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Domestic violence orders against Queensland police officers double in 2015

Updated December 14, 2015 20:02:34

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The quantity of Queensland police officers subject to domestic violence orders (DVOs) has far more than doubled in a year, outstripping the improve in the wider neighborhood.

Figures obtained under Right to Info by the ABC showed that in 2015, so far 50 officers have had DVOs taken out against then, up from 24 in 2014 and 20 in 2013.

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart stated it was a “sadly a reflection of our own neighborhood, that is been proven time and time again”.

“We have extremely, very robust requirements about this and we deal with these on a case-by-case basis,” he mentioned.

Police officers were prohibited by law from carrying a firearm while subject to a DVO, which meant they have been properly deskbound.

Queensland Police Union president Ian Leavers stated even though he in no way condoned domestic violence, he mentioned given the impact on an officer’s career by being taken off the road he believed some partners had been making use of DVOs as leverage in partnership breakdowns.

“Tragically what I do see throughout society is some folks will misuse the domestic violence legislation for their own personal gains,” he said.

Mr Leavers also blamed the boost in DVOs, in portion, on the psychological effect of policing.

“I was at an information session on post-traumatic anxiety and what it essentially says is most police [officers]with 5 years or a lot more service have some form of post-traumatic stress,” he mentioned.

“That destroys relationships and that could, or could not, lead to domestic violence.”

Even with doubling of the DVOs against police officers, the rate was about half of that of the wider neighborhood.

Police statistics showed there have been 25,661 DVOs taken out in Queensland in 2014/15, which was up 6.two per cent on the year ahead of at 24,155.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk stated the increase was not necessarily a undesirable factor.

“The awareness that’s happening out there in the media is generating folks report and that is a great point since they are obtaining the assist that they require,” Ms Palaszczuk mentioned.

At last week’s Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting, Ms Palaszczuk committed to hosting a national domestic violence summit in Queensland towards the finish of subsequent year.

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First posted December 14, 2015 20:01:18

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Fugitive who hid in Queensland bush camp returned to WA

Posted December 12, 2015 23:03:20

A drug trafficker who was located hiding in bushland in Queensland in October has been returned to Western Australia to serve out his sentence.

Bernd Neumann was recaptured 20 months following fleeing from guards for the duration of a supervised sporting occasion in February 2014.

He was 3 years into a 15-year jail term for drug trafficking.

There had been reports Neumann was in a position to scope out his escape route right after getting given repeated access to the soccer oval, exactly where he walked a puppy that was getting trained to help folks with disabilities.

It was revealed there were only two guards watching more than 20 prisoners at the time of his escape.

Neumann was arrested by Queensland police at a Gold Coast buying centre and had been camping in bushland.

The incident prompted the WA Division for Corrective Services to adjust specific practices, and each and every minimum safety prisoner had their case reviewed.

WA Opposition Leader Mark McGowan on Saturday mentioned the incident had been an embarrassment for the Government.

The Queensland campsite used by Bernd Neumann. Photo: Fugitive Bernd Neumann had been camping in the Queensland bush soon after escaping from minimum safety in WA. (Supplied: Queensland Police)

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Queensland prisoners to get nearby milk right after MP complains about imports

By Isobel Roe and Isabella Higgins

Updated December 12, 2015 16:40:08

Joe Bradley Photo: Joe Bradley has been a dairy farmer for more than 40 years. (ABC News: Isabella Higgins)

4 Queensland prisons have banned imported milk after a complaint from Katter’s Australian Party MP Shane Knuth.

Mr Knuth said he was horrified to discover that since August, the Queensland Corrections division has been buying imported UHT milk from New Zealand for prisoners in Lotus Glen, Townsville, Wolston and Brisbane correctional centres.

The Dalrymple MP mentioned it had taken away company from the state’s struggling dairy farmers.

“You just can’t make decision like this to say ‘OK we’ll save a handful of cents but we’ll give a kick in the guts to the market that surrounds it’,” he stated.

He took the concern to new Corrections Minister Bill Byrne earlier this week.

A spokesman for Mr Byrne stated the minister instantly banned the use of long-life milk in favour of the nearby item.

Orders for fresh milk have already been made.

‘It sends the appropriate message’

Joe Bradley, who has been a dairy farmer for 40 years, stated the Government’s move to use local create in prisons fills farmers like him with hope.

“People just do not realise how fortunate they are to have food that is developed in a clean, green way here in Australia,” he said.

“Farmers are price-takers and we are obtaining our guts ripped out … we require support.”

