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Qantas ceases greyhound exports to Asia following damning report

Posted December 12, 2015 18:03:42

Qantas will cease racing greyhound freight services to Asia following damning revelations hundreds of the Australian animals deemed too “slow” are becoming exported to the region.

The exportation is in breach of racing guidelines and the animals suffer in shocking situations.

Qantas issued a statement, creating mention of an ABC 7.30 report which revealed the practice.

“We share your issues about the disturbing story that appeared on the 7.30 Report earlier in the week,” it mentioned.

“The piece was seen by a lot of members of our team. In the previous we have transported a small number of racing greyhounds to Asia.

“Nonetheless in light of the story we have made the decision to no longer supply racing greyhound freight services to Asia.”

The airline also tweeted yesterday: “In light of the current ‘7.30 Report’ story, we’ve decided to no longer provide racing greyhound freight services to Asia.”

It was in response to a tweet from an “animal activist” asking: “Is it true that you will not transport racing greyhounds to Asian countries?”

Animals Australia has welcomed the move, labelling the choice a “game-changer”.

“The export of these dogs not only condemned them to a death sentence but was in blatant breach of the industry’s personal guidelines,” it mentioned on its site.

“Qantas is a single of only two commercial airlines that flies straight to Hong Kong — the gateway for Australian greyhounds into Asia.

“The other is Cathay Pacific and they have also now confirmed that they do not transport racing greyhounds.”

WARNING - DISTRESSING IMAGES: Full report on Australian greyhounds deemed too slow for Australian racing by their trainers and owners exported to Asia.Video: WARNING – DISTRESSING Images: Full report on Australian greyhounds deemed also slow for Australian racing by their trainers and owners exported to Asia. (7.30)

An exclusive six-month investigation by 7.30, combined with proof gathered by Animals Australia in Macau, China and Vietnam, identified dozens of Australian trainers and owners who have exported their dogs to Asia.

Whilst not illegal, the export of greyhounds with out the essential passport is against the guidelines of racing.

Penalties incorporate fines and disqualification from the sport.

Australian dogs are racing around the clock at the former Portuguese colony of Macau’s dilapidated track known as the Canidrome, and are frequently sustaining injuries, with a disturbing 100 per cent euthanasia rate.

As numerous as 800 dogs are housed at the Canidrome, with racing held 5 nights a week on a track that is too difficult.

Monthly shipments of up to 30 Australian greyhounds aid to replace the underperforming dogs that are often euthanased at the facility.

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Doctor charging $500k overtime a sign of method strain: report

Posted December 10, 2015 13:32:20

Associated Story: Jobs to be reduce in WA overall health as national funding dries up

Physicians and paramedics in New South Wales are routinely recording massive amounts of overtime, stretched to the limit by a overall health program under strain, a report by the state’s auditor-general has identified.

Audio: NSW health care system buckling beneath pressure (AM)

The report discovered 1 medical doctor in particular had recorded much more than $ 500,000 in overtime in just three years.

Walt Secord, the NSW Opposition spokesman for overall health, mentioned paramedics were of particular concern, and while the Coalition had promised 53 much more paramedics they had not arrived.

“Paramedics, especially on the north coast and mid-north coast of New South Wales, [are] working double shifts,” Mr Secard mentioned.

“So they perform double shifts in very stressful conditions.”

Mr Secard stated he had been told by paramedics that functioning double shifts was a typical occurrence.

It is just one of the strains on the health system highlighted by the auditor-general’s report.

Kathryn Austin, a maternal foetal medicine fellow at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, stated an improve in the number of sufferers with increasingly complex conditions was the important explanation medical doctors had been stretched to the limit.

Occasionally these poor choices happen when managing sufferers, and often these poor decisions occur when driving home.

Frank Gaillard, consultant radiologist at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

“So for instance, what we would have seen years ago… was just simply heart illness (but) we’re now seeing patients with diabetes, heart disease and other healthcare difficulties.”

“We’re extremely very good at keeping them so nicely that when they do turn out to be sick, we have lots of other troubles to take into account.”

Mr Secard agreed that as people have been living longer, it was major to far more complications.

“It really is been evolving more than the final decade, but it really is coming to a crunch point now,” he mentioned.

Safety of patients a concern

Frank Gaillard, a consultant radiologist at Royal Melbourne Hospital, mentioned overworked healthcare workers have been a risk to themselves and other individuals.

“At times those bad choices take place when managing patients, and often these undesirable decisions occur when driving house from the hospital or when you get residence to your family,” he mentioned.

Dr Austin mentioned it was critical that people operating in the wellness method were given proper support.

