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Malcolm Turnbull to unveil plan to treat terrorists like paedophiles

Posted December 11, 2015 00:12:00

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today urge state and territory leaders to pass legislation that would see some terrorists locked up indefinitely, like paedophiles.

Such laws could have observed 1 of Islamic State’s most notorious Australian fighters, Khaled Sharrouf, stay in prison, if he had been deemed probably to commit one more offence.

Mr Turnbull has put the notion on the agenda for his meeting with premiers and chief ministers in Sydney right now.

The head of Federal Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, Dan Tehan, mentioned the Charlie Hebdo attack in France justified such measures.

“Sadly we’ve observed in France, where we’ve had men and women convicted of terrorism, undertaking time, coming out and in the instance of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, then carrying out a brutal terrorist act,” he said.

“At house, reports of Australian terrorists and prison gangs employing their time in jail to recruit and radicalise other inmates are equally disturbing.”

Under the program, the energy to indefinitely detain a terrorist would rest with state and territory Supreme Courts.

“Where men and women are a danger to society right after they have served their time for conviction, as we do with sex and as we do with violent offenders … then they should be put into preventative detention,” Mr Tehan said.

He stated he hoped the states and territories would agree to pass the essential laws in their jurisdictions, soon after today’s talks.

“This is a gap in our existing technique, this is a gap which potentially presents a danger to the community’s safety,” he stated.

As opposed to the legislation Parliament lately passed to strip dual citizens of their Australian citizenship if they commit a terrorist act, the proposal would apply to any Australian citizen.

There are at present nine convicted terrorists in jail in New South Wales and four in Victoria.

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Plan now to avoid loved ones rows at Christmas, psychologist says

Posted December 09, 2015 13:39:06

Now is the time to prepare if you want to avoid loved ones drama on Christmas Day, according to a top clinical psychologist.

Professor Jane Fisher, who is director of analysis at Melbourne’s Jean Hailes Foundation, said while households normally hoped for “warmth and goodwill” when they gathered for Christmas, the day held high possible for conflict.

“We approach these [occasions] with high expectations, probably excessive expectations,” she told 774 ABC Melbourne’s Rafael Epstein.

“We anticipate it’s going to be particularly joyful or pleasant and then we’re disappointed when it falls short.

“It can be a time when men and women drink as well a lot and that can loosen constraints over what is said and men and women can turn out to be too direct.”

Professor Fisher said these who were dreading a repeat of a previous year’s Christmas argument required to make alterations ahead of time.

“I think, possibly, there can be some reflections on what happened final year, and possibly there may well be things we could put in place,” she stated.

“This is about disrupting some of these habitual approaches of undertaking issues … [asking] can we do this greater or can we do this differently?”

Present-providing has ‘potential for competitiveness’

Professor Fisher stated Christmas gifts could typically turn out to be “conflagration points” within households.

“There can be some who are more affluent than other people, some who believe it’s good to give children quite generous presents, others who feel it is greater to give a lot more modest or responsible gifts,” she mentioned.

“Probably even the children draw comparisons [between gifts] and the parents then really feel defensive.”

One 774 ABC Melbourne listener texted to say that Christmas time created them really feel “inadequate”:

“My brother-in-law usually buys these super-high-priced gifts that my spend can never ever match.”

Professor Fisher said the listener was not alone in that experience.

“That puts it extremely starkly, but I believe very honestly and accurately,” she said.

I think there’s a potential for competitiveness that is practically inevitable in big households.

Professor Jane Fisher

She said huge families were increasingly organising Kris Kringle-style present-providing, with every family member randomly assigned just one individual for whom to get a present.

Another listener said their family now concentrated on getting family members members “a truly acceptable card” with $ ten in it.

A lot of households, Professor Fisher said, set an upper limit on the cost of gifts, but added that it was difficult to quit people going overboard when it comes to presents.

“I consider there’s a potential for competitiveness, that is virtually inevitable in large families,” she stated.

