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NBN cyber security centre to be set up in Melbourne

Posted December 06, 2015 14:20:58

Up to 700 new jobs will be produced at a new cyber security headquarters getting set up in Melbourne for the National Broadband Network (NBN), the Victorian Government says.

Details technologies specialists will function at the 24-hour centre at the Docklands to safeguard the NBN from cyber attack.

The move is anticipated to create about 400 tech jobs in the next two years, and one more 300 in building and maintenance.

Victoria’s Tiny Organization Minister Philip Dalidakis would not say how significantly it had price the Andrews Government to woo the NBN, but insisted it was funds nicely spent.

“We make no apologies for getting aggressive in the marketplace to land those jobs and those businesses that are going to hold in excellent stead Melbourne and Victoria’s position as the number a single IT location,” he mentioned.

“The quantity a single tech, the quantity a single digital destination, the quantity 1 destination for start off-ups.”

In a separate announcement in August, the Federal Government mentioned four,500 new workers would be recruited and educated to ensure the NBN was completed by 2020.

“We’ve got 1,300 jobs in New South Wales, 900 in Western Australia, 900 in Queensland, 800 in Victoria, 400 in South Australia, 200 in Tasmania,” then then communications minister Malcolm Turnbull stated.

Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield stated there had been currently 2,300 Victorians operating for the NBN.

“The NBN does have a choice, it does have options, and as a senator for Victoria I am really pleased that we’ll see new jobs here,” he said.

NBN’s chief data officer John McInerney mentioned the centre would be the NBN’s “very first line of defence”.

“It’ll be looking at site visitors across the network, it’ll be acting as a first point of interrogation of that site visitors as it goes through,” he mentioned.

“But genuinely it’s a national broadband asset, a crucial asset for Australia, this centre will be generating sure that we recognize what’s really traversing the network at all instances.”

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Climate protesters banned in Paris security crackdown

Posted November 29, 2015 07:50:58

Climate change activists dressed as angels protest during climate talks in Paris, while a military officer stands nearby. Photo: Australian activist, “Climate Guardian” Zoe Buckley Lennox, mentioned it is “absurd” to ban public protests. (ABC News: Chloe Aldenhoven)
Associated Story: Security steps up in Paris as self-confidence builds for climate change action
Map: France

French climate change activists have been placed beneath residence arrest ahead of the opening of the UN climate change conference in Paris.

Public demonstrations are banned in France below the state of emergency that was declared right after the Paris terrorist attacks two week ago, in which 130 folks had been killed.

Green groups have described the move as “an abuse of energy” but the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve stated the activists had been suspected of organizing violent protests.

“These 24 men and women have been placed below house arrest since they have been violent in the course of demonstrations in the past and due to the fact they have said they would not respect the state of emergency,” he mentioned.

They should stay in their house towns, report to the local police three times a day and abide by a nightly curfew until December 12, when the climate adjust conference winds up.

A delegation of environmental organisations met with French president Francois Hollande to appeal against the measures.

Greenpeace International’s executive Director Kumi Naidoo mentioned he was “disappointed” that France’s political leadership would “decide on to enable sporting events, trade exhibitions and other arts and culture events to go ahead, but with such a clamp down on the space for the largest situation humanity faces”.

The climate talks will see planet leaders collect to try to come to an agreement on decreasing global greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020.

Key public rallies planned for this weekend have been cancelled, forcing international green groups to concentrate on marches in key cities about the globe, instead of in Paris.

Australian ‘guardian angels’ say voices need to have to be heard

Australian climate change activists dressed as angels protest outside the Louvre during Paris climate talks. Photo: Australian activists, Climate Guardians, dressed as angels to highlight the stewardship of natural resources. (ABC News: Lisa Millar)

Some activist groups plan to march at the Location de la Republic in defiance of the state of emergency on Sunday.

Others are searching for inventive ways to make their point while staying inside the bounds of the law.

Amongst them are the Climate Guardians, Australian activists dressed as angels to highlight the stewardship of all-natural sources.

One of the “angels”, Zoe Buckley Lennox, believes it is “absurd” to ban public protests and put restrictions on the men and women who had planned them.

“I was very shocked … the fact they have gone so far as to target these organisers who are clearly organising for the climate talks, especially targeting them, when it’s clearly not something to do with terrorism, it’s about climate modify,” she said.

