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Climate deal imminent in ‘step forward for humanity’, France says

Updated December 12, 2015 01:28:14

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius, host of the 195-nation climate-saving talks in Paris, says he will submit a historic deal to ministers on Saturday and is specific it will be approved.

International climate modify talks have been extended beyond the official deadline in an work to secure a deal to curb worldwide warming.

“Following the consultations I will have, I will be in a position tomorrow morning at 9:00am (regional time) to present to all parties a text, which, I am confident, will be authorized and will be a massive step forward for humanity as a complete,” Mr Fabius mentioned.

“We are almost at the finish of the road and I am optimistic.”

Negotiators have spent two weeks trying to get agreement on a worldwide plan to tackle climate alter.

Mr Fabius said the talks had been extended into yet another weekend as it was taking longer than anticipated to overcome disputes.

He insisted the atmosphere was positive and important progress had been produced on Friday on some essential concerns.

Children hold letters spelling 'adieu fossil fuels' Photo: Children hold a sign saying ‘Adieu fossil fuels’ outside the conference in Paris. (ABC News: Lisa Millar)

Climate financing continues to be a sticking point

One of the most significant hurdles left to clear is an agreement on funding — who will offer funding to assist the countries most affected by climate alter, and how considerably they will contribute.

Wealthy countries promised six years ago in Copenhagen to muster $ US100 billion a year from 2020 to support creating nations make the energy shift and cope with the impact of global warming.

But how the pledged funds will be raised remains unclear and creating countries are determined to secure a commitment for rising amounts of money after 2020.

The latest text refers to the $ one hundred billion as a floor, potentially triggering a last-minute backlash from the United States and other created nations fearful of being forced to sign a blank cheque.

An additional remaining flashpoint problem is how to compensate building nations that will be worst hit by climate adjust but are least to blame for it.

The building nations are demanding “loss and harm” provisions, which Washington is particularly wary of as it fears they could make US firms vulnerable to legal challenges for compensation.

As he released the draft of the pact, Mr Fabius said a deal was “really close” but appealed for compromise from all sides.

Nations most vulnerable to climate alter had lobbied tough to limit warming to no a lot more than 1.five degrees Celsius compared with pre-Industrial Revolution levels.

Nonetheless many huge polluters, such as China and India as well as oil creating-giant Saudi Arabia, prefer a ceiling of 2C, which would let them to burn fossil fuels for longer.

The most recent draft delivers a compromise that states the objective of the agreement is to hold temperatures to effectively below 2C, but aim for 1.5C.

“With this, I would be capable to go house and inform my men and women that our likelihood for survival is not lost,” mentioned Tony de Brum, foreign minister of the Marshall Islands, one of the archipelagic nations that could be wiped out by rising sea levels.


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Innovation program a step in correct path for women

By Erin Stewart

Posted December 08, 2015 18:15:09

1 part of the Turnbull Government’s “ideas boom” innovation package that has gone largely overlooked is the reality it might help enhance the quantity of females functioning in the traditionally blokey fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and may possibly even help shrink the gender pay gap.

At the quite least, the proposed initiatives are a step in the appropriate path for ladies.

As component of its $ 1 billion innovation plan announced on Monday, the Government plans to invest $ 13 million more than 5 years to encourage females to choose and keep in STEM fields, begin-ups and entrepreneurial firms — an investment it says will assist address pay inequality.

“Obtaining more ladies into STEM research and careers will support increase their participation in the perform force and lessen the gender spend gap,” a Division of Business, Innovation and Science spokesperson told the ABC.

Kicking off in July 2016, element of the program’s focus will be on providing girls equal possibilities to pursue STEM-primarily based careers in the analysis sector, organization and market.

“Increasing the number of female graduates with STEM expertise indicates rising the variety of employment possibilities for women, from the investigation sector to setting up as an entrepreneur,” the spokesperson mentioned.

[The Government] have understood that this adjust requirements to happen to accomplish the vision of an revolutionary Australia. Right after all, this is not just an issue for ladies, it really is an issue for the complete of society and science.

