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PFL certainty essential for Fremantle Port sale, says asset sales head

Posted December 08, 2015 15:47:55

Certainty over the Perth Freight Hyperlink is essential to the sale of the Fremantle Port, the head of the West Australian Government’s asset sales plan says.

The Government has committed to constructing Roe 8, the 1st stage of the controversial Perth Freight Link, but Premier Colin Barnett has put stage two of the project to Fremantle on the back burner.

Mr Barnett cited the complexity and expense of the project as reasons along with the government’s want to concentrate on priority projects like Roe 8, the Forrestfield Airport rail link and the Swan Valley bypass.

Speaking to a crowd of organization leaders, WA Treasury executive director of strategic projects and asset sales Richard Mann said the Government needed to confirm the technique and timing of the project, which would turn into a strategic transport route to the port.

“We count on those choices to be created over the coming months and they will obviously be factored into our transaction,” he mentioned.

He said the Government might provide possible purchasers of the port a lease longer than 49 years, despite previously stating that would be the time period set on the sale.

“There is undoubtedly been no choice on a 49-year lease for Fremantle,” Mr Mann mentioned.

“The lease term is fundamental to dealing with the quantity factors you happen to be talking about, expansion and growth in particular.

“That will be a important policy decision for the Government and you’d be conscious that the majority of port transactions in Australia, the lease term has been drastically longer than 49 years.

“If you happen to be speaking about expansion and development over time and return on investment, then a quick lease term can make that pretty hard, so the quantity one particular consideration for government is, how extended is the lease term in order to facilitate those objectives?” Mr Mann said.

Prospect of longer lease welcomed

Chamber of Commerce and Sector chief executive Deirdre Willmot stated certainty about stage two was required for organizations and welcomed recommendations a longer lease would be supplied to possible purchasers.

“If that offers opportunities for a wider range of investors to place proposals to the government … that is very good news,” she stated.

“There’s been a commitment to Roe 8, we’re nonetheless waiting for the particulars on what the final access to the port will be and that is critical for long term users and potential owners of the port.

“The time has genuinely come where we require those new plans to be finalised so there is that certainty.”

The Government announced the sale of the port in the May possibly spending budget but it is anticipated any final decision on the contract would need to be regarded by Cabinet.

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Labor ramps up attack on Baston more than Marketplace City sale

Posted December 03, 2015 22:59:12

Labor has seized on comments from the West Australian Agriculture Minister talking up the advantages of selling the Perth Industry Authority, arguing it shows a substantial failure in how he has managed conflict of interest problems.

Minister Ken Baston has been below fire for not publicly acknowledging he had declared a conflict of interest over the Perth Market Authority sale, triggered by an advisory role his son has with one of the bidders.

Mr Baston declared the conflict in July, but did not reveal it in State Parliament until Wednesday, just a few days soon after he had appointed an interim board to the authority.

The Opposition continued to grill Mr Baston in Parliament late on Thursday more than his handling of the matter, seizing on the minister’s remarks in the Legislative Council when appointing the interim board.

In that speech, Mr Baston mentioned the sale provided a “significant chance for private sector investment” and that he believed private ownership of the marketplace will “aid open up new export possibilities that are presently not obtainable”.

Mr Baston produced these remarks on Tuesday, a day before the conflict of interest problem came to light.

Labor questioned if it was a breach of the Ministerial Code of Conduct to make these remarks, provided Mr Baston had declared a conflict and excluded himself from Cabinet discussions, but the minister insisted he had done the appropriate thing.

“There is no need to clear any prospective conflict of interest to Parliament,” he said.

“The Ministerial Code of Conduct needs I declare any possible conflicts to Cabinet, which I have accomplished.

“I am accountable for the Perth Markets Act, and under the act the minister is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day operations of Industry City … this has had nothing at all to do with the sale of the asset.

“The tips my workplace received was that it would not be in the very best interest of any certain bidders to disclose any info publicly that may well disadvantage them.”

Premier Colin Barnett also continued to back the minister, saying Mr Baston’s conflict declaration affected his involvement in Cabinet consideration and not his ability to speak on the matter in Parliament.

The continued controversy over Mr Baston’s handling of the Industry Authority continued as the Government pushed on with attempts to get legislation by means of Parliament to let its sale.

Numerous MPs are expecting the Legislative Council to sit all evening and into tomorrow morning, as the Government attempts to pass the legislation before Parliament rises for the year.

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Baston declares conflict of interest in Marketplace City sale

Updated December 02, 2015 22:22:36

Western Australia’s Agriculture Minister has admitted he has a conflict of interest more than the sale of a major state asset, but insisted he did not hide that fact.

The revelation from Ken Baston comes with the Government trying to push through legislation enabling the sale of Canning Vale’s Marketplace City by means of Parliament this week, just before it shuts down for the year.

The Perth Market Authority is one particular of a tranche of assets the State Government is trying to sell off in a bid to minimize the state’s spiralling debt, forecast to peak at just more than $ 36 billion by 2017/18.

The Government hopes the sale will reap more than $ 100 million.