“It is ridiculous. We clearly are going to respect the laws that are taking place at the moment but at the identical time we require to get these voices out no matter what circumstance we’re in.”

French environmentalists plan to location shoes along the route of a cancelled march to make their point.

The Australian flag outside the climate change talks venue in Paris. Photo: The climate talks will see planet leaders gather to try to come to an agreement on lowering international greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020. (ABC News: Lisa Millar)

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Security steps up in Paris as confidence builds for climate change action

Updated November 28, 2015 12:36:26

The “stars seem to be aligning” for severe action on climate alter, UN secretary common says, but the threat of extremist violence threatens to overshadow essential climate change talks in Paris this week in the wake of terror attacks in the French capital a fortnight ago.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined representatives from 52 other countries at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Malta, exactly where climate modify is higher on the agenda.

Security was tight as the two-day CHOGM meeting started in Valletta attended by UN chief Ban Ki-Moon who flagged his hope that the talks could develop momentum ahead of the climate conference early next week.

“This is practically the final political milestone ahead of we meet in Paris,” he mentioned.

In a press conference overnight, hours after tens of thousands of individuals rallied in Melbourne for action to address climate modify, Mr Ban said he was more hopeful than ever that a consensus could be reached.

“The member states are now displaying their leadership. They are close friends: Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Australia they’re now showing their commitment for climate financing,” he stated.

“We are now functioning and going to present the politically credible trajectory for $ 100 billion.

“This is a trust and self-confidence issue.”

French president Francois Hollande — who arrived at the conference as a guest soon after a sombre ceremony in Paris commemorating the 130 individuals killed by Islamists — also expressed self-assurance in the global action on climate change.

“We are making progress in all of our discussions on the binding element,” he said.

More than 140 world leaders will begin to collect in Paris more than the subsequent two days.

With final preparations underway for the climate talks, Paris police prefect Michel Cadot said he was taking each precaution to make certain the safety of delegates and these in Paris.

“The very first message I want to provide again right now: it’s a get in touch with for wonderful vigilance from all the inhabitants of our area and a get in touch with for not using automobiles on Monday, due to the fact of the targeted traffic restrictions in this area,” he said.

Tackling extremist violence is also high on the CHOGM agenda with British prime minister David Cameron warning it poses a lasting threat to Commonwealth nations.

“A single of the most critical items we can do here is speak about the perils of Islamist extremist violence and the dilemma of extremism more broadly,” he said.

“I want to put that on the agenda of the Commonwealth, particularly when you think about how many young men and women there are in the Commonwealth.

“This is the struggle of our generation.”

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1st posted November 28, 2015 12:34:03

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Broad support for foreign VDL buyer but senator flags food security concern

Posted November 27, 2015 18:48:28

The sale of Australia’s largest and oldest dairy farming outfit to a privately owned Chinese company has been welcomed by local and national players amid warnings over Australia’s future food security.

The Van Diemen’s Land Company (VDL) has always been foreign owned and it has been revealed it will remain so, with privately owned Chinese company Moon Lake Investments (MLI) pipping competing Australian company Tasfoods Limited (TFL) at the post.

MLI, an Australian company set up specifically for the purchase by Chinese businessman Lu Xianfeng offered $ 280 million to current owners, New Zealand’s New Plymouth District Council, plus a non-refundable $ 20 million deposit.

The sale is now the subject of legal proceedings brought by TFL who have obtained an injunction from the Supreme Court in Victoria to stop the sales agreement from being terminated before a hearing next week.

The deal is also subject to approval by the Foreign Investment Review Board.

VDL sale timeline:

  • Deal struck for VDL sale to TasFoods on November 6
  • TasFoods deal “in excess of $ 280 million”
  • NPDC announces new buyer with “commercially superior” bid on November 20
  • TasFoods launches legal action over failed deal
  • Chinese businessman revealed as buyer on November 26

In a statement MLI said it intended to continue to supply fresh milk to the local Tasmanian market and maintain the existing local workforce.

Tasmanian Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson said as long as the company was creating local jobs and local wealth, then the sale was a positive thing.

“Like most Australians I would be concerned if a foreign company that bought a big, important asset if they didn’t employ local people, they didn’t provide further investment opportunity and contribute to the local community, I’d be worried,” he said.

