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IAAF provides Russia ‘roadmap’ for return to athletics fold

Posted December 12, 2015 07:58:50

IAAF president Lord Sebastian Coe addresses delegates at the 2015 IAAF Congress in Beijing. Photo: IAAF president Sebastian Coe has published the circumstances Russia has to meet to return to the planet athletics fold right after its doping ban. (Getty Photos: file photo Alexander Hassenstein)

The Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) has been provided clear guidelines on the action it needs to take and which safeguards should be place in spot just before getting reinstated to the sport, the IAAF stated on Saturday (AEDT).

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) published a lengthy and detailed list of criteria that the ARAF should satisfy prior to the ban imposed for widespread doping offences is lifted.

Russia was suspended last month following a report by the Planet Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) independent commission that exposed widespread, systematic state-sponsored doping and connected corruption.

Russia has accepted the ban and vowed to follow the IAAF’s path to “return to compliance.”

Russian athletes are set to miss the planet indoor championships in the United States in March and face a race against time to be cleared to compete in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro next August.

“The conditions we have announced leave no room for doubt. Russia should demonstrate verifiable change across a variety of criteria and satisfy our process force that these criteria will be met permanently,” IAAF president Sebastian Coe mentioned in a statement.

“There is no timeline for Russia. It is up to them to implement verifiable adjust each in anti-doping practice and culture.”

The IAAF mentioned the Russian federation have to be in a position to show that none of its directors, officers or staff have any prior hyperlinks to doping, while introducing a extensive code of ethics.

The ARAF should also act to quit any practices or systems that could incentivise doping, and make certain efficient deterrence of future doping through the proposed criminalisation of the distribution and trafficking of prohibited substances under Russian law.

The nation should also demonstrate that it is in complete compliance with the WADA programme as well as IAAF guidelines, and that the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), currently suspended, is able to operate “successfully and with out interference”.

That final point was in reference to revelations made by WADA’s independent commission that members of the Russian secret service had been present in test laboratories.

An IAAF activity-force is due to make its 1st inspection go to to Russia in January.


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Eagles of Death Metal make tearful return to Bataclan theatre

Posted December 09, 2015 06:00:12

Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes returns to Bataclan theatre Photo: Eagles of Death Metal singer Jesse Hughes cried after placing a single flower on the sea of bouquets. (AFP: Miguel Medina)

The American rock band Eagles of Death Metal has made a tearful return to the Bataclan concert hall in Paris where they survived last month’s jihadist attack.

Key points

  • Eagles of Death Metal return to the Bataclan concert hall, where they survived jihadist attack
  • More than 90 people died in the Bataclan; Australian Emma Parkinson was among wounded
  • Visit came after band joined U2 on stage

The Californian band was clearly moved by floral tributes and messages left outside the building, where 90 people died in the worst atrocity of the November 13 attacks on the city.

Lead singer Jesse Hughes cried after placing a single flower on the sea of bouquets spilling out onto the road in front of the venue in eastern Paris.

The band’s merchandising manager, Nick Alexander, a 36-year-old Briton, was among the 90 killed.

When the band members turned to leave, passersby applauded them.

The musicians returned to the French capital on Monday night, joining the Irish rock group U2 on stage at the end of their concert to belt out a rousing rendition of Patti Smith’s People Have The Power.

“Nothing left except to introduce you to some people whose lives will be forever part of Paris. These are our brothers, they were robbed of their stage three weeks ago,” U2 frontman Bono said at the end of the last gig of their Innocence and Experience tour after the

As the 16,000-strong audience rose to their feet to cheer them, Hughes shouted, “Paris, we love you all and we will never give up rocking and rolling”.

Band hoping to be first to play when Bataclan re-opens

External Link: Eagles of Death Metal Facebook post

The band had only just begun their concert at the Bataclan when gunmen burst into building and opened fire on the audience.

Tasmanian teenager Emma Parkinson was among the concert-goers caught up in the attack, which witnesses described as a “bloodbath” and a “slaughterhouse”. She was shot and spent time recovering in a Paris hospital.

Before revisiting the scene of the massacre under tight security, Hughes thanked fans and U2 for helping to support the band during the ordeal and vowed to return to play Paris again in February.

“We are incredibly grateful to U2 for providing us the opportunity to return to Paris so quickly, and to share in the healing power of rock ‘n’ roll with so many of the beautiful people — nos amis [our friends] — of this great city,” he said in a letter posted on Facebook.

“Thank you to France, and thank you to everyone in the world who continues to prove that love, joy, and music will always overcome terror and evil.

