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Volunteer fire units prepare for hot, dry summer season in bush capital

Posted December 13, 2015 12:16:21

Right after the 2003 Canberra bushfires claimed 4 lives and destroyed hundreds of residences, a group of volunteers decided to join the frontline to defend the bush capital from future fire risk.

Over the previous decade, the Community Fire Unit (CFU) has grown to more than 1,000 members and Canberra has escaped relatively unscathed from fires.

But, with predictions of a hot, dry summer time ahead, the CFU is undertaking much more education, so it is ready to step in when necessary.

The CFU was established by ACT Fire and Rescue in 2005, with an idea borrowed from New South Wales, which placed a series of about 50 trailers dotted across Canberra.

Volunteer Anne Goyne mentioned her neighborhood crew assembled as soon as a month to train in suburban Canberra, soon after realising the neighborhood necessary “something a bit better than garden hoses” to hold the fort until firefighters arrive.

There’s a small bit of wine and cheese and biscuits on our planning days, so it’s not all horrible.

CFU volunteer Anne Goyne 

“We want to make positive that 2003 by no means happens once again,” she stated.

“But we get a tremendous amount of assistance from ACT Fire and Rescue and the neighbours do look to love us.

“It’s also social. I’ve got to know all the neighbours in each street since we go about and advise individuals about fire safety and what we do.”

CFU Coordinator Brian Connell stated firefighters helped give education to the volunteers.

“It just offers them an idea of the heat that they may possibly face if they are dealing with a bushfire behind a single of their properties,” he said.

“They are our eyes and ears on the ground in the occasion of a big fire taking place in the ACT.

“They’re a important portion of our firefighting plans.”

Volunteer fire units practise fighting a gas fire. Photo: Volunteer fire units practise fighting a gas fire at the Emergency Services Agency training centre. (ABC News: Mark Moore)

Station Officer Connell mentioned the CFU was comprised of people from all walks of life.

“The oldest member is 85, and we have children from 16 years old that can join, as lengthy as they get permission from their guardian,” he mentioned.

“The CFUs had been called on about 4 instances final fire season, but with the larger fire risk this year, we anticipate calling on them much more.”

But Ms Goyne mentioned it was not all challenging function for the volunteers.

“In fact we have a quite great time,” she said.

“There’s a small bit of wine and cheese and biscuits on our organizing days, so it is not all horrible.

“We’ve become a really very good tiny group of friends.”

Ms Goyne mentioned she was hoping for a quiet summer time ahead, exactly where despite their instruction, the CFU was not referred to as on.

“I personally consider due to the fact we’re right here no fire dares,” she mentioned.

“But we’re there. Look out fire we’re there.”

Firefighters in a cherry picker in Canberra Photo: Volunteers acquiring a birds’-eye view of the ESA coaching centre at Hume. (Supplied: David Bundy)

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Anti-Islamic State fighter Ashley Dyball’s family members prepare for his return

By Lexy Hamilton-Smith and Emma Blackwood

Updated December 06, 2015 20:23:36

The family of Australian anti-Islamic State fighter Ashley Dyball are flying to Melbourne to welcome him home this evening, where he will face the threat of prosecution for his activities in the Middle East.

His father, Scott Dyball — who felt hopeful that his son’s arrest in Germany would bring him home — appealed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull not to proceed with prosecution.

“This is wrong, what the Government is trying to do to him is wrong,” Mr Dyball said.

“The charges are just so ridiculous, they should be dropped.

“The law was unclear at the time, if they were clear the boys would not have gone.

“All we are asking is just an amnesty.”

Julia Dyball is also concerned for her son’s future.

“It is difficult and we are happy as well — happy we can go and tell him it is all OK — we are all here for him,” Ms Dyball said.

“We have no idea what is going to happen.

“We are going down to Melbourne because we know he is coming in at a certain time, and we will wait and see.”

Mother of fellow Australian YPG fighter supporting Dyball family

Gold Coast man Reece Harding, 23, was killed in June fighting for the Kurdish forces in Syria, when he stepped on a landmine.

His father Keith Harding said it was of some comfort to see Ashley Dyball return home.

“That was always our fear — that Ashley would come back like Reece — so it is a relief that he is home in one piece, that is for sure,” Mr Harding said.

Scott and Julia Dyball with Michelle Harding Photo: Ashley Dyball’s parents Scott and Julia Dyball (L) with Michelle Harding (R) — mother of Reece Harding who was killed when he stepped on a landmine in Syria. (ABC: Lexy Hamilton Smith)

Michelle Harding, Reece’s mother, has formed a bond with the Dyballs and recently travelled to Syria to help them try to bring their son home alive.

“I don’t want anyone else to be in our position [of losing a son],” Ms Harding said.

“When they went over there they knew the laws were in place but thought they were for [IS] terrorists.

“But, because the Government was very wishy-washy on it, people had gone over in the role our boys had gone over, and came back — they weren’t prosecuted.

“There was no indication they were going to apply it to people fighting against [IS].”

She said she wanted the Prime Minister to “do the right thing”.

“Don’t make him a scapegoat because you do not want to lose face,” Ms Harding said.

The 23-year-old Queensland man was deported from Germany on Saturday night after being detained while taking a break from the battlefield.

It is understood he was held by German authorities on the basis of his links to a Kurdish militia group fighting against IS in northern Syria.

Mr Dyball — also known as Mitchell Scott — will touch down in Melbourne, where it is expected he will be greeted by Australian Federal Police officers.

He has been fighting against IS forces with a Kurdish militia called the YPG in northern Syria and risks prosecution under Australian foreign fighter laws, which forbid entering a foreign country with the intention of taking up arms.

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First posted December 06, 2015 20:20:29

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Thai police prepare to lay murder charges over former bikie’s death

Posted December 03, 2015 20:35:47

Thai police are readying to charge an American man with the murder of former Hells Angels member Wayne Schneider.

Tyler Gerald, 21, who has been arrested, is believed to have been 1 of the five guys who abducted the Australian man from his house on Monday.

Mr Schneider was found buried in a roadside grave with a broken neck and facial injuries on Tuesday, a day following he was abducted from his property.

Police in the seaside town of Pattaya, south of Bangkok, have also detained the 25-year-old female partner of Australian man, Antonio Bagnato, who is believed to have masterminded the attack.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Mr Bagnato, but reports say he has fled to Cambodia.

Police stated the motive for the murder was a dispute among Mr Schneider and Mr Bagnato, whom he was noticed drinking with on Sunday evening.

They stated both men were on a watch-list for drugs and funds laundering in Australia, but there was no info about them dealing drugs in Thailand.

Police said Mr Bagnato asked his Thai partner to rent the car used in the kidnapping — which was fitted with a GPS system that led police to the body — and then told her to delete all text messages relating to the automobile hire.

She has not been formally charged and is being held at a military base beneath wide-ranging powers introduced after final year’s coup.

Mr Schneider has previously been described as a senior member of the Hells Angels.

In 2006, Mr Schneider was on New South Wales’ most wanted list more than the shooting of a bouncer in the kneecap outdoors a Kings Cross nightclub.

The charges had been later dropped.

He has also faced charges for drug offences and dealing with the proceeds of crime, right after being found with $ 200,000 worth of casino chips in 2009.

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