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Titanic exhibition recreating ill-fated ocean liner opens in Perth

Posted December 11, 2015 19:ten:54

The Titanic's grand staircase re-created at the exhibition December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: The Titanic’s grand staircase has been re-created at the exhibition. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

An exhibition that mixes life-sized replicas of components of the Titanic with period memorabilia associated with the famed ocean liner has gone on show in Perth.

Titanic: The Exhibition has been touring the world and has come to Western Australia for the initial time.

Developed by Picture Exhibitions chief executive Tom Zaller, the show mixes conventional displays of historic objects in glass circumstances with replicated sets of parts of the ship, which was famously billed as unsinkable but which sank right after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

Tom Zaller, CEO of Imagine Exhibitions, inside the first class corridor at the Titanic exhibition December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: Tom Zaller, CEO of Envision Exhibitions, inside the 1st class corridor at the Titanic exhibition (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

Guests enter via a brief gangplank, stroll by means of the 1st-class cabins, the grand staircase, via the lower-class cabins, the boiler area powering the steam engines, the promenade deck depicted on a starry night and ultimately, up close to an ‘iceberg’, replete with sound and climate effects.

“We have recreated a enormous boiler room and you come in and you can smell the scent of the coal, you can hear the engines,” Mr Zoller mentioned.

“There is a little breeze on the deck as the ship rolls along. It is a small cooler in here and it feels like you are on the ship.”

In the subsequent room, the walls are adorned with photographs and contemporary newspaper reports that show just how the vaunted voyage went so horribly incorrect.

Crockery from the White Star Line, operator of the Titanic. December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: Crockery from the White Star Line, operator of the Titanic. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

“They knew there was ice in the area they received ice warnings all day,” he said.

“They also got a telegram, which they called a Marconi-gram, but they have been too busy sending out messages about the massive party they have been going to have in New York when the ship arrived that they sort of disregarded the ice warnings.

“There was no moon that evening, [that] would have allowed the guys in the crow’s nest to see the water lapping on the icebergs.

“They also didn’t have their binoculars with them that night.”

The 'iceberg' at the Titanic exhibition is made of real frozen water. December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: The ‘iceberg’ is a 4-metre block of ice that guests are invited to touch. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

This show is augmented with an artificial ‘iceberg’, a four-metre block of ice that visitors are invited to touch and think about how cold the North Atlantic was the night the Titanic sank.

Lastly, there is an exhibit that recreates the watery grave of the Titanic these days, informed by Mr Zoller’s firsthand expertise of seeing the wreck in a tiny submarine in 2000.

“I feel it is a human story,” he said of the 1912 story’s enduring appeal.

“We all have hopes and dreams and often issues do not go the way you plan.

“The film did not hurt either, men and women loved the film,” he mentioned of James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster.

The exhibition characteristics a couple of props from the film, which includes the necklace worn by Kate Winslet that held a large blue diamond called the heart of the ocean.

“There have been many props made for the film and you can get your picture taken with it at the finish,” he mentioned.

Titanic: The Exhibition is at the Perth Convention Centre from December 12 until February 9 and is a ticketed occasion.

The necklace named the Heart of the Ocean which featured in the movie Titanic at the exhibition. December 11, 2015.jpg Photo: The necklace named the Heart of the Ocean, which featured in the film Titanic, characteristics at the exhibition. (720 ABC Perth: Emma Wynne)

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Severed pig’s head left close to university mosque in Perth

Posted December 07, 2015 10:04:44

A severed pig’s head has been dumped near a mosque at the University of Western Australia (UWA), sparking condemnation from students and the university.

The pig’s head was identified in a toilet subsequent to the Muslim prayer room at the University of Western Australia’s Nedlands campus.

Majdi Faleh, a PhD student from Tunisia, was preparing for his daily prayers yesterday when he discovered the head.

“The first feeling was the feeling of someone who’s getting threatened. I did not count on to see that,” Mr Faleh stated.

External Hyperlink: Pig’s head discovered at WA mosque

He stated the pig’s head had been left inside a standard toilet identified as a Turkish, Muslim or Arabic toilet.

“It was not the best start to the day,” he stated.

“It really is not due to the fact it was a pig’s head – it can be something, any other animal – it was the message that was clear.

