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Loved ones of missing Laos activist reveal new proof

Posted December 14, 2015 21:08:44

Fresh footage of an abducted activist’s classic American Jeep could crack open a three-year-old mystery in Laos, campaigners say.

On December 15, 2012, Sombath Somphone was driving property when he was pulled over just metres from the Australian Embassy Recreation Club in the capital, Vientiane.

Mr Sombath was properly known in international circles and won the 2005 Magsaysay Award, occasionally referred to as Asia’s Nobel Prize, for his function in sustainable farming, youth education and community improvement.

Footage from a safety camera showed Mr Sombath get out of the vehicle and then an unidentified man calmly drive off with the Jeep.

Shortly following that, Mr Sombath gets into a white pick up truck with flashing lights.

That is the last time Mr Sombath or the Jeep was ever observed.

His wife said the uncertainty more than his fate was soul-destroying.

“It is like a knife that is permanently embedded in my heart and practically nothing can take the pain away,” mentioned Ng Shui-Meng, via a statement read in Bangkok by Thailand’s National Human Rights commissioner Angkhana Neelapaijit.

Three years following the apparent abduction, the family members has revealed fresh footage from two safety cameras that show Mr Sombath’s Jeep being driven south away from the capital, but then crucially, turning about seconds later and driving back the other way.

The truth that Mr Sombath’s Jeep was driven back into the city indicates other security cameras are most likely to have tracked its path.

“With Sombath’s vehicle, due to the fact it really is so distinctive, it would be fairly easy to see if individuals had recognized something,” stated Sam Zarifi, the regional director of the International Commission of Jurists.

“However nowadays, three years later, this is evidence the household discovered just casually walking down the street and so our sense is this case remains eminently solvable,” Mr Zarifi said, at an event hosted by the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand.

Laos investigation ‘a negative joke’

But there is tiny genuine hope of a breakthrough, with rights groups saying Laos has shown no political will to investigate.

In January, Australia urged Laos to adhere to up on the disappearance and pointedly suggested it “address any suspicions of government involvement in his abduction”.

Lao activist Sombath missing Photo: A newspaper clipping about missing Lao activist Sombath Somphone. (Supplied)

Human Rights Watch (HRW) mentioned the investigation had been a “farce” and “a poor joke” told to new diplomats to illustrate the Laos Government’s techniques.

“The message to the Laos individuals from their Government is that we can take anyone at any time so shut up, sit down and do what we tell you,” said Phil Robertson, deputy director of Asia for HRW.

Laos is the existing chair of the regional grouping, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

HRW mentioned the Laos Government’s conduct reflected poorly on its neighbours.

“Many have stated over the years that ASEAN is a club of dictators and rights abusers and Laos is optimistic proof of just how accurate that is,” stated Mr Robertson.

“There’s now a wall of silence that is fallen more than Vientiane about Sombath’s case. Individuals who knew factors have stopped speaking, officials who knew issues have been transferred or disappeared, international NGOs operating in Laos say they are sympathetic but can’t talk about it.”

HRW said Laos’ wider influence within ASEAN has been regressive, shutting down discussion of land rights, ethnic problems, the situation for gay, lesbian and transgender citizens and controversial hydroelectric dams that threaten to choke the Mekong.

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Tasmanian Upper Residence MP alleges proof of foxes in state fabricated

Posted December 10, 2015 20:33:12

An Upper House MP is set to make a complaint to Tasmania’s police commissioner alleging evidence of foxes in the state has been fabricated.

Ivan Dean is claiming fox carcasses and other physical proof was planted, and tens-of-millions of dollars was wasted on the fox eradication system.

“It is up to somebody to take this matter forward … I am now going to take the matter to the police division and to the commissioner Darren Hine,” Mr Dean said.

The former Labor government spent about $ 50 million of state and federal funds on a taskforce to eradicate foxes in Tasmania.

Mr Dean has alleged the proof relied upon to continue that taskforce was faked.

“If you look at each and every piece of physical evidence that’s been produced more than the final fourteen years you will find it all falls apart, it really is all questionable,” he mentioned.