“There have been situations in the past with Chinese state-owned enterprises, and that’s a separate matter.

“If this is a private Chinese company, and they support local jobs and communities that should be fine.”

‘Availability and pricing of food’ part of sale review

He said under the Foreign Investment Review Board approval process the Government will investigate both commercial and security implications of the sale.

But Senator Whish-Wilson said there was no way of tracking where Australia’s food was being sold.

“Of course with food and agriculture, we haven’t got far enough down the path yet where we can assess issues around food security,” he said.

“The Greens are very concerned that in the future food security is going to be a huge issue, and we have to be very aware of what’s happening with our local produce, where it’s being sold and whether we’ve got security around our own needs.”

Senator Whish-Wilson said, in the past, Chinese and Middle Eastern-government-owned businesses have gone offshore to buy agricultural assets, employed their own people and sold directly into their own markets.

We need to be very, very careful about casting some bogey over international investment into the market because it’s absolutely vital.

Tasmanian Liberal senator Richard Colbeck

“That can have implications for not just local jobs, if you’re bringing in foreign workers, but can also have implications for local markets,” he said.

“The availability and pricing of food.”

Tasmanian Liberal senator Richard Colbeck said foreign investment was vital to Australia’s agriculture sector.

“VDL in its 190-year history has always been owned by an international owner,” he said.

“That’s always been the case and the current development that’s occurred and the current significant employment that’s occurring there, has occurred under international ownership.”

“We need to be very, very careful about casting some bogey over international investment into the market because it’s absolutely vital.”

Circular Head Mayor Darryl Quilliam said while he would have liked to see an Australian company succeed, MIL’s investment was a great thing.

He said the company’s commitment to expansion would see more people employed in the region.

Aerial view of the Van Diemen's Land Company, Tasmania Photo: The new sales agreement for the VDL business in north-west Tasmania is conditional on Foreign Investment Review Board approval. (Supplied: Van Diemen’s Land Company)

“This company has got a lot of money and they want to do a lot of development which is exciting,” he said.

“It’s going to mean that there’s going to be people employed from our local district on that property so yep, it’s quite exciting times,” he said.

“I think that it’s great not only for Circular Head but for the whole state of Tasmania in the dairy industry and with contractors.”

He dismissed concerns about Chinese ownership.

“This company has never been Australian owned,” he said.

Mr Quilliam also said he was not concerned about the product being sent to China because most of the processed dairy products coming out of Tasmania are bound for Asian markets anyway.

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Wi-fi-enabled Hello Barbie doll raises serious security concerns

Updated November 27, 2015 17:52:04

Security authorities warn the new Hello Barbie doll is a disaster waiting to come about and will make kids vulnerable in their personal house.

The newest Barbie model, which maker Mattel hope to release prior to Christmas, will be wi-fi-enabled, making it feasible for her to have a two-way conversation with her owner.

These conversations are recorded and stored on the servers of ToyTalk, the organization responsible for the technologies.

Parents can even decide on to upload and share those conversations on the internet.

“You’d have to be mad to in fact get it,” net safety commentator Stilgherrian stated.

“The notion is sort of enjoyable, you give your kids something to play with and it interacts with them.

“The issue is you are putting a device into the hands of kids which they will have in their private spaces like their bedroom and you are connecting it to the web.”

US safety researcher Matt Jakubowski has currently exposed a weakness in the doll.

He was in a position to hack into its program details and gain access to the stored audio files and microphone.

You could have them, each time they’re speaking about kittens, saying ‘kittens are evil, never trust kittens’ or something even a lot more perverse.

Stilgherrian, net security commentator

Susan Hetherington from Queensland University of Technology mentioned far more and a lot more merchandise were becoming wi-fi and smart-enabled.

“It is unsurprising that toy companies are trying to muscle in on this space due to the fact what they’re actually competing with is the fact that the toy of selection for most young children this Christmas will be a telephone or a tablet,” she said.

Mattel insists that the doll’s wi-fi feature can be switched on and off, but Stilgherrian stated that fact was of tiny comfort.

He said hackers could intercept the Barbie and make her spurt out questionable phrases.

“That raises practically a tin-foil hat possibility of an individual listening to your children to say certain phrases and then you feed back to them the Barbie saying the phrase of your decision,” he mentioned.