“There clearly is motivation of these people trying to say you’re not welcome right here, or some equivalent message.

“The fact that it occurred at university, that is truly degrading and genuinely shocking to me.”

UWA described it as a deplorable act, adding it was saddened.

“It is regarding that folks employing the UWA Muslim prayer space have been targeted in this way,” a university spokesman said.

“The matter has been reported to police.

“We would like to reinforce that UWA strives to support a culturally inclusive and tolerant campus neighborhood and the university will offer you help and assistance to our Muslim students at this time.”

The UWA Student Guild also condemned the act.

“The UWA neighborhood has knowledgeable an unprecedented show of Islamophobia on campus,” the guild stated.

“The UWA Student Guild strongly condemns this deeply damaging and offensive incident which is totally unacceptable.

“Acts like this are designed only to incite religious and racial hatred.”

Mr Faleh stated the support he had received considering that posting his encounter on Facebook had been overwhelmingly good.

“There was really a lot of optimistic help from Australian men and women around the nation and it actually makes us really feel safe and welcomed in this country,” he stated.

“In each and every society you have a minority of folks – call them bigots – who do not necessarily comprehend what people’s beliefs are about.

“We just need to have to be united and tolerant as considerably as feasible so our community – as a entire – can thrive and prosper.”

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Child penguin identified washed up in Perth ‘likely died of starvation’

Posted December 06, 2015 13:13:46

A juvenile penguin identified dead in Perth’s Cockburn Sound almost certainly died from starvation, according to the WA Division of Parks and Wildlife.

A member of the public discovered the dead penguin at Naval Base’s Challenger Beach on Friday and reported it to authorities.

Thousands of dead fish have washed up in the area in current weeks but authorities have however to establish what triggered the deaths.

DPAW officers took the penguin to Perth Zoo exactly where employees performed an autopsy.

Senior wildlife officer Rick Dawson stated preliminary benefits indicated the penguin’s death was a all-natural occurrence.

“It is probably a normal event, a single of the young [penguins] that is fledged from the Penguin Island area or Garden Island and hasn’t been in a position to make it, and as a outcome starved,” he stated.

“However it really is been dead for a fair couple of days so even though it looked in tact on the outdoors, it was really very decaying inside.”

“The chances of us getting meaningful benefits from the inside of the penguin, as a result of what it may possibly have eaten, are really remote.”

Photos of the penguin have been shared widely on social media.

The penguin weighed 550 grams, which is about half the typical weight of one particular kilo for a bird of its age.

Mr Dawson mentioned it was widespread for juvenile penguins and other wildlife such as pelicans not to survive their first year.

“Those that have the capabilities to be in a position to hunt and survive in the wild do and these that never unfortunately perish,” he stated.

Mr Dawson stated no adults penguins had washed up dead in the region.

The Department of Fisheries is continuing to investigate what triggered the fish kill but said tests to date pointed to an, as yet, unknown natural occasion.

The public is nevertheless being encouraged to report anything uncommon to authorities.

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Perth ambulance ramping spike a ‘glitch’, Minister says

Posted December 04, 2015 21:28:36

Associated Story: Minister to blame for WA ambulance ramping increases: Opposition
Associated Story: Ambulance ramping at WA hospitals has to cease: Minister

West Australian Wellness Minister Kim Hames has dismissed a 45 per cent improve in ambulance ramping outside Perth’s hospitals as a “glitch”, saying his clamp down on the practice is operating nicely.

Dr Hames would not also repeat Premier Colin Barnett’s estimate of about 200 full-time jobs to be reduce across the health technique through voluntary redundancies.

But he also stated folks should not be “fooled” by emergency division medical doctors, who say employees have been reduce even whilst demand has continued to enhance.

Well being Division figures showed there was a 45 per cent improve in ambulances waiting for patients to be processed outside Perth hospitals in the month amongst October and November.

That included 103 hours of ramping in one week at the new Midland hospital, despite the fact that the Opposition mentioned even with out Midland there had been a surge.

Dr Hames agreed November had been a poor month.

“Yes it’s correct, what can I say,” he mentioned.

“But the four months ahead of that there was a 50 per cent reduction.

“So we did say we were going to clamp down on ramping and we did that.

“It was a one-month glitch, I believe, in what has been an extremely promising modify since we made these alterations this second half of the year.”

