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Sydney’s Mayor slams fireworks charges as New Year’s show plans revealed

By Michelle Brown

Posted December 14, 2015 13:48:08

Sydney’s Lord Mayor says she is powerless to stop households being forced to spend entry costs to view the city’s New Year’s Eve fireworks from the harbourside Barangaroo Reserve.

Clover Moore has unveiled some of the plans for this year’s $ 7 million show and revealed it would ditch the tradition of lighting a central symbol on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The theme of this year’s fireworks display is “city of colour”, and will incorporate 11,000 shells, 25,000 comets and 100,000 individual pyrotechnic effects.

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority has released ten,000 tickets to access its new harbour headland park on New Year’s Eve, ranging from $ 14.50 for children to $ 79 for households of two adults and two children.

“I don’t believe the Barangaroo Delivery Authority should be searching for to make funds out of offering access for people to see the fantastic bridge show from that point,” Cr Moore stated.

“It’d be a great point to see it from for the men and women in the western element of the city, and I believe it need to be totally free like the sites are that we [City of Sydney council] look right after.

“Regrettably, we’re not responsible for the headland park.”

This year, each bridge pylons will be lit up for the initial time.

There will be particular lighting effects and two,400 added fireworks that will erupt above and beneath the bridge.

There will also be new pyrotechnic effects on the sails of the Sydney Opera Residence, and the family members fireworks display at 9:00pm will celebrate Taronga Zoo’s 100th anniversary and the Royal Botanic Gardens’ 200th anniversary.

Even so, there will be no central lighting motif on the Sydney Harbour Bridge for the very first time given that 1996/97.

In previous years, the motif has included an eye, a lip and a thought bubble.

Final New Year’s Eve it was a lightbulb with a really like heart inside it.

Composite of the symbols used on New Year's Eve 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011. Photo: A variety of lighting motifs have been displayed on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in previous years, but this year the “bridge feature will be the bridge itself”, the Lord Mayor stated. (AAP/AFP)

“The big news this year is the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be the 2015 New Year’s Eve ‘bridge effect’,” Cr Moore stated.

“The bridge feature will be the bridge itself.”

The fireworks display is developed by Sydney’s Foti International and directed by Fortunati Foti and his crew of 45 folks.

The creative vision for the celebration comes from established and emerging Sydney artists including Rhoda Roberts, design and style studio Province and fashion designers Romance Was Born.

The 9:00pm family fireworks will go off from four barges, whilst the midnight fireworks will launch from seven barges plus the Opera Residence and Harbour Bridge.

Much more than 50 illuminated boats will join the Harbour of Light Parade soon after 9:00pm carrying 8,000 people adding to 3,000 other vessels celebrating on the water.

This year’s official charity companion is Habitat for Humanity, a not-for-profit organisation that builds houses and communities in Australia and overseas.

The Barangaroo Delivery Authority has been contacted for comment.

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Bloody murder, jewels, knights and Hell: Medieval may on show

Posted December 11, 2015 06:45:27

Map: Brisbane 4000

Souvenirs from the brutal assassination of an archbishop, sculptures depicting the fiery pits of Hell, a walrus-tooth chess piece, opulent jewels, and ancient war relics that echo Game of Thrones.

The may possibly of medieval Europe amongst 400 and 1500 is on show in Queensland.

By Monique Ross, photos by Tim Leslie

British Museum curator Naomi Speakman has spent the previous three years pulling with each other treasures that give a glimpse into life for both wealthy and poor throughout the Middle Ages.

The result is Medieval Energy: Symbols and Splendour, which has its world premiere today in Brisbane in a major coup for the Queensland Museum — also the only space in Australia that will display the collection.

Ms Speakman hopes her “labour of really like” shows the Middle Ages were about much more than the plague and superstition.

“The aim is to turn that on its head and show individuals that amazing objects had been made and it was a quite learned and cultured society,” she says, as she shares the inside story behind some of the most fascinating pieces.

“We also aim to show that many elements of modern day Europe have been also founded in the Middle Ages — not only in terms of kingdoms, but cultures, languages and just the way we do items.”

Ms Speakman says the Lewis chess king (above), portion of a set discovered on a Scottish beach in 1831 and dating back to the 12th Century, is the exhibition’s must-see.

“These tiny small chess pieces produced out of walrus ivory and some whale’s teeth embody the whole medieval planet in miniature,” she says.

“This one shows the two factors you had to have to be a great king: to lead your army into battle, but also to administer justice, which is what the throne represents.

“It is quite a violent image – he has the sword on his lap and he is gripping it quite violently, ready to spring out of his throne, draw his sword and defend his individuals.”

The tiny objects above relate to one particular of the most dramatic events of the Middle Ages – the murder of the archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170.