Queensland Dairy Farmers Organisation chief executive Adrian Peake welcomed the Minister’s announcement but wanted “to get the message by way of all of government they should usually be supporting neighborhood farmers”.

“It is truly important that the Government supports the nearby industry due to the fact our farmers have been through a actually challenging time, with the supermarket value wars, and that is been unrelenting, so any assistance is welcome,” he said.

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1st posted December 12, 2015 15:44:37

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Queensland battles pest creeper on numerous fronts to save native plants

Posted December 12, 2015 15:08:01

A woman in a yellow shirt examines leaves on a small plant inside a translucent plastic domed greenhouse. Photo: Naomi Edwards appears for jewel beetles in a breeding greenhouse at Nerang. (ABC News: Tom Forbes)

Catchment authorities are calling on folks to continue their fight against the introduced cat’s claw creeper, which is at present flowering in south-east Queensland.

Cat’s claw boasts bright yellow flowers and was imported from South America in the 1950s as an ornamental plant.

Initially common in Brisbane, the creeper has escaped domestic garden beds and spread into bushland from Gympie to the Gold Coast and as far west as Texas in the southern border region.

Naomi Edwards from the Gold Coast Catchment Association said the weed was thriving.

“It just loves our climate in south-east Queensland and it is spread amongst all of our waterways,” she said.

Cat’s claw is a declared pest since it strangles native vegetation.

yellow flower of blooming Cat's Claw creeper Photo: The flowering cat’s claw was when regarded as an desirable garden ornament. (Source: SEQ Catchments)

Ms Edwards said the weed was controlled by chemical sprays or manual removal.

“It really is genuinely essential for individuals to get active around this declared pest plant due to the fact it causes lots of impacts,” she mentioned.

There is also a biological handle against the plant being utilised on the Gold Coast.

The South American leaf-mining jewel beetle was introduced in 2012.

The tiny beetle and its larvae feed on the creeper’s leaves.

The black insect is bred at a Nerang nursery, then placed in bushland overrun with cat’s claw.

Ms Edwards stated jewel beetles did not target native plants.

“There has been some concern but it really is a large program, there is lots of science behind it and it has been a confirmed bio-manage agent,” she mentioned.

Anyone who thinks they have cat’s claw on their property is urged to contact their neighborhood council.

Struggling native bushland overrun by Cat's Claw at Nerang on the Gold Coast. Photo: Struggling native bushland overrun by cat’s claw at Nerang on the Gold Coast. (ABC News: Tom Forbes)

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Queensland Nickel to go to trial more than alleged environmental breaches

Posted December 09, 2015 13:11:19

Clive Palmer’s troubled refinery Queensland Nickel is facing further problems with a magistrate today ordering the company to stand trial for alleged breaches of environmental regulations.

The company has been charged with two counts of wilfully contravening its environmental authority.

It is alleged one of its tailings ponds at its nickel refinery near Townsville in north Queensland overflowed last year.

The company indicated it would plead not guilty to the charges when the case returns to court mid next year.

Lawyers for the Department of Environment and Heritage accused the company of poor management and reckless conduct during a committal hearing today in the Townsville Magistrates Court.

Peter Davis QC, acting on behalf of Queensland Nickel, said the company would defend the charges.

He said the event had been the result of extreme rainfall.

Palmer asked for taxpayer assistance

Mr Palmer this week appealed to the Queensland Government for financial help for Queensland Nickel, after a slump in the commodity’s price.

The operation is on the verge of going into administration after the West Australian Supreme Court rejected Mr Palmer’s bid for $ US48 million ($ 66m) from his estranged Chinese business partner CITIC.

The ABC’s AM program has been told that a Queensland Government-commissioned audit by KPMG of the company’s business operations and financial position showed it was able to continue operating and trade out of its financial difficulties.

Treasurer Curtis Pitt said any help would be short-term.

“If there was to be assistance from the Government it would be on a temporary basis, but of course the form of that assistance will depend on a number of factors,” Mr Pitt said.

“We do not have all the information to hand, we are consistently speaking with Queensland Nickel to get that information so that we can have a well-rounded view formed as to what options are available to Government.”

Mr Pitt said Mr Palmer should use his own wealth to help the refinery in the long-term.

“I think that most people would expect that Mr Palmer should pull out all stops to ensure that he is using his broader wealth and his broader business empire to ensure that this plant remains open,” he said.

“At the end of the day it is a private company, and any decision to close the … refinery will be a decision for Mr Palmer.

“Ultimately our Government is very clearly focused on the interests of workers.”

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Four new faces in reshuffled Queensland Cabinet

Posted December 07, 2015 17:45:04

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has brought 4 new faces into an expanded Cabinet in a reshuffle announced this afternoon.

