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Never ‘burn economy’ for sake of image, Liberal MP says

Posted December 14, 2015 01:46:18

A Liberal MP says the Federal Government should not revise its greenhouse reduction targets following the signing of the historic climate modify deal in Paris.

The international climate adjust conference adopted an international accord on Sunday, aimed at transforming the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy within decades and slowing the pace of worldwide warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

The Federal Government mentioned the agreement would permit for additional action to be taken in the future to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Historic climate deal

  • Deal to limit international warming to “nicely under” 2C, aiming for 1.5C
  • Greenhouse gas emissions want to peak “as soon as achievable”, followed by fast reduction
  • Deal will remove use of coal, oil and gas for energy
  • Fossil fuels to be replaced by solar, wind energy
  • Developed nations to give $ US100b a year from 2020 to aid building nations
  • Study about much more highlights of the deal

But Liberal MP Dennis Jensen claims the agreement is “primarily meaningless” and that the Government ought to not change its present emissions target.

“The complete globe wants to have related commitments and be similarly attaining those targets,” he stated.

“[There is] no reason why we must be metaphorically burning our economy just to appear excellent on the global stage.”

Liberal MP Craig Kelly has meanwhile employed Facebook to poke exciting at the proposal.

Australia’s target of a 26 to 28 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2030 remains unchanged, but the Paris agreement will put pressure on the Government to do far more.

The deal puts in place mechanisms to overview reduction targets every five years beginning from 2020, which will incorporate Australia.

Every stocktake will have to outcome in a far more ambitious target, which is expected to cause concern within the Coalition.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop conceded that would be a challenge for the Government, but that the deal would offer further “flexibility” to do a lot more on climate modify.

“Of course if we’re being ambitious over time we will need to have to perform even tougher,” Ms Bishop told reporters in Paris after the signing of the deal.

“But we don’t want to harm our economy without getting an environmental impact.”

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Climate deal imminent in ‘step forward for humanity’, France says

Updated December 12, 2015 01:28:14

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, host of the 195-nation climate-saving talks in Paris, says he will submit a historic deal to ministers on Saturday and is specific it will be approved.

International climate modify talks have been extended beyond the official deadline in an work to secure a deal to curb worldwide warming.

“Following the consultations I will have, I will be in a position tomorrow morning at 9:00am (regional time) to present to all parties a text, which, I am confident, will be authorized and will be a massive step forward for humanity as a complete,” Mr Fabius mentioned.

“We are almost at the finish of the road and I am optimistic.”

Negotiators have spent two weeks trying to get agreement on a worldwide plan to tackle climate alter.

Mr Fabius said the talks had been extended into yet another weekend as it was taking longer than anticipated to overcome disputes.

He insisted the atmosphere was positive and important progress had been produced on Friday on some essential concerns.

Children hold letters spelling 'adieu fossil fuels' Photo: Children hold a sign saying ‘Adieu fossil fuels’ outside the conference in Paris. (ABC News: Lisa Millar)

Climate financing continues to be a sticking point

One of the most significant hurdles left to clear is an agreement on funding — who will offer funding to assist the countries most affected by climate alter, and how considerably they will contribute.

Wealthy countries promised six years ago in Copenhagen to muster $ US100 billion a year from 2020 to support creating nations make the energy shift and cope with the impact of global warming.

But how the pledged funds will be raised remains unclear and creating countries are determined to secure a commitment for rising amounts of money after 2020.

The latest text refers to the $ one hundred billion as a floor, potentially triggering a last-minute backlash from the United States and other created nations fearful of being forced to sign a blank cheque.

An additional remaining flashpoint problem is how to compensate building nations that will be worst hit by climate adjust but are least to blame for it.

The building nations are demanding “loss and harm” provisions, which Washington is particularly wary of as it fears they could make US firms vulnerable to legal challenges for compensation.

As he released the draft of the pact, Mr Fabius said a deal was “really close” but appealed for compromise from all sides.

Nations most vulnerable to climate alter had lobbied tough to limit warming to no a lot more than 1.five degrees Celsius compared with pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

Nonetheless many huge polluters, such as China and India as well as oil creating-giant Saudi Arabia, prefer a ceiling of 2C, which would let them to burn fossil fuels for longer.

The most recent draft delivers a compromise that states the objective of the agreement is to hold temperatures to effectively below 2C, but aim for 1.5C.

“With this, I would be capable to go house and inform my men and women that our likelihood for survival is not lost,” mentioned Tony de Brum, foreign minister of the Marshall Islands, one of the archipelagic nations that could be wiped out by rising sea levels.