“That was rumoured to be at the hands of King Henry II. He complains at court, some thing like ‘will no-a single rid me of this troublesome priest?’, and four knights kill Becket while he is at prayer,” Ms Speakman says.

“The description is actually bloody – part of his skull is hacked off, brains are scattered across the floor of the cathedral – and it ripples across Europe.

“This cult springs up around Becket to visit his shrine or take home a bit of the brains mixed with water.

“These are tourist tokens and they are quite grisly. You could purchase a miniature version of the murder weapon that literally hacked his head off.”

She says the medieval fascination with death extended into a “genuine worry” about the afterlife and “what takes place to your physique in purgatory exactly where you atone for your sins by burning”.

“This is made of elephant ivory, and in the bottom correct corner we see quite morose-seeking heads crammed into Hell, and this demon crawling out more than the top of it,” Ms Speakman says.

“Near the gates of Hell there is these two small naked figures – nudity represents the soul – which are Adam and Eve getting rescued from purgatory.”

Ms Speakman says a private devotion to prayer and Christ’s suffering “almost became a fetish in the later Middle Ages”.

“Some folks have been obsessed with Christ’s wounds and imagined poking their finger into his wounds – quite grisly items,” she says.

“There was a cult-like obsession with relics, with saints’ bones, touching these bones and going to these sites, and carrying about those pieces with you.”

Most religious objects from the time have hidden meaning, and had been not just made to be beautiful.

“Every thing has a true function and a real power – it really is there to teach you, so it’s got religious iconography,” Ms Speakman says.

“It’s very well made so it shows off the glory of the church, the wealth of the institution.”

Ms Speakman says a “fascinating obsession with death and relics” meant men and women spent a “loads of income” on their funerals, usually planned nicely in advance of their deaths.

“He’s called a weeper,” Ms Speakman says of the object above.

“He’s 1 of what would have been a group around the base of a tomb. They are permanent stone mourners, so you’ve got individuals mourning at your funeral forever.

“He’s quite emotional, his forehead’s folded and he’s clutching his hand to his breast and he’s pointing up to remind folks to pray for the physique inside.

“It was a way of encouraging people to remember to pray, and that would speed your soul via purgatory.”

Knights featured dominantly in the medieval program, and oversized helmets on show allow guests to come face-to-face with soldiers of the previous.

“The knight is an critical warrior, a man of arms and a expert soldier. But also in the Middle Ages, he almost becomes an allegorical embodiment of the best man – the chivalric excellent, like Lancelot for instance,” Ms Speakman says.

The exhibition also functions leather helmet wings that “had been used to show off, so you could be spotted if you have been in a tournament or melee”.

“When you look closely at this drawing of a mock battle, you will see they are wearing virtually ridiculous factors as helmet wings – a tree, a griffin, half a lady, a sprouting acorn tree, clockwork, scales – this is the entertaining side of being a knight,” Ms Speakman says.

For the duration of the 15th Century in England the Wars of the Roses erupted — what Ms Speakman describes as a “actually violent and turbulent time, and really a unsafe time to be alive”.

“These five badges are effectively emblems which relate to the coats of arms of a specific knight or lord,” she says.

Ms Speakman says the badges had been an straightforward way to display your allegiance, but “you could also take it off extremely swiftly if you came face-to-face with your enemy to defend your self”.

“This is type of where there is a connection with Game of Thrones – like the direwolf for the Starks, that animal almost becomes a personality of the loved ones, and we have that here as effectively,” she says.

“So the dog is for the Talbot family, and his collar has a small T and an A on it as properly.”

Not every thing in the show relates to war and death. One particular of Ms Speakman’s favourite pieces is the Wingham Brooch, which was found in a grave in Kent and dates amongst 575 and 625 AD.

“It’s so vibrant – it really is gilded silver, so it is valuable metal, and these vibrant red slivers of garnet just bring it to life, along with the blue glass and the shell,” she says.

“So you have this entire complex matrix of various material that would have come from different places and shows just how wealthy and nicely connected this kingdom was.”

The wealth and glory of the church was also shown off in opulent stone buildings which “showed God’s authority on Earth”.

“Visiting these sorts of buildings as a medieval person would have been such an overwhelming expertise. Most folks have been extremely poor and lived and worked on the land, and then you come into this developing which is gigantic and filled with candles and stained glass,” she says.

“These stone sculptures (above) give folks an thought of how they would have been decorated.”

The pavement under, from an abbey in England, shows how spirituality and myth were often intertwined.

Ms Speakman highlights objects from every day life at various points of the class scale.

One is a seal matrix, a “metal device that you press into wax, and use as your signature”.

“If a ruler died you would destroy their seal matrix as quickly as you can, otherwise documents could be validated on their behalf,” she says.