Hosts, senior family members should ‘set the tone’

Much of the onus of organising a harmonious family Christmas falls on the host, Professor Fisher said.

“They’re the ones who can genuinely be generous … [and] make everyone’s contribution feel valued,” she mentioned.

But others have a function to play as well, she stated, particularly the senior generation who “have a huge obligation to set the tone”.

“They are the ones who have the most power, nevertheless, to set the parameters inside which the gathering will take place,” Professor Fisher said.

Alterations do not have to be huge, she stated, or disruptive to family traditions.

“It can be, perhaps, who is place to sit next to who,” Professor Fisher stated.

A lot of tension can be removed from Christmas Day, she said, by making sure that the workload was evenly shared all through the family members.

“Otherwise I think that people can be resentful and then they can burst out and say anything accusatory,” she mentioned.

External Link: Households at Christmas – Life and other catastrophes on 774 ABC Melbourne Drive.

Households where the female members do most of the day’s cooking and cleaning could try telling men and women ahead of time what was anticipated from them on the day, according to Professor Fisher.

“You could say ‘we’re not just dividing out who brings the meals, we’re going to divide up the jobs so nobody’s operating as well hard’,” she mentioned.

“Set jobs for the men and stop females from stepping in to do the operate.”

If pre-existing loved ones tensions are also fantastic, however, it can be greater to hold celebrations “someplace neutral”.

“Meet in a park, go to the beach,” Professor Fisher said.

She stated the a single factor not to do was to use the gathering as an opportunity to have it out with a household member.

“I feel absolutely everyone can then feel impacted by that,” she said.

“The blinding row is not actually a great remedy.”

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Plan targets lack of simple motor capabilities in WA students

Posted December 09, 2015 08:57:50

UWA Uni-Active program co-ordinator Ben Durant encourages students on a school oval to jump. Photo: UWA Uni-Active program coordinator Ben Durant has students at Mt Hawthorn Major School jumping for joy. (Supplied)

A program in WA is teaching pre-principal students simple motor skills in an effort to combat increasing levels of obesity among Australian kids.

Research carried out over a 30-year period has located today’s main school kids are struggling with standard motor expertise, like throwing and catching, and are showing low fitness levels.

Sports Challenge Australia chief executive Garry Tester started the analysis in the 1980s, collecting information on fitness and the physical skill levels of main school children amongst the ages of 5 and 13 years.

The study now has the biggest database of its sort in the planet, and testing is carried out each year with final results from 33,000 youngsters across the nation.

Making use of a program similar to that of an IQ test, results from the 1980s showed kids sat at about 100 points – indicating average fitness and capabilities.

But now Dr Tester, an adjunct professor at the University of Western Australia (UWA)’s College of Sport Science, said youngsters have been displaying skill levels as low as 60 to 70 points and fitness was around 70 to 80 points.

“So we test things like a 12-minute run, how numerous sit-ups they could do in 60 seconds and catching and throwing,” he stated.

“The benefits we’re seeing now [are] really worrying.”

Plan aimed at pre-main and kindergarten young children

Associate Professor Michael Rosenberg, a researcher in UWA’s Wellness Promotion Evaluation Unit, is utilizing instruments like slow motion cameras to measure simple capabilities.

“He is measuring the identical sort of locations that we are carrying out but making use of instruments so they can then analyse the final results,” Dr Tester mentioned.

“They then give feedback to schools on how to very best enhance those fundamental capabilities.”

Little ones get deterred from playing sports or involving themselves due to the fact they feel they aren’t good adequate.

Uni-Active coordinator Ben Durant

On the back of this investigation, UWA has developed Uni-Active, an eight-week course mainly for kindergarten and pre-main age students.

The system works with the youngsters before college, and has one particular coach for every single eight students, tailored to the skill level of each youngster.

This is the very first year the program has been presented over 4 terms, and Uni-Active coordinator Ben Durant mentioned it was already producing final results.

