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Brawl erupts in Ukraine parliament following MP drags prime minister from podium

Posted December 12, 2015 01:13:52

External Hyperlink: Brawl erupts in Ukraine parliament soon after MP drags prime minister away from podium

A brawl erupted in the Ukrainian parliament after prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk was interrupted in the course of his annual address and then carried away from the podium.

Ukraine Right now reports that Oleh Barna, a member of president Petro Poroshenko’s celebration, handed prime minister Yatsenyuk a bouquet of roses just before grabbing him from behind and dragging him away from the podium.

Mr Barna, who had been collecting signatures for a draft resolution of no confidence in the government, then lifted Mr Yatsenyuk off the ground prior to other parliamentarians intervened, beginning a brawl.

Footage uploaded to the official Ukraine parliament YouTube channel shows the brawl starting, but not Mr Barna dragging Mr Yatsenyuk away from the podium.

Prime minister Yatsenyuk, from the People’s Front celebration, had been preparing to deliver his annual cabinet ministers report, which included troubles of anti-corruption, tax reform, power and subsequent year’s budget.

Not the initial brawl in Ukraine’s parliament

Ukraine’s parliament saw a schoolyard push and shove in July 2014, soon after a member of parliament accused authorities of running a war against the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine parliament comes to blows July 23, 2014Video: Ukraine parliament comes to blows July 23, 2014 (ABC News)

During a debate about the ideal way to quell a pro-Russia uprising in the country’s east, two parliamentarians from opposing parties began pushing each and every other soon after chairman Oleksandr Turchynov accused Russia of “acts of military aggression against Ukraine”.

In 2010, Ukrainian prosecutors opened an investigation soon after several opposition deputies were badly injured in a bloody brawl.

The fight came amid tensions soon after a criminal probe had been opened against then opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko.

Deputies from Tymoshenko’s BYuT-Batkivshchyna celebration and the Regions Party of president Viktor Yanukovych slugged it out for several minutes behind the speaker’s chair.

Ukraine is not the only nation to see violent scuffles in its federal houses of parliament.

Scuffles in Japan upper house in September 2015Video: Scuffles in Japan upper property in September 2015 (ABC News)

In September, politicians in Japan’s upper house scuffled as they attempted unsuccessfully to cease a security bill that cleared Japan’s military to fight abroad for the initial time given that Planet War II.

Opposition lawmakers climbed on prime of a single yet another as they tried to grab the committee chairman’s microphone to prevent him calling a vote on the controversial bills.

Japan’s parliament is normally sedate, but a enormous scrum developed, mirroring scenes outdoors the developing, exactly where tens of thousands of protesters vented their anger at the bill.

Nepal parliament brawl 2 Photo: A Nepalese constituent assembly member breaks a chair as tensions flare at parliament in Kathmandu early on January 20, 2015. (AFP: Bikash Karki)

Nepal’s parliament saw chairs broken in January, throughout debate over a post-war constitution.

Maoist politicians threw chairs and injured 4 security officers, and a ruling-celebration politician claimed two fellow MPs had been struck by flying microphones.

The parliament had two days left to approve the constitution and had met late into the evening, with the Maoist party attempting to avert Nepal’s ruling coalition from pushing proposals by means of parliament without frequent agreement.

In December 2014, Georgia’s parliament saw a fist-fight among politicians during a debate on the composition of Georgian delegations in international institutions.

Soon after a member of the ruling coalition swore at a member of the opposition United National Movement, other MPs joined in.

Turkish politician suffers blood nose Photo: The Republican People’s Party’s Ali Ihsan Kokturk suffered a bleeding nose in the scuffle. (Reuters)

Punches were exchanged, microphone stands had been utilized as clubs, and a man climbed onto a desk prior to lunging at fellow parliamentarians.

In February 2014, Turkey’s Ali Ishan Kokturk suffered a bleeding nose and Bayram Ozcelik had a finger broken right after a violent scuffle.

Fighting erupted as politicians debated a controversial bill to give the government much more handle over the judiciary.

In 2010, a lot more than 70 politicians brawled in Taiwan’s parliament, the first melee in the island nation’s notoriously rambunctious seat of government in two years.

Taiwanese politicians come to blows on the floor of parliament Photo: Taiwanese politicians come to blows on the floor of parliament on August 2, 2013 (Reuters: Pichi Chuang)

Members of the anti-China opposition Democratic Progressive Celebration (DPP) wrestled and yanked the clothing of ruling Nationalist (KMT) MPs following commandeering the speaker’s podium to block a law enabling neighborhood officials to be appointed rather of elected.

In Taiwan, brawls in parliament are noticed as 1 way for the opposition to show voters that it stands tough on issues.

In 2013, Taiwanese lawmakers brawled over a proposed nuclear power plant in Taipei.

The scuffles have been broadcast reside on Tv as politicians from opposition parties fought for the chamber’s podium.

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Christmas cards hung outdoors Parliament to mark 78 domestic violence deaths

Updated December 11, 2015 19:34:17

A string of 78 Christmas cards was hung on the lawns of Parliament Property today — a single card for every Australian woman who will not commit this Christmas with loved ones as the outcome of domestic violence.