“That is not only for their security but obviously also for the security of the sufferers,” she said.

Saxon Smith, president of the NSW branch of the Australian Health-related Association, stated overall health care need to be higher on the agenda at the meeting of state and territory treasurers being held these days in Sydney.

“There is a lack of any sort of forthright policy or planning in Federal Government, so hopefully they will be able to come up with some resolution as they head down to COAG (Council of Australian Governments),” he mentioned.

Dr Smith stated with an oversupply of new health-related graduates, much more instruction positions are needed.

“This is going to be an ongoing conversation and we need to have the Federal Government to come back to the celebration about well being in Australia.”

Neither the Royal College of Physicians nor the New South Wales Overall health Minister have been obtainable for comment.

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Insurance coverage unaffordable for a lot of Darwin residents: report

Posted December 08, 2015 22:46:47

Insurance is now out of attain for numerous low-income Territorians, with costs for Darwin residents this year jumping at a price virtually six instances the rise in the Consumer Price tag Index, a new report has discovered.

The report by the Northern Territory Council of Social Services showed insurance coverage charges rose 2.3 per cent more than the previous year, higher than the national rate of 1.six per cent.

This efficiently widened the monetary and overall health gap between much more affluent Territorians and these who could not afford insurance coverage.

Darwin has the third highest average household expenditure on insurance coverage out of all Australian capital cities.

Council policy advisor Jonathan Pilbrow said the report located “insurance is largely the domain of much more affluent households”.

He mentioned Territorians who bought insurance have been now paying an typical of nearly $ 1,500 a lot more per year than they were in 2009.

Northern Territory Infrastructure Minister Peter Chandler named for a public campaign to lower insurance premiums, comparable to the push to lower fuel costs in 2014.

“Through good government policy, wonderful help from the media, and of course the neighborhood, we’ve observed what we can do with fuel costs,” he told Mix 104.9.

“So perhaps it’s going to take a collective effort again to put some pressure on insurance.”

Mr Chandler mentioned a joint push from government and the public could pressure insurance coverage organizations to reduce costs.

He stated insurance coverage charges had enhanced around Australia due to events such as all-natural disasters, and the improve reflected that.

Mr Chandler denied insurance premiums in the Territory had increased due to the fact of the Government’s sale of the Territory Insurance coverage Workplace (TIO) in early 2015.

He stated the sale of TIO prevented even higher premium rises by permitting the market to regulate expenses.

“What we have been threatened with as a government was premiums if government had kept TIO going through the absolute roof,” he mentioned.

“And that was a certainty, an absolute certainty. And we knew that. And the only way this government could do anything good in that space was to take the action that it did.”

The Northern Territory Council of Social Solutions has called on the NT government to give concessions of automobile registration charges, and get rid of disincentives to insurance coverage, such as taxes and levies applied by the NT Government.

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A single in five begin-ups appear to go overseas, report finds

Posted December 08, 2015 17:27:46

For the previous 10 weeks, Australian Brian Lim, 35, has been in a Silicon Valley bubble, functioning at the NASA Study Facility to construct his space firm, HyperCubes.

The firm aims to use low-expense miniature satellites to photograph planet Earth in unprecedented detail, enabling scientists to procedure information about agriculture, climate and other phenomena that can support to handle food safety and other regional issues.

On the day Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rolled out the welcome mat for innovators and start off-ups, Mr Lim said he was planning on shifting his operations from Sydney to San Francisco over the next six months.

“The Australian start-up scene is extremely small but quite dedicated and the biggest point that is holding us back is not cash, it is not talent. It is vision,” he mentioned, speaking to the ABC from NASA’s investigation facilities.

“We don’t have the ability to inspire people to take on challenges that matter and to play it at scale.”

Mr Lim stated he chose a project that needed much more than what Australia could offer.

“You can construct a company in Australia that sells to an international audience and a lot of individuals do so,” he said.

“But if you want to access talent and resources, to grow the business, then the marketplace for access to capital is not in Australia correct now.”

A report by surveyor StartUp Muster and backed by Google, discovered practically 20 per cent of begin-up companies in Australia are organizing to relocate overseas whilst about a quarter program to undertake capital-raising overseas.

A lot of Australian commence-up businesses hoping to succeed globally are increasingly turning to the thought of relocating overseas to access clients.

The CEO and founder of technologies business Culture Amp, Didier Elzinga, stated relocating was a matter of decision.

“I think there is constantly a choice, and the choice that gets place in front of everybody is what do you want a lot more?” Mr Elzinga mentioned, speaking to ABC News from San Francisco.

“And the truth of the matter is if you want to improve your chances of succeeding, being right here you happen to be far more probably to succeed.