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Very first posted December 12, 2015 00:18:ten

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Get rid of tennis umpires, says McEnroe

Posted December 11, 2015 13:13:06

John McEnroe, sport’s original superbrat, is advocating the radical removal of umpires in a bid to liven up tennis.

McEnroe created his beautiful proposal although also recommending tiebreaks at four games all in the fifth and deciding set – rather than at six-6 – in an effort to keep fans interested.

But it is the former planet quantity one’s get in touch with to get rid of chair umpires that is sure to spark furious debate.

“There need to be no umpires as well. That would perhaps be a major innovation as effectively,” McEnroe told The Tennis Podcast when asked what alterations he would like to introduce.

“I will have to throw that in. That could excite issues along with a tighter format, quicker format.”

It is not the very first time, of course, that McEnroe has sought the ditching of umpires.

He spent a profession butting heads with officials and usually demanded umpires controlling his matches be removed.

But he first raised the subject of permanently losing umpires and linespeople final year and now he is continuing his crusade ahead of what shapes as another bumper summer of tennis in Australia.

The seven-time key champion believes greater use of the challenge technique, where players are at present permitted three unsuccessful challenges per set plus an added one in a tiebreak and having opponents umpire their own matches would actually spice items up.

“So obviously there would be unlimited challenges and I consider you’d see some small bloodbath in between the two players,” McEnroe stated.

“Or at least much more of sort of this conflict that you saw back far more in my day exactly where the players seemed to be going at it far more.

“It seems like to me they get along too effectively.”

Extensively regarded now as tennis’s premier commentator, 56-year-old McEnroe believes earlier tiebreaks to make a decision matches are a should.

“In this day and age, people’s focus spans look to be dwindling and the longer the match goes, it appears that it gets less compelling for as well a lot of folks,” the American stated.

“I believe it’s too good a sport to not to try to believe of methods to interest the fans.”


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‘I’m a warrior for the babies’: Alleged Colorado shooter says he is guilty

Posted December ten, 2015 11:49:28

The man accused of a deadly shooting spree at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado has declared himself guilty and a “warrior for the babies” during an outburst in court.

Robert Lewis Dear’s outburst took spot at the commence of his hearing in El Paso County court as prosecutors formally presented murder and other charges against him.

The 57-year-old has been held without bond because surrendering to police at the end of a five-hour siege on November 27 that authorities said started when he opened fire in front of the clinic, then stormed inside.

Dear allegedly killed 3 folks, including a police officer, and wounded nine other individuals.

He was not scheduled to formally enter a plea in the course of the day’s proceedings.

“I’m guilty, there is no trial. I am a warrior for the babies,” Dear blurted out in a loud voice whilst seated beside his lawyers in front of the judge.

Dear’s comments bolstered assertions by Planned Parenthood executives that the attack on the Colorado Springs clinic was motivated by anti-abortion sentiments.

A search warrant accompanying police affidavits filed in the case has been placed beneath court seal, and authorities have but to publicly disclose a motive for the shooting.

Several media outlets, citing law enforcement sources, have reported that Dear uttered the phrase “no far more infant components” in statements to investigators following his arrest.

Dear, who comes from South Carolina and when earned a living as a self-employed art salesman, appeared at Wednesday’s hearing in shackles.

At 1 point, for the duration of a discussion between the judge and lawyers about the sealing of documents in the case, Dear spoke out once more.

“Seal the truth, huh? Kill the babies, that’s what Planned Parenthood does,” Dear stated.

Addressing the judge, defence lawyer Dan King raised the concern of Dear’s mental competency to stand trial, saying, “I think the dilemma is obvious”.

The handcuffed suspected gunman at the Planned Parenthood clinic. Photo: The rampage blamed on Robert Lewis Dear is believed to have been the initial deadly attack on a US abortion provider in six years (Reuters: Rick Wilking)


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VW says false CO2 emissions have an effect on only 36,000 automobiles

Updated December 10, 2015 00:28:00

Volkswagen says allegations it lied about the carbon dioxide emissions of up to 800,000 automobiles have proven to be largely unfounded.

The vehicle maker now says the quantity of impacted automobiles was about 36,000.

Essential points:

  • Volkswagen says only 36,000 cars affected by false carbon emissions, not 800,000 as formerly reported
  • VW was initially expecting charges of at least two billion euros which includes compensation payments to customers
  • The German carmaker is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal

“The suspicion that the fuel consumption figures of current production automobiles had been unlawfully changed was not confirmed,” VW stated in a statement.

