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Indonesia pulls private buses off roads following deadly accident

Posted December 09, 2015 11:57:10

Packed minibus destroyed by oncoming train Photo: Eighteen individuals were killed when a private bus was struck by a train and dragged for about 200 metres (AFP: Adek Berry)
Associated Story: Train slams into packed minibus in Indonesia killing at least 16
Map: Indonesia

Indonesia has pulled 1,600 private buses off its roads after a weekend bus crash in which 18 people died.

Witnesses say the driver of a Metro Mini bus ignored a warning siren at a level crossing in West Jakarta and drove around a safety barrier onto train tracks.

The bus was struck by a train and dragged for about 200 metres.

Eighteen individuals have been killed, including the driver and his assistant. There was just 1 survivor.

It is at least the 32nd accident at a level crossing in Jakarta this year, numerous of them involve buses that are frequently stopping to pick up passengers.

Critics say driver coaching is poor and the buses are in terrible condition.

Removing private buses will make life even much more difficult for frazzled commuters in a city where kids and toddlers ride on their parents’ motorbikes, without having helmets, painted lane markings are there for decoration rather than guidance, and a red site visitors light means the car behind yours has to stop.

Jakarta’s transport office says it has pulled 1,600 Metro Minis off the road, despite the fact that on the streets, there seem to be plenty of the buses remaining.

An orange Metro Mini private bus on the streets of Jakarta Photo: Jakarta’s transport office says it has pulled 1,600 Metro Minis off the road, despite the fact that numerous seem to be nevertheless operating (ABC News: Adam Harvey)

On a wet Jakarta weekday, the visitors slows to walking pace, which tends to make it a lot less difficult for commuters to jump aboard a faded orange Metro Mini.

The mid-sized buses do not have designated stops, so passengers get on and off where they like.

There is a affordable possibility of obtaining bowled over by a scooter on the journey from the footpath to the bus, but at 40 cents a ride, most passengers think it is worth the danger.

In regards to the security, no matter how it is, when it really is time to die, you are going to die anyway.

Andi, Jakarta bus passenger

“In regards to the safety, no matter how it is, when it really is time to die, you are going to die anyway,” mentioned passenger Andi.

One particular passenger, Sadzili, has been catching the orange bus for ten years.

“I consider it really is protected. I am just a small bit worried when about to cross a rail track,” he stated.

A busker, Heri Sandi, climbs aboard in the stalled visitors.

“In a single day I will get on about 70 to 80 buses from the morning to the afternoon,” he stated.

The accident has been on his thoughts.

“I am scared for certain,” he stated.

“The bus tipped over like that and individuals died being crushed.”

Inside a private Mini Metro bus in Jakarta Photo: Private bus drivers in Jakarta tackle busy road situations, but critics say driver education is poor and the buses are in terrible condition (ABC News: Adam Harvey)

One more passenger, Hamim, is dubious about recalling the buses.

“About plans like that, nicely before they take these buses off the streets they need to have to offer the replacements,” Hamim mentioned.

“Without having any replacement what would passengers do?”

Andi wishes Jakarta could emulate the transport of other cities.

“Air conditioned, exactly where they queue in order, like they have overseas,” he stated.

“They queue, there’s discipline, in contrast to what we have here.

“In Singapore and Europe, they queue, they quit in suitable stops.

“Right here they quit wherever they want to stop.”

It is hoped a new underground train line, due to be completed in about 3 years, will remove some of the dangers of the road for the city of ten million folks.

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Health Minister undecided over private well being cover price hikes

Posted December 05, 2015 12:12:56

Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley has not ruled out approving increases for private overall health insurance premiums.

Ms Ley wants to apply higher scrutiny to rising expenses of private cover, citing an “overwhelming level of concern” among voters.

She has the capability as Wellness Minister to refuse price tag hikes, but told the ABC that practically nothing had been decided.

“I’m not ruling in or out what I may do,” she mentioned.

“What I am expressing is actual concern on behalf of consumers when they see private health insurance coverage premiums going up.”

External Link: Sussan Ley tweet

Half a million Australians have dropped or downgraded their private health insurance in the final economic year.

Ms Ley said men and women “dumping and downgrading” their policies meant they were not necessarily covering necessary procedures.

She mentioned it could also lead to unnecessary pressure on the public well being program.

“We can’t load up the public system with patients who would successfully describe themselves as private,” she stated.

Ms Ley mentioned she would investigate whether or not a stronger public-interest test in regards to approving premium increases, citing the need to have for a “circuit breaker”.

She has also extended the deadline for an on the internet survey, which has already received nearly 40,000 responses.

The Australian Competition and Customer Commission (ACCC) found Australia’s private well being sector was also complicated and drove customers to reduced-priced policies which lacked adequate coverage.

In its annual report on the business issued earlier this year, the ACCC said there had been a quantity of market place failures in private well being insurance that impeded consumers’ capability to make selections that are probably to be in their greatest interests.

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Parents’ private details stolen from electronic toy maker VTech

Posted November 30, 2015 13:42:27

Hackers have stolen the private particulars of practically 5 million men and women from the laptop program of Hong Kong-primarily based toy manufacturer VTech.

The data breach contains the accounts of a lot more than 18,000 Australian parents, many of whom would also have had the private particulars of their youngsters stolen.

Whilst organization hackings are common, this is the very first time so much personal info about youngsters has been stolen.

Security experts have warned it will continue to occur until organizations are forced to far better shield private data.

“They appear to have had a large amount of data exposed out of their systems,” personal computer security researcher Troy Hunt, who helped verify that the information breach was genuine, stated.

Mr Hunt mentioned millions of records had been stolen, like the private info of more than 200,000 youngsters.