“In this, Henry VI has depicted himself as a strong, excellent knight – the horse is actually springing out into battle.

“Even so, he was truly a pretty rubbish military leader.”

She also draws attention to a crystal baton – which may by no means have been displayed ahead of.

“It is got gothic spires with seed pearls and this rod of rock crystal in the middle,” she says.

“In the Middle Ages it was thought that rock crystal was congealed water, or fossilised water, and it was thought to have the symbolic roles of getting extremely pure but also distorting the truth, simply because it could distort if you looked via it.

“This is the sort of baton that was carried by an ambassador to show who you are, in the same way a king would carry a sceptre. It really is such an opulent object, it is produced to truly show off.”

Ms Speakman says while many medieval objects have hidden symbols and meanings, some — like this nutcracker — speak for themselves.

“Just by means of the agency of moving, this functional object totally comes alive,” she says.

“When you open and close it, the beast’s mouth would crack the nut, the dog catches the bird and the man and the woman would kiss.”

One more fun item in the collection is a brooch which offers insights into early concepts of romance. It has inscriptions on both front and back.

“The inscription that men and women would see says “I am a brooch to guard the breast”, which is fairly good,” Ms Speakman says.

“And then on the other side, that no-1 would have observed, it says “that no rascal may possibly place his hand thereon”. So it really is practically saying ‘back off, she’s mine’.”

She winds down the tour by reflecting on an “insane” occasion that would never happen now – a plaster cast produced of the popular Bayeux Tapestry.

“This cast offers us an concept that it was actually in the 18th and 19th Centuries when folks started to get interested in medieval history once again,” she says.

“This is insane that this man, Charles Stothard, was permitted to plaster cast such an important textile – you’d never ever be capable to do it these days, and it’s incredible that it didn’t ruin it.”

Medieval Power: Symbols and Splendour opens today at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane and runs till April 10, 2016.

External Hyperlink: Medieval Power YouTube

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Documents show bureaucrats warned about child protection shortfalls, Greens claim

Posted December 10, 2015 06:25:24

The Tasmanian Greens and the Opposition claim documents show senior bureaucrats were repeatedly warned about higher workload and tension levels in child protection.

The Overall health and Human Solutions department documents released below Right to Info reveal child protection workers issues were noted by the department’s executive leadership group in the months before it was discovered 151 child protection notifications had been ignored in the state’s north-west.

Greens leader Cassy O’Connor said the documents revealed kid protection staff were expressing alarm to senior management about staffing on the north-west coast.

“It’s apparent that north-west youngster protection services repeatedly asked for help and resources in the lead up to the 151 notifications that fell off somebody’s desk,” she said.

“In spite of the minister’s assurance to Parliament that resourcing was not the problem, it clearly was.”

Ms O’Connor stated the minister, Jacqui Petrusma, told parliament in mid-August that frontline protection employees had been quarantined from spending budget savings.

“This is practically meaningless,” she mentioned.

“While frontline workers may have been quarantined, the division they function for was hit by price range cuts and restrictions on employing staff.”

Documents indicate high pressure levels

Minutes of the department’s executive leadership group meetings obtained by the Greens show members were repeatedly warned about understaffing of child protection.

“There is concern about the lack of employees at the out-of-house care,” one document states.

On June 12, 2014 the redacted minutes show “[redacted] is really concerned about the higher anxiety level in the response team”.

At another meeting “all team leaders agree they are experiencing heavy perform loads”.

Minutes from July this year show an increase in the use of the Department’s Safety Reporting and Finding out Program, a tool for reporting patient and employee security concerns, due to tension from higher perform loads.

In the end, this areas kids vulnerable to abuse and neglect at an elevated danger of harm

Tasmanian Greens leader, Cassy O’Connor

Issues had been also raised about inadequate integration of new staff because of high workloads, even though there have been 21 vacancies in youngster protection.

Ms O’Connor said the filling of these positions was extremely slow, saving the agency a considerable sum in unpaid salaries.

“It is alarming that positions in our youngster protection technique are sitting vacant, lengthy past their internal crucial dates and regardless of repeated requests to have them filled,” she mentioned.

“Ultimately, this places children vulnerable to abuse and neglect at an improved risk of harm.”

But Ms Petrusma mentioned the truth that there were vacancies in kid protection positions demonstrated that the issue lay with the program and not resourcing.

“Our commitment to complete occupancy of every position in Kid Protection Solutions has not changed,” she mentioned.

“Consecutive recruitment processes have been occurring for more than 12 months now and are continuing.”

Ms Petrusma said she knew youngster protection workers have been facing hard situations and stated that was why the Government was redesigning the system.

Labor claims growing issues about children’s security

Labor’s Rebecca White stated the documents revealed a frontline hiring freeze in vital child protection roles, and a developing concern that children’s lives were in danger.