Professor Nalini Joshi, Co-chair of SAGE

One more of the proposed initiatives already underway is the expansion of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot program, which assesses the perform of higher education and investigation institutions in promoting gender equality.

A related program, the Athena SWAN Charter, has been enormously successful in the UK.

Amongst its launch in 2005 and 2011, nearly half of eligible organisations signed the charter. Where it was implemented, the charter spawned significant cultural adjust inside organisations, and enhanced the proportion of ladies operating in STEM disciplines, as effectively as the number of ladies on committees.

Professor Nalini Joshi, co-chair of SAGE, says the main situation in Australia is the lack of women in between entry and senior levels in STEM fields.

While undergraduate applications have roughly equal numbers of males and women, only 17 per cent of senior academic positions are held by girls.

“I was the very first female professor of mathematics ever appointed to the University of Sydney in its 150-year-extended history,” Professor Joshi told the ABC.

“Changing this predicament is about neighborhood actions at all levels.”

Certainly, academia is rife with quick-term contracts, reduce-throat competitors for positions, and the need to have for employees to relocate. Gaps in CVs for time out — to have a baby, for example — are frowned upon.

The lack of job safety and flexibility in the business affects all scientists but, according to SAGE Forum study, affects females disproportionately, specifically if they have loved ones and caring responsibilities that render the demands of academia intolerable.

Nonetheless, Professor Joshi is confident the funding increase will help SAGE reshape the culture in investigation organisations.

“SAGE is the only plan that asks for reflection by the organisation by means of a nuanced analysis of local factors,” she stated.

“I feel it will have the best chance at altering the culture, which leads to the loss of so numerous talented ladies from science.

“[The Government] have understood that this change requirements to come about to attain the vision of an innovative Australia. Following all, this is not just an problem for women, it is an concern for the complete of society and science.”

Obtaining a lot more girls into STEM fields essential

Any market that relies on innovation rewards significantly from men and women who can bring distinct perspectives or look at difficulties in new methods.

A lab or workplace filled only with males misses out on the prospective insights of the other half of the population.

And, as STEM fields are charged with imagining the future for all of humanity — providing us new gadgets, new options to large troubles, and designing the landscapes of both Earth and space — it is crucial ladies get a say in what that planet looks like.

Researchers say the gender imbalance in STEM fields must be addressed in the classroom. Photo: Researchers say the gender imbalance in STEM fields must be addressed in the classroom. (ABC News)

The difficulty begins early

Researchers insist the gender imbalance in STEM fields need to be addressed where it begins.

At a college level, girls tend to be hugely interested in STEM subjects. The US-primarily based National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) found female higher college students are just as probably as their male counterparts to take sophisticated maths courses, and only slightly much less most likely to take physics classes.

Despite their interest, even so, girls come up against far more hurdles in the classroom.

A recent OECD study located girls lack self-confidence in their mathematical capability, and that performance could be boosted merely by means of altering attitudes.

Each students and teachers need to stop believing the stereotype that girls are not excellent at maths, and reject the stereotype that computer scientists are socially awkward young males who are naturally gifted (and haven’t worked tough for their success).

Issues only get worse at the tertiary level. While women earn a lot more than half of bachelor’s degrees in Australia, only a single in four IT graduates, and fewer than a single in ten engineering graduates, are females.

As the adage goes, ‘you cannot be what you can’t see’.

A step in the right direction

Which is why the slated expansion of the Male Champions of Change System — which identifies guys and ladies in leadership roles who can drive the cultural alter required to obtain gender equity — and other initiatives that celebrate female part models in STEM are so important.

Adjust, in this instance, have to come from the best. As Professor Joshi points out: “There are some actions that only government can do.”

While the Government’s investment in ladies and girls will function to address some of the barriers to gender equality in STEM fields, it does not target the deeper troubles of extended-term funding, nor does it necessarily imbue girls with the self-assurance and help they want to feel as even though STEM is ‘for them’. We need to have a wider reimagining within the Australian neighborhood of what girls are capable of.

It is, nevertheless, a step in the proper direction.

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