“We’re seeing these pre-major youngsters really, actually create in a lot of areas and it’s been genuinely awesome,” Mr Durant mentioned.

“The system is really trying to get back to the nuts and bolts.

“It’s an eight:00am round-up, parents really like it, and we play some exciting games even though in fact teaching and assisting the kids with these expertise that probably weren’t as proficient ahead of.”

Mr Durant stated by working with them at an early age, kids then go into primary college much more confident and capable.

“Children get deterred from playing sports or involving themselves because they feel they are not very good adequate,” he mentioned.

“It is all constructing on the truth that we want to develop these children into a lot more physically active, or physically competent young children so they have the capabilities to involve themselves in sport.”

30-year study reveals today’s students at higher danger

Dr Tester mentioned Australian young children were falling far behind their 1980 counterparts in basic physical education expertise and cardiovascular fitness.

Authorities believe it is causing rising obesity in the country.

In the early days here in WA we had a mandatory 120 minutes of physical activity per week but we now see some schools operating barely 30 minutes.

Garry Tester, Sports Challenge Australia

“We use a really well-known test so a 4-lap run of a 400m oval, so 1,600m, and then we measure how swiftly kids do it,” he mentioned.

“In 2015 young children are 250m behind exactly where they had been back in 1980.

“In the United States it’s around 350m behind so this parallels the obesity epidemic occurring in the community.”

Dr Tester said obesity was currently at worrying levels in the country, and action required to be taken now before diabetes follows suit.

“I believe if we don’t do anything about getting it onto the agenda in principal schools there will be a worldwide epidemic,” he said.

“We see it in adults and it’s far also late.

“We genuinely have to get the attitude and the behaviours correct in the principal schools.”

Schools ‘need trained physical education teachers’

Dr Tester said the Uni-Active program was a step in the proper path, but believed the Government required to prioritise physical education in primary school curriculums.

“1 in 10 principal schools has a trained physical education teacher,” Mr Tester stated.

“At the moment major schools can opt for an arts and crafts teacher, a music teacher, a drama teacher or a PE teacher.

“What several are doing is choosing one thing like music teachers, and then placing a particular person with an interest in phys ed or sport into the role.”

He said government schools have been suffering from this the most, whilst private schools still normally had two committed and educated PE teachers.

“What we’d like to do is get the education departments about Australia to place physical education back on the agenda,” Dr Tester said.

“In the early days here in WA we had a mandatory 120 minutes of physical activity per week but we now see some schools running barely 30 minutes.

“It really is also essential not to do.

“I say get a physical physique, get a physical, healthier mind. They go hand in hand.”

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Tasmanian farmers urged to plan ahead following driest spring on record

By Sallese Gibson

Posted December 02, 2015 16:23:59

Dead trees Tasmania drought, December 2007 Photo: Tasmania has experienced its driest spring on record and farmers are becoming urged to turn to technology to keep afloat. (ABC News: Cate Grant)

Automated irrigation systems and drought-resistant crops are amongst planning measures put forward to Tasmanian farmers experiencing unseasonably dry situations.

The state has experienced its driest spring on record which has forced some farmers to sell livestock and lessen crop plantings.

One particular of the factors that we often see… is that men and women aren’t employing the [irrigation program] capacity very effectively.

TIA dairy group leader Lesley Irvine

At a forum in the state’s north-west the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) looked at methods for coping with low summer season rainfall.

TIA dairy team leader Lesley Irvine mentioned they wanted to aid farmers far better handle climate variability.

“We’ll be offering sensible tips on irrigation management in a dry summer season and how to get the ideal from your irrigation pump and sprinklers,” she stated.

Dr Joseph Foley from the University of Southern Queensland, who was a guest speaker at the occasion, mentioned there ought to be a focus on irrigation overall performance.

“One particular of the things that we frequently see … is that men and women are not using the [irrigation system] capacity quite properly,” he stated.