“Being right here it’s going to be easier to raise cash. Becoming right here you are going to employ particular kinds of people.”

Mr Elzinga stated the Melbourne organization would not have been as effective if they did not have a firm presence in the US, where 80 per cent of their clientele are primarily based.

“What [investors are] saying is you can preserve doing what you’re performing, if you want me to put $ ten million into your firm, I’d prefer it if you’re right here,” Mr Elzinga mentioned.

“And most folks will hear that and go ‘OK, I’ll move there’.”

Entrepreneurs welcome Turnbull’s innovation package, warn of delayed effect

The Federal Government yesterday released its highly anticipated innovation statement, pledging $ 1.1 billion in the subsequent four years to develop talent and maintain it in Australia.

Entrepreneurs like Brian Lim have welcomed the innovation package but stated Mr Turnbull’s policies might take several years to have an effect on his firm in any significant way.

“He’s taken a lot of work to figure out what it will take and it really is going to generate fruit, I’m specific of it,” Mr Lim stated.

“As for what I’m performing, I am nonetheless very considerably a niche of a niche, of a niche of start off-up scenes.”

The Government’s package was also a get in touch with to investors, but venture capital firm Blackbird Ventures stated they would only invest in companies with worldwide attain.

“The underlying logic is most of the customers in the created world are in the US, so it only makes sense for a company to be closer to their buyers,” firm founder Niki Scevac mentioned.

The report states that of the 600 Australian begin-up companies surveyed, practically half launched in 2014, signalling a boom in entrepreneurship, although much more than two-thirds call for funding to survive into the subsequent year.

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Darwin port a ‘strategic defence’ facility: report

By Nadia Daly

Posted December 04, 2015 18:18:12

Darwin’s port, which has been leased to a Chinese business, has been described as a “strategic defence port” in the annual report of the body that runs the facility.

The remarks in the 2015 Darwin Port Corporation (DPC) annual report contradict comments made by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who final month mentioned it was a “industrial port, not a military port”.

In October this year Chinese-owned organization Landbridge Group signed a 99-year lease for the port with the Northern Territory Government for $ 506 million.

An opening letter in the report by Darwin Port Corporation chief executive officer Terry O’Connor stated the port was crucial to Defence:

“The Port of Darwin plays an critical role in Australia’s Defence approach and in 2014/15 was host to over one hundred Navy vessels.

The Corporation worked closely with Defence to program and accommodate the elevated Barbour activity for significant international Defence physical exercise Talisman Sabre, in July 2015.

The Corporation supplies safe berthing and help services at Fort Hill Wharf and in May this year signed a new access agreement with the Australian Defence Force for its refuelling needs.”

The report later mentioned the Port of Darwin was “identified as a strategic defence port in the National Port Strategy” and noted “the Corporation attended defence briefings”, and was operating “closely with Territory and Federal Government agencies” to make confident acceptable safety arrangements had been in location for going to naval vessels.

Port report Photo: The 2015 annual report from the Darwin Port Corporation.

Fort Hill Wharf, component of the port site leased to Chinese business Landbridge, is utilised by the Australian Navy and overseas militaries, including the United States.

The report listed the Division of Defence as a stakeholder in the organisation.

“The Port of Darwin has been a strategic port for Australian and allied forces for more than a century,” the report stated.

Mr Turnbull has previously said Defence had no concerns about the lease of the port, though some defence analysts have raised questions about Landbridge’s hyperlinks with the Communist Celebration and the People’s Liberation Army.

Meanwhile the 2015 report also stated that Port Corporation’s earnings had been down to $ 12 million, from $ 17 million in the previous monetary year.

It noted that the quantity of vessels that visited the port have been virtually half of the earlier monetary year from 3,178 to 1,717.

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Tom Burgess performs out with NFL’s Giants: report

Updated December 04, 2015 09:35:19

South Sydney star Tom Burgess has worked out with an NFL group for the duration of his time in New York, according to an ESPN reporter.

‘NFL insider’ Adam Schefter tweeted Burgess trained with the Giants as a tight end although in the Massive Apple soon after a vacation back home in England.

Tom and twin brother George final month extended their contracts with the Rabbitohs by way of the 2018 NRL season.

The probabilities of the hulking forward joining the Giants, who final won the Super Bowl in 2011, appear slim as older brother Sam also produced a recent high-profile return to the Rabbitohs after a stint in rugby union.

External Hyperlink: Adam Schefter tweet

Tom, 23, stated earlier this year he “shown interest in NFL for a although and spoken to a handful of of my friends about how I’d love to go there”.

