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UN adopts climate-saving draft as stars add voices to call for change

Updated December 06, 2015 09:05:44

Negotiators from 195 nations have delivered a blueprint for a pact to save mankind from disastrous worldwide warming, raising hopes that decades of arguments will finally finish with a historic agreement in Paris.

cop21 blueprint crucial points

The planned deal would aim to break the world’s dependence on fossil fuels for energy, slashing the greenhouse gas emissions from burning oil, coal and gas that are causing temperatures to rise dangerously.

Tortuous UN negotiations dating back to the early 1990s have failed to forge unity amongst rich and poor nations, and the Paris talks are being described as the “final, very best chance” to save mankind.

They started on Monday with a record-breaking gathering of 150 world leaders who sought to energise the method, and the subsequent critical phase ended on Saturday with the adoption of a draft text of an agreement.

Negotiators finalised the draft following an typically tense week of talks at a conference centre in Le Bourget on the northern outskirts of Paris.

Whilst several really contentious points still have to be resolved by ministers in the course of a scheduled 5 days of talks beginning on Monday, delegates mentioned they felt the foundations had been laid for accomplishment.

“We are really content to have this progress. The political will is there from all parties,” said China’s chief climate envoy, Su Wei.

Right after the draft was adopted to loud applause, South African negotiator Nozipho Mxakato-Diseko drew on her nation’s revered democracy icon in a bid to inspire other individuals.

“In the words of Nelson Mandela, it always seems impossible till it is done,” she said.

Schwarzenegger utilizes farm childhood to urge globe to go green

Arnold Schwarzenegger with solar panels Photo: “My brother and I walked 200 metres to the properly to get our family’s source of water for drinking and for bathing every single day,” Mr Schwarzenegger says. (AFP: Hector Mata)

Arnold Schwarzenegger has recalled a childhood of milking cows in the rain and drawing water from a nicely as he named for the planet to turn to clean power and shield the world’s environment from international warming.

The former California governor and action movie star harked back to his Austrian upbringing as he known as for action in an address to international politicians in Paris, on the sidelines of a UN conference where negotiators are searching for a worldwide climate-saving accord.

“A single of my chores was each and every morning at six o’clock to go to the farm subsequent door and to milk the cow and to bring home the milk,” he stated.

“It did not matter what the weather was — no matter whether it was cold, it was hot, raining, thunder, shower, what ever.

“My brother and I walked 200 metres to the properly to get our family’s source of water for drinking and for bathing every single day.

“We played in the fields, we swam in the streams and the lake — the environment was absolutely almost everything to us,” he added.

In his “idyllic” childhood, Mr Schwarzenegger stated he could in no way have imagined a globe in which humanity would dump 40 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

“But I also could not have imagined that a single day I would grow to be governor of the excellent state of California, the eighth largest economy in the planet and that I would have the power to do one thing about it,” he stated.

He pressed decision-makers at every single level to turn to wise, clean energy sources.

“This is the challenge of our time and this is the real globe,” he stated.

“This is not the film globe which is the other globe that I come from.

“There are no visual effects right here, no unique effects, there is no script writing that we can adjust for a greater ending — nothing like that.”

‘Most fascinating time’ in human history

Schwarzenegger was one particular of much more than 50 celebrities committed to fighting climate change, from US actor Sean Penn to Chinese net tycoon Jack Ma, who gathered at the conference on Saturday to support construct momentum.

Actor Sean Penn at COP21 Photo: Actor Sean Penn is one of the personalities lobbying for measures to fight climate alter. (Reuters: Stephane Mahe)

“Possibly this is the most exciting time in human history,” Mr Penn told a unique event at the conference.

“These illusions of getting too a lot of tough options have usually designed chaos. Now we reside in a time where there are no options. We have certainty.”

Scientists warn our planet will turn into increasingly hostile for mankind as it warms, with increasing sea levels that will consume islands and populated coastal regions, as effectively as catastrophic storms and serious droughts.

Tiny island nations most vulnerable to rising sea levels and stronger storms, which are frequently railroaded by the powerful in the UN talks, also expressed cautious optimism about the draft agreement.

Palau’s president Tommy Remengesau Jr said Pacific nations had been currently living “the frontline effect of climate alter” and it will a matter of time before the rest of the world felt the very same, if no deal was struck.

Pacific nations living the 'frontline impact' of climate changeVideo: Pacific nations living the ‘frontline impact’ of climate modify (The Globe)

“We would have wished to be additional along than we are at this point, but the text getting forwarded so far reflects our important priorities,” mentioned Thoriq Ibrahim from the Maldives and chair of the Alliance of Tiny Island States.

No a single in Le Bourget even so, is beneath the illusion that a December 11 deal is guaranteed.

There are vivid memories of the spectacular failure at the 2009 climate talks in Copenhagen, the final time the world tried to develop a global warming pact.

“At this point in Copenhagen we were dealing with a 300-page text and a pervasive sense of despair. In Paris we’re down to a slim 21 pages and the atmosphere remains constructive,” Greenpeace climate professional Martin Kaiser stated.

“But that does not assure a decent deal. Right now the oil-generating nations and the fossil fuel business will be plotting how to crash these talks.”


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Lanning shines as Stars double up against Heat on 1st day of WBBL

Updated December 05, 2015 17:37:50

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Map: St Kilda 3182

A pair of half-centuries by skipper Meg Lanning have led the Melbourne Stars to dual victories over Brisbane on the inaugural day of Women’s Big Bash League action.

The Stars and Heat played back to back games at St Kilda’s Junction Oval and opener Lanning was named player of the match in each as she finished with a combined tally of 165 runs off 114 deliveries.