Bill Byrne becomes the new Minister for Police, right after Jo-Ann Miller resigned from Cabinet final week in response to criticism of her overall performance by Parliament’s ethics committee.

The 4 new faces in Cabinet are Stirling Hinchliffe, Grace Grace, Leanne Donaldson and Mark De Brenni.

In announcing the new line-up, Ms Palaszczuk stated she was adding 3 added ministers to Cabinet.

“I have believed extended and challenging about this, this has not been an straightforward choice for me,” she said.

“I believe the best interests of Queensland are served with a greater capacity for my ministers to be in a position to meet stakeholders across the state.”

Mr Hinchliffe becomes Minister for Transport and the Commonwealth Games.

Ms Grace is the new Minister Employment and Industrial Relations as properly as Minister for Racing.

Mr De Brenni, a first term MP, is the new Minister for Housing and Public Performs.

Ms Donaldson becomes the new Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries.

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Glencore cuts 180 jobs at north Queensland coal mine

By Jonathan Hair

Posted December 07, 2015 15:38:21

Mining giant Glencore has announced it is cutting 180 of the 230 jobs at its Collinsville mine in north Queensland as a outcome of falling coal rates.

Glencore said most of the job cuts would occur from March 2016.

In a statement, the mining giant stated decrease coal prices and market oversupply had contributed to the operation incurring economic losses this year.

The company described the present coal market as one particular of the most difficult in the industry’s recent history and stated the move was a result of challenges being faced by all Australian coal mines.

Glencore stated assistance services were in spot for employees and their families impacted by the move.

The Collinsville operation in Queensland’s Bowen Basin has been below monetary strain for a lot of 2015.

In May possibly, Glencore reduce 80 jobs from the same mine in an try to minimize coal production at the website.

Collinsville is Queensland’s oldest coal mine and has been in operation for almost 100 years.

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Wait for Galilee rail line an added stress for central Queensland farmers

Updated December 06, 2015 15:12:18

Central Queensland farmers are pushing for the State Government to enact significant alterations to legislation covering new mining projects in the Galilee Basin.

In 2012, mining firm GVK Hancock received state and federal approval to build a 500-kilometre rail line from its coal mines close to Alpha to Abbot Point in north Queensland.

The rail line is set to run via 39 properties, but legal challenges have delayed the project and there is no timeframe for the begin of building.

Grazier Doug Burnett said his house would be cut in half by the railway, but the uncertainty on timing was causing massive tension.

“You go round mustering the cows, riding on the horse and inevitably that’s what crops up in your mind when you’re riding along you are pondering what’s the future going to hold,” he mentioned.

“At the moment we are not permitted to do any improvement on these places… nor would we want to, since there’s no point going to construct a new fence line when maybe subsequent year there will be a railway line come through and wipe it out.

“It may be 5 years, it may be ten years time and that is part of the dilemma, we just never know.”

About 50 kilometres away on Double D Station, west of Moranbah, Shontae Moran is likewise worried about her family’s future when the GVK rail line is built.

The line will spilt her property into 4 segments.

They need to have to make some major changes so that rural farming families are protected from this sort of issue and the mining businesses know exactly where they stand as properly.

Doug Burnett, grazier

“Any individual who lives on the land, it really is a legacy, it really is anything you hope to pass on to your children, but it causes a lot of anxiety not really being aware of what you happen to be going to have to pass onto them.”

She mentioned numerous impacted landholders had reached breaking point.

“There is been mental health impacts exactly where men and women have had to seek support because of added layers of anxiety.”

But GVK Hancock spokesman Josh Euler mentioned the predicament was out of the company’s hands.

“A handful of anti-mining activists are making use of the courts to delay these projects, and it really is delaying us from obtaining to a point where we can finalise our financing arrangements and getting to the point of paying out these compensation offers and contractual arrangements with landholders,” he stated.

“So these anti-mining groups actually need to be held accountable.”

He stated the organization had reached compensation or contractual arrangements with about 75 per cent of impacted landholders, and had been waiting for legal instances to be finalised ahead of progressing with the next phase of the rail line.

‘The State Government has let us down’

Jo-Anne Bragg from the Environmental Defenders Workplace said court challenges had been an essential portion of the method.

“What is the point of having laws to defend the reef, to protect endangered species to shield ground water if they’re not enforced?” she stated.

“We require much more rigorous environmental assessment of mines before they are approved.

“We also need to have a lot more rigorous economic assessment, since mining organizations have been identified to usually exaggerate the financial advantage.”