It is understood the conflict relates to an advisory role Mr Baston’s son has with one particular of the bidders for the Market place Authority.

Mr Baston stated he had disclosed the matter to the Premier but his appointment of a new board for the authority final week was unrelated to his conflict.

“The management of the board still sits under the Minister, so that appointment is separate to the sale, it is just the day-to-day running of the markets,” Mr Baston told Parliament.

“I have removed myself from all Cabinet meetings whenever the discussion has taken place [relating to the sale].”

Mr Baston’s admission drew the ire of Labor, which said stakeholders had been going to the Minister to express issues over the sale although in the dark about the concern.

“This complete time market has been going to the Minister’s office raising their concerns, believing he would be their voice in Cabinet when he has been absent from all of these Cabinet discussions,” Labor MP Ken Travers mentioned.

“Now we find out the Minister has a conflict … but has he ever told the sector about that conflict?”

Mr Travers mentioned Mr Baston’s appointment of a new board for the authority, following the resignation of the previous one, was especially concerning.

“Having declared a conflict, absented himself from all Cabinet discussions he’s now appointed the board that will manage the authority in the course of the sale method,” he mentioned.

“In his personal words he had a conflict and ought to have been out of the game but he nonetheless participated.”

A spokeswoman for Mr Baston stated it was widely recognized that the Minister had a conflict of interest and that he had followed correct processes.

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First posted December 02, 2015 21:04:32

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Tasmanian MPs trade insults more than failed sale of Aurora Power

Updated December 02, 2015 10:47:47

Tasmanian Opposition Leader Bryan Green and Energy Minister Matthew Groom have traded individual insults over the failed sale approach of Aurora Energy.

The state-owned business’s performance in its very first year as a standalone electricity retailer under new management is getting examined in government organization scrutiny hearings.

The preceding state government transferred the business’s transmission arm to the newly formed TasNetworks and attempted to sell Aurora’s consumer base, but could not find a buyer.

You’ve turn into increasingly bitter and I feel that is a matter of wonderful regret and it doesn’t do you any justice.

Power Minister Matthew Groom

In a fiery exchange, Mr Green accused Mr Groom of making venomous and hateful comments about Aurora when he was in opposition.

“You accused me of botching the whole method when in reality it was the chair and the senior management you have just been so glowing about in your report,” he said.

“Have you looked the chairman in the eye for the language you used about Aurora and the way they conducted themselves throughout that whole approach?”

Mr Groom said he stood by his earlier assessment of the botched sale approach and described Mr Green’s line of questioning as “pathetic”.

“You can engage in your personal attacks,” he stated.

“It is quite clear that you’ve grow to be increasingly bitter.

“You’ve turn out to be increasingly bitter and I consider that is a matter of wonderful regret and it doesn’t do you any justice.”

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Initial posted December 02, 2015 10:43:08

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Market place Authority sale could be ‘complicated’ by Upper Home delay

Posted November 30, 2015 19:22:59

WA’s Treasurer has warned the sale of the Perth Marketplace Authority could be hit by “complications” if the essential legislation did not pass Parliament this week.

The warning came amid uncertainty more than whether or not the bill would pass the Legislative Council this week, soon after Labor warned it would not be rushed.

The Nationals have also brought amendments to the legislation, to offload the operator of Canning Vale’s Market City.

But if the Upper Home agreed to these amendments, it would imply the bill would have to be sent back to the Lower Residence for its agreement and that could not happen until its next sitting in February.

Some MPs are predicting late-night parliamentary sittings and potentially even the require to generate new sitting days in order to safe the legislation’s passage ahead of the house rises for the year.

But Treasurer Mike Nahan mentioned it was critical the legislation passed before the house adjourned for 2015.

“We have a number of bidders that have far more or much less finalised their bid and they want to get on with it,” he stated.

“I am confident they will get it through… and we want to get it by means of.

“The bids are all mature, ready to go, and it may possibly cause some complications with the bidding [if there was a delay in the legislation’s passage].”

Nationals reject call for urgency

But Nationals MP Martin Aldridge, who has moved amendments that would enshrine some sale circumstances in law and improve transparency, rejected the argument the bill had to pass this week.

“It would only be a matter of weeks for the Legislative Assembly to come back in mid-February and I cannot see any argument as to how that would jeopardise the sale method,” he stated.

The potential road-block from the Nationals came as the Opposition said it would do whatever it took to fully scrutinise the legislation.

“We are the house of assessment, this is a piece of legislation that seems to have been place together on the run. We will take as significantly time as we require to apply scrutiny to that legislation,” the Opposition’s Upper Home leader Sue Ellery said.

Ms Ellery’s Government counterpart Peter Collier conceded the passage of the legislation could take longer than anticipated, but said he was confident it would get completed this week.

“We are the Government and we can debate bills for weeks upon weeks, but ultimately the vote has to be taken and I consider we have reached that stage,” Mr Collier stated.

“We have had lots of time for debate. We need to respect the institution of the Parliament.”

The privatisation of the Market place Authority is 1 of a number of asset sales the Government is facilitating in an attempt to boost the state’s difficult spending budget position.

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