“They might only utilise two-thirds of that program capacity.

“One of the challenges is to make sure that the pivots are utilized fully by means of this hotter summer time period.

“That implies that it truly should be utilised to capacity and actually ought to be running far more or significantly less each day, all week, throughout these warmer months.”

Automated irrigation ‘improves water efficiency’

Dr James Hill with an automated irrigation system Photo: Dr James Hill with an automated irrigation program which he says can aid farmers by way of dry circumstances with better water efficiency. (ABC News: Sallese Gibson)

Researchers at the TIA are establishing an irrigation technique to enhance the way farmers use their water.

Project leader Dr James Hills stated the technique automatically irrigates pastures, based on data it collects.

“What we will be carrying out is putting sensors out in the field that’ll be measuring the soil moisture, the climatic variables temperature, rainfall and other factors and we’ll be getting sensors on our actual pivot, searching at water volume being employed,” he mentioned.

As soon as you get behind and it is really tough to catch up and that truly effects efficiency and productivity.

TIA project leader Dr James Hills

“We can [then] commence to appear at approaches to take the decision that is at present getting produced by farmers into an automatic program so that the program itself is producing decisions on what is the greatest application of water.

“It identifies exactly where the water needs to go, how much water wants to go on, when it needs to go on and then applies that in an automatic way.”

Dr Hills believes taking the decision-making away from farmers could lead to efficiency gains.

“At present, farmers make choices by seeking at their pastures … they’re possessing to make the choice to go out and to turn the irrigator on to apply that water,” he stated.

“What we’re trying to do is to develop a program that essentially identifies what is necessary and then does that automatically.

“A single of the massive issues is that farmers do not really know how significantly is acceptable … and so there is instances exactly where specific areas in your paddock may possibly be more than-watered, other places beneath-watered.

“[The technique] is really enabling the matching of your water to the specifications for those paddocks.”

He said he was confident it would boost farm management, specifically in dry circumstances.

“Farmers … require to consider about appropriately starting their irrigation at the correct time, [so] they’re not allowing the ground to dry out and they are creating positive they keep up with it,” he said.

“[It really is crucial] they don’t drop important productivity just by saying ‘I feel I will just skimp a tiny bit here’, due to the fact when you get behind and it’s quite challenging to catch up and that really impacts efficiency and productivity.”

The irrigation sensor method is in its very first year of a three-year trial period in Tasmania.

Trials aim to beat the heat

Adam Langworthy in his 'crop circle' Photo: Adam Langworthy stands inside the circle of infrared heaters utilized test pasture species resistance to drought. (ABC News: Sallese Gibson)

An additional trial project is using infrared heaters to test pasture species and irrigation strategies.

Project leader Adam Langworthy hopes to determine how diverse grass species respond to irrigation below specific temperatures.

“The project’s looking at how we can overcome the adverse affects of heatwaves over these dry periods,” he stated.

“To impose heatwave stress, we’ve been creating these infrared heater rings.

“It really is virtually like crop circles that we’re making with these heaters.

“We’ll be going through with diverse frequencies of irrigation to see if you’d invest in one thing like a centre pivot compared to a travelling irrigator, how you’d expect your grass to execute below these different frequencies of irrigation.”

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Weatherill reveals radical plan to hike GST in bid to solve health funding crisis

Posted November 27, 2015 05:57:48

South Australia’s Labor Premier has pushed a GST enhance higher up on the national agenda, outlining a radical strategy he says will help the states overcome a well being funding crisis.

Jay Weatherill told AM that taking the GST to 15 per cent is part of a broader tax strategy to be place to his state and federal counterparts formally in a fortnight at a Council of Australian Governments meeting.

“We need to have added revenue to meet the increasing overall health care needs of our nation,” Mr Weatherill said.

Mr Weatherill desires to lift the GST and let the Commonwealth maintain the additional GST income – about $ 34 billion – which he recommended would be used on cutting organization tax.