“I mean you could have them, every single time they are talking about kittens, saying ‘kittens are evil, never trust kittens’ or one thing even more perverse.

“It sounds like fun to do almost in a way and an individual may well well do that as a sort of fake or a hoax or anything and now that I even think about that, if you wanted to have some sort of cyber spook spy agency indoctrination of your kids taking place, you could very easily feed in ‘capitalism is poor, tell your parents that money is evil’.”

‘A spy in your child’s bedroom’

Ms Hetherington mentioned parents could not have regarded as the doll’s capacity to offer them with info they may not normally obtain access to.

“We may possibly tell our teddy or our doll truly individual stuff about our feelings and life and if somebody is hurting us or carrying out items that they should not do, that sort of information is also being shared,” she said.

“So you generally have a spy in your child’s bedroom who is listening to the tiny girl’s inner-most thoughts and I am not confident that all parents are truly providing a lot of consideration to that.”

Stilgherrian said regardless of the warnings, he doubted this would cease the flow of sensible toy technologies.

“I consider we’re going to see much more and far more of this kind of security vulnerability crop up, basically due to the fact we’re receiving organizations, in this case it’s a toy manufacturer, none of these organisations have a tradition or have the internal company infrastructure to consistently test and retest their devices and situation safety updates for it,” he mentioned.

“If we’re obtaining trouble convincing folks they need to set up the security updates on their telephone, it really is going to be a lot tougher to convince them to update the software on their doll.”

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Initial posted November 27, 2015 17:48:54

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Muslim soldier labelled ‘security risk’, told he would never be promoted

Posted November 26, 2015 11:31:46

Muslim Australian soldier facing backlash Photo: The soldier stated he had been discriminated against several occasions during his service. (Supplied)
Map: Australia

A soldier who converted to Islam says he was branded a “safety risk” and told he would by no means be promoted since of his religion.

Essential points:

  • Australian soldier ostracised after converting to Islam
  • Much of the discrimination was perpetrated by senior officers
  • The ADF’s highest-ranking Islamic officer described one of the incidents as “alarming”
  • The soldier’s wife has taken the matter to the Chief of Army

The lance bombardier claims he was also excluded from group counselling sessions and told to locate another job “if he wanted to practise Islam appropriately”.

As a drone pilot from the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition regiment, he spent eight months in Afghanistan in 2011 exactly where he was immersed in the globe of military intelligence.

“He’s a skilled operator of 1 of the most technical pieces of gear we have in the Army,” mentioned military lawyer Brian Briggs, who is pursuing a separate compensation claim on behalf of the Brisbane-primarily based soldier.

“He witnessed some quite atrocious issues exactly where he saw individuals becoming killed, not on a every day, but surely on a regular basis.

“How he’s being treated is definitely not very good adequate.”

Anthony John (not his actual name) enlisted in the army following the September 11 terrorism attacks in 2001. Eight months later he married an Indonesian lady and converted to Islam.

Australian Muslim soldier praying Photo: Mr John was told he need to discover yet another job if he wanted to practise Islam. (ABC News: Alex McDonald)

As a serving member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), he asked not be identified as he feared becoming targeted by these with an extreme view of Islam.

He believes some of these who serve alongside him fall into that category.

Mr John stated he had experienced discrimination repeatedly throughout his 13-year profession, a lot of it perpetrated by senior army members.

In 2008 — prior to he joined the surveillance unit — he said a senior army member berated him in front of a group of soldiers.

“My instant supervisor told me that I would by no means be deployed or promoted simply because I’m a security risk,” Mr John stated. “Simply because I was a Muslim.”

Soldier’s colleague fined over anti-Islamic Facebook post

In 2013, a member of his unit posted on social media that all Muslims were “filthy”, “scum” and “worthless”.

“If they go overseas with that sort of attitude, in a nation where they are predominately Muslim, then we’re not truly setting a very good example for ourselves,” Mr John said.

“In truth, we’re almost certainly generating [ourselves] targets.”

Racist Facebook comment Photo: The soldier reported this Facebook post from a colleague to his superiors. (Facebook)

Mr John reported the Facebook abuse by way of his chain of command.