“Only a tiny quantity of the model variants of new cars will have the catalogue (CO2) figure slightly adjusted.”

It mentioned the “unfavorable influence on earnings of two. billion euros that was initially expected has [also] not been confirmed”.

VW mentioned final month it had falsified fuel usage and carbon dioxide emissions in about 800,000 automobiles sold mostly in Europe and was expecting costs of at least two billion euros like compensation payments to clients.

“The damaging influence on earnings … has not been confirmed,” VW stated.

“Whether or not we will have a minor financial impact, depends on the results of the remeasurement physical exercise.”

On Wednesday, the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the number of cars actually impacted was much reduced and owners would not be expected to make any further tax payments as a outcome of the discrepancies.

The newspaper reported that fewer than 40,000 cars had been truly impacted.

The report comes after a November 3 report that the auto giant revealed an internal probe had uncovered “inconsistencies” on carbon emissions as properly, affecting not only diesel engines but petrol engines too.

VW is at present engulfed in a massive pollution-scandal that had initially centred on so-referred to as defeat devices, sophisticated software program fitted into diesel engines to skew the outcomes of tests for nitrogen oxide emissions.

The carmaker admitted to fitting 11 million diesel engines worldwide with the rogue computer software, triggering each regulatory and criminal investigations in a range of nations, like Germany.

VW is scheduled to hold a news conference on Thursday on the fallout so far of the pollution-cheating scandal.

It will also hear from the top executive of its Audi unit what methods he plans to take to repair luxury diesel automobiles fitted with computer software found to have enabled its engines to evade US emissions limits.

Shoppers have been deterred from making purchases due to the fact of the CO2 cheating, functions council chief Bernd Osterloh has stated, adding to currently falling demand for its cars in China and Latin America.

NordLB’s Schope predicted the group’s global sales would fall as considerably as four per cent worldwide subsequent year in a marketplace that looks set to grow by the identical margin.


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Young people ‘pre-load’ tablets to steer clear of police, SA MP says

Posted December 09, 2015 15:54:24

A zero-tolerance strategy to drugs is not functioning and harm minimisation techniques are required, according to a South Australian Labor MP.

Following the deaths of two young men and women at Stereosonic music festivals in Australia recently, like one particular in Adelaide, Labor Member for Fisher Nat Cook has called for changes in the state’s method to drug policing.

She mentioned having police sniffer dogs and police outdoors music festivals was forcing young people to make dangerous choices.

Ms Cook has a concentrate on youth and substance abuse problems, soon after her son Sam Davis was killed in a a single-punch attack.

“I have been on the ground and I have talked to young folks and the young men and women I’ve spoken to have told me that they pre-load multiple pills due to the fact they don’t want to get caught by drug dogs,” Ms Cook said.

“I believe proof from the weekend shows that only a few dozen tablets had been detected outdoors of the festival and then evidence from inside the festival tells us that hundreds, even thousands, of tablets produced it into that festival.”

All I’d say is I believe the police are undertaking a quite tough job in extremely tough situations.

Wellness Minister Jack Snelling

Opposition Liberal Leader Steven Marshall stated Ms Cook’s comments were a enormous departure from Labor Party policy.

“Extraordinary comments from the Member for Fisher who is primarily obtaining a go at the way that police go about tackling drugs in South Australia,” Mr Marshall said.

“I believe the Government demands to come out nowadays and rebuke her comments.”

Health Minister Jack Snelling said he supported Ms Cook, but when questioned would not repeat her views.

“I do not feel there is any doubt Nat Cook has worked extremely hard with our young individuals and attempting to defend our young individuals,” Mr Snelling stated.

“All I’d say is I feel the police are performing a very tough job in really difficult circumstances.”

Ms Cook mentioned she did not believe she was departing from Labor Party policy.

“I think what I am doing is I’m bringing a message to the party space from the neighborhood that young folks are telling me they’re nonetheless taking drugs, they are nevertheless getting drugs into festivals,” she mentioned.

In spite of advocating a harm minimisation method, Ms Cook mentioned she did not help pill testing at festivals.

“I’d like to see great evidence to say that it really does avert death but what I will say is that I’m nervous about it from a individual point of view, my opinion is that we can not guarantee that every little thing is going to get detected at that point,” she mentioned.

That is a position the Wellness Minister does agree with.

“These kind of pills are really tough to detect and I feel it really is a quite, quite important that our message to young men and women,” Mr Snelling stated.