“The internal documents contained startling revelations that kid protection worker positions had not been filled for months, a freeze was in truth placed on positions, and memos to the most senior bureaucrats warned that a lack of workers in the specialist field had led to a circumstance which could have a considerable impact on children’s lives,” she stated.

“Mrs Petrusma has stated all along that the kid protection technique was not subject to spending budget cuts, but these documents released right now show that crucial positions have remained vacant for months since they are subject to vacancy manage.”

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Fox's Elisabeth Hasselbeck quitting morning show

NEW YORK (AP) — Elisabeth Hasselbeck says she’s leaving as one of the 3 co-hosts on the “Fox &amp Buddies” morning show to invest much more time with her 3 children.

Hasselbeck, who was the conservative voice on “The View” before joining Fox News Channel, has worked with co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade given that September 2013. It’s the top-rated morning news show on cable.

She said in a statement Monday that she’s getting into a time when she wants to start her day with her young children very first. Her final show on “Fox &amp Friends” will be on Dec. 22.

Fox will attempt out guest co-hosts ahead of announcing a permanent successor.

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2015 Los Angeles Auto Show: The sporty stuff

LOS ANGELES—We’ve currently taken a appear at the fascinating technologies on display at this year’s LA Auto Show, as nicely as the cool ideas and custom vehicles. Today it really is the turn of the sportiest stuff. Many of the huge names we saw in New York—Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren—were absent. A couple of reappeared, inching closer to production like the Ford GT and Acura NSX. The former is Ford’s celebration of its initial win at Le Mans in 1966. The latter a hybrid sportscar that’s a lot more focused than BMW’s i8 but a lot much more cost-effective than any hybrid sports vehicle McLaren, Ferrari, or Porsche has created.

Feel of Alfa Romeo’s Giulia Quadrifoglio as an Italian take on the M3—rear wheel drive, 505hp, and that endangered species, the manual gearbox. The fire-breathing one particular with the 4-leaf clover will expense about $ 70,000, but the Giulia range starts at $ 40,000. We’re nonetheless a tiny unsure how we really feel about Fiat’s Italian take on the Mazda MX-5. From some angles the new nose looks great, and the 1.4L MultiAir engine is fascinating.

BMW’s new M4 GTS ought to be very potent on track, and the interior detailing goes a long way to making sense of the car’s potent value tag. These searching for lap times beyond all should rather take into account the Dodge Viper ACR. For some time now, Dodge’s bewinged snake has been soundly trouncing all comers in rapidly lap competitions, and the newest version must be no exception.

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2015 Los Angeles Auto Show: Concepts and customs

LOS ANGELES—Concepts and custom cars are—in our opinion—one of the greatest items about auto shows, this year’s LA Auto Show integrated. Fairly a handful of of the ideas in the gallery above have been noticed prior to, despite the fact that for most it was their initial pay a visit to to the US. There was Volvo’s Concept 26, which we got an early and in-depth appear at. And the Audi e-tron quattro electric SUV that’s going on sale in 2018. A specific stand out for us was the Honda two&amp4, a track day car meant to evoke the sensations of getting on a bike.

Other treats included James Bond’s new company automobile, the Aston Martin DB10, the Lincoln Continental, and Volkswagen Golf GTE. Hyundai brought along the automobile it designed for Gran Turismo‘s Vision GT series of digital concepts, and the Fiat 500e Stormtrooper was rather adorable (maybe not the appear it was going for).

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2015 Los Angeles Auto Show tech: Augmented reality manuals and retina-display maps

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LOS ANGELES—The LA Auto Show got underway this week with press preview days on Wednesday and Thursday. It was a reasonably low-important show this year, with only a handful of automobiles blowing our socks off with excitement. We’ll have numerous reports from our time at the show, following this post with a roundup of the coolest ideas and customs and one more with the sporty stuff that got Automobiles Technica’s pulse racing. But to start off, we’re going to highlight the complete cause we attended the LA Auto Show in the very first place—we wanted to see the industry’s most fascinating technology up close. In this light, even some new production automobiles piqued our interest.

Certain highlights incorporate the really clever use of augmented reality by Hyundai with its new owner’s manual, the BMW 7 Series which functions gesture handle, wireless charging for your smartphone, the most recent version of Audi’s MMI infotainment program and Virtual Cockpit in its Q7 SUV, and a host of other cool attributes,

Hybrid SUVs had been in abundance at the show, which includes the Volvo XC90, BMW X5 xDrive40e, and a hybrid Toyota RAV4. As opposed to final year’s LA Auto Show (or the 2015 NYIAS for that matter), there felt like significantly significantly less emphasis on fuel cell vehicles—though Honda did bring its new Clarity fuel cell sedan.

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