.

“Should” implies a moral obligation but does not compel a nation to do something. “Shall”, however, means there would be a legal obligation to undertake the action.

If the final text used the word “shall” in the wrong place, it would require the Americans to get congressional approval — something universally acknowledged as impossible.

If it was not changed, the US would never be able to sign on and China would then no sign on to something to which the Americans were not a party.

But it was not a simple matter of fixing the text.

Some African nations saw it as a serious change that required re-opening the negotiations.

The Nicuraguans, who are opposed to the deal, saw it as an opportunity to make gains. Suddenly, the deal was falling apart.

It took interventions at the highest level, with both US president Barack Obama and Cuba’s leader Raul Castro making phones calls to the Nicaraguans to get them to back down.

The ABC has been told China played a significant role in lobbying African nations to allow the last-minute changes.

The pressure worked. The “shalls” were changed back to “shoulds”, the text was put to the plenary and accepted.

A narrow miss that nearly saw a grammatical error bring down a world-wide agreement.

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Cheers as planet adopts historic Paris climate deal

Updated December 13, 2015 06:19:57

Climate change protesters in Paris hold a banner which reads Photo: Environmentalists hold a banner which reads, “Crank up the Action” at a demonstration in Paris (Reuters: Mal Langsdon)
Associated Story: Final wording of Paris climate pact sorted
Map: France

The global climate alter conference in Paris has adopted an international accord aimed at transforming the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy within decades and slowing the pace of worldwide warming to well under two degrees Celsius.

Important points:

  • Draft climate deal limits worldwide warming to “possibly 1.5 degrees”
  • Sets out system of 5-yearly testimonials and monitoring of each and every nation’s progress
  • Climate financing for establishing countries of at least $ 100b by 2020

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius ended almost a fortnight of gruelling talks with the bang of a gavel, marking consensus among the ministers, who stood for a number of minutes to clap and shout their joy.

“I see the room, I see the reaction is positive, I hear no objection. The Paris climate accord is adopted,” Mr Fabius declared, adding: “It may be a tiny gavel but it can do large things.”

The new treaty will commence in 2020.

Mr Fabius mentioned the deal would limit worldwide warming – which threatens humanity with increasing seas and worsening droughts, floods and storms – to “well below two degrees Celsius, probably 1.five”.

US president Barack Obama instantly tweeted: “This is enormous: Practically each and every country in the world just signed on to the #ParisAgreement on climate change.”

Foreign minister Julie Bishop spoke on behalf of the Umbrella Group of Nations, a loose coalition of developed countries not in Europe.

“Our perform right here is accomplished and now we can return property to implement this historic agreement. This is a pivotal moment,” she said.

“No nation would see this as the perfect outcome. Definitely it does not incorporate everything that we envisaged.

“However this agreement does give us a approach to operate more than coming years and decade to build the strong and successful action the planet wants.”

As he released the final wording, Mr Fabius urged nations to sign up to the treaty saying: “If today we were to fail, how could we rebuild this hope? Trust would be irrevocably lost and beyond that the really credibility of multilateralism and the international community as an entity able to respond to challenges. This is what is at stake.”

Setting a broad purpose of eliminating the net boost in man-created greenhouse gas emission this century, the agreement does not mandate specific measures or targets.

Rather, it creates a system for ensuring nations make great on voluntary domestic efforts to curb emissions, and offers billions far more dollars to aid poor nations cope with the transition to a greener economy.

“This text contains the principal components that we did feel just before would be impossible to attain. It is differentiated, fair, sturdy, dynamic, balanced and legally binding,” Mr Fabius mentioned.

For the initial time, a limit of 1.5C has been locked into the treaty following a concerted push by tiny island nations who stated their very existence was threatened if the planet limited international warming to 2C.

The treaty said the globe will be “holding the increase in the global typical temperature to properly beneath 2C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature enhance to 1.5 C above pre-industrial levels, recognising that this would considerably minimize the risks and impacts of climate adjust”.

Kellie Caught from WWF Australia was among the several environment groups that hailed the move.