The national captain scored 75 not out off 56 in the second match of the day as the Stars battled to four for 147 off their 20 overs.

Jess Jonassen scored 52 but, for the second time in the day, Brisbane failed to match the hosts, falling ten runs short.

It was a equivalent story in the 1st match as Lanning belted 90 off 58 balls to set up victory for the Stars.

Englishwoman Nat Sciver (33 off 25) was the only other batter to get out of single figures as they reached 7 for 156.

The Heat in no way got close in their chase as wickets fell with startling regularity.

Opener Grace Harris (42 off 21) helped the Heat recover soon after the loss of opening partner Beth Mooney (2) on the fourth ball of the innings.

Harris and 1st drop Jonassen’s second-wicket partnership was worth 54 runs but the latter contributed just six of them before falling to the stingy Alana King (1 for 14 off four overs).

Batting at number six, tennis convert Ash Barty went about attempting to rebuild the innings when she came out to the middle in the 12th more than – hammering 39 off just 27 deliveries, which includes a six, in her very first outing – but it was not adequate.

The final 5 batters contributed just 16 runs and Barty was the last woman out, bowled by Sciver for her second wicket of the innings.

Kristen Beams and Morna Nielsen completed with 3 wickets apiece.

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Perth drum maker to the stars hangs up his tools

Posted November 27, 2015 15:22:12

A Perth drum maker whose handcrafted instruments created from nearby timber are played by U2 and the Rolling Stones is hanging up his tools following 30 years.

Chris Brady pioneered the use of native Australian trees in drum producing, but ill overall health is forcing him out of the trade he loves.

Mr Brady stumbled into drum generating in a garage in Roleystone in the Perth Hills in the course of the 1980s.

“At the time there was a drumstick shortage and they said that there was quite couple of trees or species that would really make drum sticks,” he mentioned.

“I figured out that there wasn’t a lot of function carried out on the woods right here and there was very a diversity of different species, so I thought I’d try that, and whilst I was in the middle of that somebody asked me to make a drum out of a tree trunk so I had a go at that and it turned out really well.

“And a lot of crucial people just occurred to hear it and they ordered them and I just kind of went from there.”

Drum size influenced hip-hop

Mr Brady’s innovative technique of craftsmanship was diverse from something else at the time, and he experimented with distinct-sized drums, which had been not broadly made at the time.

“You couldn’t get snares considerably more than a 14 inch and when I started bringing out 12s and issues like that, that is type of what got that hip-hop sound going in New York,” he mentioned.

“A lot of those people like Living Colour and Steve Jordan and all those guys, they had those issues and that’s how they got that sound, simply because nobody created 12s.”

Mr Brady quickly became a essential player in the instrument market place, not bowing to less costly methods which would have returned him a comfy profit, and alternatively carried on his labour of really like.

Chris Brady sitting on a sawn log with drum barrels. Photo: Chris Brady’s handcrafted drums are produced from native Australian timbers. (ABC News: Roxanne Taylor)

He salvaged timber from farm clearing and fallen trees, as properly as recovering non-commercial species of trees cleared for urban improvement and turning them into musical instruments.

“Sometimes I’ll hear anything on the radio and feel ‘gee that snare drum came from a shearing shed in Brookton or whatever’, so that to me is really excellent,” he said.

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts recently dropped in although in Perth and spotted a new drum Mr Brady had just finished making for Mick Fleetwood.

“Charlie said he wanted it for himself but I told him he has to wait since that one’s already sold to Mick,” Mr Brady said.

As well as creating a good sound, Brady drums have been also crafted with the aesthetic in thoughts.

Mr Brady said Elvis Presley’s old drummer Ron Tutt, who now plays for Neil Diamond, visited last week.

“Ronnie mentioned ‘I utilized to hate sitting there exactly where there is all these guitarists with these stunning instruments and violinists and all that and I got a point with black plastic that’s wrapped around it,” Mr Brady said.

“[He said] ‘but you place these really nice finishes, you know veneers and every thing on it, so now they come up and look at my instrument and say ‘geez that is beautiful’ he mentioned, ‘and you did that’.”

‘I’d like to go out on a high’

Mr Brady stated the best issue about his drum-creating profession was delivering drummers with an exciting sound.

“I know that somewhere about the world, just about at any provided time, somebody’s sitting behind 1 of the drums I’ve produced and actually thankful for the sound they’re receiving,” he mentioned.

Mr Brady has now decided to down tools after battling with two chronic well being conditions and suffering a mild stroke in recent years.

“I pulled the pin on it rather than sell out to overseas interests simply because I feel that’d cheapen the name and I’d like to go out on a higher,” he mentioned.

Kaiser Chiefs drummer Nick Hodgson Photo: Kaiser Chiefs drummer Nick Hodgson has also bought drums from Chris Brady. (Facebook)

“It’s obtaining a bit as well much for me to carry on in the physical side of items I utilized to do which had been essential to keep the common up.”

Surprisingly, Mr Brady mentioned he did not own a total Brady drum kit himself, aside from a handful of sentimental pieces taking pride of place in his modest Armadale house.

“I had one, I employed it all the time and I gave that to my son,” he said.

“And then I started to develop an additional a single and there was a kid up the road that would have by no means been able to afford one and he was displaying a bit of type and so I built him a modest one scaled down and gave it to him at Christmas.

“And snare drums, I’ve offered most of them away over the years because I could constantly construct an additional one particular.

“I am quite pleased with the way issues are, I don’t need to personal a million drums, I’ve produced millions of them.”

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