Dr Hames ordered hospitals to cease ramping from the start of July by assigning paramedics to take responsibility for ambulance individuals ten minutes right after they arrived at an emergency division.

He also extended the definition of ramping, even though, from 20 to 30 minutes waiting time.

Program ‘struggling with demand’

Opposition health spokesman Roger Cook said Dr Hames’ “ban” on ramping had been completely ignored by hospital employees “overrun” with demand.

“These figures indicate that at a time the Government is cutting beds we see demand as excellent as ever,” Mr Cook said.

“What is clear right here is that Kim Hames has run out of tips, he’s run out of energy as he moves into retirement and the Barnett Government has no remedy to fix our well being crisis.”

Australian Health-related Association (AMA) WA president Michael Gannon stated the ramping figures reflected a system struggling with demand and was not a reflection on emergency department employees.

“If the beds upstairs are full, the emergency departments get blocked up,” Dr Gannon mentioned.

“This reflects a lack of capacity in the method. Now is no time to cut out of the well being spending budget.”

Perth emergency division physicians have told the ABC they had lost junior employees through job cuts.

Dr Hames said that was “not always” the case.

‘The numbers of employees have been expanding year by year in the emergency departments, so never let them fool you into saying there’s been job cuts,” he stated.

Nonetheless, the minister foreshadowed new job losses in EDs.

“We’re hunting at the staffing now and perhaps some of them will be reduce in terms of rostering, and how they do their time-on and how they do their on-get in touch with stuff, since they are well more than the cost that is paid anyplace else in Australia for the exact same level of service,” he mentioned.

Dr Gannon urged Dr Hames to listen to what emergency division employees had to say.

More on this story:

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Canola spill happened near internet site of Perth mass fish deaths: Government

Posted December 03, 2015 09:55:39

A dead snapper in the sand at Cockburn Sound. Photo: A dead snapper at Cockburn Sound, where poor water quality is believed to have killed off as a lot of as 14 various species of fish. (Supplied: Recfishwest)
Connected Story: Fresh mass Cockburn fish deaths as probe fails to reveal result in
Map: Perth 6000

A grain spill occurred near the web site of a mass fish death in Perth’s south around the very same time the fatalities began occurring, authorities have said.

Investigators are nonetheless unsure what caused the deaths in Cockburn Sound, with as several as 14 species of fish affected since they were very first noticed final month.

The Department of Fisheries believes a water top quality issue is responsible, but has been unable to identify a single definitive lead to.

Nevertheless the State Government has told Parliament that a canola spill occurred at the Kwinana Grain Jetty sometime amongst November 18-22.

The fish deaths had been initial noticed early on November 19.

“Even though this was cleaned up by Co-operative Bulk Handling, some may have entered Cockburn Sound,” Mental Wellness Minister Helen Morton told Parliament, answering on behalf of Environment Minister Albert Jacob.

“Analysis benefits of grain from this vessel from the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture indicates there had been no pesticides present in the samples taken.”

Authorities also confirmed they had received reports of individuals experiencing adverse reactions after swimming in Cockburn Sound, although some fishermen had raised concerns more than the impact on other wildlife.

Shooters and Fishers MP Rick Mazza, who has been questioning the Government on the dilemma in Parliament, said he was increasingly worried.

“It is truly concerning there has been a spill, particularly around these dates, and it is truly important there is a multi-agency investigation to see if there is any correlation in between the two,” Mr Mazza said.

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Perth officers on duty test good to drugs

Posted December 02, 2015 21:50:48

Map: Perth 6000

3 Perth police officers who tested optimistic to drugs even though on duty have been stood down, it has been revealed.

WA Police’s internal affairs unit tested about 200 officers at five suburban police stations on Monday.

According to a police statement, 3 officers returned “a presumptive positive result to amphetamine and methylamphetamine”.

The results have been forwarded to the WA Chemistry Centre for evaluation and confirmation of the result.

The WA Police Commissioner has been contacted for comment.

According to the statement, considering that legislation permitting random testing was enacted in 2011, about 9,500 screenings have been carried out on police officers.

It stated of these, 11 had been found with a blood alcohol limit of much more than .02 per cent, two have been identified making use of cannabis, two using MDMA, two on steroids and 1 on methamphetamine.