“By which includes a long-term temperature aim of effectively below 2C of warming with a reference to a 1.5C objective, the newest draft text sends a sturdy signal that governments are committed to becoming in line with science,” she mentioned.

“What we need now is for their actions, like emission reductions and finance, to add up to delivering on that objective.”

The United Nations negotiations on climate modify have been moving incrementally considering that 1992.

In 1997 the the world’s most significant emitters of climate changing greenhouse gases signed up to the Kyoto Protocol, but it was an agreement constantly fraught with disagreement.

With its scheduled conclusion in 2012, the planet scrambled to find a replacement. The negotiations in 2009, held that year in Copenhagen, had been highly anticipated, but ended in chaos and disappointment. In the lead up to this year’s meeting, the French hosts worked challenging to keep away from the identical conclusion.

The standing ovation provided to Mr Fabius, the head of the meeting, was testament to the powerful progress of the meeting.

Scientists have warned for decades that the boost in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – largely from burning coal oil and gas – would lead to a lot more of the Sun’s heat getting trapped on Earth. This year is shaping up to be the hottest year on record, with 2014 the earlier record holder.

Outside the plenary on the streets of Paris, thousands of demonstrators wore red to signify the red line they did not want the globe to cross.

External Link: Read the complete draft agreement
External Hyperlink: COP21 deal storify


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‘We will not bend to fear’: Madonna plays impromptu tribute gig in Paris

Posted December 10, 2015 22:42:13

US pop star Madonna has offered an impromptu acoustic overall performance out in the open in Paris, a tribute to the city in the wake of the terrorist attacks last month.

At Location de la Republique, which has grow to be an unofficial hub for mourners of the November 13 attacks, Madonna sang a series of songs to a small crowd.

“It was inspiring, it was raw, it was true,” said Pete Hall, 45, a tourist from London who had just left Madonna’s concert at Bercy when he saw on social media she was at the square in central Paris.

“She was paying her respects to Paris,” he said.

Wearing a down jacket with a fur hood over her head and accompanied by her son and her long-time guitarist Monte Pittman, Madonna sang her hits “Like a Prayer” and “Ghosttown”, as properly as John Lennon’s “Picture”, according to those who attended the concert.

“She wanted to pay tribute, she loves this city,” Pittman mentioned.

“It is magical. I will in no way forget this.”

The Pariks attacks, carried out by the Islamic State group and the deadliest ever in France, killed 130 people and left 350 others wounded.

Earlier, at the concert at Bercy, Madonna created an emotional appeal to the audience, shouting: “We will not bend down to worry!”

“I consider of what occurred almost 4 weeks ago now,” she stated. “The heart of Paris and the heart of France beats in the heart of every city.”

She continued: “We are 1 heart and our heart can beat as 1 … The energy of enjoy is higher than the really like of power.

“I came here when I was 20 and it was here, in Paris, that I decided to make music. Thank you Paris for planting that seed in my heart!”


External Hyperlink: Madonna sings surprise gig at Place de la Republique, Paris

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Bishop readies for ‘beginning of the end’ of Paris climate negotiations

Posted December 10, 2015 08:41:31

A trimmed-down draft of a global agreement to limit climate change has been released right after a week and a half of negotiations in Paris.

Audio: Draft climate adjust agreement released but a lot of concerns unresolved (AM)

But there are hundreds of points still getting contested and the huge troubles are far from resolved.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has described it as “the beginning of the end of the negotiations.”

She has narrowed her focus to 3 key troubles but to be resolved — how ambitious it will be, how to balance duty among created and establishing countries and how the deal is financed.

The option of aiming to limit worldwide warming to 1.five degrees Celsius rather than the less ambitious 2C has not been however ruled out.

The option of explicitly aiming to reach “zero net emissions” is nevertheless on the table, but the option on the table is a more ambiguous aim of “low international emissions”.

But the largest battle remaining is how to balance obligations and responsibilities among created and building nations.

Clearly Australia’s view is that all nations require to take action, that there ought to be a level playing field.

Foreign Minster Julie Bishop.