“Our message to society is quite clear and unambiguous: illicit drug taking is inherently unsafe.”

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Plan now to avoid loved ones rows at Christmas, psychologist says

Posted December 09, 2015 13:39:06

Now is the time to prepare if you want to avoid loved ones drama on Christmas Day, according to a top clinical psychologist.

Professor Jane Fisher, who is director of analysis at Melbourne’s Jean Hailes Foundation, said while households normally hoped for “warmth and goodwill” when they gathered for Christmas, the day held high possible for conflict.

“We approach these [occasions] with high expectations, probably excessive expectations,” she told 774 ABC Melbourne’s Rafael Epstein.

“We anticipate it’s going to be particularly joyful or pleasant and then we’re disappointed when it falls short.

“It can be a time when men and women drink as well a lot and that can loosen constraints over what is said and men and women can turn out to be too direct.”

Professor Fisher said these who were dreading a repeat of a previous year’s Christmas argument required to make alterations ahead of time.

“I think, possibly, there can be some reflections on what happened final year, and possibly there may well be things we could put in place,” she stated.

“This is about disrupting some of these habitual approaches of undertaking issues … [asking] can we do this greater or can we do this differently?”

Present-providing has ‘potential for competitiveness’

Professor Fisher stated Christmas gifts could typically turn out to be “conflagration points” within households.

“There can be some who are more affluent than other people, some who believe it’s good to give children quite generous presents, others who feel it is greater to give a lot more modest or responsible gifts,” she mentioned.

“Probably even the children draw comparisons [between gifts] and the parents then really feel defensive.”

One 774 ABC Melbourne listener texted to say that Christmas time created them really feel “inadequate”:

“My brother-in-law usually buys these super-high-priced gifts that my spend can never ever match.”

Professor Fisher said the listener was not alone in that experience.

“That puts it extremely starkly, but I believe very honestly and accurately,” she said.

I think there’s a potential for competitiveness that is practically inevitable in big households.

Professor Jane Fisher

She said huge families were increasingly organising Kris Kringle-style present-providing, with every family member randomly assigned just one individual for whom to get a present.

Another listener said their family now concentrated on getting family members members “a truly acceptable card” with $ ten in it.

A lot of households, Professor Fisher said, set an upper limit on the cost of gifts, but added that it was difficult to quit people going overboard when it comes to presents.

“I consider there’s a potential for competitiveness, that is virtually inevitable in large families,” she stated.

Hosts, senior family members should ‘set the tone’

Much of the onus of organising a harmonious family Christmas falls on the host, Professor Fisher said.

“They’re the ones who can genuinely be generous … [and] make everyone’s contribution feel valued,” she mentioned.

But others have a function to play as well, she stated, particularly the senior generation who “have a huge obligation to set the tone”.

“They are the ones who have the most power, nevertheless, to set the parameters inside which the gathering will take place,” Professor Fisher said.

Alterations do not have to be huge, she stated, or disruptive to family traditions.

“It can be, perhaps, who is place to sit next to who,” Professor Fisher stated.

A lot of tension can be removed from Christmas Day, she said, by making sure that the workload was evenly shared all through the family members.

“Otherwise I think that people can be resentful and then they can burst out and say anything accusatory,” she mentioned.

External Link: Households at Christmas – Life and other catastrophes on 774 ABC Melbourne Drive.

Households where the female members do most of the day’s cooking and cleaning could try telling men and women ahead of time what was anticipated from them on the day, according to Professor Fisher.

“You could say ‘we’re not just dividing out who brings the meals, we’re going to divide up the jobs so nobody’s operating as well hard’,” she mentioned.

“Set jobs for the men and stop females from stepping in to do the operate.”

If pre-existing loved ones tensions are also fantastic, however, it can be greater to hold celebrations “someplace neutral”.

“Meet in a park, go to the beach,” Professor Fisher said.

She stated the a single factor not to do was to use the gathering as an opportunity to have it out with a household member.

“I feel absolutely everyone can then feel impacted by that,” she said.

“The blinding row is not actually a great remedy.”

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PFL certainty essential for Fremantle Port sale, says asset sales head

Posted December 08, 2015 15:47:55

Certainty over the Perth Freight Hyperlink is essential to the sale of the Fremantle Port, the head of the West Australian Government’s asset sales plan says.

The Government has committed to constructing Roe 8, the 1st stage of the controversial Perth Freight Link, but Premier Colin Barnett has put stage two of the project to Fremantle on the back burner.