He then wants the states to get a share of about a fifth of the income tax raised by the Commonwealth.

He mentioned he made it that way as income tax is developing more rapidly than the GST, and because the states pay for the quickly developing overall health technique.

“You need to have a taxation base which is developing at about the price of development of well being care expenditure,” he stated.

“That is income tax. If we get a share of that that will much more approximate our demands.

“We feel this is the recipe for an agreement with the Commonwealth. That is why we have put this idea up.

“It gives us a fighting likelihood. At the moment we’ve got no possibility. The only decisions in front of us are some horrible reductions in solutions or some huge increases in state taxation or user pays charges – they’re just not issues that the community is ready to purchase.”

‘I have a lot of respect for Jay, but I disagree with the proposal’

Federally the Labor Party is firmly opposed to any enhance in the GST. Federal Labor attempted all week to attack the Government with inquiries implying the GST will be broadened or improved.

Labor’s assistant treasury spokesman Andrew Leigh denied it was a difficulty for the Opposition to have a Labor Premier putting forward the strategy.

“I am entirely comfy with state and territory leaders taking a diverse position to the celebration,” Mr Leigh said.

“I have got a lot of respect for Jay – he is one of Australia’s critical economic reformers – but I disagree with the proposal that he’s place forward.

“I think the challenge with raising the GST is that it really is not, according to the Government’s own numbers, a more effective tax than the earnings tax and it is certainly a much less equitable one.”

He said a 15 per cent GST would imply a “3 per cent hit on the most affluent households but a 7 per cent hit on the poorest households”.

Mr Leigh said Federal Labor had outlined plans to raise about $ 70 billion further income.

New South Wales Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian welcomed Mr Weatherill’s thoughts.

She stated her state’s initial priority was addressing the looming gap caused by the developing price of well being.

Ms Berejiklian said the State Government believed the best way to cover that shortfall was to lift the GST to 15 per cent – but compensate all households with incomes of $ one hundred,000 or much less.

The Federal Government stated all options are on the table.

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CCTV plan to catch bad behaviour by Perth boaties

Posted November 25, 2015 21:33:09

A series of CCTV cameras could be quickly utilised to help crack down on boaties undertaking the wrong issue on Perth’s waterways below a new State Government plan.

The Division of Transport is searching for interest from the private sector to set up the camera network, which would supply proof to prosecute these who break the guidelines, which includes by speeding.

The department already has 14 compliance officers and 3 investigating officers in the metropolitan location, and the Government believes the CCTV cameras would assistance them to enforce the law.

There are over 99,000 registered recreational vessels and two,500 commercial vessels across the state and 212,000 West Australians hold a recreational skippers ticket.

Tender documents reveal the department desires to initially set up eight cameras, 3 fixed ones in the metropolitan and Peel regions, and the other two mobile cameras would be employed in metro and regional areas.

“In thinking about recent and ongoing budgetary limitations, increasing population growth and the introduction of the national law for industrial vessels, the require for enhanced on water enforcement initiatives which do not rely exclusively on existing human and physical resources is recognised,” the document stated.

“There is a require to have alternative compliance monitoring capabilities that do not rely on existing human and physical sources.”

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the capital price to install the cameras would be about $ 300,000 and he hoped to get them in location as soon as feasible.

“I think it’s something we have to do,” he said.

“I am searching forward to actually supporting our marine officers to make our waterways safer.

“Perth’s expanding and transforming and that signifies there is a lot more folks on the waterway and it’s becoming obvious when men and women do the wrong factor, whether it be speeding or going areas they shouldn’t be going so this is there to assist help and enforce.

“We want folks to be protected and appreciate our waterways and we want to make certain that those that aren’t carrying out the appropriate point are being advised to alter their behaviour.”

Cameras overdue: boating groups

The move has been welcomed by WA’s peak boating groups as lengthy overdue.

Boating Western Australia President Colin Lockley mentioned anything that encouraged folks to stick inside the speed limits and respect other people on the water was a excellent measure.

