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FBI says California shooters ‘radicalised for very some time’

Posted December 08, 2015 08:40:17

The FBI says it now believes each of the suspects in final week’s San Bernardino massacre had been radicalised for “quite some time”.

David Bowdich, the FBI’s assistant director in charge of the Los Angeles field workplace, said investigators had been nonetheless trying to decide how and by whom Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik were radicalised before the shooting.

“But I will say this – as the investigation has progressed, we have discovered and think that both subjects have been radicalised and have been for really some time,” he said.

The FBI said the couple had been practicing with the weapons as recently as a week before the massacre.

Farook and Malik left their baby daughter at property on Wednesday ahead of heading to the Inland Regional Centre in San Bernardino east of Los Angeles, exactly where some of Farook’s colleagues had gathered for a year-end party.

The couple opened fire, killing 14 and wounding 21 others. They have been killed hours later in a wild fire-fight with police.

It is still not clear what the motive was for the worst attack on US soil since the 9/11 attacks.

The FBI stated it was nevertheless questioning the grandmother of one particular of the suspects and was also examining if there was anyone else apart from the suspects – who was involved in financing or pre-arranging the attack.

Mr Bowditch cast further doubt on whether the couple had been component of a bigger organisation of militants.

“I want to be crystal clear here: We do not see any evidence so far of … an outside-continental-US plot,” he mentioned.

“We could locate it some day, we may possibly not. We don’t know.”

Agents think the couple had been arranging more violence simply because of their cache of ammunition and pipe bombs.

Workers return to their offices

San Bernardino county officials have returned to their offices for the very first time since last week’s attacks after president Barack Obama known as on his nation not to give into fear.

Health workers at the office where gunman Farook was an inspector will stay away for another week.

San Bernardino County supervisor Janice Rutherford mentioned the best way to honour the shooting victims was to return to regular operations.

“We can not be afraid of our lives, of our community, of our neighbours, of our neighborhood of our co-workers,” she said.

Under the tightened safety protocols at county buildings, some security guards who had previously been permitted only to observe and report incidents are now authorised to carry firearms and “engage and detain” assailants, mentioned James Ramos, chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

Mr Obama’s address to the nation about terrorism has been mocked by his political opponents even though his administration is contemplating a new terrorism alert program.


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Infant toys, a Koran and shredded files: Inside California shooters’ house

Updated December 05, 2015 12:21:11

A reporter does a live shot inside the home of shooting suspect Syed Farook Photo: The media attracted criticism for conducting live crosses in front of a child’s crib. (AFP: Justin Sullivan)

Baby toys, shredded files, a Koran, computer paraphernalia: the home of the California shooters has been bizarrely and controversially thrown open to the media, offering a glimpse inside the life of the couple behind the carnage.

Two days after US citizen Syed Farook and his Pakistani wife Tashfeen Malik burst into an office party in San Bernardino and shot 14 people dead, media crews were given access by the landlord to the two-story townhouse where they lived with their six-month-old daughter.

Journalists look at personal belongings in the Redlands, California, apartment of Syed Farook Photo: Journalists sift through photos on a cluttered desk. (AFP: Robyn Beck)

In a surreal scrum, dozens of journalists flooded into the home in Redlands, jostling for space as they rifled through children’s toys and family photos for clues to what drove the couple to commit mass murder.

The FBI, which is investigating the shooting as an “act of terrorism”, said it had turned the property back over to its owner and no longer controlled access, as experts voiced consternation that media were allowed to disturb the site.

AFP photographer Robyn Beck, among those permitted to enter, said it was mayhem inside.

“People were touching everything, some reporters were removing pictures out of photo albums and photographing them,” she said.

Television crews displayed drivers’ licenses and social security cards on screen, and what some speculated may be the first known photographs of 27-year-old Malik.

There was a prayer rug, a Koran, and a children’s guide to Islamic manners.

A copy of the Koran and a list of items seized by the FBI in Syed Farook's home Photo: A copy of the Koran sits next to a list of items seized by the FBI. (AFP: Robyn Beck)

The kitchen looked a mess, with dishes littering the sides and sink. A waste-paper basket was filled with shredded documents, apparently discarded by investigators.

