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Investigations launched into north Queensland’s labour hire sector

Posted December 07, 2015 11:09:02

Authorities have launched a series of investigations in north Queensland into the labour hire business with some organizations accused of exploiting seasonal workers across the fruit and vegetable sector.

Former police officer turned Liberal National Celebration MP Dale Final mentioned his workplace has received dozens of complaints this year but so far, only a handful of fines had been issued by authorities.

We’ve had some instances where they have put 30-40 individuals into one particular residence in appalling conditions and at the end of the day, that’s not on.

Dale Last, Queensland MP

“Early on in the season, we became conscious that a quantity of unscrupulous labour hire organizations have been operating throughout the Bowen and Burdekin areas, underpaying workers, coming in with illegal immigrants and utilizing them as workers,” Mr Last said.

He said authorities have been also locating it tough to police overcrowded share houses, where labour employ contractors rent a house and cram it with workers, making a profit.

“We’ve had some situations where they have put 30 to 40 men and women into one home in appalling circumstances and at the finish of the day, that’s not on,” he said.

ABC News found three residences in Baker Street, Bowen, with double the number of legal tenants emerging to go to work on the choosing fields for the day.

The real estate agent managing the homes said he was unaware of the situation and would investigate.

By law, agents have to give 24 hours’ notice ahead of inspecting a house, which can make it challenging to police, although Queensland Fire and Emergency Solutions has the power to conduct on-the-spot inspections.

Close to 20 people identified to be operating illegally on one farm

The Fair Perform Ombudsman has had teams of investigators in Bowen in recent months generating confident workers were being paid appropriately.

So far, officers have issued one particular $ 850 on-the-spot fine to a labour employ contractor in Bowen for failing to meet record-keeping obligations but will not reveal their name as investigations are ongoing.

The Ombudsman’s office said it had also secured back-pay for a quantity of workers in the region who had been not too long ago underpaid.

It is expected to provide a full report on the extent of the difficulty in Bowen early subsequent year.

The Division of Immigration and Border Protection has also been investigating the use of illegal seasonal workers in Bowen.

In September, 19 illegal workers were discovered operating on a single farm.

Regional Commander Terry Cost stated unscrupulous labour hire contractors ran the danger of facing challenging penalties.

“There is fairly stiff penalties an infringement is about $ three,000 for an individual or for corporate bodies that can be as significantly as $ 16,000 per illegal worker,” he said.

Transport authorities also worried about the security of the vans and buses utilized to transport workers.

During a 4-month operation, police located 11 unregistered vehicles and nearly 30 with security defects.

Final week, Queensland Minister for Industrial Relations Curtis Putt ordered a parliamentary inquiry into allegations of unethical practices by labour hire companies.

Those findings are anticipated to be handed down to Parliament by mid-2016.

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How is your charity dollar spent? Report provides insight into $100b sector

Posted December 04, 2015 01:35:41

The huge size of the charity and not-for-profit sector has, for the initial time, been revealed in a report by the sector’s regulator.

The Australian Charities and Not-for-Income Commission (ACNC) has released the Australia’s Charities in 2014 report which showed that the sector was a $ 103 billion business that employed practically one-in-ten Australians.

The report also revealed that Australia’s charities spent $ 95 billion in 2014.

This consisted of $ 51.8 billion on employee expenditures, $ four.5 billion on grants and donations and $ 38.7 billion on other expenditures.

The report showed the leading five per cent of charities attracted 80 per cent of the sector’s total income, and that more than two-thirds of charities in Australia have been tiny, with an annual earnings of significantly less than $ 250,000.

Australians among greatest givers

The report was the initial time the ACNC, established in 2012, had analysed data relating to the charity sector.

Charities have been necessary to lodge reports with the regulator because 2013.

The report showed that there were much more than 54,000 charities in Australia and they reported a combined total income of $ 103.4 billion in 2014.

In effect we’re close to a census of charities in Australia, due to the fact all registered charities are required to report annually.

ACNC Commissioner Susan Pascoe

Of that, $ 42 billion was created up of government grants, and $ six.8 billion was donated income. A additional $ 54.5 billion came from in other income and income.

The report followed a transparency push across the non-for-profit sector which has expanded swiftly throughout the past 20 years.

Australians are amongst the most significant givers to charity in the globe.

ACNC Commissioner Susan Pascoe stated the details would advantage the public.

“This report signifies the broader community can get a actually good indication of the income in the sector, the activities in the sector, the purposes of those charities and the beneficiaries that these monies are becoming employed for,” Ms Pascoe mentioned.

“In effect we’re close to a census of charities in Australia, because all registered charities are required to report annually.

“This is the very first time that we will be in a position to say empirically how a lot funds is in the charity sector in Australia.”

A extended-time lack of dependable information that analyses how the charity dollar hits the ground in Australia has resulted in what these in the sector have stated was a crude model of analysis that focused on the price ratio, or calculations of the cent in the dollar provided to beneficiaries.

Warne below fire but donation figures not low

Cricketer Shane Warne’s charity, the Shane Warne Foundation, came beneath fire recently for reportedly only giving an average 16 cents in the dollar to its beneficiaries in between 2011 and 2013.

The details was contained in a series of reports published final week in Fairfax newspapers.

Just about every thing in the report is excellent news. It is a $ one hundred billion sector — we hadn’t realised it was of that magnitude prior to.

Centre for Independent studies policy analyst Helen Andrews

Warne launched a spirited defence of the foundation, arguing that it had donated far more than 50 per cent of far more than $ 7.8 million it had raised considering that the foundation’s establishment a decade ago.

Centre for Independent studies policy analyst Helen Andrews said she did not think the percentage of funds raised and handed onto charities by the Shane Warne Foundation was, in current years, low, as such figures could differ tremendously over years.

“It could turn out to be the case right after investigation that there has been wrongdoing at the Shane Warne Foundation,” Ms Andrews said, “but based on the information that has been released so far, I do not see anything that proves wrongdoing.”

The analyst, who last year published a report on regulation of the not-for-profit sector, stated the very first publication of detailed data by the commission was a welcome move and would support the sector move beyond evaluation of charities’ effectiveness based on crude expense ratio calculations.

“This report is … an unprecedented breadth of details on the not-for-profit sector that we just have not had before,” Ms Andrews stated.

“Just about every thing in the report is excellent news.

“It really is a $ one hundred billion sector — we hadn’t realised it was of that magnitude ahead of, and that is actually fascinating.”

Charity sector welcomes transparency

Starlight Foundation chief executive Louise Baxter also welcomed the report’s release, saying it would assist buyers who were interested in realizing no matter whether their charity dollar was spent nicely.

The Starlight Foundation lifts the spirits of thousands of kids in hospital each and every year by means of its Captain Starlight and Starlight Express rooms in paediatric wards around the nation.

Ms Baxter said the sector welcomed greater transparency, and that the Starlight Foundation undertook careful analysis to map the benefit of every charity dollar donated.

She mentioned many members of the public who donated to charity have been interested in being aware of their selected charity had a powerful track record.

But focussing on the expense ratio of a charity — a figure found in which the charity’s all round expenditure is divided by the amount of donations it passes on to beneficiaries — was not a useful measure.

“I’ve moved in between the corporate sector and the for-goal sector, and one particular of the things that is intriguing is that it’s genuinely acceptable in the commercial sector to invest in some thing that’s genuinely going to deliver you a extended-term cost advantage,” Ms Baxter stated.

“But it seems if we just keep our eye on 1 quantity in this sector, it will avert that, and truly quit the sector from becoming far more effective.”

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