“Six of the officers who tested constructive to drugs resigned prior to the conclusion of a Loss of Self-confidence Procedure,” the statement mentioned.

“The seventh received a Letter of Corrective Guidance following it was accepted he may possibly have unwittingly ingested the steroid in an workout supplement.”

These benefits do not consist of the 3 officers stood down following Monday’s operation.

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Query mark more than Scaffidi ‘damaging for City for Perth’

Posted December 01, 2015 21:51:37

There are calls for a widened investigation into Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi to be concluded as quickly as attainable, with the Opposition concerned the ongoing saga is tarnishing the council’s reputation.

Opposition nearby government spokesman David Templeman stated it had been almost two months since the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) released a damning report that identified Ms Scaffidi had engaged in critical misconduct.

The report detailed her failure to declare tens of thousands of dollars worth of gifts and travel.

Mr Templeman stated it was not great sufficient that issues raised in the report remained unresolved.

“It really is damaging for the City for Perth,” he said.

“This has gone on for too extended … there’s nonetheless no clarification about the overall allegations and findings and what is going to be completed.

“The last thing the City of Perth, as WA’s premier council, demands is a continuing query mark hanging more than the head of its leader.”

The comments came right after the ABC revealed Ms Scaffidi had threatened to resign after being told the inquiry would be widened.

Whilst she denies producing the threat, Local Government Minister Tony Simpson confirmed he had been informed of it final Friday.

The Division of Neighborhood Government has been examining the CCC report to figure out whether any disciplinary action is warranted.

Mr Simpson confirmed on Monday the department was unable to use the evidence gathered by the CCC and now had to collect its own.

Although he denied the division had launched a new investigation, the ABC has noticed an e mail sent late on Monday by City of Perth chief executive Gary Stevenson, which appears to show otherwise.

In it he mentioned he had “this afternoon” been served with a formal notice to confirm that two division officers “have been authorised under Component 8 of the Local Government Act to conduct an investigation into matters arising from the CCC report”.

In response to concerns from the ABC, the division issued a statement saying the authorisation was required to give its officers the powers needed to continue their investigation, which includes to interview Ms Scaffidi and other people.

Ms Scaffidi has already been interviewed by CCC officers during private examinations earlier this year.

In the statement, the department confirmed its investigations had commenced below the instruction if its director-basic and mentioned it anticipated its investigation would be completed in early 2016.

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Traffic chaos as burst water main floods Perth CBD

Posted November 30, 2015 21:40:03

A burst water principal in the centre of Perth has flooded the area and slowed peak hour traffic to a crawl.

Water Corporation crews have shut down the principal at the corner of William and Murray streets, which sent water flooding over the road and footpaths.

The burst principal has triggered some harm to the road surface and the bus lane has been closed to site visitors.

The southbound lane of William Street from Wellington Street to St Georges Terrace was closed.

Commuters were becoming asked by Primary Roads to keep away from the area.

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Perth Lord Mayor denies threatening to quit

Posted November 30, 2015 22:40:28

The Perth Lord Mayor has denied she threatened to resign, regardless of the Regional Government Minister saying she had signalled intentions to do so on Friday.

Lisa Scaffidi has declined to comment to the ABC because it revealed she had threatened to quit the role right after being told she faced further inquiry by the Division of Nearby Government.

Ms Scaffidi was re-elected as Lord Mayor for a third term final month, regardless of the release of a damning corruption report that criticised her failure to declare tens of thousands of dollars in travel gifts.

The ABC understands Ms Scaffidi had planned to announce her resignation late last week soon after getting informed the department would have to continue its scrutiny of her travel and gifts.

Nevertheless she told Channel 9 this was not true.

“No, I haven’t threatened to quit,” she stated.

“All I’m saying is I just feel that it really is been dragging on long adequate, and I would just like to obviously get on with doing the job and be capable to just move forward.”

The Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) report identified Ms Scaffidi engaged in critical misconduct by not disclosing a $ US36,000 ($ 49,533) all-costs paid trip to the Beijing Olympics from miner BHP Billiton in 2008, as nicely as other undeclared travel.

It also discovered she had “failed in her duties” by not disclosing the gift in her annual return, along with tickets to the 2009 Leeuwin Concert from BHP and accommodation for the 2008 Broome Cup, which she accepted from home management company Hawaiian Investments.

