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Port of Melbourne privatisation probably to be rejected unless proposal amended

Posted December 08, 2015 18:35:00

A strategy to privatise the Port of Melbourne seems practically particular to be rejected by Parliament, unless the Victorian Government agrees to a raft of changes such as abandoning a controversial compensation clause.

Essential points:

  • Port of Melbourne privatisation bill unlikely to pass in existing type
  • Committee recommends 15 changes
  • Alterations incorporate limiting lease and removing compensation if second port built

A select committee has advisable 15 modifications to the Government’s program to reap up to $ 7 billion by leasing the port for 50 years, with an alternative to extend the lease for an additional 20 years.

They consist of capping the lease at 50 years and removing a clause that would compensate the leaseholder if a rival port was created at Hastings or Bay West in the subsequent 50 years.

The report said the lease period need to be limited, leaving a future government to legislate for any extension, given the consensus that a second container port would be required nicely just before the end of the proposed 50-year lease.

It stated the compensation clause have to go simply because there was risk the Government would delay creating yet another port in order to stay away from paying out the leaseholder.

The committee also urged the Government to start work immediately on the port-rail shuttle, develop a far better transport strategy to cater for the Port of Melbourne’s development, and perform on a rail hyperlink to Webb Dock.

“The onus is now on the Government to think about the committee’s suggestions and bring forward amendments or appropriate alternatives,” chairman Gordon Wealthy-Phillips mentioned.

Government MPs filed a minority report rejecting four of the committee’s recommendations, which includes abandoning the compensation clause.

They argued that if the suggestions have been adopted the transaction would not be commercially sound and would not reflect value for cash for the Victorian taxpayer or the neighborhood more broadly.

Opposition will not be rushed on Port of Melbourne privatisation

The Coalition and the Greens do not assistance the legislation in its present kind simply because of issues about the length of the lease and the potential to grant the leaseholder a monopoly.

The Andrews Government has been negotiating with the Opposition in a bid to get the sale legislation through the Parliament by the finish of the year, amid fears a delay could blow a multi-billion-dollar hole in the state price range.

Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas mentioned the Government could not afford to have the legislation stalled in the Upper Property.

“We’re prepared to walk that extra mile in order to get a negotiated settlement, but we do want the legislation to pass this year,” he said.

We’ve constantly said we would help a lease of the Port of Melbourne, but we’re not going to sign up to a dud deal for the subsequent 50 to 70 years.

David Hodgett, the Opposition’s ports spokesman

“[If not] it will have a deleterious effect upon the capacity to extract value.”

But Opposition spokesman David Hodgett mentioned the Coalition would not be rushed into passing the legislation since there had been as well many unanswered queries.

“We’ve usually said we would assistance a lease of the Port of Melbourne, but we’re not going to sign up to a dud deal for the subsequent 50 to 70 years,” he said.

“We want the best outcome for Victoria, but not at any price.

“The ball is effectively and really in the Government’s court.”

Labor hopes to use the proceeds of the sale, which have already been factored into the budget’s bottom line, to fund the removal of 50 railway level crossings over eight years.

The Government has not ruled out bypassing the Parliament in the hope of promoting the port in the 1st 3 months of 2016.

To do so, the Treasurer would have to use his powers under the State Owned Enterprises Act, but that could have an effect on the sale price.

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PFL certainty essential for Fremantle Port sale, says asset sales head

Posted December 08, 2015 15:47:55

Certainty over the Perth Freight Hyperlink is essential to the sale of the Fremantle Port, the head of the West Australian Government’s asset sales plan says.

The Government has committed to constructing Roe 8, the 1st stage of the controversial Perth Freight Link, but Premier Colin Barnett has put stage two of the project to Fremantle on the back burner.

Mr Barnett cited the complexity and expense of the project as reasons along with the government’s want to concentrate on priority projects like Roe 8, the Forrestfield Airport rail link and the Swan Valley bypass.

Speaking to a crowd of organization leaders, WA Treasury executive director of strategic projects and asset sales Richard Mann said the Government needed to confirm the technique and timing of the project, which would turn into a strategic transport route to the port.

“We count on those choices to be created over the coming months and they will obviously be factored into our transaction,” he mentioned.

He said the Government might provide possible purchasers of the port a lease longer than 49 years, despite previously stating that would be the time period set on the sale.

“There is undoubtedly been no choice on a 49-year lease for Fremantle,” Mr Mann mentioned.

“The lease term is fundamental to dealing with the quantity factors you happen to be talking about, expansion and growth in particular.

“That will be a important policy decision for the Government and you’d be conscious that the majority of port transactions in Australia, the lease term has been drastically longer than 49 years.

“If you happen to be speaking about expansion and development over time and return on investment, then a quick lease term can make that pretty hard, so the quantity one particular consideration for government is, how extended is the lease term in order to facilitate those objectives?” Mr Mann said.

Prospect of longer lease welcomed

Chamber of Commerce and Sector chief executive Deirdre Willmot stated certainty about stage two was required for organizations and welcomed recommendations a longer lease would be supplied to possible purchasers.