“I will be referring to all of the carcasses that have been created … the skull will be referenced as effectively, the scats are also extremely essential to this entire point as effectively.”

Two recent independent scientific reports utilising government information found it was most likely evidence of fox scats and carcasses could have been planted.

I will be referring to all of the carcasses that have been created…the skull with be reference as properly, the scats are also really vital to this entire point.

MLA Ivan Dean

A skull, fox DNA blood, and 4 fox carcasses located amongst 2001 and 2006 have been incorporated as evidence of foxes in the state.

Veterinary pathologist David Obendorf is one of a group of independent scientists who has written reports and published journal articles disputing the veracity of fox evidence, like scats and all 4 carcasses.

“Our reports have contested the credibility of the proof of those carcasses being from Tasmania, really animals that lived in Tasmania and died in Tasmania,” he mentioned.

An instance of an alleged discrepancy was located right after Mr Obendorf reviewed pathology reports and the histology for a fox identified in 2006.

“The claim was that this was a freshly dead fox that had been killed at 9:30 on the morning of August 1 but once I had seen the slides that had been reduce from this animal … I could see the body had putrefied, it decomposed so swiftly with the invasion of bacteria,” he stated.

“The animal was breaking down and this breakdown approach could not have occurred in the period of time in between when they claim the animal was identified and when they did the autopsy.”

Veterinary pathologist David Obendorf Photo: Veterinary pathologist David Obendorf says scientific reports have cast doubts on the credibility of fox proof. (ABC News: Alexandra Bulcher)

Mr Dean has seized on the reports to back up his complaint.

“The position I have is if there is corruption, unlawful behaviour, we’ve got to bring that out … It really is got to be investigated in my opinion, to bring it to an end,” he mentioned.

But he has not speculated on what laws may have been broken.

“In the report that I will be submitting to the Commissioner of Police, I will providing names of persons that I have, that have been connected with, specific pieces of evidence that have been developed,” he said.

Both main political parties have been criticised for not investigating the claims.

The Major Industries Minister Jeremy Rockliff stated his Government had “abolished Labor’s fox program, which spent millions chasing just a single species”.

“Scientific opinion is for the scientific neighborhood to debate,” Mr Rockliff mentioned.

“Individuals are totally free to make complaints to police or the Integrity Commission if they so wish,” he said.

The Labor Opposition has been contacted for comment.

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Football Federation Australia permits banned fans to see proof

Posted December 10, 2015 01:14:04

A-League fans banned from stadiums will be capable to view evidence against them in Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) reviewed appeals policy, chief executive David Gallop has announced.

Following a lengthy and heated meeting with representatives from all ten active supporter groups on Wednesday night, Gallop announced a number of alterations to FFA’s unpopular banning policy.

Alternatively of a “ban” notice, fans will now be issued with an “intention to ban” notice and will be allowed to see the proof against them, a essential problem at the heart of fan discontent.

That involves the 198 folks already banned, if the evidence against them still exists.

If the ban is maintained, they will have an opportunity to see an independent panel at a later date.

Gallop described the meeting —which lasted practically 4 hours — as productive.

He appealed to football fans to return to the game.

“We have made significant progress tonight in dealing with the grievances of the active fan groups. We want to see the terraces complete again this weekend,” Gallop mentioned.


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Erdogan says Turkey has ‘proof’ of Russian involvement in IS oil trade

Posted December 04, 2015 01:00:31

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he had proof Russia was involved in illegal oil trade with the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, countering “immoral” Russian allegations that his own loved ones was importing oil from the jihadists.

The Russian defence ministry on Wednesday accused Mr Erdogan and his household of involvement in the illegal oil trade with IS jihadists following Ankara’s downing of one of Moscow’s warplanes final month which plunged the two countries’ relations into a crisis.

“We have the proof in our hands. We will reveal it to the world,” Mr Erdogan mentioned in a televised address in Ankara.

“Appear, Russia has to prove that the Turkish republic buys oil from Daesh, otherwise this is a slander,” he stated, employing an Arabic acronym for IS extremists.