The Broome hospitality consisted of three nights’ accommodation at the exclusive Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa.

Ms Scaffidi later voted to approve a $ 180,000 grant to a consortium that incorporated Hawaiian Investments for a CBD feasibility study.

Minister urged Ms Scaffidi to stick it out

Mr Simpson stated he only became conscious on Friday that Ms Scaffidi had signalled plans to resign, and urged her to continue in the part.

“I’m fully supportive of the Lord Mayor,” he mentioned.

“The Lord Mayor is undertaking a fantastic job at advertising the City of Perth. I have no reasons why she cannot continue that job while the investigation from the department’s taking place.”

The Department of Regional Government has been investigating the CCC report to establish regardless of whether any disciplinary action is warranted.

The ABC has been told the division had informed Ms Scaffidi that a new investigation would be launched due to the fact it could not rely on the info obtained by the CCC.

Mr Simpson has denied it was a “new inquiry”, but did concede there had been troubles with info sharing between agencies.

He also confirmed that need to Ms Scaffidi quit, it would finish the departmental probe and any possible penalty she might face.

If she does resign, Deputy Lord Mayor James Limnios would grow to be the acting lord mayor ahead of a new election getting held.

Ms Scaffidi was sacked from the Local Government Standards Panel in the wake of the CCC report.

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Minister criticises Perth hospital for moving patient into gym room

Posted November 30, 2015 15:22:14

A choice to location an elderly patient in a gym space at Fiona Stanley Hospital has been described as “unacceptable” by Western Australia’s Wellness Minister Kim Hames.

The elderly patient was moved into a make-shift location in a physiotherapy health club final Monday.

A report published by News Corporation on Sunday mentioned the man, aged in his 70s and suffering acute renal failure, was kept in the fitness center for eight hours and given a handbell to ring if he required assist.

Dr Hames stated any individuals at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) who were without a area must be transferred to Fremantle Hospital.

Even so he said it was a structural dilemma to do with the reconfiguring of hospital solutions, rather than a systemic a single.

“It is got to do nonetheless with the reconfiguration we’re doing. How we move issues, what we do at Royal Perth, what we do at Fremantle, what we do at Fiona Stanley,” he said.

“We’ve got to get the clinicians working with each other with the administrators in the hospital to be much more active in moving patients across.

“That’s what they have to do for the 4-hour rule [to treat sufferers] anyway. And mostly they do.”

If a minister stepped down from being minister for overall health each and every time anything went wrong with a patient, we wouldn’t have any ministers left.

Kim Hames

Dr Hames mentioned even when beds have been unavailable at Fiona Stanley, medical doctors appeared reluctant to move patients to the below-utilised Fremantle Hospital.

He mentioned that had to modify.

“The physicians really like Fiona Stanley. That’s why they want to say there, they want to be doing every thing there. And to move patients and still have to care for sufferers at an older hospital that isn’t so nicely set out, I believe there’s a bit of reluctance,” he stated.

He acknowledged the issues of managing a higher workload could be to blame for the reluctance to move sufferers.

“It really is added time that they’ve got to put into an currently busy day, but that is what we have to do if we are going to balance across our system,” Dr Hames said.

“It is no very good obtaining more than-utilised beds in one particular region and below-utilised in yet another.”

Hames rejects resignation calls

Dr Hames flatly rejected Opposition claims that the incident was the most current in a string of failures in managing the transition of solutions to FSH, and also dismissed calls for him to resign.

A parliamentary committee report final week levelled severe criticism at the State Government over how services have been managed for the duration of the commissioning of FSH.

The report was particularly vital of the choice to award a $ 4.three billion contract for the delivery of non-clinical services to private contractor Serco.

The Opposition has labelled Dr Hames a element-time minister simply because of his dual portfolios of overall health and tourism.

Nevertheless Dr Hames said while he accepted the performance of hospitals was eventually his duty, he would not be resigning.

“If a minister stepped down from becoming minister for well being every single time some thing went incorrect with a patient, we wouldn’t have any ministers left,” he stated.

“I haven’t heard any person putting up their hand and saying I’d really like to take overall health, simply because everyone knows that its a genuinely hard portfolio.”

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