The member accountable was fined $ 400 and forced to apologise. Mr John mentioned the incident created him deeply unpopular within the regiment.

Last year, he asked to work versatile hours during Ramadan. When his request was refused he approached an Army chaplain for advice.

He said the chaplain recommended he “discover one more job if he wanted to practise Islam correctly”.

“I stated, ‘are you critical?’ And he stated, ‘yes’.”

‘No evidence’ to support discrimination claim

Once more he reported the incident internally. But this time he was advised he could be charged with generating a vexatious complaint.

Though the Army conceded the conversation had occurred, his commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Bede Galvin, stated there was no evidence to substantiate his discrimination claim.

His commanding officer suggested it was basically a misunderstanding.

“It clearly was not a misunderstanding between two people,” Mr John stated.

“I had definitely sought the right suggestions through the systems accessible within the military.”

Muslim soldier with his wife Photo: Mr John’s wife has urged the Chief of Army to intervene. (Supplied)

The routine inquiry which followed advised administrative action be taken against Mr John.

The lance bombardier was criticised for employing a “religious angle” in his complaint and of becoming “uncompromising in his expectations”.

His commanding officer said there had been “confusion” on each sides and cleared the chaplain of any wrongdoing.

“It was a reputable complaint,” Mr John said. “I hadn’t just flown off the deal with.”

“All I wanted to do was do my job.”

He then took his case to the Inspector Basic of the ADF (IGADF) — an independent body set up to deal with unresolved matters of military justice.

The IGADF found a warrant officer in Mr John’s unit had a leadership style that was “incompatible” with the modern ADF.

But in a subsequent meeting in June, Lieutenant Colonel Galvin questioned his selection to go outdoors the chain of command.

“The reality that you went by means of an anonymous complaint to [IGADF],” Lieutenant Colonel Galvin said, “It would have been very diverse if you’d offered the complaint to me.”

“If I don’t know about it, I can not do something about it, and if I shed control of it, I cannot support you.”

Lawyer Brian Briggs stated the alleged discrimination has had a “extreme effect” on his client and his loved ones.

“He hasn’t been able to celebrate Ramadan with his wife,” he mentioned.

“He’s been excluded from courses. He wasn’t capable to participate in group therapy counselling sessions because of his religion.

“I know that [the ADF] will be investigating this due to the fact it’s not a excellent look.”

ADF should not be demonising Muslims: wife

Mr John’s wife has now written to Chief of Army Angus Campbell urging him to intervene.

Fostering a culture inside the Defence Force that is inclusive, that celebrates diversity in people… is what makes us a actually powerful, effective and powerful force.

Mona Shindy, Senior Islamic ADF officer

“Muslims need to not be demonised in the Australian Defence Force,” she wrote to Lieutenant-Common Campbell final month.

She has not received a response.

There are 102 Muslims amongst the 57,000 permanent members of the ADF.

Mona Shindy, a single of the ADF’s prime-ranking Islamic officers and Navy weapons engineer, expressed concern about the incident involving the chaplain.

“I find it quite alarming to believe that a chaplain could say one thing like that,” she stated.

The Australian Navy has lately introduced special Islamic dress for female officers, Halal meals alternatives and appointed a Muslim chaplain.

“A Muslim lives their life by specific values which are not too various from Defence values,” Captain Shindy mentioned.

“Fostering a culture inside the Defence Force that is inclusive, that celebrates … that tapestry of our society is what makes us a truly effective, effective and strong force.”

The ADF did not respond to a detailed series of questions about the case.

Watch the full report on Lateline tonight at 9.30pm (AEDT) on ABC News 24 or ten.30pm on ABC Tv.

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Security experts issue online shopping warning in lead-up to Christmas

Posted November 26, 2015 05:56:25

Online retailers are increasingly becoming the target of criminal gangs committing credit card fraud, security experts say.

In the lead-up to Christmas, much more and much more shoppers will be digitally handing more than their credit card details when they acquire presents on the internet.

But there are risks. A number of Australian businesses such as David Jones and Kmart have already had their personal computer databases targeted.

Chal, a 30-one thing from the inner-west of Sydney, is among those turning to the internet for their shopping. He is conscious of the safety threat related with it but occasionally he goes ahead anyway.

“With the major ones I feel at ease with it. Particularly if I can use PayPal,” he said.