Jarryd Hayne’s nicely publicised transition has had mixed benefits and there is a precedent for giant NRL forwards trying their hand with New York NFL teams.

Former representative star Willie Mason worked out with the Jets in late 2006, although an assistant coach at the time mentioned it was much less of a trial and far more an opportunity to sate their curiosity.

Subjects: american-football, nrl, rugby-league, sport, united-states, sydney-2000, nsw, australia

Very first posted December 04, 2015 09:20:58

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How is your charity dollar spent? Report provides insight into $100b sector

Posted December 04, 2015 01:35:41

The huge size of the charity and not-for-profit sector has, for the initial time, been revealed in a report by the sector’s regulator.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Income Commission (ACNC) has released the Australia’s Charities in 2014 report which showed that the sector was a $ 103 billion business that employed practically one-in-ten Australians.

The report also revealed that Australia’s charities spent $ 95 billion in 2014.

This consisted of $ 51.8 billion on employee expenditures, $ four.5 billion on grants and donations and $ 38.7 billion on other expenditures.

The report showed the leading five per cent of charities attracted 80 per cent of the sector’s total income, and that more than two-thirds of charities in Australia have been tiny, with an annual earnings of significantly less than $ 250,000.

Australians among greatest givers

The report was the initial time the ACNC, established in 2012, had analysed data relating to the charity sector.

Charities have been necessary to lodge reports with the regulator because 2013.

The report showed that there were much more than 54,000 charities in Australia and they reported a combined total income of $ 103.4 billion in 2014.

In effect we’re close to a census of charities in Australia, due to the fact all registered charities are required to report annually.

ACNC Commissioner Susan Pascoe

Of that, $ 42 billion was created up of government grants, and $ six.8 billion was donated income. A additional $ 54.5 billion came from in other income and income.

The report followed a transparency push across the non-for-profit sector which has expanded swiftly throughout the past 20 years.

Australians are amongst the most significant givers to charity in the globe.

ACNC Commissioner Susan Pascoe stated the details would advantage the public.

“This report signifies the broader community can get a actually good indication of the income in the sector, the activities in the sector, the purposes of those charities and the beneficiaries that these monies are becoming employed for,” Ms Pascoe mentioned.

“In effect we’re close to a census of charities in Australia, because all registered charities are required to report annually.

“This is the very first time that we will be in a position to say empirically how a lot funds is in the charity sector in Australia.”

A extended-time lack of dependable information that analyses how the charity dollar hits the ground in Australia has resulted in what these in the sector have stated was a crude model of analysis that focused on the price ratio, or calculations of the cent in the dollar provided to beneficiaries.

Warne below fire but donation figures not low

Cricketer Shane Warne’s charity, the Shane Warne Foundation, came beneath fire recently for reportedly only giving an average 16 cents in the dollar to its beneficiaries in between 2011 and 2013.

The details was contained in a series of reports published final week in Fairfax newspapers.

Just about every thing in the report is excellent news. It is a $ one hundred billion sector — we hadn’t realised it was of that magnitude prior to.

Centre for Independent studies policy analyst Helen Andrews

Warne launched a spirited defence of the foundation, arguing that it had donated far more than 50 per cent of far more than $ 7.8 million it had raised considering that the foundation’s establishment a decade ago.

Centre for Independent studies policy analyst Helen Andrews said she did not think the percentage of funds raised and handed onto charities by the Shane Warne Foundation was, in current years, low, as such figures could differ tremendously over years.

“It could turn out to be the case right after investigation that there has been wrongdoing at the Shane Warne Foundation,” Ms Andrews said, “but based on the information that has been released so far, I do not see anything that proves wrongdoing.”

The analyst, who last year published a report on regulation of the not-for-profit sector, stated the very first publication of detailed data by the commission was a welcome move and would support the sector move beyond evaluation of charities’ effectiveness based on crude expense ratio calculations.

“This report is … an unprecedented breadth of details on the not-for-profit sector that we just have not had before,” Ms Andrews stated.

“Just about every thing in the report is excellent news.

“It really is a $ one hundred billion sector — we hadn’t realised it was of that magnitude ahead of, and that is actually fascinating.”

Charity sector welcomes transparency

Starlight Foundation chief executive Louise Baxter also welcomed the report’s release, saying it would assist buyers who were interested in realizing no matter whether their charity dollar was spent nicely.

The Starlight Foundation lifts the spirits of thousands of kids in hospital each and every year by means of its Captain Starlight and Starlight Express rooms in paediatric wards around the nation.

Ms Baxter said the sector welcomed greater transparency, and that the Starlight Foundation undertook careful analysis to map the benefit of every charity dollar donated.

