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Ravenswood student speaks out against captain’s criticism of the school

Posted December 08, 2015 ten:23:00

External Hyperlink: Ravenswood Captain Sarah Haynes addresses school on Speech Day 2015

A Year 12 Ravenswood student has spoken out against her school captain for accusing these running the exclusive Upper North Shore girls school of putting its image ahead of the welfare of the students.

Head girl Sarah Haynes created national headlines yesterday soon after a recording of her controversial end-of-year speech at the Sydney college went viral.

“It appears to me that today’s schools are being run far more and much more like organizations, exactly where every little thing becomes financially motivated,” she told teachers and students in a speech which earned a standing ovation from fellow pupils.

“Maybe this is a naive view, but either way I’d adore to see Ravenswood work towards anything much better, where every single member of the college feels valued equally, as they should be.”

The chairman of the Ravenswood school council, Mark Webb, has linked Ms Haynes’ criticism of the college to an alleged bullying incident involving her sister.

Ravenswood Year 12 student Hannah Richardson said she was upset by her captain’s speech.

Audio: Listen to David Taylor’s report (AM)

“When she speaks on behalf of the student body, I’m not actually confident if she’s speaking on behalf of absolutely everyone,” she said.

“So I believe that is a bit upsetting, due to the fact that undoubtedly doesn’t agree with me, and I know a lot folks, a lot of my pals, I never consider they would agree with almost everything that was stated.”

Ms Richardson did not attend the school’s Speech Day because she was engaged in volunteer function in Japan, but she has noticed the recording of the speech posted to YouTube.

“Ravenswood is a very, extremely caring atmosphere, and I’ve often from my encounter felt that student welfare has often come very first and it really is often been about performing your ideal, rather than attempting to sell a brand,” she mentioned.

College says girls have ‘a right to feel valued’

College council chairman Mr Webb said the hyperlink to the alleged bullying incident, which he stated was ahead of the courts, meant the college could not make any additional comment.

“As this relates to a matter prior to the courts, it is not feasible for us to comment on the specifics other than to say this relates to a disagreement about disciplinary action taken against a quantity of students following an incident of alleged bullying,” he said in a carefully worded statement sent to the college community.

“We have deliberately restricted any comment to the media as we do not want to compromise the girls, their families or the legal technique.

“Ravenswood has an overriding obligation to provide a secure and respectful finding out atmosphere for every single student – and all our girls have the appropriate to really feel valued.”

Ms Haynes has declined to comment.

The ABC understands Ravenswood teachers have been told not to speak to the media.

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‘Sickening blow’: Police charge man more than Gold Coast attack on Korean student

Posted December 04, 2015 07:53:21

A man has been charged for allegedly kicking a Korean student in the head and robbing him even though unconscious outside a Gold Coast karaoke bar.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Procter stated two guys approached the student and his companion outside the bar in Southport Mall early on Wednesday morning.

1 man distracted the pair and the other kicked one of the students in the head.

“You will see by the footage it is very a sickening blow, it is quite an unsavoury matter and we’d like to get it dealt with as soon as we could,” Detective Procter said.

“The victim was rendered unconscious right away. The other victim was chased off by the two offenders.

“The two offenders returned to the Korean national exactly where they proceeded to go by way of his pockets and steal his phone.

“If people could view the footage closely, if anybody must recognise these folks if they could speak to Crime Stoppers instantly.”

The injured student was treated at the Gold Coast University Hospital but was not admitted.

A 26-year-old man from Labrador handed himself in and was charged with armed robbery and assault occasioning bodily harm, Queensland Police said in a statement.

He is due to appear before the Southport Magistrates Court nowadays.

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Majak Daw denies raping student at 2007 celebration, tells court girl was ‘in control’

Updated November 30, 2015 12:45:34

North Melbourne footballer Majak Daw has denied raping a teenage girl when he was a high college student far more than eight years ago.

Daw, 24, is on trial for 3 charges of raping a fellow student at a celebration in March 2007.

He pleaded not guilty on all counts.

Daw, who was 16 at the time, told the jury the 15-year-old girl initiated sexual activity.

“She was very a lot in manage,” he mentioned.

He denied that sexual intercourse took location.

He also denied the girl had been crying and telling him to cease and that he held her down.

“It did not come about,” he mentioned.

The jury was told Majak Daw had heard accusations of rape on the night of the party, which he denied at the time.

Daw told the court the young girl and her pal were fascinated with his Sudanese background and his physical look.

Majak Daw was recruited to the North Melbourne Football Club in 2009.

He was delisted in October and redrafted on Friday.

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1st posted November 30, 2015 12:41:59

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Tourism body aims to build outback student travel market

Posted November 28, 2015 09:20:01

A beautiful shot of the night sky taken from Charleville Photo: The all-natural beauty of the outback evening sky in Charleville is often a bit attraction for students, Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) says. (Supplied: Tourism and Events Queensland)
Map: Longreach 4730

A enormous development in college students visiting outback Queensland is helping to bridge the city-country divide as properly as offering financial stimulus for the drought-stricken area, Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) has stated.