This most current draft still contains the selection of getting diverse accounting systems for emissions for developed and developing countries, which is something Australia wants to see eliminated in these final days.

“That’s a quite hardline position but there are some other bridging choices that have been place forward, and clearly Australia’s view is that all nations require to take action, that there need to be a level playing field and that is what we’ll be looking for,” Ms Bishop said.

Negotiations on these concerns will influence how significantly funds sophisticated nations are ultimately willing to offer building nations.

Up to $ US100 billion ($ 140 billion) has been pledged up to 2020 but the draft is currently silent on what the figure may be beyond that.

Regardless of whether sophisticated economies need to spend loss and damages to other nations also remains unresolved.

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius has warned the clock is ticking.

“Some progress has been made, but there is still a lot of work to be completed,” he said.

“We need to prepare to be functioning all evening and tomorrow, almost certainly continuously.”

The self-imposed deadline for this deal is the finish of the week but there is a universal expectation that talks will have to spill over into the weekend.

“There is nevertheless a lot of function to be carried out,” Ms Bishop said.

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Climate-saving deal to reduce emissions within reach in Paris

Posted December ten, 2015 07:36:56

An elusive universal pact to save mankind from disastrous worldwide warming is inside attain, the French host of UN talks said as he released a new blueprint just 48 hours before the deadline for a deal.

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius cautioned the toughest issues nonetheless required to be resolved as he appealed for compromise among the ministers and other negotiators from 195 nations gathered in the northern outskirts of Paris.

But, soon after releasing a streamlined draft of the accord that eliminated hundreds of smaller sized points of dispute, Mr Fabius voiced self-assurance an accord could be signed by Friday to rein in greenhouse gases that warm the planet.

“I am convinced we can reach a deal but to do so we must unite our forces and set our compass on the want for compromise,” Mr Fabius told the delegates.

The UN talks have been billed as the final chance to avert the worst consequences of global warming: deadly drought, floods and storms, and rising seas that will engulf islands and densely populated coastlines.

A lot more than two decades of international diplomacy have failed to make such an accord, which would call for a transformation of the world’s energy method away from its reliance on extremely polluting coal, oil and gas.

Deep divisions — mainly amongst rich and poor nations — over how to pay for the costly shift to renewable types of power, such as solar and wind, have bedevilled the UN climate method.

Even though the most significant arguments are yet to be resolved in Paris, negotiators and lengthy-time observers agreed following the release of the draft that a deal could be reached.

“Our sense is that virtually every thing we require for an ambitious, equitable agreement is nonetheless in play,” said Jennifer Morgan, international director of the climate system at the World Resources Institute.

“But there is clearly an immense quantity of work to be accomplished in the coming hours.”

Nevertheless some campaigning groups said they had been concerned that world powers, in their rush for an agreement, may settle for a weak accord that does not do sufficient to curb greenhouse gases.

“It really is a mix of the good, the undesirable and the ugly, but we’ve got three days to force the worst stuff out and get a decent deal. It really is crunch time now,” Greenpeace climate policy expert Kaisa Kosonen.

Taking effect in 2020, the Paris agreement would seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions deeply sufficient to curb worldwide warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

In a victory for dozens of nations most vulnerable to rising sea levels and fierce storms, a much more ambitious cap of 1.5C was also kept as an alternative in the draft accord released on Wednesday.

“We have in no way been this close to a climate change agreement,” Thoriq Ibrahim, Maldives environment minister and chair of the Alliance of Tiny Island States, said in response to the newest draft.

“It is now up to us ministers to show the leadership required to make tough choices that put the interests of folks and the planet ahead of short-sighted politics.”

Funding for climate adjust initiatives stay a challenge

A single of the greatest prospective deal-busters remains cash.

Wealthy nations promised six years ago in Copenhagen to muster $ US100 billion a year from 2020 to help developing nations make the costly shift to clean power, and to cope with the effect of global warming.

But how the pledged funds will be raised nonetheless remains unclear — and building countries are pushing for a promise that the amount will be ramped up in future.