The data involves names, genders and birthdates, along with the home addresses of parents.

He mentioned a lot of the data would have been collected when parents signed up to VTech’s on the internet solutions.

“They develop a entire range of different toys, much of them electronic toys issues like kids’ tablets,” he mentioned.

“Some of these are played to connect to the internet and chat and have conversations with folks and they also produce a entire bunch of on the web services as effectively so that you can go online and register and then chat with your close friends and do other sorts of things targeted at five, six, and seven-year-olds.”

VTech released a statement on its internet site confirming the information breach.

It is the reality of getting online — you will entrap your information in organisations who will not do a great sufficient job of hunting after it.

Computer security researcher Troy Hunt

It stated an unauthorised party accessed its Studying Lodge app store database on November 14.

It downplayed the breach, saying the consumer database contained “basic user profile information” and that no credit card info was stolen.

Mr Hunt stated in contrast to names and addresses, payment info was straightforward to alter.

“Frankly I couldn’t care less about the payment information,” he stated.

“I mean as a parent, if it was my kids’ whose information was out there and their names and their genders, their connection to me and where I live, the final thing I care about is a credit card where I can call the bank, cancel it and get a new one particular in the mail at the finish of the week.

“That is a very, quite common statement by organisations that are breached in order to maintain the payment card market taking place since if they never correctly manage credit cards they will get fines and all sorts of other retribution from Visa and MasterCard and the like.

“So those statements are there to appease them fortunately they do definitely nothing for parents.”

2015 ‘a massive year’ for information breaches

Anthem, an American overall health insurance organization, lost 80 million records in February.

Adult website Ashley Madison lost 37 million in July and even the US Government’s Office of Personnel Management was breached, when it lost millions of records of sensitive information on current and former employees.

“This is the reality of becoming on the web, and we see so numerous information breaches every single single day and so many you never hear about as well,” Mr Hunt stated.

“But it is the reality of being online — you will entrap your data in organisations who will not do a good enough job of looking after it.”

Alastair MacGibbon, the Federal Government’s Children’s eSafety Commissioner, mentioned both organizations and parents require to be careful when handling private details, particularly when it came to children

“We need to ask two queries,” he mentioned.

“A single is what corporate are performing to defend details, how a lot they are collecting in order to let this functionality and is it really required. And then secondly, as buyers, how much we think is reasonable to give away online.”

Mr Hunt stated nothing at all would change till corporations have been forced to be much more accountable through stronger privacy laws.

“The organisations have to ‘fess up and acknowledge when there is an incident, and to their credit VTech have done that … they didn’t do a quite great job of it but they have let men and women know,” he stated.

“But the question then becomes, should there be mandatory laws in Australia as there is in some other components of the planet, exactly where there is legislation that says if an organisation is compromised they need to publicly acknowledge it if that’s going to effect their buyer, and totally they need to do that.

“We’ve got so a lot of other customer protections in the nation, a mandatory information breach disclosure is definitely crucial.”

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Private collection of 130 guitars donated to Tasmanian music school

Updated November 25, 2015 16:03:27

Dr Glen Hodges plays a 1920s Hammond guitar Photo: Dr Glen Hodges plays a 1920s Hammond guitar. (ABC News: Gregor Salmon)
Map: Hobart 7000

Students and staff at Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music are in guitar heaven after a benefactor donated 130 instruments for them to maintain and play.

Two years ago, an anonymous donor expressed interest in bequeathing the bulk of his private collection to the college.

But recently he decided to make excellent on the offer you whilst he was alive to see it enjoyed.

The guitars are all steel-string acoustics varying broadly in age, style and worth.

Dr Glen Hodges, the conservatorium’s deputy head of music and head of contemporary guitar, mentioned the arrival of such a enormous quiver of axes was overwhelming.

The school’s employees, 30-odd guitar students and about 20 song-writing students are all itching to get their hands on the instruments.

About 130 guitars were donated to the UTAS Conservatorium of Music Photo: About 130 guitars had been donated to the UTAS Conservatorium of Music. (ABC News: Gregor Salmon)

“We’re totally blown away,” he stated.

“The location is buzzing. Students are very keen to attempt them out.

“To realise somebody spent so numerous years collecting these [and] is ready to hand them over for a person else to get pleasure from.

“It really is fairly amazing.”

Prior to the students get to strum their stuff on the new instruments, the sound engineers and employees spent two days evaluating the collection and picking which instruments would be set aside for overall performance and recording purposes.

“It really is been incredibly hard,” Dr Hodges mentioned.

Detail of pearl inlay on guitar donated to Tasmania's Conservatorium of Music. Photo: Detail of pearl inlay on a guitar donated by the benefactor. (ABC News: Gregor Salmon)

“There is a variety of named instruments like the Guilds and Martins, and some other people which absolutely everyone recognises but there is some good one-off, hand-created luthier instruments that are exclusive and exquisite each in make and in sound.”

The shining light of the stellar collection is not the most pricey, beautifully produced or effectively recognized: it is a inexpensive old 1920s piece that appears like it could have been plucked from the arms of Delta blues legend Robert Johnson.

“It mightn’t get a second look in a second-hand shop but every studio engineer in this conservatorium has picked it very first to be in the collection for the recording studio,” Dr Hodges mentioned.

Currently overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of instruments to choose from, the musicians can anticipate to have even a lot more at their disposal.

The donor has already promised to top up his present with yet another 40 guitars, which will make selecting a favourite all the far more hard.

Guitar student Benjamin Pasanen Photo: Guitar student Benjamin Pasanen takes his choose from the collection. (ABC News: Gregor Salmon)

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First posted November 25, 2015 15:59:08

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