“We look forward to fighting the good fight on many more fronts very soon, especially when we pick up our tour in 2016.”

The Bataclan’s owners plan to reopen it at the end of next year and Hughes has said that he wants the Eagles of Death Metal to be the first band to play there.

Nearly 1,500 people were watching them play when the shooting began last month, leaving 90 dead and hundreds hurt, mostly young people.

The band called off their European tour in the immediate aftermath of the attack, but then decided to finish it next year in memory of its slain fans.


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Anti-Islamic State fighter Ashley Dyball’s family members prepare for his return

By Lexy Hamilton-Smith and Emma Blackwood

Updated December 06, 2015 20:23:36

The family of Australian anti-Islamic State fighter Ashley Dyball are flying to Melbourne to welcome him home this evening, where he will face the threat of prosecution for his activities in the Middle East.

His father, Scott Dyball — who felt hopeful that his son’s arrest in Germany would bring him home — appealed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull not to proceed with prosecution.

“This is wrong, what the Government is trying to do to him is wrong,” Mr Dyball said.

“The charges are just so ridiculous, they should be dropped.

“The law was unclear at the time, if they were clear the boys would not have gone.

“All we are asking is just an amnesty.”

Julia Dyball is also concerned for her son’s future.

“It is difficult and we are happy as well — happy we can go and tell him it is all OK — we are all here for him,” Ms Dyball said.

“We have no idea what is going to happen.

“We are going down to Melbourne because we know he is coming in at a certain time, and we will wait and see.”

Mother of fellow Australian YPG fighter supporting Dyball family

Gold Coast man Reece Harding, 23, was killed in June fighting for the Kurdish forces in Syria, when he stepped on a landmine.

His father Keith Harding said it was of some comfort to see Ashley Dyball return home.

“That was always our fear — that Ashley would come back like Reece — so it is a relief that he is home in one piece, that is for sure,” Mr Harding said.

Scott and Julia Dyball with Michelle Harding Photo: Ashley Dyball’s parents Scott and Julia Dyball (L) with Michelle Harding (R) — mother of Reece Harding who was killed when he stepped on a landmine in Syria. (ABC: Lexy Hamilton Smith)

Michelle Harding, Reece’s mother, has formed a bond with the Dyballs and recently travelled to Syria to help them try to bring their son home alive.

“I don’t want anyone else to be in our position [of losing a son],” Ms Harding said.

“When they went over there they knew the laws were in place but thought they were for [IS] terrorists.

“But, because the Government was very wishy-washy on it, people had gone over in the role our boys had gone over, and came back — they weren’t prosecuted.

“There was no indication they were going to apply it to people fighting against [IS].”

She said she wanted the Prime Minister to “do the right thing”.

“Don’t make him a scapegoat because you do not want to lose face,” Ms Harding said.

The 23-year-old Queensland man was deported from Germany on Saturday night after being detained while taking a break from the battlefield.

It is understood he was held by German authorities on the basis of his links to a Kurdish militia group fighting against IS in northern Syria.

Mr Dyball — also known as Mitchell Scott — will touch down in Melbourne, where it is expected he will be greeted by Australian Federal Police officers.

He has been fighting against IS forces with a Kurdish militia called the YPG in northern Syria and risks prosecution under Australian foreign fighter laws, which forbid entering a foreign country with the intention of taking up arms.

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First posted December 06, 2015 20:20:29

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China slowdown to hinder Australia’s return to spending budget surplus: Deloitte

Posted November 30, 2015 01:23:48

The slowdown in China indicates the Australian spending budget is unlikely to return to surplus unless changes are made to its existing settings, a major economics forecaster says.

The latest budget monitor from Deloitte Access Economics forecast the total deficits more than the subsequent four years would be $ 38 billion worse than predicted in the federal spending budget in May possibly.

“China continues to slow, that puts stress on Australia’s economy in a quantity of approaches and you’re seeing that show up in a lack of taxes compared to spending budget expectations,” Deloitte Access Economics partner Chris Richardson stated.

The Might spending budget forecast a deficit of $ 35.1 billion for 2015-16, but Mr Richardson predicted the Mid Year Financial and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) in December would show the predicament had worsened to $ 40.3 billion.

“Over the subsequent four years we see a shortfall this economic year of a bit more than $ five billion, but that grows to $ 8 billion, $ 11 billion, and certainly that last year, 2018-19, we see a shortfall of nearly $ 13 billion compared to the official price range forecast,” Mr Richardson told AM.

Mr Richardson stated obtaining the budget back to surplus did not have to come about “tomorrow”, but should be a purpose for the next decade.