Cattle in large dusty paddock, man on motorcycle mustering in the background Photo: Grazier Doug Burnett says the rail line has added uncertainty to the future of life on the land. (ABC News: Alyse Edwards)

The State Government said it was contemplating methods to make the method a lot more effective, and that although it supported people’s proper to their day in court, the approach must not be dragged out for years.

Mr Burnett said significant law changes have been necessary so mining and agriculture could co-exist.

“The State Government has let us down, has let rural landholders down,” he stated.

“I consider they’re letting sources companies down and they’re letting the state down in that these prospective projects aren’t receiving off the ground.

“I consider there is true problems in the legislation as it is that these difficulties are allowed to occur and drag on as they have.

“They want to make some main modifications so that rural farming families are protected from this sort of point and the mining companies know where they stand as effectively.”

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Initial posted December 06, 2015 15:08:03

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Embattled Queensland Police Minister survives no self-assurance vote

Posted December 03, 2015 01:21:57

Queensland’s embattled Police Minister has narrowly survived a no self-confidence motion produced against her in State Parliament, with only one particular Cabinet colleague jumping to her defence.

Stress has been mounting on Jo-Ann Miller to either resign or be kicked out of Cabinet following a string of bungles.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg on Wednesday evening moved a no self-confidence motion against Ms Miller, but it was shot down by the Government with the assistance of independent MP Billy Gordon and Speaker Peter Wellington.

All 42 Opposition MPs and the two Katter’s Australian Celebration MPs, Rob Katter and Shane Knuth, indicated they had no self-confidence in the Police Minister.

“It would be to our grand political benefit if the Member for Bundamba, the Minister for Police stayed in her existing position,” Mr Springborg told Parliament.

“But … the straightforward reality is enough is adequate for the individuals of Queensland.

“The bungling need to cease and it is time for this Parliament to pass judgment on the Member for Bundamba, who has been an absolute embarrassment.”

She’s carried out a very excellent job and practically nothing that is been place forward by those opposite of substance, rather than smear, had any resonating impact at all in this debate.

Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne

Ms Miller’s only defence initially came from two Government backbenchers, Ferny Grove MP Mark Furner and Keppel MP Brittany Lauga.

Opposition MPs have been rapid to notice Ms Miller’s Cabinet colleagues were silent, with Kawana MP Jarrod Bleijie remarking, “for such an crucial vote of no self-confidence [for] a single of the most essential roles in the Cabinet — the Police Minister — they bring out the massive guns nowadays”.

“I was expecting the stars of the show, a single of the ministerial line-up, but they are all sitting there with their heads bowed.”

Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne did at some point stand up right after Opposition heckling to speak of his friendship with Ms Miller.

“She’s completed a quite good job and practically nothing that’s been place forward by those opposite of substance, rather than smear, had any resonating effect at all in this debate,” Mr Byrne said.

Ms Miller has come under fire more than a string of bungles, such as allegedly leaving sensitive Crime and Corruption Commission documents in a secure given to one more MP and for contacting a man who made forgery and harassment allegations against initial-term Labor MP Rick Williams.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has mentioned she will be reviewing her ministers’ performances following this final sitting week of Parliament for the year, indicating a Cabinet reshuffle or expansion could be on the cards.


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Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel in ‘dire monetary situation’

Posted December 01, 2015 18:08:40

The West Australian Supreme Court has heard Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel refinery is in a dire economic position and could face unspecified consequences if his bid for a $ 48 million payment from one particular his Chinese enterprise partners is not met this week.

Mr Palmer’s company Mineralogy is locked in a lengthy-running legal battle with the CITIC Group over disputed royalties at the Sino Iron magnetite project in WA’s Pilbara.

Mineralogy is demanding CITIC pay the $ 48 million instantly or face closure of the project and is looking for an urgent injunction in the matter.

Mineralogy lawyer Simon Couper told the court the matter was urgent, due to the fact a payment was due to be paid by Queensland Nickel subsequent Monday.

CITIC’s lawyer Charles Scerri told the court confidential affidavits tendered in the matter contained evidence of Queensland Nickel’s “dire monetary situation”.

“[Queensland Nickel’s] economic circumstance is very regrettable, but it has nothing at all to do with this case,” Mr Scerri mentioned.

He also told the court the company’s director had been speaking to the Mayor of Townsville about possible job losses.

It comes two months soon after Mr Palmer met with workers at the Townsville refinery and reassured them about the future of his organization.

He also denied reports the business was in discussions with the Queensland Government about a prospective $ 25 million loan.

The matter will be heard by Justice Paul Tottle subsequent Monday.

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