Mr Barnett cited the complexity and expense of the project as reasons along with the government’s want to concentrate on priority projects like Roe 8, the Forrestfield Airport rail link and the Swan Valley bypass.

Speaking to a crowd of organization leaders, WA Treasury executive director of strategic projects and asset sales Richard Mann said the Government needed to confirm the technique and timing of the project, which would turn into a strategic transport route to the port.

“We count on those choices to be created over the coming months and they will obviously be factored into our transaction,” he mentioned.

He said the Government might provide possible purchasers of the port a lease longer than 49 years, despite previously stating that would be the time period set on the sale.

“There is undoubtedly been no choice on a 49-year lease for Fremantle,” Mr Mann mentioned.

“The lease term is fundamental to dealing with the quantity factors you happen to be talking about, expansion and growth in particular.

“That will be a important policy decision for the Government and you’d be conscious that the majority of port transactions in Australia, the lease term has been drastically longer than 49 years.

“If you happen to be speaking about expansion and development over time and return on investment, then a quick lease term can make that pretty hard, so the quantity one particular consideration for government is, how extended is the lease term in order to facilitate those objectives?” Mr Mann said.

Prospect of longer lease welcomed

Chamber of Commerce and Sector chief executive Deirdre Willmot stated certainty about stage two was required for organizations and welcomed recommendations a longer lease would be supplied to possible purchasers.

“If that offers opportunities for a wider range of investors to place proposals to the government … that is very good news,” she stated.

“There’s been a commitment to Roe 8, we’re nonetheless waiting for the particulars on what the final access to the port will be and that is critical for long term users and potential owners of the port.

“The time has genuinely come where we require those new plans to be finalised so there is that certainty.”

The Government announced the sale of the port in the May possibly spending budget but it is anticipated any final decision on the contract would need to be regarded by Cabinet.

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NT Treasurer employing power debt to push for freehold of land, Bagot president says

By Sally Brooks

Updated December 08, 2015 12:11:59

The president of a single of Darwin’s oldest Aboriginal communities says it has been proposed it freeholds and sell some land to pay off a debt to the Power and Water Corporation.

Founded in 1938, Bagot Neighborhood was formed to take the place of the Kahlin Compound for Aboriginal folks in Darwin.

Bagot is about six kilometres from Darwin CBD and residence to about 400 Aboriginal folks from around the Northern Territory.

Bagot Community Incorporated went into voluntary administration in October, owing $ 701,692.30 in unpaid water and sewerage bills to Energy and Water Corporation (PWC).

Essential points:

  • Bagot enters voluntary administration in October, due to unpaid water and sewerage bills
  • Community demands investigation into the debt and has been trying because 2011 to realize fluctuating quarterly PWC bills
  • Bagot president says Dave Tollner told their administrator the only way to clear the bill “was by freeholding land”
  • Mr Tollner has extended called for Bagot to be “normalised”

The neighborhood has mentioned it has been attempting to sort out difficulties with water usage considering that 2011 and want an investigation into the bill.

Community president Helen Fejo-Frith stated the administrator, from Meertens Charted Accountants, had met with Treasurer Dave Tollner.

“He told us that Mr Tollner stated the only way we could clear that bill was by freeholding land on the neighborhood. But he said if we freehold 1 location, the complete region has to be freehold.

“We mentioned we never want that.”

Meertens’ administrator Austin Taylor stated there had been some confusion around freeholding the land, and the original thought came from the community.

“The 1st meeting we had they were the ones who recommended that they would need to have to freehold some land to spend off the debt,” he mentioned.

“The situation then became how significantly of the land became freeholded since it is all on a single lease in perpetuity. The entire 23 hectares.

“And so to freehold component of it you are going to have to surrender the lease and then either freehold all of it or have one more lease issued.”

Mr Tollner declined to comment and will meet with the neighborhood on Wednesday.

Treasurer’s long-term program to ‘normalise’ Bagot

The Treasurer and Member for Fong Lim has long held aspirations to create Bagot Neighborhood.

In a newsletter from 2012 – titled the “Tollner Telegraph” – Mr Tollner said the Country Liberals celebration (CLP) was committed to “normalising” Bagot.

He mentioned then he wanted to sub-divide the land so any person could purchase a home.

In October, in a statement to the ABC, Mr Tollner mentioned the CLP Government had won a mandate at the last election to transform Bagot into a “gorgeous and vibrant suburb”.

Ms Fejo-Frith said the community was unhappy the administrator had been meeting with Mr Tollner offered these views.

