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‘Slow’ Australian greyhounds languish at Macau racetrack

Updated December 09, 2015 17:44:51

Hundreds of Australian greyhounds deemed as well slow for Australian racing by their trainers and owners have been exported to Asia, in breach of racing rules, where they are languishing in shocking circumstances.

The greyhound regulator is so concerned about the welfare of the dogs that it has lobbied the Federal Government for practically a decade to finish the trade, but the calls have fallen on deaf ears.

An exclusive six month investigation by 7.30, combined with evidence gathered by Animals Australia in Macau, China and Vietnam, has identified dozens of Australian trainers and owners who have exported their dogs to Asia.

While not illegal, the export of greyhounds with no the required passport is against the guidelines of racing.

Penalties consist of fines and disqualification from the sport.

Animals Australia campaign director Lyn White said that conditions for greyhounds in Macau are abhorrent.

“For those dogs it really is a death sentence, it is a straight out death sentence,” Ms White told 7.30.

“The conditions are awful, it really is prison-like, barren cells, and in fact it really is like becoming exported to an additional country and put on death row.”

Australian dogs are racing around the clock at the former Portuguese colony’s dilapidated track recognized as the Canidrome, and are routinely sustaining injuries, with a disturbing one hundred per cent euthanasia rate.

The Australian greyhounds are flown to Hong Kong and then ferried to Macau, exactly where they are locked inside the Canidrome facility.

The facility is positioned in the middle of 1 of the most densely populated cities in the planet.

As a lot of as 800 dogs are housed at the Canidrome, with racing held five nights a week on a track that is too tough.

The Government’s reluctance to act on business and neighborhood concerns risks adverse welfare outcomes for exported greyhounds and threatens Australia’s standing as a robust advocate for animal welfare

Greyhounds Australasia chief executive Scott Parker

Month-to-month shipments of up to 30 Australian greyhounds assist to replace the underperforming dogs that are regularly euthanased at the facility.

7.30 has found other greyhounds are auctioned off weekly at over-inflated prices to unknown Asian investors.

The Canidrome track began an adoption program for unwanted dogs in 2012, but according to animal activists in Macau the program has only saved 4 greyhounds.

Albano Martins, who runs Macau’s major animal welfare groups, Anima, stated the adoption plan is a sham and that the Australian dogs that end up at the Canidrome are not protected by any animal welfare laws.

“How can Australia export animals to Macau being aware of that Macau has no animal welfare laws for protecting them?” Mr Martens stated.

“They know that the animals are killed on typical one per day, only because the animals are not competitive, and there is no adoption program for them.”

“Even soon after 4 years of fighting against the ban they had been not in a position to place much more than 4 animals for adoption.”

Australian ‘reluctant to act on industry’

Mr Martins stated he has written to the Australian consulate in Hong Kong and urged them to finish the export of Australian animals to Macau.

“What I want the folks in Australia to know is that young animals go to Macau and they are killed with no option to be adopted,” Mr Martins stated.

In Australia [if your dogs] don’t run rapid sufficient and you cannot maintain feed[ing] them, so you sell those dogs by means of those brokers.

Dr Wu Sung Hu

“I also want the Australian folks to tell the Government that that is a shame. I am a Western guy and I really feel ashamed with such a predicament.”

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) and Animals Australia have both repeatedly lobbied the Federal Government and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce to legislate against the trade, but the Minister has not acted.

Greyhounds Australasia chief executive Scott Parker declined to be interviewed by 7.30 but in statement named on the Federal Government to finish the live export of Australian greyhounds.

“The Government’s reluctance to act on market and neighborhood concerns risks adverse welfare outcomes for exported greyhounds and threatens Australia’s standing as a powerful advocate for animal welfare,” Mr Parker stated.

“GA remains committed to in search of a Federal Government regulatory resolution that improves greyhound welfare outcomes and acknowledges the assistance of RSPCA Australia and other animal welfare groups in attaining that outcome.”

Numerous Australian suppliers involved in export

In June final year the industry’s peak body, Greyhounds Australasia, was so concerned about the welfare of dogs exported to Macau that it stopped issuing what are identified as “greyhound passports” for dogs destined for the Asian city.

Canidrome’s chief vet, Dr Wu Sung Hu on ABC's 730 Photo: Animals Australia covertly recorded this interview with Canidrome’s chief vet, Dr Wu Sung Hu. (Supplied: Animals Australia)

Below national racing guidelines, greyhound owners and trainers should get a passport for their dogs ahead of they are shipped overseas.