But the tourism physique wants to take that additional and is aiming to double the quantity of students going to western regional centres such as Birdsville, Charleville, Cunnamulla, Longreach and Winton.

The Queensland Government’s tourism physique delivers a subsidy to schools undertaking outback excursions and the funds are utilized to lessen the travel charges for person students.

In 2015, 590 students accessed the subsidy, compared with 149 in 2011.

We had a group of little ones recently in Charleville on a trip and we had them out on stations and in the bush and when we got them back into town, they had been despereate for souvenirs and they unloaded their wallets.

Matt Bron, Tourism and Events Queensland spokesman

TEQ hope by 2020 there will 1,000 students a year going to the remote area beneath the scheme, which delivers up to $ 130 per student toward the overall expense of the trip.

TEQ spokesman Matt Bron mentioned there were large opportunities to grow the industry and a lot of mutual benefits.

“The teachers actually want them (the students) out right here, hands on helping the community,” he mentioned.

“I consider a tiny bit of the drought messaging on the east coast has also pushed the teachers towards wanting the little ones out right here to assist exactly where they can.

“We even had some little ones the other day who learnt how to fence and saw a bit of dehorning going on – things these little ones had by no means observed.”

An financial injection for drought-impacted communities

Mr Bron said the subsidy was an effective hook to get schools much more interested in outback destinations, and that the financial injection into drought-affected communities was substantial.

“We had a group of youngsters recently in Charleville on a trip and we had them out on stations and in the bush and when we got them back into town, they had been desperate for souvenirs and they unloaded their wallets,” he said.

“We had a shop owner who has really emailed us and said, ‘This could not have come at a much better time, these are the very best figures I have had all year’.”

Mr Bron mentioned they hoped to start off closing the gap among city and country.

“Our new generation of kids are not coming out here as significantly any a lot more,” he said.

“We feel that by providing children an encounter of the outback in their school days, they will take it back to mum and dad – and they will bring their little ones out.

“We are hoping that in the long term we will build ourselves the subsequent generation of travellers.

“What we have to do as a neighborhood in the outback is to get out infrastructure in towns a small better ready to manage huge groups.”

It is also hoped growth in the education tourism industry will also develop a lot more jobs.

“All our attractions for a college group require to be guided – they want a local or a character who can get on board and take them around, so we are hoping that will imply some possibilities also for guiding,” Mr Bron said.

Children visiting near Thargomindah Photo: Destinations like Thargomindah are common with college students for its outback atmosphere and birdlife, Tourism and Events Queensland says. (Supplied: Tourism and Events Queensland )

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UQ condemns ‘racist’ campaign for white student union

Posted November 27, 2015 20:19:48

The University of Queensland has condemned a “racist” Facebook web page attempting to garner help for a “white student union” on its campus.

The so-named University of Queensland White Student Union web page was designed this week and purports to be “a safe place to assistance and promote the interests of domestic students of European descent” at the university.

The first post published on the page includes a rant about the number of international students enrolled with the institution.

“We’re forced to do group function with internationals who can’t speak English. We carry the load and do all the function, even though our marks are dragged down,” it says.

“We’re forced to put up with the antisocial behaviour of a specific group of students who treat study spaces as social spaces and consistently attempt to ‘reserve’ public resources, such as computer systems.”

The university released a statement right now distancing itself from the web page.

“The University of Queensland is in no way affiliated with the so-named University of Queensland White Student Union Facebook web page, and no ‘white student union’ exists at UQ,” the statement read.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Joanne Wright stated the university prided itself on diversity.

“We thoroughly condemn any attempt to undermine the significance of fostering an equitable society, each on campus and a lot more broadly,” she stated.

The web page has 27 likes on Facebook, but has responded to the university’s statement, saying it plans to apply to turn into an official group subsequent year.

“Our group has in no way claimed to be an ‘official’ club or society but that doesn’t imply it does not exist,” it mentioned.

“There are quite a few student groups that aren’t UQU affiliated but exist nonetheless.

“If we have enough assistance from the student body we will apply to affiliate a White Student Society at UQ in 2016.”

Web page portion of bigger US trend advertising white supremacy: UQ

The university said the page appeared to be part of a bigger trend that has spread from North America, where dozens of comparable pages have appeared, each and every claiming affiliation with university communities.

According to US media, “white student union” Facebook pages have popped up at colleges across the nation in current days, such as at Princeton, Berkeley and Stanford.

The pages are suspected to be in response to a wave of anti-racism protests which have been taking spot on campuses this month.

The trend come days right after photographs of black Harvard Law faculty members were defaced on the university’s famous Boston campus.

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