“On existing settings, no we’re not going to get a surplus,” he mentioned.

“China has produced it so difficult that unless Canberra gets its act together, the Senate has to pass stuff, and we would see a substantial savings task in spending, but also that you cannot ignore taxes as effectively.

“I would say the political ask about that is really fairly hard.”

NDIS, healthcare fees to hinder budget repair: Richardson

The Government has been taking into consideration a wide variety of choices to modify the tax system, but it has repeatedly mentioned it does not want to increase the general burden on taxpayers.

Mr Richardson mentioned that was a separate method to the job of spending budget repair.

“Those two issues you can have at the identical time,” he mentioned.

“Tax reform isn’t about cutting or raising taxes, it is about having greater taxes and that is a lovely discussion that the Government is leading, but it does imply that price range repair is not straight component of that tax reform equation, and spending budget repair itself continues to get tougher and tougher to do.”

Deloitte Access Economics mentioned while it believed Australia must have national disability insurance, the NDIS and predicted increases in fees for health and aged care would make returning to surplus even tougher.

“I do not think Australians recognize that they have voted for a assortment of promises to themselves that the tax method merely does not pay for, and that is a actual issue in our national social compact,” Mr Richardson mentioned.

“The federal budget will hold not adding up, unless and until Australians realise we need to reduce back on promises to ourselves and maybe to raise taxes as nicely to close that gap.”

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Asylum seekers return to Indonesia after Christmas Island turn-back

Posted November 27, 2015 11:22:28

A boat carrying asylum seekers has arrived in Indonesia carrying the same men and women as a boat turned around at Christmas Island last week.

The ABC has confirmed the boat arrived in Kupang, on Indonesia’s Timor Island, and was carrying 17 people, like 1 crew member.

The asylum seekers had attempted to reach Australia by boat but have been intercepted just off Christmas Island on November 20.

1 of the asylum seekers, who said his name was Muhammad Anwar, told Indonesia’s Rima News he spent 4 days detained by Australian security forces.

He said Australian security forces had sent them back to Indonesia on a new ship following scuttling the ship that was utilized to travel to Christmas Island.

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Fort Hood’s ‘Hug Lady’ promises she will return after cancer treatment

Posted November 25, 2015 23:13:04

A woman who estimates she has hugged 500,000 soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, has promised she will be back from therapy for breast cancer.

Elizabeth Laird, 83, is known as the “Hug Lady” at Fort Hood, exactly where she has offered hugs to almost each soldier entering and leaving the base considering that 2003, when soldiers stationed there began deploying to Iraq.

“I don’t know when I started hugging, but one soldier hugged me and there was an additional soldier there, so I had to hug him and it kind of just snowballed,” she told the Killeen Day-to-day Herald in 2009.

“I hugged all the soldiers. I promised them that. I told them as they left, I’d be right here to hug them again when they came back.”

Ms Laird has a military background herself, getting enlisted in the US Air Force in 1950, the US Department of Veterans Affairs reported in a Facebook post earlier this month.

External Hyperlink: USDVA Facebook post about Elizabeth Laird

On November 3, she was admitted to hospital for treatment for the breast cancer she was 1st diagnosed with 10 years ago, and a GoFundMe page was set up to assist spend for her healthcare bills.

At the time, she was advised that she would not be able to live alone any longer and would want to go into an assisted care facility.

Soldiers began visiting her at the hospital to give her a hug, with a single man even travelling from New York.

“When they enter the space, they give me a hug and then we talk about something from their household to what it was like overseas or if they got a civilian job upon returning,” Ms Laird told NBC News.

“Occasionally the line is so extended that we have to turn folks away.”

Senior Sergeant Jarvez Wilkes told Texas tv network KCENTV it would be his honour to give her a hug in her time of require.

“You grow to be accustomed to it. It really is practically an expectation to know she’ll be there when you get home. You by no means feel of moments like this, and you take life for granted,” he stated.

The GoFundMe campaign aimed to raise $ US10,000 but has passed $ US93,000 ($ 128,000) in 15 days.

On November 20, the campaign page was updated to say that Ms Laird has been released from hospital to the Copperas Cove Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre.

On Wednesday, Texas tv network KCENTV had a statement from Ms Laird, saying she wanted to thank everybody for all they had been carrying out.

“Sorry I have not been able to come out there [the air field] however, but I will be back. God bless each and every and every single one particular of you. I look forward to seeing you again,” the statement mentioned.

Ms Laird also let soldiers know she was welcoming visitors to the nursing centre.

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