Trainers and owners caught breaching the export rule face fines and disqualification from the sport.

But 7.30 has found that the flow of dogs to Macau has continued unabated.

In a covertly recorded interview with Animals Australia investigators, the Canidrome’s chief vet Dr Wu Sung Hu detailed how the dogs are sourced from Australian brokers.

“We have 4 suppliers from Australia and we get the dogs from them monthly,” Dr Wu told the investigators, who were posing as prospective suppliers to the track.

“In Australia [if your dogs] don’t run swift enough and you cannot keep feed[ing] them, so you sell those dogs through these brokers.

“They get these dogs and sell [them] to Macau.”

In a disturbing twist, Dr Wu also told investigators he had recently visited Australia and had witnessed the illegal practice of live baiting occurring in Perth.

In a statement to 7.30, a spokesman for Mr Joyce stated the Government did not believe that adopting the regulators program of imposing greyhound passports would have any effect on animal welfare.

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First posted December 09, 2015 17:43:48

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Chennai airport reopens as frustration builds over slow flood response

Posted December 06, 2015 23:18:17

Indian relief workers load supplies for flood victims Photo: Indian relief workers load supplies for flood victims in flood-hit Chennai. (AFP: STR)

India’s primary airport in flood-devastated Tamil Nadu state has reopened as emergency workers strive to aid thousands of residents in distress, some of whom are frustrated with the government’s response to the all-natural disaster.

Flights from the international airport in the state capital Chennai resumed on Sunday soon after it was closed for more than 4 days, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

Record rains worsened flooding in many components of the state, with the disaster claiming almost 300 lives since December 1.

“There was no harm to the runway. It remained beneath water for a couple of days but has been cleared now,” national aviation minister Mahesh Sharma said.

“We had a handful of relief flights yesterday from the airport and today industrial flights have resumed their services.”

Thousands of residents had been rescued by boat or plucked from rooftops following the floods left a lot of Chennai, a city of far more than 4 million, underwater.

Power supplies and telephone networks have been also hit.

Soldiers and other emergency workers who poured into the south-eastern state have now switched to rushing meals, clean drinking water and medical supplies to tough-hit residents.

“The army has … distributed relief materials like water and food to more than 20,000 men and women,” Colonel Rohan Anand stated.

But rain was once more falling in Chennai on Sunday, threatening to hamper relief efforts along with attempts to clear roads of waterlogged debris.

Anger over slow response by politicians

Meanwhile, anger is mounting among some residents who accuse nearby authorities of failing to perform swiftly to help these impacted.

V Padmavathy mentioned she had been stuck on the 1st floor of her home for days after waist-deep water swept by way of her north Chennai neighbourhood.

External Link: chennai hashtags tweet

“None of the politicians or volunteers have approached us for the previous couple of days. Numerous of us stayed indoors and starved,” she said.

Prime minister Narendra Modi very first drew nods of approval when he rushed to Chennai final week, promising to stand by its people in their hour of need to have.

However, inside hours, Mr Modi became the object of mockery on social media after his press workplace released a doctored photo of him inspecting flood harm.

For each him and Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram, the image of robust leadership created by their publicity machines was undermined.

Ms Jayaram, a single of India’s most effective politicians and a former film star named “Amma” or “Mother” by her followers, is being heckled and abused for going missing in action after floods swept the capital of her state.

Now, she faces a backlash from residents fed up with the sight of her image on billboards, aid packets and her personal Jaya Plus Television channel.

She has been given that in public only twice in the course of the crisis — as soon as with Mr Modi.

“Neglect about Amma coming right here, there was no sign of the celebration cadres,” a resident from Ms Jayaram’s constituency said.

“She is supposed to be a fantastic administrator. But this time there was no presence of government at all,” yet another flood victim said.

“Ordinary folks did all the work that government and police had been supposed to do.”

Avadi Kumar, a spokesman of her ruling AIADMK party, mentioned there was anger amongst the people but the administration was carrying out all it could to bring relief.

A lot of residents and celebrities have taken the matter into their own hands, utilizing social media to organise supplies for people in need to have.

External Link: siddharth tweet

South Indian actor Siddarth, who has nearly 2 million followers, tweeted details of where volunteers and supplies were necessary.

“Pouring in Chennai. Please keep indoors. Unless you are in teams do not head out for rescue or relief function,” he wrote.

Authorities have stated poor urban preparing had most likely worsened the disaster.

India suffers severe flooding every year in the course of the annual monsoon rains from June to September.


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