“If that offers opportunities for a wider range of investors to place proposals to the government … that is very good news,” she stated.

“There’s been a commitment to Roe 8, we’re nonetheless waiting for the particulars on what the final access to the port will be and that is critical for long term users and potential owners of the port.

“The time has genuinely come where we require those new plans to be finalised so there is that certainty.”

The Government announced the sale of the port in the May possibly spending budget but it is anticipated any final decision on the contract would need to be regarded by Cabinet.

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Activists descend on port ahead of nuclear waste ship’s arrival

By Emily Laurence and staff

Posted December 05, 2015 11:12:23

Greenpeace nuke ship Photo: Greenpeace activists track the BBC Shanghai. (Supplied: Greenpeace/Dominic Lorrimer)
Related Story: Very first nuclear waste shipment returns to Australia nowadays
Map: Port Kembla 2505

A major safety operation is underway at Port Kembla, on the New South Wales south coast, exactly where a shipment of nuclear waste is due to arrive.

On board the BBC Shanghai is 25 tonnes of nuclear waste, processed in France, for lengthy-term storage in Australia.

Greenpeace activists have taken to the water and shore in protest of the ship’s arrival.

Much more than 50 water police were involved in on-water operations on jet skis, tactical response boats and command vessel Nemesis.

About 500 police will be involved in the land-primarily based operation as the waste is transported to the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) facility at Lucas Heights, in Sydney’s south.

The Federal Government is in the process of obtaining a permanent internet site for the dump and the waste will be kept at ANSTO in the interim.

Six regions have been named on its shortlist, including three in South Australia.

South Australia is currently holding a royal commission to investigate whether or not the state ought to turn out to be more involved in the nuclear industry.

Public consultation about the website of a permanent waste facility is underway and the Federal Government will narrow down the list to just three web sites early next year.

Australians do not want waste, activists say

Greenpeace said the Australian public do not help the return of the nuclear waste.

It has commissioned a poll, displaying nearly 3 quarters of Australians oppose plans to store nuclear waste for other countries.

The ReachTEL poll conducted in November surveyed three,144 individuals.

It identified 72.1 per cent of respondents opposed the concept of relocating waste to Australia, 9.six per cent had been undecided and 18.3 per cent supported it.

The poll had a margin of error of 1.9 per cent.

BBC Shanghai Photo: BBC Shanghai is shipping 25 tonnes of reprocessed nuclear waste from France to Port Kembla. (Supplied: Greenpeace/Dominic Lorrimer)

Bringing reprocessed waste back to Australia

In the past two decades Australia has sent eight shiploads of waste overseas.

In the 1990s, the Federal Government created a deal with France to take some of our nuclear waste.

Australia does not have the capacity to reprocess it to make it protected for extended-term storage.

France has now completed that and what is left is on a ship coming residence.

Eight shipments have been sent to France, the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The waste sent to the UK will return in the second half of this decade and the waste sent to the US will stay there.

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Darwin port a ‘strategic defence’ facility: report

By Nadia Daly

Posted December 04, 2015 18:18:12

Darwin’s port, which has been leased to a Chinese business, has been described as a “strategic defence port” in the annual report of the body that runs the facility.

The remarks in the 2015 Darwin Port Corporation (DPC) annual report contradict comments made by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who final month mentioned it was a “industrial port, not a military port”.

In October this year Chinese-owned organization Landbridge Group signed a 99-year lease for the port with the Northern Territory Government for $ 506 million.

An opening letter in the report by Darwin Port Corporation chief executive officer Terry O’Connor stated the port was crucial to Defence:

“The Port of Darwin plays an critical role in Australia’s Defence approach and in 2014/15 was host to over one hundred Navy vessels.

The Corporation worked closely with Defence to program and accommodate the elevated Barbour activity for significant international Defence physical exercise Talisman Sabre, in July 2015.

The Corporation supplies safe berthing and help services at Fort Hill Wharf and in May this year signed a new access agreement with the Australian Defence Force for its refuelling needs.”

The report later mentioned the Port of Darwin was “identified as a strategic defence port in the National Port Strategy” and noted “the Corporation attended defence briefings”, and was operating “closely with Territory and Federal Government agencies” to make confident acceptable safety arrangements had been in location for going to naval vessels.

Port report Photo: The 2015 annual report from the Darwin Port Corporation.

Fort Hill Wharf, component of the port site leased to Chinese business Landbridge, is utilised by the Australian Navy and overseas militaries, including the United States.

The report listed the Division of Defence as a stakeholder in the organisation.

“The Port of Darwin has been a strategic port for Australian and allied forces for more than a century,” the report stated.

Mr Turnbull has previously said Defence had no concerns about the lease of the port, though some defence analysts have raised questions about Landbridge’s hyperlinks with the Communist Celebration and the People’s Liberation Army.

Meanwhile the 2015 report also stated that Port Corporation’s earnings had been down to $ 12 million, from $ 17 million in the previous monetary year.

It noted that the quantity of vessels that visited the port have been virtually half of the earlier monetary year from 3,178 to 1,717.

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