“The immoral side of this concern is involving my loved ones in the affair.”

Mr Erdogan repeated that he would resign if Moscow proved the allegation and mentioned it was in fact Russians who were involved in oil dealings.

“Who is buying oil [from IS]? Let me say it. George Haswani, holder of a Russian passport and a Syrian national, is one particular of the biggest merchants in this enterprise,” Mr Erdogan stated.

Russian officials hold a press conference Photo: Russian officials sit under a display displaying the Turkish-Syrian border throughout a briefing in Moscow. (AFP: Vasily Maximov)

In November, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on Haswani, who was also placed on an European Union sanctions list, for serving as a middleman for oil purchases by the Syrian regime from the IS group.

Mr Erdogan stated “a popular Russian chess player” was also involved in the oil business with IS, with out giving a name.

“He’s also in this race,” he mentioned.

The new US sanctions also apply to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a wealthy Russian businessman and lengthy-standing president of the Planet Chess Federation (FIDE) who was formerly president of the southern Russian region of Kalmykia.


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‘I am living proof slavery happens in Australia’

Updated December 02, 2015 10:08:57

A group of Australian religious leaders is launching the Australian Freedom Network right now in Canberra to create practical options to free individuals living enslaved in Australia.

Right now is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, and as a former victim of contemporary day slavery, Sandra was selected to present her story at the launch.

Audio: Australian Freedom Network becoming launched to crackdown on slavery in Australia (AM)

“I am so pleased to be right here as living proof that slavery happens in Australia,” she told AM.

Sandra’s story is about a poor lady with two sons who was provided the chance of a lifetime to work as a housekeeper in Australia.

“They told me that they will help with my permanent residency and they’ll spend me for performing their housework,” she stated.

Sandra trusted her employers to do the right factor but as soon as she arrived in Western Sydney it all started to go undesirable.

“Following three weeks they took my passport,” Sandra mentioned.

“I began performing all their work, all the housework like washing, cleaning, cleaning the swimming pool, seeking right after the dogs, cooking, gardening. I did some gardening. And massaging the lady too.”

Sandra was the modern day equivalent of a slave to the family for three years, she was trapped, a prisoner that was in no way permitted to leave the residence by herself.

“At times I asked for some funds but she was just saying, ‘oh, I have no money’ and the husband didn’t give me cash and stuff,” she mentioned.

“I utilised to go out purchasing with her, just push the trolley, come back house, tidy up all the issues. But not by myself.

“They did control me and a lot of factors. I was scared.

“They had been always swearing, threatening me. And the boys have been constantly fighting with me.”

Neighbours tip off authorities

Sandra was ultimately rescued following, she thinks, a neighbour tipped off the authorities. Her story is sadly not an isolated one.

“A vulnerable individual in a building nation is presented a very good job or a very good chance or a partnership. They go willingly.”

Freedom Partnership to Finish Modern day Slavery, Jenny Stanger

The national manager of the Freedom Partnership to End Modern Slavery, Jenny Stanger stated she thinks the real number of slaves is significantly larger than what is estimated.

“Nicely the Global Slavery Index final year estimated that about 3,000 individuals are at present enslaved in Australia.”

Ms Stranger mentioned the dilemma spreads across a range of industries including agriculture, construction, hospitality and domestic aid.

“A vulnerable individual in a developing country is presented a great job or a good chance or a connection. They go willingly,” she mentioned.

“And when they get to that destination what they discover is that it really is a bait and switch and that what they had been promised is not what really is delivered.”

The Australian Freedom Network, led by the Salvation Army, is modelled on the Global Freedom Network began by Pope Francis final year.

“We just believed it would be a fantastic notion to bring with each other a extremely, really broad group of faith-primarily based organisations to amplify and genuinely commence to develop a faith movement against slavery in Australia,” Ms Stanger stated.

Sandra’s message is that if she can make it, so also can others whose lives have been blighted by slavery.

“I am also living proof that men and women who have seasoned slavery can obtain several items, contribute to our community and lead a pleased life.”

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Very first posted December 02, 2015 10:06:06

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