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Men should remain in Syria, Iraq to fight Islamic State: Liberal backbencher

Posted December 01, 2015 14:01:31

A former Abbott government frontbencher has criticised male asylum seekers who seek refuge overseas instead of fighting for their homeland.

Liberal backbencher Bob Baldwin told Parliament last evening that it was “a bit wealthy” to expect coalition soldiers to fight in nations such as Syria and Iraq when appropriately aged citizens have been fleeing the violence.

He mentioned he would fight, and anticipate his sons to take up arms, if Australia came beneath attack.

“What I have noticed, as have several of my constituents, is that a huge quantity of the refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq and other war-torn nations seem to be predominantly males amongst 18 and 45,” he said.

“Why are they not staying and instruction to defend their land, their way of life and their rights?… It is a bit rich to expect other folks from foreign countries to lay down their lives for you if you are not prepared to stand and fight.”

Mr Baldwin spoke in support of the Government’s legislation to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if convicted of a terror offence.

“If you do not like Australia and all it has to provide, then do not come, do not keep, go back to where you came from,” he stated.

Mr Baldwin stated he was proud to speak on the bill, stating there was “no room in the globe for Daesh [another name for Islamic State] death cults”.

The bill passed the Reduced Home overnight and is scheduled for debate in the Senate this evening.

Mr Baldwin also expressed concerns more than the vetting of refugees, which Immigration Minister Peter Dutton addressed in Parliament yesterday.

Mr Dutton stated that the 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to be resettled in Australia would be topic to “the most rigorous criteria”.

“We are applying biometric and fingerprint testing,” he stated.

“We can be assured that people who are applying below that plan are indeed those who are most in need to have.

“If we discover an applicant where we have a suspicion about the person’s motivation or background or affiliations, that particular person will not proceed into this plan, they will not be coming to this nation.”

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Uber should not have been allowed, say WA taxi drivers

Posted November 26, 2015 22:20:51

Ride-sharing service Uber began operating in defiance of the law and the West Australian Government did nothing to quit it, the WA Supreme Court has been told.

About 400 taxi plate owners have launched legal action against the State Government, claiming it need to never ever have allowed Uber to operate.

Lawyer Martin Bennett, acting for the owners, said taxi owners and drivers have been possessing to pay a series of expenses associated with regulations while Uber drivers did not.

He said taxi plate owners and drivers had borrowed income to fund the purchase of plates, had complied with regulations, fitted cameras and paid insurance coverage, however Uber drivers did not.

Mr Bennett said there was no commitment to pursuing any new legal cases against Uber, and Premier Colin Barnett had suggested Uber was “right here to remain”.

He stated the industry was affected by “disorderly, defacto deregulation” and much more prosecutions of Uber drivers must have proceeded.

Transport Services Manager Director Nina Lynne told the court 29 Uber drivers had been or have been getting prosecuted, and no more charges would be laid till these cases had been completed.

Government lawyer Craig Bydder told the court the contact for higher prosecution was “contrary to authority”.

Mr Bydder stated there was a distinction between not prosecuting and not taking action, and situations were ongoing.

Obligation to prosecute will be clarified: lawyer

Outdoors court, Mr Bennett stated the case was not about compensation.

“Potentially it will clarify the government’s obligations in relation to Uber, no matter whether or not they are obliged to prosecute or whether there’s a constructive policy of not prosecuting,” Mr Bennett stated.

“This is not about compensation, it’s about a level playing field and the government’s attitude will be identified at the finish of a green paper followed by a white paper.

“That is all 3 to 5 years off, the market wants to know the position just before then.”

One of the named applicants, Peter Martin, read from a statement outdoors court in which he accused the Government of corruption and incompetence.

“The Government is stealing our plates and without paying any compensation to us,” he mentioned.

“We abide by the rules of purchase, and operating our taxis, set by the Government, but it is supporting the overseas, illegal operations of these illegal ride sharers.”

Justice Tottle has reserved his choice.

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