But Mr Taylor stated he had been meeting with Mr Tollner for a number of causes, including because he is the regional member, the Treasurer and the Lands and Organizing Minister.

“So he has an interest in Energy and Water and the debt troubles, and he is also really passionate about helping the men and women of Bagot. He really does want to attempt and assist them,” he stated.

“The Bagot neighborhood have a view on what they want and the Minister clearly has a view which is effectively known.

“We are piggy in the middle. We are attempting to negotiate or mediate some sort of frequent ground here to get an outcome that functions for everybody.

“We are not wedded to any specific perspective, we are entirely independent in all of this. We are not pushing anyone’s barrow. We are attempting to sort the difficulty out and spend the bills.”

Confusion more than bills right after water meters installed

The neighborhood has been functioning to acquire clarity around water bills because 2011, when water meters had been installed.

Bagot Community Incorporated (BCI) member Marita Mummery stated the community’s quarterly water bill had spiked drastically.

Bagot community Photo: The Bagot neighborhood is facing an uncertain future. (ABC News)

“We were obtaining quarterly bills of $ eight,000 dollars, for it to suddenly jump to $ 30,000 plus, that is a big concern,” she said.

BCI secretary Natalie Harwood stated it was the community’s accountant that suggested BCI go into administration to sort out the water bill.

“Even our accountants could not tell us exactly where we have been at with Power and Water,” she mentioned.

“I imply they could tell us how we are owing but they couldn’t tell us who paid what or what money has come from exactly where.”

Mr Taylor mentioned he was searching at the bills and was aware of conflicting views on the accounts.

“They are been looked at by a large quantity of men and women and no one can appear to get to the bottom of what is going on with it.”

In a statement, PWC mentioned all consumer information was “industrial in-self-assurance”.

“Energy and Water does not personal or keep the water infrastructure within the neighborhood,” stated a PWC spokesperson.

She stated “some meters have been installed within the neighborhood” as portion of Division of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs funding, and Power and Water had been “reading these meters to aid enhance awareness about water use”.

“Bagot Community Inc has an outstanding bill for water and sewerage solutions and Energy and Water representatives have met with community representatives on a number of occasions to discuss payment options. This is now in the hands of the receiver,” the spokesperson mentioned.

A public meeting to discuss the future of the community is set to be held at 10:00am on December 12 at Bagot Neighborhood hall.

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FBI says California shooters ‘radicalised for very some time’

Posted December 08, 2015 08:40:17

The FBI says it now believes each of the suspects in final week’s San Bernardino massacre had been radicalised for “quite some time”.

David Bowdich, the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles field workplace, said investigators had been nonetheless trying to decide how and by whom Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik were radicalised before the shooting.

“But I will say this – as the investigation has progressed, we have discovered and think that both subjects have been radicalised and have been for really some time,” he said.

The FBI said the couple had been practicing with the weapons as recently as a week before the massacre.

Farook and Malik left their baby daughter at property on Wednesday ahead of heading to the Inland Regional Centre in San Bernardino east of Los Angeles, exactly where some of Farook’s colleagues had gathered for a year-end party.

The couple opened fire, killing 14 and wounding 21 others. They have been killed hours later in a wild fire-fight with police.

It is still not clear what the motive was for the worst attack on US soil since the 9/11 attacks.

The FBI stated it was nevertheless questioning the grandmother of one particular of the suspects and was also examining if there was anyone else apart from the suspects – who was involved in financing or pre-arranging the attack.

Mr Bowditch cast further doubt on whether the couple had been component of a bigger organisation of militants.

“I want to be crystal clear here: We do not see any evidence so far of … an outside-continental-US plot,” he mentioned.

“We could locate it some day, we may possibly not. We don’t know.”

Agents think the couple had been arranging more violence simply because of their cache of ammunition and pipe bombs.

Workers return to their offices

San Bernardino county officials have returned to their offices for the very first time since last week’s attacks after president Barack Obama known as on his nation not to give into fear.

Health workers at the office where gunman Farook was an inspector will stay away for another week.

San Bernardino County supervisor Janice Rutherford mentioned the best way to honour the shooting victims was to return to regular operations.

“We can not be afraid of our lives, of our community, of our neighbours, of our neighborhood of our co-workers,” she said.

Under the tightened safety protocols at county buildings, some security guards who had previously been permitted only to observe and report incidents are now authorised to carry firearms and “engage and detain” assailants, mentioned James Ramos, chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Mr Obama’s address to the nation about terrorism has been mocked by his political opponents even though his administration is contemplating a new terrorism alert program.


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