She mentioned many members of the public who donated to charity have been interested in being aware of their selected charity had a powerful track record.

But focussing on the expense ratio of a charity — a figure found in which the charity’s all round expenditure is divided by the amount of donations it passes on to beneficiaries — was not a useful measure.

“I’ve moved in between the corporate sector and the for-goal sector, and one particular of the things that is intriguing is that it’s genuinely acceptable in the commercial sector to invest in some thing that’s genuinely going to deliver you a extended-term cost advantage,” Ms Baxter stated.

“But it seems if we just keep our eye on 1 quantity in this sector, it will avert that, and truly quit the sector from becoming far more effective.”

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Public service report points to lack of staff mobility

Posted December 01, 2015 08:22:36

Connected Story: More than 1,000 ACT public servants relocating to Woden town centre
Map: Canberra 2600

Public servants spend too significantly time stuck in one job and are missing out on the opportunity to broaden their horizons, the Australian Public Service (APS) says.

In the State of the Service report for 2014-15, the Australian Public Service Commission bemoaned the lack of employees mobility, noting that 80 per cent of personnel at APS level had only ever worked for one department.

The report mentioned staff stuck in the one particular department were not receiving the chance to broaden their perspectives and boost collaboration.

It stated elevated mobility would guarantee employees discovered new ways of issue solving, and grow to be far more familiar with private sector practices.

“A number of barriers exist to the movement of employees among agencies, other government jurisdictions and the private sector,” the report mentioned.

“Numerous are primarily based on perceptions, whilst other people are a lot more structural.

“In 2015, only 1.6% of APS staff moved among agencies.”

The report said that movement of staff should be utilized to create their expertise and prepare them for management roles.

Private leave also continues to be a concern to the public service, the report identified.

The report revealed personal leave rates averaged as high as 20 days per employee in some departments.

Across all departments, the average quantity of sick days taken per employee continued to rise, from 7.eight in 2011-12, to 9 in 2014-15.

The report said that engagement was a key element in determining how considerably leave employees took.

“Data collected this year shows that there is a complicated but clear relationship amongst employee engagement and sick leave use,” it stated.

“Importantly, the data shows a partnership among a variety of attendance management practices, such as managers becoming appropriately supported in managing employee attendance, and sick leave.”

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NRL sign mega $1.8bn TV deal: report

Posted November 26, 2015 14:36:25

Cowboys celebrate winning NRL premiership Photo: Bumper deal … the Nine Network has reportedly provided up its rights to a Saturday fixture to Fox Sports for $ 35 million. (AAP: Dean Lewins)
Map: Australia

The NRL has reportedly signed off on a record $ 1.eight billion Television deal for seasons 2018 to 2022.

As portion of the deal, the Nine Network has offered up its rights to a Saturday fixture to Fox Sports for $ 35 million, News Corp Australia reports.

As part of the deal, anticipated to be announced on Thursday afternoon, simulcast rights will be shared in between Nine, Fox and Telstra, who have secured the digital rights.

As component of the new deal, Monday evening football has been scrapped with Fox handed a Friday night match instead.

The deal will also usher in a devoted rugby league channel to Fox Sports in 2017 and it allows the pay-Tv outfit to sustain their important monopoly on coverage of Saturday night rugby league.

In August, Nine signed a $ 925 million deal for the free of charge-to-air rights that included a Saturday fixture.

Even so, as element of that agreement Nine had been offered the choice to on-sell the match to Fox Sports.

In a media release on Thursday morning, Nine mentioned a deal had not been done but but confirmed it was in talks to offload its Saturday evening game.

“NEC (Nine Entertainment Co.) confirms that it is in discussions with the ARLC and Fox Sports about a possible variation to NEC’s rights to broadcast NRL matches,” the release read.

“No agreement has been reached on any transaction.

“Should an agreement be reached NEC will make an appropriate announcement to the market in accordance with disclosure obligations.”


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Report: Iran sentences US journalist to jail

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A semi-official Iranian news agency is reporting that jailed Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaiain has been sentenced to an unspecified prison term following his conviction on charges that consist of espionage.

The Sunday report by the Tasnim agency quoted Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi, the spokesman for Iran’s judiciary, as announcing the punishment. He gave no further specifics.

Rezaiain’s lawyer , Leila Ahsan, told The Connected Press she had not been informed of the verdict.

Rezaian was detained with his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, and two photojournalists on July 22, 2014. All have been later released except Rezaian, a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen who was convicted last month of spying.

Rezaian has covered Iran for the Post given that 2012. The Post, U.S. officials and Rezaian’s loved ones have all referred to as for his release. Iran does not recognize dual-nationality.

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