The symbolic gesture was element of a rally calling for greater Government action to curb domestic violence.

At the rally, attended by about one hundred people, organisers named on the Federal Government to boost lengthy-term funding for frontline crisis services, transitional housing and specialist legal solutions for females.

YWCA executive director Frances Crimmins mentioned her organisation was also calling for greater help for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls, who are 45 instances a lot more likely to encounter violence than non-indigenous ladies.

“Violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women is not an Indigenous issue, but an Australian issue,” she stated.

“And the response to support our Indigenous sisters has not been adequate to date.”

‘We mourn that we as a society did not do more’

Rally against domestic violence at Parliament House Photo: About 100 folks gathered to remember the females who died this year. (ABC News: Greg Nelson)

Canberra mother-of-three Tara Costigan was a single of the 78 Australian women killed this year as a result of domestic violence, whose names have been read out at the rally.

Sabah al Mdwali, 28, of Gordon, was yet another.

“We mourn that we as a society did not do a lot more to stop this violence and to save their lives,” Ms Crimmins stated.

“I would like to acknowledge the Destroy the Joint counting dead women researchers for undertaking the important perform of collecting their detail and recording these deaths so that the situation of violence against ladies is brought additional into the open.”

Labor MP Andrew Lee, who attended the rally, thanked Australian of Year Rosie Batty, whose young son Luke Batty died as a result of family members violence, for her tireless work to draw consideration to the concern.

He mentioned Federal Parliament was now talking about family members violence for the first time in a way in which it ought to be talked about.

“That hasn’t happened due to the fact … politicians stepped up and decided it mattered,” he stated.

“It’s happened due to the fact of an extraordinary community campaign.

“Rosie Batty, Australian of the Year has not only purchased vital issues into Australia public life, but has worked to redefine the function of an Australian of the Year.”

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1st posted December 11, 2015 19:09:39

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Attacks on Brough continue to dominate final week of Parliament

Updated December 03, 2015 09:21:52

The fate of Mal Brough is set to dominate the final day of the parliamentary year, with a quantity of Coalition frontbenchers providing varying levels of assistance to the embattled MP.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday defended Mr Brough, who is getting investigated by the Australian Federal Police for any part he played in obtaining former staffer James Ashby to receive copies of then-speaker Peter Slipper’s diary in 2012.

Liberal frontbencher Simon Birmingham told the ABC that Mr Brough had his full support, whilst cabinet minister Barnaby Joyce provided some qualified support.

The Agriculture Minister told reporters outside parliament that he would not “second guess” the details of the affair.

“I am totally specific that if every thing is as it really is been said, then Mr Brough will continue on,” Mr Joyce said.

“But it’s ridiculous for folks to try to be the Rumpole of the Bailey inside the chamber.”

It was a reference to shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus, who has been top the Opposition’s questioning on the matter.

Mr Dreyfus yesterday attempted twice to censure Mr Turnbull over his “atrocious” judgement in appointing and supporting Mr Brough, but both had been defeated.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese repeated his criticism of the Prime Minister this morning, saying that former PM Tony Abbott showed significantly far better judgement than his replacement.

“Malcolm Turnbull’s judgement is the worst judgement shown by a political leader given that Malcolm Turnbull last time he was Liberal leader [when he] decided to stake his entire leadership on a false e-mail from Godwin Grech,” Mr Albanese stated.

Fellow Labor MP Jason Clare compared Mr Brough’s predicament to that of former speaker Bronwyn Bishop.

Mr Clare mentioned it took Mr Abbott 32 days to get rid of Ms Bishop right after the “helicopter scandal”.

“It’s now 16 days considering that Mal Brough’s house was raided by the federal police,” Mr Clare stated.

“Tick, tick, tick. How long is it going to take Malcolm Turnbull to sack Mal Brough?”

Brough offers qualified apology

Mr Brough yesterday provided a qualified apology to Parliament for “unwittingly” adding to confusion concerning his recollection of the Slipper diaries affair.

On Wednesday morning, Mr Brough addressed Parliament aiming “to clarify his comments” over a 2014 interview with Channel Nine.

In the 60 Minutes interview, Mr Brough appeared to admit that he did ask Mr Ashby to procure Mr Slipper’s diary.

On Tuesday he cast doubt on that admission, telling Parliament “what was place to air was not the complete query”.

But on Wednesday Mr Brough told the House that his “recollection of the interview was that the question was place to me in a somewhat disjointed manner”.

“I answered the query without having clarifying what component of the query I was responding to,” Mr Brough said.

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1st posted December 03, 2015 09:19:24

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Terrorism, tax on agenda for final sitting day of Parliament for 2015

Posted December 03, 2015 01:15:48

The Federal Government will try to pass counter-terrorism laws on the last Parliamentary sitting day of the year, but a planned crackdown on multinational tax avoidance could be delayed.

The Government’s program to strip the Australian citizenship from terrorists with another nationality is set to pass the Senate with Labor’s assistance.