“If I’m getting records from a smaller store and I’ve got to place my credit card details in, I often feel it’s a bit risky but I have a tendency to do it anyway if it really is something I actually want.”

Mark Gorrie, an online security expert with Norton, stated the far more folks shop on the web, the a lot more criminals will look to exploit the sector.

“[A total of] three.7 million Australians had been impacted by cybercrime in the previous year. That collectively price those individuals about $ 1.two billion,” he told AM.

In its latest Cybersecurity Insights Report, Norton lists on the web fraud as a major issue that impacts a single in five adults.

Mr Gorrie’s guidance to on-line shoppers is to be careful prior to you place your details out more than the web.

“Important items that we suggest to individuals is to be searching for reputable internet sites,” he mentioned.

“The other factor is if they are placing particulars in is to look for internet sites that use SSL that is safe socket layer, that is secure encryption.

“A lot of men and women use the exact same password on several accounts which is not a excellent since if one particular password is compromised other accounts are compromised. We recommend people use exclusive passwords for the different accounts they have on the web.”

Nigel Phair, the director of the Centre for Internet Safety at the University of Canberra, mentioned hackers would be particularly active for the duration of the Christmas purchasing season.

“Criminals logically go to exactly where the income is and they also go to exactly where the easiest exploits are. And so that is why we begin to see these shifts towards the less complicated items to do to get the most income they can,” he said.

Not only does cyber fraud cost Australians funds, it also fees them time.

It takes an average of 14 functioning hours for somebody to repair the difficulties brought on by their private specifics becoming hacked by criminals.

Subjects: hacking, data-and-communication, information-technologies, world wide web-technology, internet-culture, law-crime-and-justice, australia

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Blast hits state security bus in Tunis

Mohamed V avenue in Tunis on 14 January 2011Image copyright AFP
Image caption Mohamed V Avenue is the major road in the capital

An explosion has hit a bus carrying presidential guards in Tunisia’s capital, Tunis, state Tv reports.

At least 11 individuals have been killed in the blast, the interior ministry mentioned.

The explosion, for the duration of rush hour in the city’s main avenue, was an attack, a presidential supply said.

Tunisia has been targeted by the Islamic State group, including an attack by a gunman on the beach resort of Sousse in June, killing 38 men and women, mainly foreign vacationers.

The North African state is believed to be the greatest exporter of jihadis, with the authorities saying at least three,000 of its nationals fighting in Iraq and Syria.

  • Africa Live: Tunisia blast updates

The explosion occurred when the bus was either outdoors or close to the the former headquarters of the party of deposed President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, reports the BBC’s Rana Jawad from Tunis.

The roads in the city had been currently clogged up because of heavy rain and flooding, when the explosion hit the bus on Mohamed V Avenue, she says.

It was not clear no matter whether a bomb had detonated or an explosive had been fired at the bus, presidential and safety sources stated, Reuters news agency reports.

Safety levels in Tunis had been raised ten days ago, and a huge quantity of safety forces had been deployed in the city, according to the Related Press news agency.

Mr Ben Ali was ousted in a common uprising in 2011.

Tunisia currently has a secular government, which is battling the militants.

In March, gunmen attacked the popular Bardo Museum, killing much more than 20 men and women.

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SpaceX appears poised to launch its first national security payload

A Falcon 9 launch in March, 2015. (credit: SpaceX)

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has declined to bid on the launch of a next-generation GPS satellite, opening the way for SpaceX to launch its very first national safety payload later this decade. ULA’s choice marks the most recent (apparently triumphant) skirmish in a contentious, high stakes battle by the upstart SpaceX to win contracts to launch Pentagon satellites.

The Air Force asked for bids to launch a GPS 3 satellite, which has improved signal accuracy and anti-jamming capabilities, in 2018. Monday was the deadline to submit bids. This was the initial military contract for a launch because the Air Force certified SpaceX for satellite launches in Might, a move that allowed it to compete with ULA.

A joint venture amongst Lockheed Martin and Boeing, ULA has had a sterling record with its Atlas five rocket, with much more than 100 productive launches. However, the rocket relies on the Russian-manufactured RD-180 engine for its thrust, and given the ongoing tensions between the United States and Ukraine, the US Congress passed a law final year banning the use of these engines beginning in 2019.

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