Meanwhile, rich nations are insisting that establishing giants work harder to tackle their greenhouse gases, noting that much of the world’s emissions come from their rapidly-expanding economies.

Most nations submitted to the UN ahead of Paris their voluntary plans to curb greenhouse gas emissions from 2020, which was extensively hailed as an crucial platform for accomplishment.

Energy revolution possibleVideo: Power revolution attainable (The Globe)

But scientists say that, even if the cuts were fulfilled, they would nonetheless put Earth on track for warming of at least two.7C.

United Nations Environment Plan executive director Achim Steiner mentioned the Paris climate talks could fuel an power revolution which could unfold inside months.

“What will come out of Paris will unquestionably be a signal to a low carbon economy. I consider we will see an power revolution beginning to unfold actually within months of Paris getting come to an agreement,” he stated.

1 of the remaining battle fronts in Paris is a debate more than when and how usually to assessment these national plans, so that they could be “scaled up” with pledges for deeper emissions cuts.

Some establishing nations insist they should not be pressured into deeper cuts, insisting that duty rests with rich nations that have burnt the most fossil fuels given that the Industrial Revolution.

In a dramatic and timely example of the world’s fate if rampant coal burning goes unchecked, choking smog has descended on the Chinese capital of Beijing and surrounding cities this week.

A red alert, ordering factories to close and recommending children remain at property, was raised in Beijing for the 1st time on Monday, followed by 27 other cities on Tuesday.

China is the world’s most significant emitter of greenhouse gases, primarily because of its reliance on coal to give low cost power for its 1.three billion individuals as they go via a exceptional financial transformation.


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Third bomber at Paris Bataclan concert hall identified: police

Updated December 09, 2015 19:41:48

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Map: France

A 23-year-old man from the eastern French city of Strasbourg has been identified as the third bomber involved in the attacks at Paris’s Bataclan concert hall, police sources say.

Foued Mohamed Aggad went to Syria with his brother and a group of friends at the finish of 2013, according to a source close to the investigation.

Most of the others have been arrested in spring final year upon their return to France, but Aggad stayed on in Syria, the source said.

Aggad was identified at the finish of final week after his DNA was matched with these of his household members, the police source said.

Ninety men and women died in the Bataclan attacks on November 13.

The two other bombers have been identified as Omar Ismail Mostefai, 29, and Samy Amimour, 28.


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Very first bar targeted in Paris attacks reopens

Posted December 04, 2015 22:11:53

A Paris bar where five individuals were killed by jihadist gunmen in the attacks three weeks ago has grow to be the initial targeted venue to re-open soon after what its manager called a “nightmare”.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported us for your poems, your messages and posts that have so helped us,” Audrey Bily told reporters outdoors the bar, A La Bonne Biere, in the east of the city.

Piles of flowers and candles nonetheless lined the pavement in front of the bar in the course of the opening.

“What are we going to do to start once more, to bounce back?” Ms Bily said.

“We have carried out some perform, repainted the walls to wipe away the indicators of this nightmare.

“The Bonne Biere cafe was a place where men and women meet and exchanged and shared. That is what we want it to be once more these days,”

A handful of consumers returned to the bar for their morning coffee.

The Casa Nostra restaurant opposite the bar, which was also hit, is nonetheless closed.

Four other bars and restaurants as effectively as the nearby Bataclan concert hall have been also targeted in the November 13 attacks in which 130 were killed.

Two of the Bataclan’s owners stated they intended to reopen the venue — exactly where 90 people died in the deadliest of the attacks — by the finish of next year.

Hundreds of men and women still flock there every single day and fresh flowers line the pavements outside.

Cleaning workers have also begun clearing away flowers from outside the Carillon bar and the Petit Cambodge restaurant, where 15 individuals lost their lives.

People drink coffee on the terrace of the bar during its reopening, Photo: People drink coffee on the terrace behind a barrier with flowers, notes and candles in memory of the victims. (AFP: Kenzo Tribouillard)


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‘Best news I have heard all day’: Brisbane butcher allegedly admired Paris attacks

Posted December 04, 2015 16:11:34

A supermarket butcher watching the Paris terror attacks on tv told his colleagues he wanted to go to Europe and kill people with a machete, a Brisbane court has heard.