Reporters put out live broadcasts standing beside the baby’s crib, brimming with stuffed animals and colourful quilts, drawing scathing commentary from some fellow media.

“Nothing says ‘We’re journalists bravely uncovering the truth like pawing around a child’s bed’,” Mary Beth Williams, a writer for Salon, tweeted.

Biggest visible law enforcement screw-up in history: analyst

Some outlets, including CNN, said they decided not to broadcast close-up footage of objects that could be considered sensitive or identifiable, such as identity cards.

“I never seen anything like this,” CNN’s law enforcement analyst Paul Callan said.

“I think it indicates a shocking degree of negligence and really recklessness by law enforcement authorities here.

The California State University Fullerton student identification of Syed Farook Photo: Syed Farook’s California State University Fullerton student ID. (AFP: Robyn Beck)

“You have a contaminated crime scene now.”

Fellow CNN analyst Jonathan Gilliam said: “This is the biggest visible screw-up in history. A terrorist incident just happened and the reporters are going through and looking at IDs and pictures … it is all evidentiary.”

Among the items visible at the home were pages listing items seized by the FBI: notebooks, computer equipment, pre-paid phone cards, audio cassettes and ammunition.

Pressed to explain why media were given unfettered access, the FBI said it no longer had control over the premises.

“We executed a search warrant on that apartment. And last night we turned that over back to the residents,” FBI Los Angeles office assistant director David Bowdich said.

“Once we turn that location back over to the occupants … or once we board it up, anyone who goes in at that point, that’s got nothing to do with us.”

Killers ‘good tenants’, always paid rent

MSNBC said a reporter from another press outlet had paid the landlord $ US1,000 for access to the premises, where investigators earlier found thousands of rounds of ammunition, a bomb-making laboratory and 12 pipe bombs.

The owner pried open the door at around 9:15am and the rest of the media, followed by members of the public, dashed in behind, including one neighbour with her dog.

Elderly landlord Doyle Miller ordered everyone out about 90 minutes later and admitted he was overwhelmed by the scrum.

He told AFP the couple were “good tenants” who paid their rent every month.

Property landlord Doyle Miller speaks to media outside the home of Syed Farook Photo: Property landlord Doyle Miller admitted he was overwhelmed by the media presence. (AFP: Robyn Beck)

“I opened the door and I saw the damage,” he said.

“It’s chaos in there.

“I guess I don’t understand that type of person, it’s troubling. They don’t have flags or pins on them, how can you tell?”

Both Farook and Malik were killed in a wild firefight with police hours after the carnage at an office party attended by Farook’s co-workers in nearby San Bernardino.

Relatives have been at a loss to explain how the young couple with a baby girl could have staged the country’s deadliest mass shooting since the Newtown school massacre in 2012.


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First posted December 05, 2015 12:18:35

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The Internet of Booze: Russian robo-bartender serves up shooters

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A Russian hardware hacker has created the ideal robotic assistant for the holidays: a Wi-Fi-connected bartending machine that mixes up to 5 drinks at a time. The creator, who goes by the deal with Strn on the Russian tech web site Geektimes.ru, has dubbed his machine the Alkomat.

Inspired by the Rumbot, an Arduino-primarily based mixed drink dispenser, the Alkomat is constructed on the chassis of an old inkjet printer, using the printer carriage and paper feed motors to handle the movement of its nozzle. The system is powered by a Microchip PIC microcontroller connected to a Sparkfun ESP8266 Wi-Fi module. Pumps that suck liquids from the bottles hooked up to the Alkomat’s nozzle technique are controlled by a Texas Instruments ULN2003-based motor driver.

The drinks to be created from the Alkomat’s choice (restricted by its support for only 4 bottles of booze) can be selected 5 at a time from a net page running on the Sparkfun’s builtin HTTP server. There is also an OLED display with a set of buttons that can be utilised to activate the machine. Strn used a 3D printer to produce a front show for the Alkomat and built a cabinet from furnishings parts developed employing a CAD-CAM program.

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