The Greens and crossbenchers have been voicing their issues that the laws may location Australians in danger abroad, but the Government could reduce debate brief so that the bill goes via right now.

Significantly less particular of passing is one of the final measures Joe Hockey introduced to Parliament as treasurer — an anti-tax avoidance proposal targeting a lot more than 1,000 firms with annual worldwide income of far more than $ 1 billion.

The Government has been locked in last-minute negotiations, with the new regime due to start off on January 1, 2016.

“Labor is standing in the way of tackling multinational tax avoidance, but talks are continuing and we are hopeful of a remedy,” Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said.

The Tax Laws Amendment (Combating Multinational Tax Avoidance) Bill 2015 was passed by the Senate final month, but with additions that have been unacceptable to the Government.

Labor, the Greens and 4 Senate crossbenchers attached amendments that would force private Australian organizations with revenue of far more than $ 100 million to disclose their annual income and tax paid in Australia.

But the Government rejected the move in the Home of Representatives, setting up a Senate showdown in a bid to pass the 2015 spending budget measure prior to Parliament rises for the summer season break.

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Cameron urges UK parliament to back bombing of IS in Syria

Posted December 03, 2015 00:18:ten

British prime minister David Cameron has urged parliament to vote to approve air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria following months of wrangling more than whether or not adequate opposition Labour lawmakers would back military action.

“The threat is extremely actual,” he said at the start of a 10-hour debate due to culminate in a vote later on Wednesday.

“The query is this — do we operate with our allies to degrade and destroy this threat and do we go right after these terrorists in their heartlands from where they are plotting to kill British men and women, or do we sit back and wait for them?”

However, Mr Cameron faced a possible stiffening of opposition in Labour ranks right after media reports he urged his Conservative Celebration lawmakers at a private meeting late on Tuesday not to vote with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers”.

“This is a contemptible and desperate slur which demeans his office,” Mr Corbyn’s spokesman said, calling for an apology from Mr Cameron.

A spokeswoman for Mr Cameron’s Downing Street workplace did not supply an official comment.

In a additional sign of rising passions over the affair, Labour deputies backing air strikes have turn out to be targets of biting social media attacks by difficult-left activists.

Mr Cameron said he believes British warplanes, which have been bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq for much more than a year, need to also be tackling the group in Syria rather than “sub-contract” national security to other countries.

The November 13 IS attacks that killed 130 individuals in Paris gave momentum to Mr Cameron’s push for air strikes, but critics have questioned whether the action would significantly add to international efforts to defeat the group.

Keen to avoid a repeat of a humiliating 2013 parliamentary defeat more than plans to bomb the forces of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Mr Cameron had created it clear he would not bring a vote to parliament if he did not believe he could win it.

That appeared far more likely soon after Mr Corbyn, a veteran anti-war campaigner who says strikes would be ineffective and kill civilians, stated he would enable his lawmakers to vote according to their conscience rather than directing them to comply with his lead.


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Unavailable ministers ‘treating WA Parliament with contempt’

Posted December 02, 2015 08:52:31

Parliament in final week Photo: The WA Opposition failed to have the problem of almost one particular-third of cabinet ministers getting unavailable referred to the Process and Privileges Committee. (ABC News: Jacob Kagi)
Map: Perth 6000

The Western Australian Government is treating State Parliament with contempt by creating as several as 5 Cabinet ministers unavailable to answer questions in the course of the final sitting week of the year, according to Labor.

The Opposition unsuccessfully moved to refer the matter to Parliament’s strong Process and Privileges Committee, after becoming told nearly one particular-third of Cabinet was unavailable to answer questions yesterday.

In the Legislative Council members are capable to place written questions to ministers, regardless of which chamber they sit in, with a couple of hours’ notice.

Those queries, the answers to which are ready by departmental staff and signed off by the respective ministers, are then presented in the council on sitting days.

But Labor said it was angry up to 5 of 17 ministers have been unavailable to answer queries on any given day this week.

The Opposition was told John Day, Albert Jacob, Dean Nalder, Mia Davies and Colin Holt have been all unavailable on Tuesday.

Many senior ministers will also be unavailable for all or element of the remainder of the week, including Premier Colin Barnett.

The Upper Residence is in its final sitting week for the year, while the Legislative Assembly rose final week.

But Labor’s leader in the council, Sue Ellery, stated the reality the assembly was not sitting was no excuse for ministers to not be available.

“It is unreasonable to treat this spot with the contempt that we see,” Ms Ellery told Parliament.

“It is an additional instance of the Government thumbing its nose to make sure parliamentary scrutiny and it is not acceptable.”

The Government’s leader in the council, Peter Collier, stated the matter was nowhere close to as serious as Labor was making it out to be by attempting to suspend standing orders in the chamber.

“To send anything off like this to privileges is nonsense and a stunt,” Mr Collier told Parliament.

“But I do give an undertaking to locate out from the respective ministers why they are not available, and ideally resolve some of these troubles more than the next couple of days.”

Labor’s motion to suspend standing orders, to enable it to move to refer the matter to the privileges committee, was defeated along celebration lines.

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