“It really is quite hard for the Department of Transport to be everywhere, and every little thing to everybody, so some cameras are definitely going to quit the renegade element, if you like, operating by means of there and it will save a lot of harm for boats along the river,” he said.

It is the equivalent of a red light camera to catch these individuals that are actually dangerous to everyone else … they never want to catch somebody undertaking two kilometres over the limit, they want to catch these that are actually harmful

Mike Beanland, Boating Business Association of WA

Boating Industry Association of WA president Mike Beanland stated the water would be significantly safer for everyone if the “few idiots” breaking the rules have been caught.

“Up at Belmont they’ve already had a single (CCTV camera)… they’ve been testing it for a while and it seems to have been powerful adequate for them to pursue it,” he stated.

“It’s the equivalent of a red light camera to catch those people that are genuinely dangerous to everyone else.

“They never want to catch somebody doing two kilometres over the limit, they want to catch those that are really hazardous.”

The division is seeking expressions of interest from a contractor to design, supply, install, commission and keep the cameras, as nicely as offer ongoing support and operations for the network.

It is anticipated the cameras will supply 24 hours a day, seven days a week compliance monitoring and surveillance, offer higher resolution photos of boat and other vessels rego for identification, and shop the video captured.

The proposed contract would run for up to five years.

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Canada reveals Syrian refugee plan

Diyako Salamat, 6, attends a rally in Vancouver asing the government to allow more refugees into the countryImage copyright AP
Image caption The government had originally planned to resettle 25,000 by year’s end

The newly elected Liberal government in Canada will resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees by the finish of the year and 15,000 by the end of February.

The government had previously promised to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the year’s end.

The Liberals committed to bringing the refugees in during the recent election campaign.

CBC News had reported that the federal government will limit the resettlement to females, children and families only.

As confirmed on Tuesday, those who will be regarded as refugees contain families, girls at danger, gays and lesbians and single men who are component of the LGBT community or accompanied by parents.

“We want them to have a roof more than their head, and the correct support,” said Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Minister John McCallum. “It takes a bit of time to place that all in spot.”

“We’re pleased to take a little a lot more time that initially planned to bring our new friends into the nation.”

The refugees will be both privately sponsored and government assisted, either registered with the UN Refugee Agency or with the government of Turkey.

Government officials promised “robust” overall health and security screenings, to be carried out overseas, and mentioned military and private aircraft will help with transportation of refugees to Canada.

Refugees will go to 36 “location” cities, 12 in Quebec and in the rest of Canada.

Mr McCallum said the attacks in Paris did not have an effect on the government’s selection to slow down the transport of Syrian refugees, citing the logistical struggles with finishing the pledge.

Newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created Canada’s acceptance of Syrian refugees central to his campaign.

After the Paris attacks, he reiterated his commitment to ending Canadian air strikes in Syria and Iraq.

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Paul Allen’s plan to launch rockets from airplanes may be crashing

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Inside the Stratolaunch hangar in Mojave, California. (credit: Vulcan Aerospace)

When it comes to dotcom billionaires and their rocket plans, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos get all the attention. Musk is already launching rockets for NASA, and Bezos is creating the engine for America’s largest rocket firm, United Launch Alliance. Paul Allen, by comparison, receives barely a mention.

The co-founder of Microsoft, nevertheless, teamed up with American aerospace engineer Burt Rutan in 2011 to create Stratolaunch Systems. With a mixture of standard aviation and modern rocketry, the business planned to launch satellites into space from a enormous carrier aircraft with a wingspan of 117 meters, far bigger than a 747 aircraft. Earlier this year Allen founded Vulcan Aerospace to oversee those improvement efforts.

Now, nonetheless, the launcher concept may be struggling. The Wall Street Journal reported the venture is on hold, each due to the fact of rocket supply issues as properly as a launch market moving to smaller sized satellites and smaller sized, much less high-priced rockets.

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