The Supreme Court heard Matthew James Hutchison was watching the coverage of the deadly attacks in Paris at perform final month when he mentioned “this is the greatest news I have heard all day, all nations ought to understand to shut their doors”.

Justice Peter Flanagan said the butcher told his workmates “I want to book a flight to Europe and walk by means of all nations with a machete and kill men and women”.

He allegedly mentioned the Paris attacks had been “inevitable”.

The court heard he also stated “you know what, I actually hate police” and “when I have some Sudanese folks come and try and kill me, I will defend myself”.

Police spoke to a quantity of Hutchison’s colleagues about the comments.

The court heard in the course of a search of Hutchison’s property exactly where he lives with his grandfather, police found two gun safes, a number of weapons like a shotgun on his bed, a hunting knife, a physique armour vest, night-vision goggles as nicely as ammunition.

Police seized 12 weapons.

Hutchison allegedly told police he purchased a big amount of ammunition when it was on sale.

He was charged with unlawful possession of weapons and failing to securely store weapons.

Justice Flanagan said Hutchison is involved in a paintball shooting club which goes in some way to explain the armour.

A healthcare assessment located he did not have any underlying psychotic illness.

Justice Flanagan mentioned Hutchison had a licence to hold weapons though he did not appropriately retailer them.

He said he “doesn’t pose any real threat to the neighborhood” and granted Hutchison bail with a quantity of situations.

Hutchison must reside with his parents exactly where no weapons can be held, report to police and attend the mental overall health service at the PA Hospital.

He must not method any international departure point without the permission of the prosecution and surrender his passport.

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Early days but late nights for climate change negotiators in Paris

Posted December 04, 2015 10:53:48

It is nevertheless early days in the two-week extended negotiations for a new international agreement to limit climate alter, but negotiators are currently operating into the early hours of the morning.

Key points:

  • Friday deadline to lock in globe-wide deal to limit global warming
  • Final agreement expected to limit boost of two degrees Celcius
  • Push to bridge gap among building and created countries

The United Nations conference in Paris started on Monday with the aim of locking in a world-wide deal to limit global warming beyond 2020, with a deadline of next Friday.

But some negotiating sessions have currently run by means of the night, not wrapping up until early hours of the morning, just before resuming again only a couple of hours later.

A variety of teams are operating on different aspects of the agreement and some regions are proving challenging to get consensus on, major to the late night sessions.

The final agreement is anticipated to settle on limiting worldwide warming to an boost of 2 degrees Celcius.

But there is a big gulf in between created and developing nations on where the onus to reduce emissions lies and how considerably financial help advanced economies ought to provide.

Let’s all function to get building nations into the extremely greatest position they can to access the financing that is there to do things that are important for development.

Head of the United Nation’s Development Program Helen Clark

Head of the United Nation’s Development System Helen Clark urged creating countries to take benefit of new technologies to enable financial advancement whilst still limiting carbon emissions.

“Let’s all work to get developing countries into the extremely ideal position they can to access the financing that’s there to do issues that are important for improvement,” Ms Clark said.

She referred to as for sophisticated economies to provide poorer countries grants, rather than loans, to aid them cope with climate alter.

“We do really feel that standard climate justice needs assistance for adaptation for those who have been harmed by events they didn’t result in,” Ms Clark said.

“There is a fundamental injustice in nations getting set back time and time once again, and getting to incur higher debts and exposure to monetary liability.”

As opposed to the unsuccessful 2009 negotiations in Copenhagen, these talks are not focused on setting targets for nations to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

As an alternative, every single nation has proposed its personal level of cuts and approaches for doing so.

The negotiations are centred about the general level of emissions cuts, funding, and a technique for monitoring and reviewing each and every country’s progress.

The deal will be a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, which placed most of the responsibility for minimizing emissions on the developed globe and expires in 2020.

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